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Why?? - a new poem

Why must you entice me with those large hands
Which trail along me, screaming lusty betrayal?
Why must have you, your skillful finger ran
Near the warm ocean where you wish to sail?

Why must you, after I told you of my status
Send musky shivers down my aching spine?
This joy in your eyes withered quite fast
As I walked home with tremors in my mind

Why must you place my body and mind
In a vicious duel, as I throw my head back
And sigh, and you stand closely behind
In a moral trial, as my head spins out of whack

Do not plant those plump lips on my neck
And grasp my hips, emanating your hot desire
It wafts through the room and I wonder why I let
You touch me, and guilty, I greatly perspire

How I wished to reach around and grab you
And douse this fire which you coldly ignited
Angrily aroused, I nearly wished to stab you
As you awoke my senses, so clearly uninvited

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