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I love you big b*o

Can I ask you something? Is i****t sex really so bad? I mean I know having
sex with a f****y member is not just weird and creepy, but i*****l. Why? It's one thing if it's just lust. But to have centennial sex with someone you love and care about very much. Why is this so bad? I mean really why? I'm Jennifer and I'm a 19 year old lady and I have a 20 year old b*****r named Jim. I have brown hair and brown eyes. I'm about 5 ft 2 in.

We both have the same mother and father, so he has brown hair and brown eyes too.
But he has a few inches on me though. Jim and I were very close. We always gave each other a hard time about different shit. He lost his virginity a year ago to a girlfriend that he broke up sense then. One day I was walking to the bathroom and passed his room when he had his door cracked a bit. I looked in and I saw he was masturbating. I've caught him a few times and busted him once, but didn't blabber it to anyone though. But this time I saw masturbating, he had something in his hand. He was masturbating into my underwear. It was my pink thong I thought had gone missing yesterday.

I gotta say this turned me on. His dick wasn't enormous but a really good size I think. His dick looked like it was about 7 inches and a little thick, big but not too big. Even though I was a virgin, I had seen a few, from porn and one boyfriend I had. I felt my pussy start to get wet a little bit. I thought it was so wrong, I mean I was getting turned on watching my b*****r masturbate into a thong that belonged to me? I felt so dirty and yet I couldn't look away to save my life. I started rubbing my soaked pussy inside my underwear, and shortly I actually had an orgasm before he did.

Even after I had an orgasm, I kept watching. I saw him shoot his load right into my thong and I started to back away. But as I did that my foot accidentally hit the door. Then he looked over at the door. He knew it was just him and me there. Mom was at work and sadly our dad died 5 years ago. “s*s, is that you,” Jim asked. I didn't answer. I went into the living and started thinking about what just happened. Was I actually sexually attracted to my own b*****r? How sick is that? I mean he took baths together when we were really young, but I never thought of my b*****r as sexual person until now.

I sat out in the living room for a few minutes with my hands in my pants and then Jim came into the living room and I turned on the TV quickly. I was wearing a pink shirt and a white dress and he was wearing a black t-shirt and blue shorts. “Hey s*s what's up,” Jim asked. I was kinda nervous a bit and I stammered. “Uh uh, nothing, just sitting here watching some TV,” I replied. But I somehow landed on a porn channel. “Oh I'm sorry I didn't know, I'll give you some privacy,” Jim said as he sat down on the couch with me. My face was very red and yet I was still so turned on. “No, I wasn't masturbating,” I replied as I turned off the TV.

“No, I get it Jennifer, we all need to do it every now and then. But not out here in the living room though,” Jim said. “No seriously, I wasn't masturbating. I was just sitting here and I just turned in on and it was on this channel.” I replied. “Oh, maybe mom was masturbating.” Jim added. “Really you think so,” I asked. “I don't know maybe. Anyway, even if you were don't be embarrassed, everyone needs to let one off every now and then. I get it,” Jim replied. “OK thanks and don't tell mom please,” I said. “Why, you're a teenager and they need to have orgasms too. But I promise I won't tell,” Jim replied.

“Thanks big b*****r, I love you,” I added as I hugged him. “I love you too little s****r,” Jim replied as he hugged me back. "Do you know where the hell mom is? She should have been back by now shouldn't she have,” I asked. “Well normally yes, but I just got a call from her like 20 minutes ago and she said that she would have a late night and we should make our own dinner. She said she wouldn't be back until about 10:00 or so. Something about her boss again. But at least she's pulling in some big bucks,” Jim explained. “Oh cool,” I replied still turned on.

“You seem a little on edge, do you need a few minutes alone,” Jim asked. “No, I'm fine, I promise,” I replied. “OK s*s. Your still a virgin right,” Jim asked. I was very turned on. “Yes, just never found that one I wanted to give it to I guess,” I replied. “OK s*s, sorry if that made you uncomfortable,” Jim added. “No, don't worry about it, we're b*****r and s****r, there's no barriers with us,” I said. “Does that mean you want me to tell you about my sex life,” Jim asked laughing. I hesitantly started laughing too. “No, you silly man,” I replied. “Hey I'm not that silly, hell if anyone in this f****y is silly, it's you,” Jim added.

