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The Begning of a Great Week End

On the second week end in January 2010 my girl friends called to see what I was going todo for the week end. I said we're going out clubing, see what happens they said great they are great girls Aimee is about 29 yos 5'2" 32c,22, 32, she's all tits and ass she likes boys and girls she's divorced and lives in her own condo in Point Loma, Marlene is a little older shes 34 yos she been divorced twice, say she not going to get married ever again but she a fox shes, 5' 6", 34c, 24, 34 she the best looking legs you ever saw she also likes boys and girl especially young boys. Me I'm the old lady of the bunch I'm 52 yo 5' 10" , 40c, 30, 40. I love boy, men, girls, women, even a transexuals once in a while. We went out clubing on Mission Bay to see what was up we found one of our favorite clubs had a line but the door guy new us he let us in. The place was crowded almost as many guys as girls mainly young guys and girls but thats OK we found a table by the dance floor and started to grade the available meat when these guys come over and invite us to dance so off we go Aimee got the medium guy and Marlene got a medium guy and the left me with the short one who was kind of cute short straight black hair but a real build on him we danced, he got real close he spread my legs with his strong legs pushed himself in between my legs, let me get a good feel of his almost hard cock, it was beautiful long and thick. O M G I got so horny that I started to soak through my panties as we danced. I was licking his ear while he keeped kissing me just above my tits he guided me to a table they had in a dark corner where he kissed me on the lips he pushed his tongue into my mouth, played with my tongue until I started to moan. He put his hand up between my legs and whispered that I was getting really hot. I said not here he said he had a van in the parking lot, that we would be confortable, very private there. We went out to his van he opened the passanger door and there was no seat but a queen size mattress with some pillows on it we laided on the mattress, continueing what we had started in the club again he opened my blouse pulled my tits out of my bra, he sucked on my nipples until they almost hurt, got them all hard. With his other hand he pulled down my pants, my panties he played with my clit witch made me cum on his hand I told him to fuck me now please. I had been working on his pants and had them down to his knees he took out a condom and put on his cock, he couldn't wait either, I was soo hot and wet he shoved his cock all the way in I groaned when he was inside me he wasn't very long but he was very big around and he filled me really good he started to pump in and out real slow until I couldn't take it any more I almost screamed at him to fuck me harder and faster he made me cum again than he got real crazy he was pumping so hard and fast that he made me cum again this time he came loads of cum he layed on top of me for a while. I was so hot that when he pulled out I sucked on his cock he got him hard all over again I turned over, to offer my ass to him he didn't let me down he fucked me until I came two more times than he came in my ass too. that was the beganing of on great week end the rest to follow.

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