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Excerpt 7

it was just one of those days where the sun is hot, but the day is cool, a breeze was just coming off the water cooling hot flesh from a romp in the sand. beads of salty water clung to voluptuous curves that were still quivering from the aftermath of heated sex with a new beau of the week. so far this one was different from the rest, more of a skilled lover, more into her pleasure than his. he could last a long time, and just thinking about his lean muscular body over hers in a forever battle of stamina made parts of her body tingle and become moist. fingertips sensitive with small electrodes from the pleasure over load traveled up and down her spine causing it to arch as she moved her hands to cup full breasts, kneading them; all the while remembering his touch and picturing it as his. moisture seeped out of her sated body, making thighs slick with the juices of her cum. even though her lover was just a few feet away, her body demanded release, and as her fingers moved in and out of her moist folds, she couldn't hold the pleasure screaming violently ripping through her body. she couldn't hold it in, and soon a more bigger hand covered hers to help aid in her release...fingers much larger than hers, joining in. and soon she felt a suckling on her nipple from a mouth that was certainly not hers, since hers was open and heavy breathing escaping her throat. it was only a matter of time, before her back arched, toes curled, and her body got the release it so demanded by waking her from her dreamless sl**p. he brought her again to the edge, fully satisfying her cravings and needs fully, again his skillful touch brought her again and again, till finally she relaxed completely into a puddle of flesh fully melted. she heard a chuckle, as she felt herself close her eyes and fall back into the state she was in when her body woke her up with its own call of need. a pool of flesh, a pool of sweat, and a pool of cum between her thighs, and the heavy panting of her lungs craving breath were the only indication of how much the climax possessed her.

And as the climax took her, she realized she had escaped into a place made for her...

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