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The Training Of Jennifer 2

This is a story I wrote for Helen long ago. I never finished it but I will keep adding parts and try to complete it this time, if there is enough interest. The story still gets Helen off, any power games turn us both on.

The Training of Jennifer 2

Graham, sat before the screen and observed his star pupil with both a teacher’s pride and a voyeur’s lust. He watched as she responded to the polite rapping on the apartment door. He knew she was still wet and aroused by the finger fucking he was giving her as the intercom announced John’s arrival. He knew also by the state of arousal which he felt from their mutual fondling.

He took his stiff prick out of his trousers and just teased the head of his cock as he watched her performance. He alternated between stroking, tickling, and squeezing throughout the entire evening. He wanted a raging hard on and a surging desire awaiting her when Grover left at midnight. He checked the time on his computer. It was nearly seven and he would edge himself stroking yet denying himself an orgasm for the five hour session. He was a disciplined man and looked forward to the experience and the eventual reward which would close off the night.

Jennifer went to work on John Grover as soon as he entered the foyer. She took his overcoat and hung it up. Her hand lingered on his as she did so. “You know Mr. Grover, that it is your fault that I am here. It is your fault that I am being trained for the “Dilettante’s” club. I was so smitten with you when you took David and me to “Il Piatto”. So taken that I had to tell David I was ovulating when we got home. I needed to explain why I was so wet. I needed to explain because I had to fuck so badly. I wanted to fuck and think of you. You were so handsome, so in charge at the restaurant. The way that David worked at pleasing you, it all excited me. I closed my eyes and pictured you as he fucked me that night. And, you remained in my fantasy life until David sheepishly suggested that we join your special club. He described the workings and the benefits, and I demurred. Yet, all the while, I could think of nothing but you. Would I be fucking you? As I listened to him that was my only thought... my only thought.” She lifted his hand to her lips and kissed it, lovingly. “And, now here you are.”
“Good girl.” Graham spoke to the screen. “Very clever.”

She lead Grover to the opposing love seats and sat him down in one of them, handed him a prepared glass of wine, took another for herself as she sat across from him. John ogled her breasts as she leaned forward to place her glass on the table. She had done her homework and knew that he was an up skirt, down blouse, peeker. She squeezed her tits together with her upper arms as he stared. “Mmmm,” she whispered, “I love a man who enjoys the seductive glimpses which a fully dressed woman can reveal. Do you like this Mr. Grover?” She leaned forward even more and pressed them together. The top of her nipples were now peeking out of the top of her strapless dress. She sat back. “I’m so glad you do.”

She crossed her legs, placing her calf high up on her lap, offering a tempting view of her panty covered crotch. “Mmmmm.” She moaned as he blatantly glared as she flashed. “I like to peek too Mr. Grover. I have imagined your cock constantly since we first met. I have dreamed of sucking it, fucking it, stroking and kissing it. You’ve turned me into a horny little slut for you Mr. Grover. I don’t think that I can wait for dinner. I have another dinner in mind. Mmmm?” She got down from her chair and began crawling across the floor. She was transformed into a wanton kitten and Grover’s tongue was literally lolling out of his mouth.

“I... I asked David to join... because....because... after seeing you at dinner....”
“Shhh.. Shhh.” She breathed into the man’s crotch. “I’m too worked up to chat. I’ve gotta see it. Play with it. Suck it.” She snuggled onto her knees and tauntingly, lazily unzipped his fly. “If you had any idea, how long I’ve waited to do this.... Mmmmm.” She had undone his waistband and whisked his pants down to the floor. “Just this, just this.” She ran his underwear material through her fingers. “between me and your cock....” With his briefs still on she kissed his shaft and then his balls. Then, she ripped the underwear down to the carpet on top of his pants. “Oh Mr. Grover, Oh it’s so big.... So thick....David would be so jealous... So much stronger than David’s cock, Mr. Grover.

Ravenously, she then attacked the cock. She kissed it like a lover. She pressed it against her cheek and stared up at his face. She licked it up and down its length. She squeezed the bulbous head and stared at the liquid oozing out of the tip. She spread the moisture over his knob then sucked her finger. She sat back and examined the cock minutely, studying its length, thickness, the veins. She did the same with his balls. “I knew it would be this marvellous Mr. Grover. I’m in love with your splendid cock. Make me do things to it. Use it on me everywhere. f***e me to do filthy things that I have never imagined. Will you? Mmmm? Will you Mr. Grover?”