At that moment I was even more turned on, we could easily just joke together like that. “Yeah maybe. But-,” I said. “But what,” Jim asked. “I don't know,” I replied. “OK s*s. Well it's going on 5:00 now, is there anything you want for dinner,” Jim asked. “A frozen pizza, you want to share,” I asked. “Sure I can share with my s*s,” Jim replied. “Cool, can you preheat the oven,” I asked. “What am I, your slave,” Jim asked. “No, I didn't mean it like that Jim,” I replied. “Jen, really I was just k**ding. A b*****r can joke with his s*s right,” Jim asked. “Yes, I know you joking I just wanted to know what your reaction would be,” I replied.

“OK, Are you sure you're OK? I know what it's like to have someone come in when you're in that position,” Jim said. “Really, oh yeah I busted you once didn't I,” I asked. “Yes but that was after I came. About 3 months ago mom caught me in my room. I think she might have even watched, I could have sworn I heard someone out there, but then she came in with some clothes I had put in the dryer earlier that day,” Jim explained.

I couldn't believe it. Jim, my own b*****r was opening up to me telling me about a time he got caught masturbating. But I couldn't let him know how much I was enjoying the story. “Anyway, she understood, I was in my teen years, almost an adult and I needed to masturbate. I was a little embarrassed to say the least,” Jim said. “And you're not embarrassed telling me about this,” I asked. “I guess not. Maybe it's that b*****r/s****r thing, or maybe I just understand what you're going through, even though I'm a guy and you're a girl. I suppose that is a little odd,” Jim replied. “Well, just know that I'll listen whenever you need to talk I guess,” I added.

“OK Jen. It seems if anyone needs to talk, it's you. No offense,” Jim said. “I guess you're right,” I replied. Then Jim went to go preheat the oven and got out a pizza for us to eat. He was such a good big b*****r. I always called him big b*****r. Even though he's always just been a year older. We had a very good relationship, one you rarely see in a b*****r/s****r relationship and I thought of stuff that could possibly screw it all up. He came from the kitchen after minute. “Well the oven has about 8 more minutes to preheat and I got the pizza out and put it on the pan for us,” Jim said. “Thanks big b*****r,” I replied.

“Don't you ever get tired of this big b*****r/ little s****r thing,” Jim asked as he sat down with me. “Well no honestly. I mean honestly. I think it's just a great bonding thing we have between us. Are you tired of it,” I asked. “No, I thought you might be. You have a great point. I guess we do bond over that,” Jim replied. “Yes we do,” I added. “Well is a pizza be enough for the two of us,” Jim asked. “I think so,” I replied. “OK good,” Jim added. Then I put the TV back on and forgot that it was on a porn channel. This was scene between a man and woman, the woman was giving the man a blow job. “That is hot.” Jim said. “You think so. A woman wasting her time giving a man blow job with her lips around his thing,” I asked.

“His 'thing'? I think you can at least say the word 'dick',” Jim replied. “OK, you think it's hot when a woman puts her lips around a guys dick,” I asked. “Well if you take it out of context then no. Like if I just pulled mine out, then that would be out of context, you're my s****r and you don't wanna see that. But if I was having sex with a girlfriend, then that would be in context, you see what I mean,” Jim asked. Oh my god, this turning me on so much, we were talking about context of his dick? Wow. “Yeah I guess you have a point. I don't wanna see that. Maybe if you weren't my b*****r you know then, maybe,” I replied nervously.

“OK s*s I've been your b*****r for 18 years now. I know you're a little but on edge, what's wrong. A boy being a total asshole and try to get to you give him your virginity,” Jim asked. Damn! Why is he so dang good to me? Generally taking a real interest in me and wanting to know about my problems. Then I knew I really loved him. He was so nice and kind to me, when he really didn't have to. I wasn't one of his girlfriends, not that I'm implying he'd only be nice to a girlfriend to have sex with her. Then the oven went off.

