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Restaurant encounter - Part II

I stood at the mirror waiting to see if she’d follow me in and took out my lipstick. As I was painting on a layer of gloss, the door opened behind me... and she was standing there. I played it cool and continued to finish up, half watching her in the mirror, savouring the moment. I put away the lipstick and slowly turned to face her. I looked her up and down as she stood silently, a little like a rabbit caught in the headlights, taking in a fit body covered by a long white silk blouse which hung loosely down over a tight pair of black leggings above some cute leather ankle boots with heels that meant business.

‘What’s your name honey?’ I asked.

‘Lucy’ she replied in a hesitant hoarse voice.

‘Nice name’ I said, taking a step towards her, ‘don’t be frightened; have you done this before?’

‘Done what’ she said.

‘Made love to another woman in a hotel toilet’ I said reaching out my hand and stroking the backs of my fingers against her cheek.

She mumbled something I couldn’t catch, her eyes suddenly downcast, as my fingers curled around the back of her neck and I applied a gentle pressure. She lifted her head, her eyes now fixed on my mouth as the space between us lessened. She stepped forward and her breasts pushed into mine sending an instant shock through me.

‘I...I don’t know’ she said quietly, but I knew she was gone. Our lips touched; hers pure and bare against my slut red glossy girl traps and I let her lead, I didn’t want to startle her, but I so much wanted her. Her hair caressed the back of my hand as my fingers caressed her skin, then sliding onto her shoulder feeling her bra strap under the silk and following it down to her cup where a hard nipple demanded attention under my palm. Her mouth opened under mine as the kiss deepened, tongues playing, shyly at first and then with growing certainty. I felt the swell of her small breast under my hand and pressed closer to her, my leg pushing between hers and my free hand exploring the curve of her ass under the tightly stretched cotton fabric of her leggings.

I turned her around so as to push her up against a basin and breaking from the kiss let my lips trail onto her neck then, pushing her blouse to one side, onto a bare shoulder. Her perfume enveloped me as my fingers undid the buttons and enveloped her breasts in my hands. The thin nylon cups couldn’t disguise her excitement but I pulled them up to feel her firm nipples and the soft flesh. One hand slid onto her tummy. It was firm and fluttered as I moved it slowly down across her navel to the waistband of her leggings and then under, my nails dragging gently on her skin feeling the silkiness of her panties on the back of my hand and the damp heat enveloping my fingers as they found what they were looking for. I looked into her eyes as my fingers traced the outline of her slit and I mouthed ‘I want you’ before kissing her deeply. This time she responded with passion and twisted as my fingers slipped inside her, her arms around me now, feeling; her wanting in return now obvious. I pulled back and withdrew my hand, sucking on one finger, before offering another to her. I savoured the sweet taste of her pussy juice in my mouth as her tongue enveloped my finger. The sight of those full lips wrapped around my finger as she looked at me with such lust in her eyes was almost too much to bear. I said ‘come with me’ and taking her by the hand pulled her towards the door.

She hurriedly pulled her blouse down, but had no time to wipe my smeared lipstick from around her mouth. Her hair was tousled where I had held her as we kissed. We re-entered the restaurant and walked across the room to the elevator. Her friends called out ‘Lucy, where are you going? Are you OK?’ She didn’t answer at first but as the elevator door opened and we went in, my hand caressing her ass, she turned and said with a grin ‘I’m fine, see you ...’ before my kiss stopped any more words and the door slid shut. I pressed the button for the 15th floor and indulged myself.....

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