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The dance

He was at the club when he saw her dancing. She wore an almost invisible dress. Her body was perfect. She had tits that were round and firm. They had no sag as she wore no bra. Her ass was what every man wanted to grab in his hands. As she danced he could not take his eyes off her. When the dance was over she walked to the bar. Her dress just covered her ass and he could see no panty line. He walked to her an asked her to dance. It was a slow senual tune. She gabbed his had and led him to the floor. He wrapped his arms around her and pressed her to his body. As they danced he rubbed her back. Then he rubbed down to her firm round ass. She did not stop him. He danced her to a dark corner and continued to rub her ass. Soon he had his hand under the short dress feeling the nude ass. She pressed tight to his cock. He felt every inch of her ass as she pressed to his cock. Then he reached up and felt her tit. It was firm and had a nipple hard as a rock. He rubbed the nipple between his fingers. She arched her back wanting more. The hand on her ass moved between her legs as he found her smooth pussy. She spread her legs. His fingers touched every inch of the pussy as she moved against his hand. Soon he had his fingers in her hole. She was wet but tight as his fingers invaded her cunt. He twisted her nipple as he fingered her hole pushing deep inside her. He then stopped and grabbed her hand and led her out of the club. He sat her in the back of his car and removed her dress. Her body was beautiful. He started sucking her tits and fingering her cunt. She arched her back and spread her legs wanting more. As he finger fucked her she undid his pants and found his cock. She was no stranger to jacking a cock. She rubbed his cock and balls and made him go crazy. He had all his fingers deep in her cunt and was fucking her hard when she pulled his cock to her hole. She spread her legs wide and he wasted no time slamming his huge cock deep inside her hole. She grabbed his ass and pulled him tight to her as she rubbed his ass. He was fucking her hard when he felt her finger enter his ass. It felt so good and took him into a new high. He pounded her cunt as she fingered his ass adding yet another finger inside the round hole. He had never felt anything so erotic before. He was trying to not cum as he loved the sensation but then she took her free hand and grabbed his balls. With his huge cock in her cunt and her fingers in his ass and her squeezing his balls he was ready to explode. He pushed his cock in deep and filled her cunt with his juice. She then came and he felt the walls of her cunt pulse grabbing onto his cock. It was like nothing he had ever felt. She continued to finger fuck his ass as she came hard. His ass was stretched to the limit but he did not care as this felt so good to him. He then kissed her and she sucked his tongue and ran her tongue inside his mouth. This lady was a sex maniac. He wanted to fuck her all night and see what else she could do to his body. As he drove to his house she sucked his cock all the way. She was a master getting the huge cock all the way into her mouth. She sucked and licked and made him cum twice on the trip home with her finger still in his ass. When she got him home she would trade the finger for the best tongue fuck his ass ever had.

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