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King University's New Slut Part 7

Chapter 7: An Unexpected Turn

After Jamal and I rested for a few minutes, he rolled over next to me and asked, "So who took your cherry first?"

I knew that question was coming up, but I wasn't ready to tell him yet.

"Its no one you know." I say.

We were silent for a while, I'm guessing he was trying to figure it out.

"It was Tayshawn wasn't it?" he shouted like he was on Jeopardy or some show.

"No, you'll never guess." I say know wishing it were Tayshawn who took me. 

I got up from the bed and picked up my clothes to put on again.

"Was it Jordan Bentley?" He asked watching me put my clothes on.

"Whose that?" I ask.

"No, can't be him.... lemme see..."

"Dude, can we just go back to the assignment?" I say getting a little irritated.

"Well I think I got the right to know. You wouldn't let me hit it first, but you let some other dude you don't even know fuck you?" he said, his voice sounding agitated. 

I didn't know what else to say, so I didn't say anything. I sat down and began looking at the math book again.

"So your not gonna tell me at all?" he asked.

"NO." I say sternly.

He was silent for moment trying to find the words to say, but then it all came out.

"Alright, what happened to, Oh it’s to early for us to be together and I only know you for a day. What happened to that? I thought you weren’t that type to mess around anybody after the first night? Were you lying? Where you..." 

"Alright I get it!" I shout.

"You know what? It just happened okay. None of it was planned... It just... happened. I'm sorry, I'm really not like what you think I am." I say calming down.

"So who was that I was just screwing not too long ago? That looked like a whole nother Tyler. It was like I was fuckin' some bitch off the street." He said.

I didn't know myself but it just came out of me. That new personality really did take over. I didn't know if it was a good thing or bad. ?

I stayed silent the whole time not answering any of his questions, but then I thought.

"What about you?" He looked up and asked. "What about me?"

"You didn't seem to have a problem with me getting fucked when were in the bathroom. Remember when I asked you if you were mad at me and you said, No I'm not mad, I think its hot. Or something like that. You could of told me you how much you hated someone being with me first but you didn't." I say.

He didn't respond back to me and he just turned away and stared down at his fingers.
Thats when realized that this awkward moment was going to stay awkward until I left.

"You know what, I'm just gonna leave." I closed up my books and just walked out, he still didn't even stop me and tell me to stay and work it out like I thought he would. Was this end of Jamal and I? ?

As I walked down the path back to my dorm, I noticed Darius Ford from a short distance. He roomed a few doors away from me and was always really nice to me. Every time we met up with each other, usually those times were quick because he was always in a rush, (from being late to class), but when we did talk it was refreshing. He even helped me move in when I first came to the dorms. ?

"Hey Darius!" I shout and wave. He looked up and saw me waving at him. I saw him smile and he began to run towards me. He was definitely a looker, he favored a celebrity... that lead guy from that movie "Stomp the Yard." I think his name was Chris Columbus but I could be wrong, except a lot taller.

Anyways, he made it over to me and asked, "Wassup?" 

"Nothing much just coming from class." I say but then I changed my mind and said, "Actually there's a lot going on with me."

"Oh forreal? Whats happening?" he asked. He sounded really concerned about me.

"Its actually a long story, do you want to go somewhere and talk?" I ask.

"Yeah thats cool." he said.

"I'm actually just leaving class and I don't have to go back till 7, we can go back to my room if you want to." he said.

"Sure. Thats cool with me." I say in agreement.

We walked back to the dorm room and I figured I should stop by my room to see if Quinn was still there. He wasn't there but I kinda figured it. Darius walked me in his room and asked me for anything to drink.

"I'll take some water." I say.

While he got the water, he began to ask, "So whats been happening for the last few days? Do you still like it here?"
"The school so far is really cool." I say. "Everything seems pretty nice, but already I'm having some issues with some people." I say.

"Uh oh, is it the race thing?" he asked.

"No, no its nothing like that. People see past that which is a good thing. It's just..... The relationship thing." I say, not really knowing how to say it.

"Ohhh, you mean your trying to get with someone?" he said giving me a bottle water.

"Ummm....yes and no." I say. 

