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King University's New Slut Part 6

Chapter 6: A New Beginning

I sat up on my bed and reached down between my legs and felt my hole. I couldn't see it, but I definitely felt the cum that was leaking from it. I wanted to see it so I unhooked a mirror on my wall and laid it on my bed, then squatted over it. When I did that my hole opened up and the rest of his cum spilled out of me. It was the craziest thing I ever seen.

I cleaned the mirror with a few tissues, finally seeing the destruction. My hole looked like a used pussy, red, wet, and the lips were protruding out, but it didn't look disgusting. This was such a hot turn on looking at my new cunt made by Quinn. I'll have to thank him when he comes out of the shower.

That's when I realized I have class today.... 

I looked at my clock and realized I was about ten minutes late for math class.

"Oh Fuck!" I shout. I quickly put on some clothes completely forgetting about my ass, brushed my teeth real fast, got my books and ran out.

"Sorry Quinn!" I say out loud.

I arrived in my class, Mr. Howard was already teaching the new lesson. Mr. Howard spotted me and smiled, I waved back and searched for Jamal in a different spot near the back of the class. Luckily, the seat next to him was opened. He noticed me from the distance and smiled waving me to come and sit next to him. 

When I sat down I whisper to him, "Hey dude, sorry I'm late, just slept in a little too late."

"Its cool man, at least you got some sl**p last night." he whispered back.

"What happened?" I asked.

"Nothing, I was horny as hell thinkin' about what we did." He said. I did a quick glance around to see if anyone heard what he just said.

"I'm sorry, it's just..."

"No, its cool man." he interjected. "I know you not like that, I get it, let's move on." he said, then smiling afterwards. If only he knew what happened last night....

Class went by slowly like it usually did giving me a chance to have a play a few games with Jamal.... and take notes at the same time. Mr. Howard gave us a new assignment to work on due next Monday and ended the class.

"Yo' man I don't think I can do all these problems by myself." Jamal said flipping through the book. There were about one hundred problems and all of them were lengthy, but I already covered most of this stuff back in Honors Math. 

"I can help you out." I say.

"I can come by your dorm and we can work on this together."

"Yeah, that sounds good. You wanna walk with me? We get this done and over with today." He asked.

"Sounds like a good plan." I say. 

We walk back to his dorm, on the way there, I noticed the inside of my pants were getting wet with cum STILL oozing out of me. I was hoping Jamal wouldn't see it, I'm pretty sure there is a dark spot on me.

When we got back to his room, another man (I'm guessing his roommate) was sitting on their couch reading what looked to be history book.

"Hey Darnell." Jamal said alerting the man.

"What you doin' here? I thought you had class?" The guy had his face still planted in the book but he responded to Jamal.

"Yeah I'm about to leave in...." He stopped talking in mid sentence when looked up noticing me. Wow he was gorgeous! I thought to myself.

"Yo'? Is that the dude you was talkin' about last night?" Darnell said.

Jamal had a look of embarrassment on his face. Noticing the look, Darnell changed the subject back to what he was about to finish.

"Yeah, ahhh... I'm gonna go to class.... right now." He got up from his seat and quickly gathered all his things together.

"I'll leave you two alone." He says. I was going to say that it was not like that but he ran out the door so fast that it didn't come out.

It was silent for a minute or two but then Jamal says, "Darnell is just assuming things, come on lets start on the homework." 

We went into his room, which was a little messy with books and clothes on the floor.

"Sorry bout the mess, been real busy." he said.

"Its okay." I say helping him move somethings off his counter. Once everything was cleared off we went to work on our assignment. 

It was about an hour into our doing problems when I started getting that strange feeling I couldn't explain again. I felt my ass start twitching, and more of Quinn's juices started to come out again.

"Oh no not here" I thought. 

As Jamal read to himself, my eyes started to check him out. His hands and arms displayed out in front of me. My eyes checked him out noticing each curve and muscle that made up his arm. I wanted so bad to suck each finger in my mouth, to taste his dark skin. I wanted his fingers up my ass, getting me ready for his hard dick. I snapped back into reality when Jamal asked, "You alright man?"

"Yes, I'm fine. Just thinkin' about this problem." I say covering up the truth.

"You know we can take a break if you want to. We've been doin' this for a while now." He said.

"Okay. I'm actually a little thirsty now. Do you..."

"Don't worry man I got you." Jamal interrupted and got up to go to the kitchen. I got up and felt down my pants, there was dried cum mixed with a few spots of bl**d on my ass. I felt so disgusting, If only I had made time to shower. I got a tissue and wiped up the mess as fast as I could before Jamal came back, but unfortunately it was too late. 

