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At the Lake part 2

About 5 minutes later, "Red" the park ranger came walking
up the hill and found the four girls sunbathing, listening to
music. "You girls are trespassing," he said in a stern voice,
"This is private property, belonging to the Boy Scout Council
and you are not supposed to be here." "But they never use
this place anymore," Jane offered in explanation, "We're not
hurting anything, just getting a sun tan away from those awful
boys at the beach...Please Mr. Curtis, can't we stay?" "No
Jane, you know the rules and I would hate to have to tell your
dad that I arrested you, now pack up your stuff and get out of
here." "By the way, is Terry up here with you? That looks
like his boat down there in the cove." Debbie quickly
replied, "No Mr. Curtis, he loaned it to me and Susan, since
Jane's boat is too small for four people." "Oh, OK, just
checking...Come on now girls, let's get a move on." "Red"
stayed right with them until they had carried everything down
to the boats and then followed them out of the bay onto the
main lake, then shadowed them as they proceeded back towards
the marina.
Terry was in a panic, here he was stuck in the woods
completely naked over 4 miles by water and about 8 by land
from the marina. What was he to do? At first he just waited
and hoped the girls would come back for him, but he saw "Red"
following them back up the lake so he knew it was going to be
quite some time. "That S.O.B. will probably follow them all
the way back to the dock," he thought to himself and as it
turned out he was right. During the afternoon, Terry decided
to search the old Boy Scout Camp and hoped to find some
clothing to cover himself with, he knew the camp still had a
caretaker so he would have to be careful not to be seen
running around in the nude.
Terry carefully worked his way through the camp looking
for ANY kind or clothing, canvas, or other cloth with which to
cover himself. No luck, every building was either empty or
locked and nothing usable was found. It was now evening and
he again started to panic, he returned to the hill, but no
boats were visible anywhere on the lake and there were no
signs that the girls had returned during his absence. The air
was turning chilly as the sun got lower in the sky and across
the lake he could see another youth camp. This one however
was occupied and among other things he could see towels and
clothing hanging on clothes lines to dry. It was only about
a quarter mile across the lake at this point and the other
camp was on the same side as the marina and would shorten his
walk back by 6 miles. He decided to wait until it got darker,
then swim across the lake, steal some clothing and then walk
back to the marina.
Until dark, Terry sat in hiding on the shoreline where he
could see up the lake, in case one of the girls came back for
him; no one came. After sunset when the woods became black,
he lowered himself into the water and swam towards the lights
on the other side of the lake. When he got near to the other
shore he could hear voices coming from all directions up and
down the shoreline, so he swam as quietly as he could to a
point directly below the cabins and crawled out hiding in the
bushes along the rocky shore. He could hear both boys and
girls voices, the girls seemed closer. Slowly he worked his
way up until he could see exactly where he was at, and to his
surprise, directly before him was a clothesline. Reaching up,
he pulled a garment from the line and carried in back down to
the water's edge before even looking at it to see what he had
taken. To his shock, IT WAS A GIRLS SUN DRESS! "Well a dress
is better than no clothes at all," he thought to himself and
put the dress on. It fit him surprisingly well given the
circumstances under which he had obtained it; totally at
random. It was a little short and tight in the chest, but
covered everything he needed covered. Terry decided to moved
around to the boy's cabins and see if he couldn't steal some-
thing more appropriate for his long walk home.
Hearing boys voices, Terry moved as silently as he could
as he slid through the darkness behind the boy's cabins to
where he had seen their clotheslines. Just as he stepped
forward to take a piece of clothing from the line, he heard a
twig snap behind him and he was straightaway tackled by two
boys. "We got her!" they yelled and at once three more boys
surrounded him. A flashlight was shown in his face and the
boys immediately determined that in fact they had captured a
boy rather than a girl, but one wearing a little girl's dress.
Terry was dragged into the boy's cabin and his hands
tied behind his back. "Now, what the fuck is going on here?"
a boy considerably bigger and who looked to be 2 or 3 years
older asked. Terry was afraid and his body shook with fear as
he tried to explain his presence outside their cabin.
Meanwhile, one of the younger boys lifted his skirt and saw
that he was nude underneath, then saw the stripes on his ass.
"Somebody whooped this k** good," he observed, pointing out
Terry's ass to the other boys behind him. "Sure did," one of
them said, "Bet that hurt like a son-of-a-bitch!" "Frank, you
got to see this!"
Frank was the large boy, Terry had been talking to who
was seated before him on the edge of a bed. "Well turn his
little butt around here where I can see it then," Frank
replied and the boys spun Terry around and held his dress up.