“Time to put the pizza in,” Jim said. Then he went into the kitchen to put the pizza in the oven and he came back. “Has anyone pressured you to have sex,” Jim asked. “Well yes one boyfriend, of course now he's my ex-boyfriend. Why you ask,” I asked. “Well I just care about you a great deal and I wanna know that you're OK and safe out there,” Jim replied. Then I couldn't help it, I hugged him very tightly. “Oh now what's that for,” Jim asked.

“I just love you, you're seriously the best big b*****r anyone could ask for. You're so nice and sweet to me. And I'm not even a girlfriend,” I replied. I didn't mean to say that honestly it just kind of slipped out. “Do you think I'm being nice to you to try and get in your pants,” Jim asked. “No, no Jim. That's sick,” I replied. I completely over sold it. “I know Jen, damn. You're easy,” Jim said. “I know,” I replied chuckling nervously. “I'm gonna check on the pizza now,” Jim said.

I looked right at his butt as we walked in there. Great ass he had. Then he came back and I looked away. “What something on me,” Jim asked. “No, why you ask,” I asked. “Oh I just thought I saw you looking at something on me,” Jim replied. “No, but I think your good though,” I said. “OK thanks little s****r,” Jim replied. “Are you comfortable with me,” I asked. “What do you mean,” Jim asked. “Well I mean like talking about sex and masturbating, are you really comfortable talking to me about that, or are you just talking about it for me,” I asked.

“I guess both, I'm a guy and that stuff turns me on, and you were asking about it, I wasn't just gonna say nothing, so yes I do feel comfortable with you little s****r,” Jim replied. “OK then, well you mind if I test that,” I asked. “Sure I guess. I mean you're my s****r and not someone that's gonna blabber it to someone,” Jim replied. Well to put it simply, he wouldn't masturbate into one of my thongs if he didn't have at least some physical attraction to me, would he? “Well thanks. How long have you been masturbating,” I asked. “I guess since I was 16 I think. Somewhere around there. It was a thrilling experience. I rather enjoyed it but I wish it had lasted longer though,” Jim replied.

“What did it just last a minute or something,” I asked. “Well somewhere around there. How old were you when you started masturbating,” Jim asked. I was in heaven then. “Well probably when I was 16 as well I think. I'm pretty sure. But I did like it too,” I replied. “Well did you like think of something sexual or use a magazine or something,” Jim asked. “Who's asking the questions now,” I asked. “Oh I'm sorry am I making you uncomfortable? I'm sorry I just don't know when to shut up,” Jim replied. “Oh no, big b*****r, I'm not uncomfortable at all. We're really bonding now. It's OK really. I actually just used my imagination and thought of a boyfriend I thought of giving my virginity to,” I said as I hugged him.

“Oh OK. Sorry again,” Jim replied. “Really it's OK. You're the sweetest caring big b*****r there is. I think I'll survive,” I added. “Well OK then.” Jim said. Then the pizza was ready to come out. “I gotta get the pizza now.” Jim said. “OK, I'll be here,” I replied. “You're still a little weird you know,” Jim added. “I know,” I replied. Then he went to pull the pizza out. I wondered to myself. Could he be sexually attracted to me too? I didn't know. And was he just too afraid of what the answer would be, or the after affects with us? Would I completely blow everything up if I just simply asked him about what I saw today? I don't know.

I've made it known that us being together is wrong, but what if he's reached the same conclusion because of what I said? Shit. I really couldn't believe it, but I truly found the guy that I wanted to take my virginity. My own b*****r. Not even a step b*****r or a b*****r where we only shared one parent. Nope my full flesh and bl**d b*****r. Would he ever in a million years even once consider having sex with me? I just wanted him so bad. I knew it wasn't just lust, I knew I really loved him. I think I wanted to spend the rest of my life with him.

