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My Father In Law – Part Five

When I opened my eyes this morning my father in law/new husband was lying there staring at me. I smiled & asked him why the big smile. He said he was just happy being there in bed with his son’s wife who had just the day before had pledged herself to him. I said while I still loved his son and was still his son’s wife I was also his. And that I loved him more than words could express, I then started to show him by pressing my lips to his and kissing him compassionately. When our lips parted I said “Doug, I belong to you!” He again broke into a big grin and said today was going to be a memorable stay at home f****y day. I said that would be wonderful. He said why don’t I catch a little more rest so I would not be tired later. He knew our ceremony yesterday had drained me a bit. His friends all know how to fuck a girl real hard. I said OK. Later when I awoke I slipped into a white sheer baby doll. I wanted him to enjoy seeing me looking hot.) When I went downstairs to the living room I saw him sitting there with his two b*****rs, Ben & Cal. I walked in bent over and kiss Doug passionately on his lips showing off my naked butt, long legs & 5” heels to his b*****rs. I then turned, walked over to Ben (he’s two years older than Doug and bent over and kissed him on the lips. While I did he reached up and squeezes my breasts. I k**ded with him saying, are you checking out your b*****r’s woman? He laughed. I then went to Cal (he’s one year older than Doug), he pulled me down onto his lap and kissed me passionately on my lips. When he finished kissing me he already had his fingers in my clit making me wet. I asked him if he was trying to get me excited & if he was it was working. He grinned and said that was only the beginning of it. Doug then suggested that his b*****rs take me up to the bedroom and enjoy me as much as they wanted too. They agreed and upstairs we went. They took the baby doll off me, told me to go freshen up my makeup, especially my lipstick since they enjoyed my creamy wet mouth. I complied. When I returned they were both naked. Ben laid down on the bed, his cock is long (about 11-12” in length) and only about 1 ½” thick, he then requested I sit on him with my back facing his face since they were going to both take my pussy together. I did as asked. As I started to slide down on his manhood my whole body was starting to tingle at the thoughts of what these two had in store for me. When I was all the way down he reached up and pulled on my shoulders forcing me to lie on him. Then Cal got between my legs and lifted them to rest on his shoulders. His cock is shorter than Ben’s, about 9” inches long but he thick, about 3 ½ to 4” thick. He proceeded to shove it into my already wet pussy. As he was doing so he asked if I had enjoyed having Doug’s baby. I said yes, I enjoyed it & loved having been his bun oven. He then asked if I would enjoy having my two uncle’s babies. As he did he started to push my legs back pinning them to my shoulders. With the two of them in me I was helpless (as if that’s anything new for me). He then started to pump me hard. He said both of them were going to explode their loads of hot baby making semen in me a lot that day. They were going to blast me nice & deep sending their seed deep into my ovaries to fertilize my eggs. By the way he was pumping & the way his b*****r under me was shoving I had no doubts they planned to accomplish making me the mother of their c***dren. They asked me if I wanted to give birth to their babies & I was screaming YES, I WANT TO HAVE YOUR BABIES! FUCK ME HARD, DON”T STOP! Believe me they did. Every now and then Doug came in to see how his b*****rs were doing and believe me his smile showed they were doing fine and so was I. I don’t remember how many hours they spent in my pussy both jointly & individually, but it was dark when they helped me go downstairs for dinner. Doug asked if I was hungry, I said I was famished, but I was full. They all laughed. After they left that evening Doug asked me if I enjoyed being his b*****r’s lover, I said yes. He then asked if I minded that they may have made me pregnant. I looked him straight in the eye and said I would be proud to be the mother of their babies as I was to be the mother of the little girl he gave me. With that he kissed me and told me he was proud of his horny little girl.

I don’t know yet whether Uncle Cal & Uncle Ben have made me pregnant, but in my heart I hope they did.
We will see. All I know is I will never refuse them. My Brad may be good in bed but his Dad & uncles can out love him any day of the week. And I speak from experience. Kimmie

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