Frank looked at the red marks, then reached out with his hand
and tenderly traced his fingertips along one of the welts.
"God Damn, you got that right, somebody laid into this ass but
good!" "Undress him!" Frank ordered and Terry was quickly
stripped of the dress which was ripped from his body. Frank
now looked over the rest of Terry's slim body and noted his
head to toe sun tan and hairless crotch which looked to have
been shaved due to a couple of razor nicks. "This k** looks
like one of those faggot sex slaves," Frank offered as an
opinion, "That true Sissy?" he asked Terry with his nose less
than an inch away from Terry's own.
Terry started crying now and with a choked voice, told
the boys about having been caught, beaten, shaved, dominated,
****d and then abandoned by the girls. His entire body shook
as he told his story but the humiliation of telling it in
detail caused his cock to become half erect. This did not
escape Frank's notice, who waited until Terry had completed
his story then replied. "So you got your pussy-ass beaten by
a bunch of girls whose underwear you were stealing uh...Then
you try to steal our clothes...after you stole a dress from
the girls in this camp...Why your nothing but a little
perverted fucking faggot thief!" "Since we already know you
take it up the ass, maybe we ought to just fuck you ourselves
for trying to steal our clothes." Terry looked around the
room and saw five smiling faces looking back at him and
tongues licking lips in anticipation of working over his young
body. "On your knees!" Frank ordered and when Terry had been
placed in position, Frank pulled his swim trunks down exposing
his big cock and balls, and shoved them directly into Terry's
face. "Suck me FAGGOT, or I'll kick your ass good, if you
think you got a beating from those girls, you ain't seen
nothing yet!"
Two of the boys held Terry and one of them grabbed his
hair at the back of his head and shoved his face forward so
that his lips were resting against Frank's cock. Terry knew
he had no choice, these boy were bigger and apparently willing
to beat the living shit out of him if he didn't give them what
they wanted, so he flicked his tongue over the head of Frank's
cock which immediately started getting larger. "That's it
Frank murmured, lick it real good little girl, make it nice
and hard so I can fuck your ass with it." The other boys were
laughing and giving each other "high-fives" for their luck in
capturing their sex object for the night. Terry swirled his
tongue around the cock head and decided that it tasted good,
then gently sucked the head into his mouth as it continued to
grow. Soon it was fully erect, about 7 1/2" but slim, and
Frank pulled his cock out of Terry's mouth and shoved him down
so that his ass was up and accessible. Frank took hold of
Terry's hips and after applying some cream of some sort to his
asshole, worked a couple of fingers in and out until Terry
felt loose enough to him; then lined up his cock with the
little opening and slowly shoved it in. Terry felt no pain
this time and soon was rocking back and forth on the impaling
Someone untied his hands and he no more than got them
down on the floor to steady himself, when another cock was
shoved in his face. This one was smaller as was the owner,
but Terry just inhaled it and sucked the boy as best he could.
In short order he felt the cock twitch and knew that the boy
was going to cum. He tried to pull away but the boy grabbed
his head and rammed his dick down Terry's throat as he spewed
his juice. About that time, he could hear Frank moaning
behind him and felt him shooting his load deep in his ass.
Both boys were immediately replaced and over the next hour and
a half, Terry fucked and sucked every boy in the room. Cum
was dripping out of his ass and running down the insides of
his thighs as well as smeared all over his face. With all of
them expended, they gave him a washcloth and a towel to clean
himself up, then handed him a T-shirt, shorts, and a pair of
tennis shoes. When he was dressed, they lead him to the door
and before shoving him out threatened to kill him if he ever
told anyone what had happened in their cabin. Terry promised
he would never tell, since he too, wanted no one to know. It
was a long walk home and Terry's well plowed ass tingled and
dripped cum, all the way back to his trailer. It was a tired
boy indeed who fell to sl**p that night in his bed.
When Terry awoke the next morning his asshole and jaw
were both sore from the workout the night before and he was
mad as hell about the girls leaving him nude in the middle of
nowhere. His entire body ached from the physical exertions of
the previous day and his mind was numb from everything that
had happened to him in the past 2 days. He walked up the hill
behind the trailer and sat in a wooded area overlooking the
marina and lake. With his chin resting on his knees pulled up
against his chest and held by his tightly clamped arms, he
trembled and shook and cried his heart out. Down below he
could hear someone knocking on his trailer door, calling his
name. He moved to a point where he could see them but not be
seen; it was Debbie and Susan. After wiping his face and
trying to regain control of his emotions, he walked down to
the trailer and the girls.