By then he had cut the pizza and brought me a slice with a diet Pepsi. “Here you go s*s,” Jim said handing me the pizza and pop. “Thanks b*o,” I replied. Then he went back into the kitchen and brought back a slice for himself and a regular Pepsi. He sat down right next to me again. We ate the pizza and watched an old episode of Charmed on TNT. The episode where Paige couldn't speak, Phoebe couldn't hear and Piper couldn't see. “Oh this was good show. Too bad it was only 8 seasons,” I said. “Yeah no k**ding and with all female leads what's not to love,” Jim asked. "I don't know. I remember watching them when they were new. Every Wednesday night, that was cool,” I replied.

We watched the rest of that episode and by then we were done eating. It was 7:00 by then. “Can I ask you something else,” I asked. “Sure what,” Jim replied. “You've had sex before right,” I asked. “Yes, why,” Jim asked. “Well I'm just curious, uh was it good the first time,” I asked. “Yes a bit. I mean I lost to someone who had sex a couple times before. So she was a little experienced I guess. Why you wanna know what sex is like when you have it,” Jim asked. “Well yes I guess I want at least a little insight to it. I mean I just don't wanna have sex with a guy and have him leave because I wasn't good,” I replied.

“Oh s*s, your pretty, sexy and I'll admit it, a little hot. I suppose that's a little sick to think of s****r like that, but that's the way I feel about you,” Jim explained. Wow. This truly was heaven for me. “No, it's not sick. Not sick at all I don't think. A guy can have feelings for someone and they think their pretty and sexy and even hot, even if their related. It's not a big deal really I don't think,” I explained. “Well thanks for understanding. You really are a sexy woman though and just maybe if you weren't my s*s, who knows,” Jim said.

“So you're saying if we weren't b*****r and s****r, you might consider, you know, having sex with me,” I asked. Then he started to stammer a little bit. “I guess so. Maybe. I gotta go to the bathroom,” Jim replied. Then he got up and hurried to the bathroom. At that point I think I had my answer. He was interested, but sense I'm his s****r, he was too afraid to tell me how he felt. I guess there was no barrier.

Then I went to the bathroom and knocked on the door. “Hey Jim are you OK? You seemed to head off to the bathroom kinda fast,” I asked. “I'm OK. I just need a minute and I'll be out OK,” Jim said. “OK, as long as you're OK. You know you can talk to me about anything in the world you know. I'm your s****r and I won't judge you, I promise,” I replied. “OK thanks s*s,” Jim replied.

Then I went back into the living room. Sure enough, he came back out and talked to me. He sat down kinda slowly next to me. “Hey little s****r, did you really mean that I could talk to you about anything and you wouldn't judge me,” Jim asked. “Yes of course I meant it big b*****r. What's a little s****r for besides taunting her,” I asked. We both laughed for a second. “Well, for a little while,” Jim said. “Yes,” I asked. “For a little while now, I think I've really started to develop some feelings for you,” Jim replied. “What do you mean,” I asked.

He was very nervous then I had never ever seen him so nervous. He was telling me his masturbation story not too long ago, now he's a nervous wreck. “Well, I love you,” Jim said. “I know, I love you too,” I replied. “No, I mean I really love you. Like the way that a b*****r probably shouldn't love his s****r,” Jim said. “Oh, you mean how you would love a girlfriend? You wanna be with me,” I asked. “Do you swear not to tell another living soul about this,” Jim asked. “Yes of course, "I'm putting it in the vault,” I replied.

“OK, yes I wanna be with you. I really do think you're pretty and very attractive. I don't know what to say exactly. Are you uncomfortable now,” Jim asked. “Absolutely not,” I replied. “OK good,” Jim replied with some relief. “How long have you felt this way about me,” I asked. “One day a few months ago, you were wearing a pink thong, you just bent over a little too much and I saw you, and honestly, it turned me on. I got an erection. Even though no one else knew, I was just ashamed of myself. I mean you're my s****r. Who really wants to be turned on by their s****r,” Jim asked. “I don't know, but you wanna hear something,” I asked. “Sure, just don't be mad OK, I really don't wanna mess up what we have here,” Jim replied.