Darius looked at me strangely and said, "I'm not really following you. Explain." I went on to tell him about Jamal, but not mentioning his name, and how he really digs me, then talking about Quinn and how much I hated him at first but now I want him. I left out all the sex hoping he would get it. He stood there for minute trying to process everything I had said. ?

"Did you sl**p with any of them?" I was taken back by the question but I lied and said no.

"Good. Cuz I want you first." he said.

"What?!" I say from shock.

"Im joking man." he said with a smile. I sat quietly staring at him, he wasn't joking. I just sensed it. I switched to back to the topic. "So what do you think I should do?" 

"Your situation is very complicated Tyler. You should follow what you think is right. Who ever you feel more comfortable with is the guy you should be with." he said.

I thought about it for a second. Maybe he's right.

Jamal makes me feel good every time I’m around him, and the sex was good, but Quinn on the other hand is the complete opposite, but the sex is AMAZING. 

?Then I started to wonder if I really wanted a relationship with any of them. Maybe all I want is sex? That could be the answer.....

"Listen Darius, thanks for the advice." I say. "You really helped me out with this one." 

"Anytime man, if you need me for anything just let me know." Darius emphasized the anything part letting me know the real deal.

As he stared at me, I began to feel that urge again. That urge that started with Tayshawn, then Quinn, then Jamal, now him. The urge was sexual and I could feel my ass starting to twitch again.

"No not with him, Darius is my friend, nothing more." I say in my mind, but my eyes totally ignore what I was thinking.?

My eyes suddenly went into a trance staring at Darius's eyes, he became more than a friend and then turning into someone for pleasure. It wasn't long before my dick started growing again in my underwear. I didn’t even realize my hand was going in my pants until he said something.

"You alright Tyler? You look kinda sick." 

"No... I'm fine, I think I should go before anything happens." I say getting up from the chair.

"Before what happens? Wait don't leave yet." he asked walking closer to me, then grabbing my arm. I stopped and felt my heart start to pump faster. "Oh no he touched me." I say. All my attention focused on his hand holding my arm and dick got harder. 

"Before..." I turn around and stare at him again finally losing all control over myself. "...This." I grabbed his head and f***ed it to my face, making him kiss me deeply. He was trying to talk, even trying to push me away but I wouldn’t let him. My tongue and lips were all over his mouth, and he finally gave in. 
Our kissing was much like my first time with Jamal, his hands all over me, and my hands all over him feeling him up. It felt so great touching and groping another man's body like this. We both moaned in each other’s mouths, alternating back and forth on sucking on tongues. It was so hot. 

We stopped long enough to get our shirts off, and move over to the couch. He pinned himself on top of me and then went back to kissing me.  My hands slid all the way down his muscled back down in his jeans feeling his boxer-covered ass. He stopped kiss my lips and went down to my neck, kissing and licking me intensely.

"Oh fuck..." I shout out loud from the ecstasy taking over. I wanted him to fuck me so bad. I couldn't wait to feel him inside me. ?

I quickly work my way out of my pants under him, until they were around my ankles, and then helped him out of his pants until we were both naked on top of each other.

"I want you so bad Darius. Please fuck me." I say. He kissed down my neck to my chest and sucked my pink hard nipples. I moaned out loud like a little girl, my mind slowly rising back to cloud nine. I completely forgetting I had just got fucked less then two hours ago. 

He moved down to my rock hard dick and began to suck it.

"AHHhhh.... OooOOhhh!" I yell out not expecting that.

The last time someone's mouth was on my dick was a year ago with this one chick, she didn't know what she was doing and she kept complaining about it being too big for her to swallow. She left leaving me there with a raging hard on and bad attitude. Fortunately for me, Darius know EXACTLY how to do it, and was swallowing me like my seven inches was nothing. 

Oh it felt so fucking good, I didn't want it to end. I watched his tongue work magic on my dick, and then his mouth sucked me back up like a hungry fish. Seeing his dark lips eating me up was too much for me, I was about to cum. I shout out loud feeling my cock rise from the pressure of cum rising from my balls. I grabbed his head and made him deep throat me. He coughed and gagged on my never ending cum shot.

