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In the office

He delivered the mail every day and always looked at her huge tits. She liked that. When it was time for him to be there, she would unbutton her blouse to give him a show. This day she lowered her bra so it cupped her tits and he could see all of them with the big nipples. He slowly set the mail down admiring her tits. She arched her back giving him a great view. He started to leave but shut the door and came back to her. He reached over and rubbed her tits. They were round and firm with nice hard nipples. He rubbed the nipples between his fingers. Then he started to suck them taking turns with each one. She was beautiful and her skirt now raised and he could see her pussy. It was shaved and smooth. As he sucked each tit, he ran his hand over her smooth pussy. She spread her legs wanting more. She then unzipped his pants and reached inside to feel his cock. It was huge and semi hard. Her weakness was a huge cock. She pulled it from his pants and continued to massage it. He also was fingering her pussy and pinching her clit. He then kissed her mouth and she met his tongue with hers. She sucked his tongue as she jerked his cock. He now went down to her tits and started to suck and bite them. He bit all around the nipples leaving is mark. He then grabbed a nipple with is teeth and pulled it out to stretch it. While he was ravaging her tits, he was fingering her pussy. He put his fingers deep in the tight hole. As he finger fucked her and sucked her nipples, she was jerking his huge cock. It was hard and at least 9 or 10 inches. Both sets of hands were giving the other much pleasure. With three fingers deep in her cunt she was ready to cum. He felt her hole spasm against his fingers and fucked her faster. Now his cock was throbbing and he stood and shoved it in her mouth where he grabbed her head and pushed it all inside. As she gagged he fucked her mouth with his huge cock before he shot his warm juice down her throat. He kept his cock in her mouth while she swallowed every drop. He pulled his cock from her mouth and put his pants back in place. He slapped her tits and said "Next time you show me those huge mounds I am going to fuck your ass with my big cock and you will scream as I give you every inch up your tight hole." He pinched a nipple as he left the room. She knew she had not seen the last of that huge cock.

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