“You won't, trust me. We'll always at least be this close if not closer. I can promise you that,” I added. “OK thanks little s****r,” Jim said. “Can I ask why did you tell me this?” I asked. “Well I guess it's just been eating me up inside like mad and I knew it would come out sooner or later. I guess I just wanted you to know, and just really hoped you would be OK with it,” Jim explained. “Well, can I ask you something,” I asked. “Sure what,” Jim asked. “First I promise this is not a joke. I completely get where you're coming from. What would you say if I felt the same way about you,” I asked.

“Well I'd say, I guess what I'd say is, I guess I don't know what I would say,” Jim replied. “What would you say if I kissed you right now? Not as b*****r and s****r but as two adults, just a normal every day kiss. Would you be mad at me if I did that,” I asked. “I guess not,” Jim replied. Then I kissed him on the lips for about 5 seconds. “Well I guess I'd tell you to kiss me again,” Jim said. Then I kissed him again, but this time for 10 seconds, not quite passionately. “So you really feel the same way about me,” Jim asked. “Yes, I saw you masturbate into my thong today,” I replied.

“Oh my god I'm so ashamed now,” Jim said as put his head down. “No, no, no. Don't feel ashamed. Not at all. I think I truly love you too,” I replied. “Are you serious,” Jim asked. “Absolutely I'm. I've seen you masturbate a few times honestly and today for the first time, I really got turned on watching you. Maybe it was because of my thong you had. It was really weird to me. I wasn't sure at all what was happening then. I couldn't believe it. I even started rubbing my pussy and it was already wet. Jim, I do truly love you too. Not just in the b*****r/s****r way," I explained.

"And your completely sure," Jim asked. "Yes, today I truly fell in love with you. And if you're sick, then I'm sick too. Maybe even more sick, I masturbated watching you my own b*****r masturbate into my thong,” I explained. Then he lifted his head up and looked at me. “You truly feel that way about me too? I mean absolutely no bullshit,” Jim asked. “Yes absolutely no bullshit. That's why I've been acting weird. I didn't how to tell you, or even if I was going to. After you told me, I couldn't do that to you. You're my b*****r and you truly put yourself out there. I have a great deal of respect for you for doing that. Jim I love you,” I explained. “I love you too. Can I kiss you again,” Jim asked. “Yes,” I replied.

Then we kissed passionately for 15 seconds. “If I wasn't in love with you a minute ago, I definitely am now,” Jim said. “I could say the same thing about you,” I replied. Then we started kissing again as he started moving back and I got on top of him. I couldn't believe it. I was making out with my b*****r. He put himself out there like that. All I had to do is accept him for what he truly felt. And I felt the same way about him. “Jim,” I asked. “Yes,” Jim asked back. “Oh never mind,” I replied. “Well we just told each other being b*****r and s****r we truly loved each other and now there's something you're holding back,” Jim asked.

“Will you take my virginity,” I asked. “You truly wanna have sex now,” Jim asked. “Yes big b*****r. I found you and I truly know I wanna give it to you. Not some guy that I'll probably not marry and doesn't care about me and love me the way you do. I want it to be you,” I replied. “OK little s****r. I'll do it,” Jim added. “And you truly want this too,” I asked. “Yes I truly want it. I've wanted it for years now,” Jim replied. “Years,” I asked. “Yes, I've always had some lust, but now it's so much more than that. I truly how I feel about you, even though your my s****r,” Jim explained.

“OK big b*****r, will you take me to your room now,” I asked. “Yes little s****r,” Jim replied. Then we held hands and went to his bedroom. I went in a young girl, I was coming out a young woman. And my own b*****r was going to show how much he truly loves me. The way a b*****r and s****r usually never find. I layed down on my back and he got on top of me. We made out very passionately. Both of us were very much into this. Then both sat up and I took off my shirt. I revealed that I was not wearing a bra that whole time. “Wow those are beautiful s*s.” Jim said. “Thank you. I know I've seen it before, now can it see it again,” I asked. “Yes of course,” Jim replied.

