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Early Morning Ride

Having been on the horse for the last few hours Sasha finally returned to the stable block and upon putting the horse in the stall, took off her riding jacket and undid her blouse to let some air get at her body, the sun was now so hot and between the perspiration and her getting turned on with the movement of the horse between her legs was feeling horny, riding always had this affect on her and she made her way back to the yard as the delivery lorry turned up.

The two guys who always made the delivery at the same time ever week got out of the cab and made they way towards Sasha, she had started to chat to them over the past few months and due too the fact that her husband was always away during the week like the chats and flirting.

Robert and Charlie had always said that it was a pity that she was left alone and joked that if she ever needed anything they would be more than willing to help her.

After unloading the goods Sasha asked if they could help her in the barn moving some straw bales, both men looked at each other and after moving what seemed the whole barn around sat down each side of Sasha on straw bales. Sasha’s body glistened with the sun light and they could see the outline of her breasts.

Charlie commented on how fine her body was and how it she managed without a man around for days and days. Sasha replied she had plenty of toys to keep her happy and Robert jokingly offered her the real thing and with that Sasha stool up and turn to Robert and pulled him towards her. They started to kiss but in a frenzied way and you could see that Sasha was hungry for a man to take her.

Charlie made his way around the back of her and started to rub her legs towards her tight ass in damp riding jodhpurs. Roberts was now pulling on the blouse ripping the buttons off and biting on her erect large nipples, Charlie was tugging down her jodhpurs and in one move had them and her knickers around her knee high black riding boots. Robert f***ed Sasha down onto a straw bale and began licking her exposed pussy, lapping up her juices and forcing his tongue deeper and deeper into her warm love hole.

Charlie got his cock out and straddling over her face and started to fuck her mouth hard and deep down her throat. Sasha had always wanted to be fucked and gangbanged by many men and this was a start. Sasha screamed out as she came in Robert’s mouth and begged him to fuck her harder that she’d ever been fucked before.

Robert entered her shaved wet hole and in one jerk had her legs over her head and his cock right up to the end of his thick shafted cock. Charlie took hold of her legs and spread her as wide as her could allowing Robert to get all his cock into her very wet pussy. Charlie started to rub Sasha enlarged clit with his work mans fingers and she exploded her sticky creamy cum all over them as Robert filled her hole with his cum, Sasha loved the fact that she had cum the same time as Robert and her hole was now filled with her and his love juices.

Robert pulled out of Sasha and Charlie made his way toward her gapping cum filled pussy, Sasha was working her fingers in and out of it and pushing the cum down towards her bum hole, Charlie watched as she inserted a finger into her dark asshole and asks Sasha has she ever had a cock up her ass. Sasha said “that she’d fingered and toyed it many times but had never had a man take her up it”, Charlie took no time in spearing her wet virgin asshole and with cry’s of pain and joy Sasha wanted Charlie to fuck and cream up it . After what seemed only a few seconds Charlie pulled out and laid down in the straw bale and positioning Sasha on top on him entered her now expanded asshole and bounced her up and down the fell length of his shaft.

Robert started to play on his semi soft cock and when it was hard enough entered Sasha pussy, and now with two cocks now filling her holes she worked harder and pounding her pussy down on Charlie’s shaft, while Robert fucked her pussy with the rhythms of her movement. Sasha begged for more cock in her ass and Robert pulled out and entered her ass along with his co-workers cock, with her ass now being opened as wide it would go he began to insert as many fingers into her even bigger dripping pussy. Charlie turn Sasha over to her side and removed his cock from her leaving Robert with his cock still inside her ass and nearly a fist up her pussy and moved back to Sasha face, He was ready to cum and with faster and faster wanking of his manhood sent streams of cum all over her face and into her open mouth, Sasha lapped up the warm salty cum and pulled the cock into her mouth to ensure that she had all his seed and sucked and licked it dry.

Robert was fucking her ass so hard now and Charlie could see that he was ready to cum up her “not so virgin ass now” and flipped Sasha onto her front and placing his hands on her bum and pulling her up it up so that Robert could finish her off doggy style, he filled her hole with his second load of the day as Sasha collapsed in a heap onto the straw bale.

Robert and Charlie looked forward to helping out around the stables on they next visits, but Sasha was never around when they called either out horse riding or in the house as they could see her in the bedroom window looking down at them with a broad smile and wicked grin on her face .........

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