Debbie saw him approach and ran to him, throwing her arms
around him giving him a hug, Susan hugged him as soon as she
could from behind. "Thank God your safe!" Debbie said and
kissed him on the cheek, then saw his red and swollen eyes and
felt his body tremble inside her embrace. She could tell he
had been crying and now was very concerned as to why. "What
happened, Terry," she whispered. Terry tried to answer, but
again broke into tears and his body shook. Debbie and Susan
led him to his trailer and then inside and sat on the bed with
him, stroking and hugging him while he attempted to regain
He hid his face in his hands as he told them what
happened after they left, trying to find clothing in the camp
and hoping they would come back, then swimming across the
lake, stealing the dress, being captured by the boys and
having had to give them sex in exchange for not beating him up
and some clothes; followed by the long walk home. When done,
he couldn't look at the girls, he kept his face in his hand
and drew up into a ball on the bed, once again his body
whacked by convulsive crying. Both girls continued to hug and
stroke him, hoping to relax his body from the convulsions
which passed in wave after wave through it. After a while,
Debbie stood beside the bed and undressed herself, then pulled
his T-shirt off. Seeing what Debbie had in mind, Susan also
undressed and worked his shorts and shoes off of his body,
then the girls moved him under the covers of his bed and
pressed their naked flesh against his. Debbie took hold of
his head and held it against her breasts and stroked her
fingers through his hair and massaged his neck and shoulders,
while Susan stroked his back, hips, ass, and legs, trying to
relax him. Slowly, their caresses took effect and he slowly
uncoiled his body between them. They now pressed full length
against him front and back and continued petting as he cried
into Debbie's breasts.
The girls rolled him onto his back and while Debbie
stroked his face and kissed him, little Susan kissed his
stomach and caressed his thighs, then kissed and sucked his
cock and balls. She may not have had much experience giving
head, but Terry had none at receiving it, her mouth felt great
and soon he was thrusting his hips to drive his cock into her
small mouth. Debbie fed her small breasts to his mouth and he
sucked her nipples like a baby as she continued stroking his
torso and kissing him wherever she could reach with her mouth.
When he came it was the hardest orgasm his body had ever
experienced, spewing what felt like gallons of cum in to
Susan's mouth. The poor girl could not swallow it all and
when she pulled back, it sprayed all over her face and into
her hair. Terry collapsed after his climax and when Debbie
saw Susan's cum covered face, she laughed and then licked it
clean. Susan just giggled and smiled as Debbie's tongue
cleaned her flesh. Both girls held onto Terry and napped with
him in his bed.
Terry awoke to the feel of a small hand stroking his limp
but rapidly growing cock. The fingers gently probed his
tender balls, rolling them and stroking the sensitive skin of
his sack. They then returned to his cock and with thumb and
index finger circling it at the base, gently pulled outward
toward the head, then palmed the head and returned to the base
in a milking motion. Terry sighed and slowly opened his eyes
to see who was giving him this pleasure, since he could feel
two bodies pressed tightly against his, one front and one
back. His body trembled as he remembered telling the girls of
his ordeal the day before and of their tender ministrations to
him. He wanted badly to thank them but did not want to bring
up the subject of his homosexual orgy. Although he hated the
idea of having sucked and fucked 5 boys, he had loved the sex
and the attention it had offered him. If the truth be known,
he had enjoyed the hell out of the sex, but had not liked
being f***ed into it. Was he gay? He didn't know, he had
never really had sex with a girl, so he had no basis for
comparison. At this moment, however, he was in a position to
fulfill both of his needs. To repay the girls for their
compassion, and to compare sex with a girl to his gay sex
The hair resting on his shoulder was blonde so the hand
and body pressed against his front side must be Susan. Terry
kissed her hair and little Susan tilted her head back and
looked up, a wide grin on her lovely young face. "Hi,"
whispered Terry and Susan gave him a light kiss on the lips
and squeeze of his cock as her reply. Terry, pulled her
tighter against him, encircling her with his arms and gave her
a deep kiss on the mouth as he hugged her to him. "Thanks,"
he offered in a whisper as she gave a small whimper, "I don't
know how to thank you for staying with me," he continued,
murmuring into her ear, "I was so scared, and confused,...I
couldn't think..." "I know," Susan replied, "but we love you
and couldn't leave you like that, "How do you feel know?"
"Horny," Terry replied and gave her another deep kiss. This
caused Susan to giggle and give his cock another squeeze,
which Terry interpreted as a 'Go Ahead' signal; his hands
responded accordingly, stroking her back and ass, marveling at
the feel of her smooth skin. They continued to kiss and
stroke each others bodies for what seemed like a long time and
soon Terry was fully erect and Susan dripping juice from her

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