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The mother

The teacher was going to the students house to talk with the mother about her daughter. The girls was causing so much trouble in class. She wore tight t-shirts with no bra and short skirts with no panties and always let every one see.
As he got to the door, he was on time for his appointment with the mother. He knocked and she answered wearing a see thru nightie. She was a sight. She had DD tits that were firm and perky and nice plump nipples. She wore a skimpy sheer thong that did not cover her shaved pussy. And she was beautiful. His cock got hard as she let him in the door. She was ready for sex and wanted him. He was very handsome and had a great body with a very long and very thick cock. He loved sex and had several sexy women that he fucked often. But this mother was damn hot. She sat him on the couch and unbuttoned his shirt. She rubbed his nipples then licked them. This made his hard cock harder. She then reached down and rubbed his cock thru his pants. She was impressed at the size. She wanted to fuck a 10 inch cock so bad and closest she came was her friends dildo. She unziped his pants and pulled his cock out. It was long and thick. He then pulled her nightie over her head. He grabbed a nipple and pulled on it. He put his face between both tits and pushed them to him. Then he started to suck them. Big plump nipples. Meanwhile she played with his cock rubbing it and rubbing his balls. He spread his legs so she had an open playground. Then he pushed her down to his lap with her ass in the air. she wasted no time sucking that huge cock into her mouth. As she sucked his cock, he rubbed her ass. Then he would spank that shapely ass watching his handprint show. As he spanked she sucked harder as it turned her on. He would spank and then rub her ass and rub down the crack to her wet pussy. He played with her pussy watching her move as she loved this. Then he shoved three fingers into her cunt. As he did this he pushed her head to his cock and f***ed it down her throat. With his fingers in her cunt and his cock deep in her mouth he now was fucking her cunt and mouth. As she sucked his cock he now started to spank her ass as he fingered the wet cunt. With her ass bright red he pulled her up and sat her pussy on his cock. He roughly pushed all 10 inches deep in her hole. It took her a bit to adjust to his size but soon she was moving up and down on the huge shaft. As he fucked her hole he reached up and took a tit in his mouth sucking it and covering it with hickeys. He watched the bruises on one tit then the other. As he fucked her pussy hard he reached behind her and felt her ass. It felt red and warm from the spanking. He spread her ass apart and felt for the hole. He then stuck his finger up her ass as he fucked the pussy. He pushed his finger in and out of her ass stretching it so he could add one more finger. With two fingers in her ass he bounced her up and down on his cock. She would let him do anything he desired to her hot body. Now he was ready to cum. He filled her cunt with hot cum. It mixed with her own cum as she had climaxed several times with the finger ass fucking and the pussy fucking. He could fuck her for hours. And he would. He would take her to his house with all the toys and fuck all her holes all night.

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