I squirmed and yelled and shook on the couch from the intensity of my orgasm. He finally pulled back and the rest of my cum dribbled down my shaft and Darius coughed up some of it. "What the hell? Dawg, you just shot all that shit down my throat!" he said.  I didn't know if he was upset or not but it wasn't long until till I got my answer. 

"That was pretty good though, never thought white boys cum would taste good." he said licking his lips.

"Are you going to fuck me now?" I say out of breath.

"Not yet, I want you to suck me off first." he said getting up and his big hard black cock standing at attention.

?He moved closer to me and my mouth watered for it.

"Please give it to me, I want it!" I say.

I heard him snicker and say, "Your a fuckin' slut aren't you?" I didn't say anything but I just kept my mouth opened. He fed it to me finally, and I hungrily sucked him off.

"Dayum dude!" He shouted loud from surprise. 

I sucked and slurped him up loudly, making wet nasty sounds all over the room. His moans followed filling the room, he grabbed my head and f***ed me up and down his dick.

"Fuck man, you suck dick so well! Where'd you learn to do that?.... OH FUCK!" He shouted from my tongue sliding up and down his sensitive head.

?I didn't respond to his question as I was so focused on sucking this big dick down my throat.

"Man I guess its true then? You white boys NEED black cock down your throat, huh Tyler?" he said. My ears perked open from his comment, he was right just like Quinn. This is where I belonged. 

I stopped sucking him off to tell him, "No, I need this black cock in my ass. Please fuck me with it!" I say. He laughed again from what he was hearing but I didnt care, all I wanted and needed was him inside me.

"You lubed me up pretty good Tyler, do you want some lube for..."

"No, just STICK IT IN!" I demand. I saw his eyes bulge from my demand, but then he smiled afterwards. He lifted my legs and stared at my ass. 

"I thought you said you were a virgin? This ass is leaking out cum." he said, then fingering me.

"I'm sorry, I lied... That guy fucked me less then two hours ago.... but I want more." I say.

"Well I'm glad you came to me for more satisfaction." he said rubbing his dick head around my ass. ?

"Please stick it in me, fuck my ass good and hard." I beg. In no time, my ass swallowed him all and I let out a loud moan.... I was complete.

"Thank You Darius! Ohhhhhhh FUCK!!!" I shout. He fucked me just how I wanted him too, making the couch slid on the wood flooring. All my attention was focused on pleasing Darius, making sure that everything he was experiencing was rememberable to him. 

"Oh my God, this is the best ass I ever fucked!" Darius said. My ass did some things I never thought I could do, literally sucking him off like a mouth. Quinn’s big cock beautifully trained my ass. I moaned like a fuckin' whore in heat, and he was loving every second of it.

Then I hear him say, "I'm gonna cum in this ass! Is that what you want Tyler?"

"Yes please dude, breed me!" I shout.

I grab his shoulders and f***e his whole body on top of me, then grabbed his ass and made sure all of him was deep inside of me. ?

"Oh.... My.... GOD!" In seconds my ass was filled up with more shots of cum then I ever thought could come out of a man. I felt each spray until the sixth shot, the rest I couldn't feel anymore.

"Yes thats Darius! Make me yours! Oh that's fuckin awesome dude!" I say.

I think all his energy shot up inside me that he literally went limp on me. His breathing was intense, his body was completely soaked in sweat, and I was trapped under him. 

I was just thinking how much I wanted this to last forever but I knew it couldn't.

"Darius, that was fuckin' amazing." I say. I roll him off me and he landed on the floor, literally knocked out.

"Darius? Are you okay man?" I say growing worried.

"MmmmmHmmm." He mumbled. "Alright, I was gettin' a little worried there.

"Ummm... I'm just gonna leave.... Ahhh... I'll talk to you later?" I say getting up feeling awkward all of a sudden. 

When I got up, his load dripped out of my ass like milk so I had to hurry and put my underwear on before I made a mess. Once I had my clothes on, I dragged him back to his room and put him on his bed, then laid his clothes out next him. I gave him one last kiss before I left and walk out. That's when the front door opened, "Oh shit!" I yell. To my surprise it was...?

END of part 7!

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