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The mall

Today she was going to the mall to find a guy to suck cock. She was hoping for a big thick one. She wore a tight shirt and short skirt. No underwear. Her tits are large and her pussy shaved. She was very good at sucking cock. A gay man taught her how to suck it deep and drink the cum.

at the mall she walked thru the sporting section. Her back arched so her tits were very noticeable. One man stared looking at her. She walked by him and rubbed his chest and walked away then looked back at him and winked. He followed. She walked to her van and he followed her. She opened the door and sat with her legs spread so he could see her smooth pussy. He came over and grabbed her hair and kissed her. He plunged his tongue deep in her mouth and she sucked it. He ran his hand between her legs and all over her pussy. She in turn felt his cock. She was in luck, it was huge. She slid inside the van and pulled him in. She immediately unzipped his pants and pulled his cock out. It was great. At least 9 inches. She felt his balls and they were great round orbs. She then pulled his pants off freeing his huge cock. She pulled her shirt up and rubbed her tits over his cock. She got on her knees with her ass in the air and started to suck his cock. First sucking and licking the tip. As she sucked it got harder and grew in size. Now she started sucking all the cock. As she sucked she took it all in her mouth and into her throat. The man moaned with pleasure. He pushed her head down on his cock to get it all in her mouth. Not many girls could suck it all the way and he loved that she could. In and out she took the cock. He then started to rub her ass and then her pussy. He played with the clit but as she sucked his cock deep he needed to fuck her cunt. He took three fingers ad inserted them in her hole. She loved this and sucked him harder. The harder and deeper she sucked the cock the harder he fingered her cunt. He then put his thumb inside her ass. He rammed the thumb in all the way as he pumped her cunt with his fingers. She grabbed his balls and squeezed them feeling how hard they had become. Now he shoved her head deep onto his cock as he blasted a huge stream of cum into her throat and felt her swallow it. As he was filling her mouth he felt her pussy pulse and his fingers were soaked with her cum. She stopped sucking and licked his cock clean. He pulled his fingers from her cunt and licked them. Then he kissed her and told her any time she wanted he was available as he left the van.

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