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Weekend with my s****r - part 1

Continued from sunbathing with my s****r.

The week went so slowly, my mind always wandering back to our day together....stroking my cock endlessly replaying each and every kiss, touch and stroke. We stuck to our agreement of not talking about it when anyone else was in the house, not touching or staring was the hardest part, the sexual tension between us was incredible, I can't believe our parents didn't sense anything. We did leave bedroom and bathroom doors open just enough it was safe. Each morning when Jane left for work she'd leave some underwear on her bed for me.....twice it was even wet from where she'd worn it and fingered her pussy before she left for work. I spent the days wandering around the house, occasionall

Saturday morning finally arrived, we were both up early, eager to see them off to their flight. The taxi finally arrived and we went through the formalities of them hugging and kissing us good bye.

As soon as the taxi went round the corner we were kissing. Our tongues hungrily seeking out each others, hands grabbing wildly at the others body, squeezing each others asses. My hand slides up her white vest, gripping her vest and pulling her close, her hands reaching down my shorts, grabbing at the waist band of the lace shorts I was wearing "I've wanted to see you in these all week!" she purred into my ear.

She eases down my shorts over my ass, feeling the lace under her fingers, her nails gently grazing over my skin. I step out of them, letting my hard cock push against her body. Lifting her vest up over head, I lean forward and gently kiss her breasts around the line of her bra...the purple one she left out for me yesterday. Her jogging bottoms quickly come down too, revealing the matching briefs, still with my cum stains in the sheer material.

We run upstairs, me watching her ass sway all the way, she takes my hand and pushes me on the bed. She climbs on top of me, straddling me, kissing me all over my chest and neck. She moves her kisses higher until our lips meet again, melting into each other, passionately, tenderly caressing. Jane's hips are now directly over mine, her pussy rubbing over my cock with only our small lacey briefs between us. She grinds harder against me so I can feel her moistness along the length of my cock.

"I want you so much Jane," I say, holding her hips firmer against my throbbing cock.

"I know baby...but not yet...I've got today all planned out for us," she whispers seductively. "But don't worry I'm still going to make you cum first!"

"Good, I've wanted you so much all week."

We continue kissing, our bodies merging closer together, sucking and biting each others necks, shoulders and breasts. Jane's pussy was getting wetter around my cock, sliding effortlessly over it. Jane's breathing started to get shallower and quicker, "Fuck Dan that feels so good against my're gonna make me cum," Jane's thrusts got faster and I sucked harder on her erect nipples. I felt jane push down harder on my cock as her organsm convulvsed through her body, her screams and moans driving me wild. She kept riding me as her orgasm started to subside, the slowing motion releiving pressure on my cock. I felt it building deep in my stomach, my balls getting firmer with each rotation of Jane's hips. It was too much, I pulled Jane's mouth to mine as I felt my hot cum burst from my cock, covering our bodies, mixing with her juices coating our bodies.

I just lay there in shock as Jane came and lay by the side of me. We just held each other as our bodies struggled to come to terms with the intense passion between us. We touched each others bodies gently brushing and stroking in a loving tender way. "Come on, we should get ourselves sorted, " Jane said, "Make the most of our week together."

Jane got off the bed and stripped so she was standing naken in front of me. I was taking in this vision of beauty, my hand gently rubbing my cock again. "I'm going for a shower, you get cleaned up and get your kit, you need to make sure you're completely smooth for me today baby."

Jane came back from the shower, we kissed briefly but passionately before she sent me on my way. In the shower I washed myself slowly, imagining Jane's body instead of mine...lingering slowly as I gently massaged my cock, resisting the urge to feel it grow within my hands. Next I used my hair removal cream, ensuring my body was hair free apart from the small patch of pubic hair circling my cock. I dried myself off and walked back to Jane, who was now fully dressed.

"So do you want to do today then?" I asked Jane, hoping she said she wanted to fuck me senseless!

"I thought we could go shopping for some outfits for you. Y'know so you can have your own female clothes." Jane replied matter of factly.

My heart skipped a beat, "Really? I guess I was hoping you'd say something like that," I replied.

"Just one thing though," Jane said throwing me a bag, "I want you to wear these out, I bought them just for you yesterday!"

"What? I can't do that, that's ridiculous!" I tried to argue.

"Fine, but if you don't do this then nothing will happen between us again..." Jane said firmly.

"But, what if someone sees me? I just don't know Jane." I pleaded.

"Well let me get you ready and see what you say then. I mean it Dan, I think you would make a truly amzing girl, with a figure to die for." Jane said persuasively.

"Ok I say, what do you want me to do?" I say, with a nervous excitement building in my stomach.

"Firstly, put your new underwear on and lets have a look at you," Jane grinned.

I looked in the bag and there was a lilac satin thong and bra set. It was a perfect fit, the light padding in the bra giving me a slightly bigger cleavage than normal and the thong set comfortably around my ass and balls. It was different to much of what I had worn that week, as it wasn't see through and covered my modesty completely.

"Hmmmmmm very nice, now sit down on my chair," Jane said reassuringly.

Jane proceeded to apply various types of make up to my face, she had covered her mirror so I couldn't see the transformation that was taking place. All I knew was I now had mascara, eyeshadow, a little blusher and some lip gloss on. Next Jane started styling my hair, still I couldn't see, but I knew that it was being swept and styled in different directions, some of it shaping my face.

"Ok, that's the hair and make up done," Jane said excitedly, "Now for the rest of your outfit." She handed me two more pieces of clothing. I held them up in front of me, a denim mini skirt, that looked as if it would barely cover my ass and a low cut pink t-shirt. I stepped into the skirt and zipped it up, it sat half way down my thigh and I knew I'd have to be careful when I bent over. I pulled the top over my head. It sat perfectly, adding a real feminine shape to me, where it cut in under my breasts and flared out at my waist.

"Come on Dannii, you still need to put these on. I thought we'd better start off with a little heel...and see what happens when we're shopping. I stepped into a little strappy pair of pale pink open toe shoes, the same shade as my t-shirt. I wobble slighty but soon gain my balance.

Jane stood there open mouthed, "Wow! You look beautiful, you look like the s****r I never had!"

"Really? It does feel very sexy in an understated way," I said trying not to sound too excited.

"Dan, or should I say Dannii, you look stunning. You're definitely going to be turning a few heads today!" Jane said sincerely.

"Well let me see!" I say, hardly being able to control myself.

Jane pulled the towel off the full length mirror. I stood there open mouthed, I couldn't believe the beautiful girl looking back at me was actually me. I mean, I was so convincing, my voice wavered slightly, "Jane, thank you so so much, I can't believe how hot I look, still not as stunning as you!"

I turn and hug her and we kiss tenderly, gently probing each others mouth, tongues lingering as they brush against each other. "Come on Dannii, lets go, we've got a lot of shopping to do." Jane followed me down the stairs, I knew she was watching my ass wiggle all the way.

This time I didn't hesitate at the door and headed straight to Jane's car, "Come on Jane, lets go!" I giggled as I climbed into the car as ladylike as I could.

Part 2 to follow

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