"What the?.... Tyler? You okay man?" he asked noticing some bl**d on the tissue in my hand. My face turned two shades too dark from embarrassment and I quickly sit down and say, "No Im fine, can I use your bathroom real quick?"

"Yeah, do you need me to help you?" He asked.

"No!... I mean no... I got it... I won't be long." I say quickly running into his bathroom, I shut the door and took a deep breath. 

I used some bath tissue and wiped my red face down, then pulled down my pants and wiped down my ass.

"I'm sorry man, but I just gotta see.... OH Shit!" Jamal busted in the bathroom exposing my ass to him.

"What the fuck? Yo' Tyler?.... Did you just get fucked?" Jamal asked. I was devastated; I really didn't want him to find out this way. I didn't know what to say but, "I'm sorry."

Then he did something unexpected. He walked over, spread my ass and fingered it.

"Ouch!!" I yell. "Damn, I see you still sore, from the looks of it, most of been a huge fuckin' dick." he said.

I was speechless; I thought he would be mad and hurt from what I did.

"Wait, so you’re not mad?" I ask.

"No. To be honest, I think that shits hot." he said. Then he did another unexpected thing, and kneeled down and started licking my ass.

"Ohhh! Wait Jamal.... Don't..." I say but he wasn't listening. His dick dug deep in my ass and the next thing I know I'm begging him to fuck me in his bathroom. 

"No, we takin' this to the bedroom." He said after removing his mouth from my ass.

"Get on the bed." he demanded.

We moved to his room again and I lay on the bed. He spread my legs and went to town on my ass. I couldn't believe he was doing this, if he had known hours ago that this ass was bred by one of his enemies, he probably would have kicked me out. But I wasn’t going to let that happen.....

I pushed his head into my ass, making his tongue go deeper, I yell out loud, "Oh fuck! Eat my ass dude! Oh my God this is so fuckin' hot!" He hungry groaned in my ass, munching, and slurping up all my nastiness. I was fucking turning into a bitch in heat. All I wanted now was his cock in my ass. 

"Please fuck me Jamal! Fuck me hard!!" I shout, not caring if the other roomies heard.

He moved away from my ass and stripped off his clothes say, "Oh yeah I'm fuckin' that ass alright. I'm gonna give it to you hard just like that last dude just did."

In no time his whole body was exposed to me giving me a perfect view of the cock that’s about to go inside me. 

Jamal wasn't as big Quinn, but he definitely had the thickness down. He laid down on top of me, pulling my shirt off, then kissing me with intense passion. I taste myself and Quinn's cum in his mouth, giving me a very interesting treat. His dick rubbed up against my open hole and our bodies ground together. 

He finally reached down and stuck his dick inside of me with one long slow thrust. I yelled loudly from the pain, my ass was still not used to taking big dicks. Once he entered me, he stayed still for a second letting me get used to his size.

"Please fuck me Jamal!" I say losing all control of my mind. He heard my call then started ramming up in me.

"OH SHITTTT... Oh Shit!!.... Oh FUCK!!... OH God!!!... FUCK ME!" I yell. "God damn!" Jamal yelled hearing and seeing a whole new side of me he never saw before. 

The bed creaked and rocked from our intense fucking.

"Damn this is just like my ex!" Jamal said, "He couldn't get enough dick after his first time!" I ignored his comment and focused on his giant dick filling me up on every stroke.

My moans got louder once he reached deeper inside, my ass hungrily ate him up and begged for more. My mouth and ass doing all the talking the whole time.

"Oh Yes Jamal... fuck me hard with that big black cock! Fuck me good and hard! Just like a fuckin' whore!" I say.

"DAYUM!" He shouted really not expecting that, but he did just that. He grunted with every hard thrust making me cry out. I was about to cum.

"I'm cumming! Your making me cum dude!" I shout. My ass spasmed on his dick, making him yell.

My dick shot over six shots of hot cum all over us, my ass wouldn't let go of dick causing him to yell out he was cumming. He let his huge load pour inside of me, I don't know how much he came but it was long. His face showed every emotion in the book, but me on the other hand showed one, and that was happiness. 

He collapsed on top of me catching his breath. His dick still firmly lodged in my ass, milking him slowly and not intentionally. We didn't speak words at all, we just laid there covered in sweat and wrapped up with lust still in the air. When I came back to Earth, I realized this was a totally new beginning with Jamal Hendricks and me.

END of Part 6  

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