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A while back I was visiting a cuckold chat room and enjoying the pix posted of other men's wives. I get great arousal seeing another man's wife posed erotically (taboo). A guy sent me a message saying that he wanted to see my wife. I told him I wasn't ready to post pix of my wife in a public forum, but suggested that we meet at messenger and I would gladly let him see her.

After meeting at messenger and sharing several pix of my wife, Vicki, he suggested that I go back to the cuckold chat room. As I returned to the chat site I was met with an extreme shock. The guy had posted my pix of Vicki in the chat room for all to see! Obviously, I was naive not to know someone could upload my pix onto there pc file.

As I fumed at the thought of this man tricking me into exposing my wife to him then displaying her for all to see (including her face), I realized I was becoming aroused that all those horny guys were seeing my wife's sensual pix. At that moment I realized I, too, was a cuckold and loved them seeing Vicki naked. The sensual feeling I derived from seeing her posted at that site gave me an indescribable feeling of humiliation and intense arousal; I love it!

Am I some sort of anomoly, or is this common for a married man to want men to see his wife?

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