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Your Day

So far it had been a long day for you - work sucked, your body was so sore it hurt just to move. All you really wanted to do was take a shower and sl**p, but little did you know how true that was or how you were going to get it.
Small hands ran up and down your back, slipping under your shirt in the process to press flesh against flesh. Somewhat surprising you, but letting you know that your lover knew what your day had been. Stroking your back, and then moving to your waist to gently pinch the muscle rubbing here and there, making you squirm with desire. I run my tongue along the back of your neck, standing on tippy toes to suck on your earlobe. You turn and I smile, and slowly tease your body as I undress you. I begin to unbutton your shirt, sliding if off of your body, and then putting my hands under the under shirt, running my fingernails over your chest, to your hips kneading the flesh there. Putting a finger through a belt loop I pull you towards the bathroom, where the water has already become hot, and steam floats around the place. You kick off your shoes, and hop on each foot peeling off your socks, I move, wrapping my arms around you, my hands busy unzipping and unbuttoning your pants as your lips meet mine. Tongue dueling, lips sucking, mouths attached, your hands move over my breasts to feel I'm not wearing a bra, and why should I? Your hands soon move underneath the small shirt and yank it off of me, at the same time I slip your pants off of you. Boxers going with them as well.
To your surprised I'm not wearing any panties as well, and completely shaved smooth for your pleasure, I pull you under the hot spray of the water and your lips covered mine and you seemed to draw the breath out of me just by that kiss, and I couldn't help but tremble. Taking some soap into my hand, I put it to a nice lather and spread it over your body, soaping you up, while your hands do the same to me. My nipples hard for you, you lean down to lick them and lave them with your tongue while I moan and clench your shoulders.
"No. It's your day. Later..." I stop you, but only to have seen the wicked grin on your face as you pull me close, reveling in the touch of naked skin against naked skin...naked wet skin to be exact. I kiss you one more time before taking the shampoo bottle and pouring a small amount in my hands. I run it through your hair, giving it a nice lather, finger tips rubbing up against the nerve endings all gathered in your scalp. My knuckles laced through your hair, and I tug gently but enough to where it's still a massage. You moan at the feel, and move your head down some so I can get a better angle. Once finished I rinse you off, and you me. But only to have my hands kneading and rubbing and stroking your cock into hardness, while I slip down your body to kneel before you.
I grasped your hip in anticipation, then circled the wide velvet tip of your shaft with my tongue, tasting the salty sweetness of your flesh, lapping the bead of fluid from the tip. I felt your hands on my face, fingers at the edges of my lips as I licked and kissed my way up and down. I took a deep breath of your fragrant maleness and swallowed you deeply, planting a kiss of pleasure around the base of your cock. Your hips rocked forward and a growl escaping your lips, but then you tugged at my hair, urging me back to the you.
You lift me up, and not caring, kiss me deeply, I pull you out of the shower, nice and clean and taking a towel, pat you completely dry, not letting there be a spot left. Taking your far larger hand into my small one, I guide you to the bedroom, and get you to lie down, your day of pampering just beginning. I kneel beside you, ready, your head cradled by a pillow, arms out and bent at the elbow. You are ready.
Silence followed only to be replaced by the flicking open sound of a bottle, accompanied by the fresh exotic sweet smell of almond. Rubbing both hands together, the oil instantly becoming warm in my hands, you feel nothing, but soon you do. The oil is warm and heats your back skin, adding new sensations you've never felt before. I run my hands over your skin, just touching and making you relax. With long smooth strokes over your back, I evenly apply it all to your skin, sensuously slippery - but just right. Using just the right amount of massage oil as my hands travel across the ripples and curves of your back and shoulders. You moan softly as my thumbs dig into your shoulder blades, moving in wide circles as my fingers rub just as much, loosening the tenseness of your muscles underneath me. I push my palms up and down to the rhythm of your breathing, only to move them slowly down, taking my time - today is your day afterall *smile*. I continue to massage, moving one hand, my left, to your lower back where I simultaneously rub in circles. Palms grinding just right into your lower back area, right at the base of the spine where all the nerve endings were gathered, making you sensitive to my touch. My small hands smooth as I slide them over you, roughening a bit at my handling of your massage, working the kinks out. Each breath you take, seems to make the frustration leave with each breath exhaled.
Smoothing my left hand down, I open them both to that of a "butterfly", I dig my thumb into your skin, pinching and rolling them over the dip of where your spine base is, causing a moan to escape from your lips. I smile and can't help but lean forward to run my tongue from your lower back to your neck, following an invisible trail, tasting the sweet almond all the while. I can't help but moan as the taste that melts like honey in my mouth. Gently blowing the wet saliva trail that I left on your back, sending shivers of pleasure through your body. I run my nails aggressively over you, teasing the sensitive hairs into rising in ecstasy.