Then I slowly undid his shorts and pulled them down. His dick slowly poked out of his boxers. “Can I take off your boxers,” I asked. “Yes,” Jim replied. Then he layed down on his back and I slowly slid them off his body. “Wow, it's even bigger up close,” I said as I began stroking it slowly. “Thank you little s****r,” Jim replied. “Can I try it,” I asked. “Giving me a blow job,” Jim asked. “Yes,” I replied. “Yes of course. Take your time,” Jim added. Then I slowly moved my lips to the head on his long and hard cock. This was amazing. It was unreal, I couldn't believe I was about to do this. I slowly moved my mouth past his shaft and downward sucking his dick.

“Oh yes little s****r, that's the spot.” Jim said slowly. I had never sucked a cock before in my life. My first one would be my b*****rs. And he was really enjoying himself. He didn't cum as of yet, I couldn't tell if that was good or bad honestly. But I was on my knees bent over giving him a blow job and he liked. “Oh that's good s*s. Honestly. Now let me return the flavour," Jim said. Then he slowly undid my dress and pulled it off as I layed down on my back. Then got over me when I still had my underwear on and started licking and sucking on my nipples. “Oh Jim, oh that feels so good,” I said. “I'm glad you like," Jim replied. And he slowly kissed his way down to my underwear.

“OK Jen, I gotta ask. So far you haven't given me your virginity. Are you sure absolutely sure, that you want to give it to me,” Jim asked. “You are such a loving and caring big b*****r, of course I wanna give it to you, and no one else,” I replied. “OK,” Jim said as he pulled my underwear off. I had a little bit of pubic hair down there. Then he started eating me out. “Oh my fucking god that feels so good,” I said. He didn't answer, he just kept fucking me with his tongue. I put my hands on his head as he ate me out, I never ever felt so good in life. My one and only b*****r was eating me out and I couldn't have felt better. Then a couple minutes later I felt my first orgasm coming not caused by myself. “Oh fuck Jim I'm cuming,” I yelled.

Then he just layed there and took it. “Oh I'm so sorry Jim, I didn't mean for that to happen,” I said. “Trust me, I could have gotten out of the way,” Jim replied. “You still wanna have sex,” I asked. “Yes, of course I do,” Jim replied. “Good, I thought you'd be mad,” I added. “I'm not mad little s****r,” Jim replied. “Good,” I said. Then he started to climb on top of me yet again. “Are you on the pill,” Jim asked. “No, I'm not. And we don't have any condoms," I replied. "Well I'm gonna do my best not cum inside you. Now I'm gonna slowly put my dick inside you,” Jim said. “Good I can't wait," I replied. “Well sense you're a virgin, this will probably hurt a little bit. If you gotta scream, then scream into the pillow OK,” Jim asked.

“OK,” I replied. Then he slowly started to put in his dick. As he said he was going to do it slowly. So he did. About 2 inches in, I felt some pain. “Oh fuck, you weren't k**ding that hurt,” I said. “You wanna stop,” Jim asked. “No, I can take it,” I replied. “Are you sure,” Jim asked. “Yes I'm sure. Put it back inside me now,” I replied. Then he reinserted his dick and went a little further this time. But it still hurt and my hymen broke. “Oh fuck. That fucking hurt,” I yelled. “I'm so sorry Jennifer. Should we stop now,” Jim asked. “Absolutely not,” I replied. “OK then good,” Jim added.

Still very stunned. I was actually having sex with my b*****r. He had his big dick inside me. Even just the fact, that he could possibly cum and get me pregnant was such a huge turn on. Honestly I would love to carry his baby, I truly loved him, but we were a little young yet. “So you enjoying yourself now,” Jim asked. “Yes, very much so. I know this isn't the best time, but I knew I loved you before today too. A few months ago I saw you have sex with another girl in this bed. I masturbated to that too honestly. Are you mad,” I asked. “No, that is a little creepy though. But then again I got my dick inside my s****r's pussy right now,” Jim replied. “This is true,” I added.