Jennifer’s slutty monologue and actions had the desired effect on two cocks. Graham was stroking himself feverishly at the performance. He was careful to stop when he felt himself ready to cum. She managed a glimpse into the camera on occasion. Jennifer loved the situation. There were layers and layers of erotica going on in her mind. Graham was watching her. He was evaluating her. She was making him happy. John Grover was melting to her charms. She sensed that she could ask him for anything. She felt truly empowered by her own nymphomaniac’s role. She was sucking a strange man’s cock. She was sucking off her husband’s boss. She would enjoy each of these levels then switch to another erotic thought. They all wanted her she thought. I want them all obsessed by me. I want to be the object of their every desire. I am Cleopatra and Bathsheba and Mata Hari and Marilyn. Look at me all of you and long for me.

For two hours, dinner was forgotten. Jennifer, sucked his cock. She stripped for him. She fucked him on the rug. He devoured her cunt. She fingered his ass. They spent ten minutes in the 69 position, teasing, lapping and talking filth to each other. Through it all she begged him for his cock, she displayed herself wantonly, she kept him carefully from reaching an orgasm by changing her activities and by registering his breathing, the tightening of his muscles. To end the session she rode him lustily like a cowboy, pounding and bouncing up and down on his rampant cock.

“Yes, oh yes, Mr. Grover.... fuck me... hurt me... in all the way.... can you see this David? Can you see Mr. Grover fucking the shit out of me. Can you see how much I want his cock? Can you see how much hotter I am than I ever was with you. Oh yes.... give it to me....fuck me.” He exploded inside her and thrashed about underneath her. She thrust down and locked his pumping cock inside herself. “I want it all... every lovely drop.... I want it all.... Oooo...Ooooo.”

They collapsed on the rug and lay there for five minutes panting. They arose and reheated dinner. They spent the time naked. She tweaked and fondled his spent cock and spoke to it as if it were a person. She did this throughout dinner and as they snuggled in the love seat whispering nonsense to each other. When he was dressed and ready to leave, she pleaded with him to allow her to suck on it one more time. Just to put it in her mouth and feel it on her tongue. She managed to stiffen it and got him pumping into her lips when the twelve o’clock buzzer sounded.

“Oh, we do have rules.” Mr Grover quipped and pulled his dick out of her mouth with a plopping sound.

“Oh please Mr. Grover. Don’t go. Don’t leave me like this....”

He bent down and kissed her passionately. “I will see you again, my love...Soon... very soon. Then, he left. Jennifer heard Graham clapping as he walked down the hall towards her.

“Brava! Brava!” She was still on her knees. She turned her head and smiled.

He sat in his session chair and she assumed her position between his legs. He looked down at her bowing head. He was fully aroused by her and she noted the erection tenting the front of his trousers.
“Have you been a bad girl?” He asked.

“Yes...” She felt her cunt tingle and hoped that she was right about what was to come.

“What did you do? Hm? What has my little cunt slut been up to?”

“I played with another man. Sir”

“Daddy.” He corrected

“I played with another man, Daddy.” Once again he had touched some secret river of desire in her. Her excitement and her aching flooded her when she said that.

He reached for her chin and raised her face so that they looked into each other’s eyes. “What do you mean by played? Hm?”

“I sucked his cock, Daddy.” She nearly came untouched.

“Mm Hm?”

“And, I fucked him and I let him eat my cunt, and I fingered his ass hole...Daddy.” She was sinking into an erotic malaise.

“And, did you enjoy it?”

“Yes, yes, Daddy I loved it.”

“You have been a bad, bad, little whore. What do you think Daddy is going to do to you....”

“Punish me? Daddy? Spank me?”

“You are so right daddy is going to punish you. Do you deserve it?”

“Oh yes, Daddy, Oh yes.” Graham took Jennifer by the wrist and pulled her towards that room. Her pussy was seeping with desire, with anticipation.....