Time seems to fly as I roughly push my hands, palms first up to your middle back area. Kneading the flesh expertly, relaxing you totally in the area. I continue my explorations of your body, I move them further up, moving so that I sit beside your body now. Soon your back completely relaxes. I move my hands to your ass and gently smack it seeing you jump from the unexpected maneuver, and I then move my hands to rub and knead your cheeks, massaging them as well. I add more oil to my hands as I move them lower, kneading and rubbing the flesh of your thighs. Smiling all the while as I witness your body turning into mush under my small hands. Moving lower, I move so that I can take your feet into my lap. Taking your left foot into my hand, I rub the arch, and heel, moving my fingers between your toes as well to knead them between palm and fingers. Oil still warm, heating your flesh as I work out all the kinks in sore feet. You moan and grunt louder at the feel of my hands working their magic on you. Putting that foot down, I pick up the other and do the same thing. Moving higher, my body moving with my hands, I take an arm and extend it out, putting your hand on my naked shoulder, as I move my hands over it. Fingers clench deep into my flesh as the sensations override your senses. Taking my time, I slowly move my head and your hand, taking each finger into my mouth to suck on it. Flicking my wet hot tongue over each one, in the same motion I used earlier before on your cock.
Your body is now covered in the warm oil from your head to your toes. The flooding of it, relaxing your body to a complete lump of just ____ flesh. I urge you to roll over onto your back and you do, excitement and anticipation thick in the air of wondering what I might do next.
I continue to touch you, adding more oil to my hands once again, to smear it over your chest in widening circles. My hands move from your breastplate you just under your navel with firm massage. I smile, catching your gaze, then watching you watch my hands travel over your body. I lean over and run my tongue over your nipples to make them hard. Drawing each one into my mouth, to lave at it with my tongue, humming as well to make my mouth vibrate around the sensitive buds. Meanwhile, my fingers deftly move to your tummy, feeling it flex out of second nature from expectation. Sighs escape your parted lips as I rub and knead. Running my tongue completely up to your neck, I give into temptation of sucking at the same time as your body reacts and relaxes to my ministrations.
My lips soon find themselves on yours, your lips parting as my tongue snakes in to duel with yours. Only to have it explore around the inside of your mouth instead. I quickly draw away before you lose control of the relaxed state you are in, not wanting the pampering day to end just yet.
"Relax ___. It's your day. Close your eyes and just feel." In the state you are in, you obey, easily. I move my hands to the arm I missed earlier, doing the same thing to it that I did with the other one. Gently setting it back beside you as I move my hands to your inner thighs. Thumbs caressing, barely brushing up against your cock, ignoring it at the moment. When you are about to protest, I run my hands over your penis and scrotum but not enough to make you cum...yet. Just enough to make you ache and throb. I continue with the massage, not letting an inch of your body left untouched. Soon my hands find themselves massaging your knees and calf muscles and ankles. Relaxing your bottom half totally and completely. Another squirt of oil and I move to your face to rub it into your cheeks around your mouth. Fingers strumming over your flesh as I move them over you temples. You sigh, loving the feel.
Just when you think its over - its not. Placing the shaft of your cock between my palms I begin to rotate my wrist clockwise. Completely massaging into more hard meat. You breathe deeply, trying not to flex your muscles in hopes it all might last longer. And it does. This time I take your dick with both hands, using only my thumbs and forefingers I slide them up the shaft as if it were your spine; from base to the top. I look up at your face, your eyes are still closed. Good boy.
"Breathe deeply babes. Relax and calm down." It takes effort, but you finally do, only to let out a sharp breath as I change my technique. Circling the base of your shaft with my thumb and forefinger, while my palm of my other hand rubs the head in a circular motion, your body squirms from the pleasure. Your body loves it, because you find yourself writhing under my touch with a devilish grin plastered on your face.
Before you even realize it I grip your cock firmly and with the other hand I run my finger tips just on the underneath of your head, stroking downwards. The oil adding to lubrication as I move, the hand gripping you now, with both hands in such a way that my thumbs are at the middle of your shaft, massaging the foreskin underside. Sensations completely override your system with pleasure, and again I switch techniques. With my thumb and forefinger of one hand I encircle your balls, and with my right I place it at the base of your shaft. Finger tips of both hands now touching the underside making your body jump as I move both hands in opposite directions; with one hand going up the shaft while the other strokes downwards over your balls. Then I place my hand over your cock and rub it against your tummy in a rhythmic to and fro motion of massaging your stomach with my finger tips.
With my free hand, I begin stroking up from your knees to your stomach and then back to your knee in a long sensuous stroke. You lie there now in the curious, unfamiliar, but wondrous state of being both relaxed and aroused.
The final act take you unawares - I wrap my hand around the shaft of your cock and squeeze it in a rhythmic pulse while I take the lubricated palm of my other hand to circle your head. Switching grips again, I fold my hands so that they are interlaced with the shaft between my palms. I slowly but firmly begin to slide up and down along your shaft. Taking you to the very edge of the threshold, your breath coming out in pants. I stop to let you relax and get your bearings for 15 seconds or so, before beginning again. Only to have you jump again as I grip your shaft at the base and stroke upwards ten times or so. Your cock being beyond sensitive now from lack of release, throbs. I alternate between hands, only to move them downwards nine times - only downwards. You are delirious with sensory overload not understanding but it somehow gets through, when I tell you to inhale long and deep and let it out slowly two times. I get you to inhale a third time, my hands still moving - I get you to hold your breath and tighten every muscle in your body. You do and when my hands continue to stroke your cock, you feel yourself losing control as your body spasms. Cumming hard, and your body having a total orgasm (according to the tantric sexcapades) you moan and grunt loudly. Your hands clenching the sheets underneath your body, you soon relax completely spent. I smile and move my hands away licking up your cum, and soon moving to hold your shaking body, watching you fall swiftly asl**p and catching a mumbled "thank you ___".

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