Then he started motioning a little bit. Moving around, just getting both of us more aroused. “Did you see me getting a blow job,” Jim asked. “No, just this position actually. This is missionary right,” I asked. “Yes,” Jim replied. “Oh yeah fuck that feels good now.” I said. “OK I gotta pull out, I'm gonna cum now,” Jim said. “No, cum inside me,” I replied. “No, I can't do that, I could get you pregnant doing that,” Jim added. “Your right, OK cum on my belly,” I said. “OK I will,” Jim replied. Then he pulled out and came on my belly. It was truly a sight to see. He shot out like 5 times before he ran out. After he was done, he layed down next to me. I think we were both beyond stunned because what just happened. We had sex with each other. b*****r and s****r.

“Wow what a fantasy come true to say the least,” I said. “No k**ding, I just shot a load of cum onto my s****r,” Jim replied. “I know, I was there,” I added. Then we kissed for 40 seconds straight. “I've never loved you as much as I do now,” Jim said. “Me too. Thank you so much for showing me how much you love me. Words can't express how much I love you too. I've never felt so good in my life,” I replied. “Can I kiss you again,” Jim asked. “Yes of course,” I replied. Then we kissed yet again. “Well can I ask you something,” I asked. “Well you just had sex with me, so I think you can ask me anything you want,” Jim replied. “OK, thanks. What does this mean now, that we've done this,” I asked. “It means that we love each other a lot. And I mean a lot. The way we probably shouldn't, but screw the people that thinks this is wrong. I mean seriously, absolutely no bullshit. That was the best sex I have ever had in my life. And I know we'll be happy with this. We're really close and I don't think this will be a problem between us,” Jim explained.

“Yeah more b*****rs and s****rs should have i****t sex. But is this gonna be a onetime thing though,” I asked. “Well, I personally don't what you feel, but I wanna do this again sometime. I don't regret this at all. Do you want this to continue,” Jim asked. “Absolutely I do. I really enjoyed the sex too. It was great. I'm so glad you don't regret us doing this too. I mean I know we've been really close for years, and we've done this now and I don't feel guilt or regret at all. And I know it wasn't just like lust, I know I truly love you. I've really fallen for you big b*****r. And I'm amazed that the best sex you've ever had is with your own s****r,” I explained.

“I know. And I really don't think we should tell mom about this. I really don't think she'll react well to this. I really don't think so. What do you think,” Jim asked. “I think your right. So we'll keep it on the down low. But how long do you want this,” I asked. “I don't know honestly. Would you want to be this close forever,” I asked. “Yes honestly. I know, we just told each other, but the heart wants what it wants,” Jim replied. “Well good, I'm in love with you very much. I love you so much big b*****r,” I said. “I love you too little s****r,” Jim replied. “OK well big b*****r, I want to suck your cock again, can I,” I asked. “Yes, knock yourself out,” Jim replied. “Thanks,” I added.

Then I started sucking on his huge dick again. I couldn't fit his dick in my mouth without deep throating him. But I went down as far as I could. I made him feel so good, he began moaning softly. He began putting his hands on his face, then on my head, his pleasure felt so good. Then he felt his load coming. “s*s I'm gonna cum I'm gonna cum now,” Jim said. “Cum in my mouth,” I replied. So I sucked even harder and he shot load directly into my mouth. I swallowed most of it and any that slipped off, I sucked on dick.

“Fuck s*s, that is some mouth you have,” Jim said. “Thank you,” I replied. Then we kissed. Then we realized mom had come home. “Oh shit, you better go to your room now quick,” Jim said. “OK, I love you big b*****r,” I replied. Then we kissed real quick. “I love you too little s****r,” Jim added. Then I rushed over to my room. I went in and got right in bed. Our mom opened the doors walked in to each of our rooms and saw us in our beds. She thought it was weird we were in bed already, but she didn't suspect a thing.

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