As Jennifer entered “That” room again: the frame, the instruments, the severity of the decor, caused her to begin her descent into bliss before he had even touched her. She reflected that merely taking her submissive pose, or obeying a whimsical command now stoked and recalled her sub state. It was, admittedly, at a low level of descent but it was there none the less. She would find herself moving more slowly and speaking as if from within a deep cavern. But this room was much more powerful than that. She immediately sank into the dreamtime. She was aware of what he said and did to her. She felt and reacted almost normally. But, there was a strong sense that she was both participant and observer.

He led her over to the frame and cuffed her into position as he had done before: spread out like the “X” in DaVinci’s famous drawing. Each movement became ritual to Jennifer. The ritual that took her where she needed to be. “You love it here don’t you my little cum slut? Look at you luxuriating in your bath of desire. When you need to come here, you need only give a defiant look or be slow to follow a command. I will know what you want. You will find that you enjoy the bratty behaviour. You will find it much more satisfying than just asking for a session in the room. Remember your reaction to calling me daddy? That was very revealing my little cock licker.” We will talk about that.

He began moving around her as he spoke and he stroked her body intimately as he did so. He inserted a finger up her ass when he was behind her. He wiggled his finger about and explored her there. She squirmed as he did so. It hurt but it felt wonderful. David had often asked for an anal fuck but she had refused him. Now she thrust her bottom out by curving her spine, offering her asshole to Graham. “I’ve been meaning to tend to this.” He spoke more to himself than to her. He crossed to the table and returned with an item in each hand. The first was a silk blindfold, which he set in place and tied behind her head.

Jennifer had always closed her eyes by instinct as he used her in this room; but, the blindfold, the enf***ed darkness was surprisingly erotic. It took away yet another level of control. She could not stop any of his actions with her eyes but they did allow her to anticipate, to control her response at least. Now, that too was gone. The darkness was mysterious, frightening, exhilarating.

She felt and heard him move around and again position himself behind her. She felt him spread her ass cheeks. He soaked his finger with his own spittle and moistened her pulsing asshole. Next, he wet the butt plug he held and inserted it deeply within her. “I want to fill your ass with my cock and shoot a load of cum inside you. So, we will need to stretch your little virgin ring. “Graham stood fucking her bum with the plug. It was mildly painful and she groaned with pleasure, welcoming the pain and the attention which would take her where she needed to go. She focused on the pain and wished he would fuck her now.... wished that he would fuck her asshole. She wanted it to hurt and to moan in ecstasy.

He left the plug up her rectum and went to the table once more. She ached for him to return, to use her, to touch her, to be with her. She could not see what he was doing. She panicked. Do anything to me she thought. Just come back. She was panting. Then she felt his hand on her abdomen and she relaxed and sank back into herself. Her lifeline was there. He would not leave her.

Graham applied the nipple clamps to her hardened tits and she sucked in violently . They were attached by a thin chain and after both were in place he pulled on the chain, extending her breasts and simultaneously tightening the teeth of the clamps. She whimpered and moaned flashes of light shot through her brain. He stopped. Her breathing returned to normal. He did it again. She winced, twisted, panted. He stopped. It hurt. She wanted it again. She felt herself sinking. He repeatedly pulled and released.
She envisioned herself: a plug sticking in her ass, her tits clamped and extended, her eyes blindfolded, her body completely exposed... all for him...all for her masters pleasure. She sank deeper as he abused her.

Graham then ran the length of his index finger along the inside of her cunt. It was sopping with her own juices and with the cum from her encounter with John Grover. “You’ve been a bad, bad, girl, my little cunt. You fucked another man. While daddy was watching you, you fucked him. And you enjoyed it didn’t you my little whore. You sucked his cock too... You were enjoyed giving him a blow job while I watched... You are daddy’s little whore.” He ran his finger under her nose and then stuck it in her mouth. “Cunt. Whore. Slut. Pig. Fuck meat.” She was unable to speak for the pain and humiliation fed the depth of her and she hummed with sexuality.

He had brought his crop with him. “I’m going to punish your cunt my little cum bucket. Daddy is going to spank your cunt.” From within her darkness she felt the first five or six blows. She yelped and twitched as the stinging twacks struck her sensitive pussy and her inner thighs. Then, the pain disappeared and there was only the glorious liberating rhythm of the slaps. She breathed to their count. She found the stillness. She was gone.

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