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Intro to glory hole

It was a warm spring day , I had been in town looking at the sexy display of women in their short skirts... I headed for a quiet public toilets to relieve my 18 year old cock whilst reading the dirty stories written on the walls.
I was in one of the two cubicles with stiff 7and 3 quarter inch cock in hand when suddenly a bare leg started to slide under the partition wall into my cubicle.... and before I realised what was happening ..... I found myself staring at my first erect cock apart from mine. It was around 7 inches and had a lovely pink head. Without even thinking I knelt down and put my hand around it , feeling it throbbing in my hand was such a turn on that with my heart thumping in my ears I lowered my mouth to it and as it bumped against my lips I instinctively opened my mouth and started to suck on that lovely hot cock. It's taste surprised me , i liked it and my head was bobbing up and down like a pro. All too soon it stiffened even more and began to spurt onto my tongue on my mouth. I swallowed the lot.
The leg withdrew leaving me wanting to taste more of those delicious cocks. I walked home feeling headdy and a little worried that people would be able to tell just by looking at me.
I revisited that toilet many more times over the next few years and indeed many others too. Sometimes finding a busy glory hole where I could spend an hour and suck 5 to 10 cocks in that time.
I don't fancy men and love women but I am always looking out for my next juicy cock ....

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