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I was in the US on business and had to get to my next appointment the following day. Unable to catch a flight I had to resort to the trains. I needed the overnight sl**per and managed to book a twin cabin online. I was told, however, that I had to share as this was a last minute booking and the train was full.
I had shared before on such trips, but kept my exchanges light with my travelling companion, that was always male.
I was late for my train, which didn’t help, and was quite hot and flustered as a clambered on board and made my way to my cabin.
I wondered for a moment who my male companion would be this run, as a dragged my bag down the tight corridor.

Finding my cabin I decided to knock, just in case my travelling companion was not in the ‘all-together’.

“knock, Knock” – no response? – I knocked again and whispered ‘Hello, I’m Slate, I am sharing this cabin with you tonight – can I come in?’..

I heard the latch click and the door swung open – I dropped my bag!!

“Sorry, I must have the wrong cabin” I stuttered, for before me was a picture of beauty!
Tall, 30 something, mid-length brown hair, beautifully styled. A shapely, rivetingly gorgeous curvaceous body, long legs and high stilettos, all wrapped up in tight jeans and jumper. Such a sweet round face and loving eyes – I was definitely in the wrong cabin!

“Hi” she said
“This is cabin 31 and I was expecting to share tonight, but with another lady!”. She said with a chuckle
Her voice was confident but calm. She smiled as she spoke, unruffled by the man standing there – wishing to share her cabin. The sweet smell of her perfume drifted towards me and smelt so fragrant – I just wanted to jump here there and then!

“I’m really sorry, but my ticket says 31 as well, and the train is full…….”
“No problem” she interrupted me “Come on in”.

I hesitated for a moment, and twang of nerves hit me as I considered my options.

“Are you sure this is OK? I could try and find somewhere else to sl**p.” I humbly uttered, wishing that she would beckon me in whole heartedly.

“Look, we can’t have you sl**ping in the corridor – come on in and stop messing about”.

That was my cue. She was so confident and could handle herself so well, I just couldn’t refuse. Yanking my bag a passed her in the doorway and she shut the door. I turned round to survey her from the rear, lingering my eyes on those beautiful hips an ass, and those legs – I just could not believe I would be sharing a cabin with such a beauty.

“I rather not tell you my name” she said “Let’s just keep ourselves anonymous”.
I could see the angle here, noticing she had no wedding or engagement ring. We’ll just share a cabin and be on our way.

Looking round the cabin we had 2 beds in bunk bed style on the left – to the right was a double door to the closet, which had a shower, sink and toilet. The mirror in the closet was huge, bright and clean. All in all quite nice and the beds looked comfortable.
“Ok, if I take the top bunk then?”
“Yeah, sure – and I do like your English accent – so cute”.
I get this a lot whilst travelling in the US. My true english descent and perfect english, seems to have this affect, which amuses me whenever it is said.
“Thank you very much – Have you had dinner yet?”.
I was hoping she hadn’t, and I could invite her to the Dining Carriage.
“No” she said “Would you like to join me for dinner”.

I didn’t need asking twice!
“Of course, it would be a pleasure to dine with you”.

I only had a Dinner Jacket, frilled shirt and bow tie, but she said that would be fine but she would have to slip into something better to accompany me.

She took her bag and entered the closet, closing the door behind her. I knew she would be in there a while, so I quickly changed and lay on the top bunk with my paper.
As we passed across some points the train jolted and the closet door sprang, opening just a fraction. She did not notice, but I could see her full reflection in the mirror through the ajar door.
She was still dressed in the clothes she went in but was starting to strip.
I could hear the shower and knew she was about to take one.
Off came the shoes and she wriggled down her jeans to reveal lovely red lacy knickers. Reaching over head she pulled off her jumper in one swift movement, followed by a quick unhitch of her bra.

Her breasts were now in full view in the reflection. Large, Firm and fully rounded – her nipples were small and cute, with perfect matching areola. I just wanted to burst in there and grapple with them!!
She leant forward to remove her knickers, her breasts flowing forward still firm and rounded… just so inviting.
Slipping off her knickers she stood upright to reveal an almost totally shaven pussy. I could clearly see her lips cuddling her clit.
She reaches down and runs a finger right down here slit, finding her clit she starts to rub rotating round and round. Her other hand cupped her breast and squeezed her nipple. I couldn’t believe my eyes and nearly fell off the bunk.
She flung her head back as she masturbated – I wish she was thinking of me, but probably some boyfriend somewhere.
After a few minutes she turned round so I could see her cute ass in the mirror, continuing to masturbate she bent over – OMG, I could clearly see her fingers sliding in and out of her pussy – all shiny and damp… and that asshole so pert and inviting…
My erection was a as solid as a rock – I could barely contain myself.

She finished with a long groan and proceeded into the shower… I had to relieve myself – this was all too much. I slipped my trousers and pants down and took my swollen cock in my hand and started to rub up and down, A trickle of juice came forth to help the lubrication. I twiddled the top of my nob and closed my eyes…
Just imagining what I had just seen was so horny it was not long before I was cumming all over in short sharp spasms…. If only I was next door in that shower, with HER…. God it would be great!

I cleaned myself up and redressed just as she was coming out of the closet.

Stunning is all I can think. Royal blue strapless dress, knee length, blue lace stockings and blue stiletoes. Hair ruffled and demure.
“You like this dress?”
I am lost for words, and just nodded, as she strode over to the small stool facing the window. Sitting down she opens her make up bag and begins work. How she could make that adorable face even better is beyond me.

I launch myself off the top bunk and stand behind her.

“Would you like me to brush your hair?” – I ask. What am I doing? She has no idea I have seen her stark naked and got off having seen her masturbate!! I just couldn’t help myself – I need to touch her and this was my ruse.

“Sure honey” handing me back her brush.

She called me Honey – crikey, perhaps she does like me – perhaps she trusts me. I am gonna do my best with this beauty, treat her as well as all they ladies I have known – respect, kindness, tenderness and passion!!

Taking the brush I begin to slowly brush her delicate brown hair, from scalp to ends, slowly and firmly. Cupping folds of hair in my hand and dreamily swiping through. I run my fingers deep into her hair and massage her scalp as I brush. She throws her head back, eyes such.

“So nice honey – you sure are good at this” she seductively utters.

Not being a hairdresser I have no idea what I am doing – but just to feel her soft hair and touch her is more than enough. I must have her! I bend over and peck her neck.

“Glad you like it” – I was expecting a slap after that kiss but she just tilted her head more beckon a further kiss. I duly obliged but longer this time, pursing my lips into her neck and slightly sucking to draw the skin in. Hmmm she smelt so nice I could do this all night.
Still brush and caressing her hair I remained kissing her neck, moving side to side up and down. I hear her moan with pleasure and feel a welling in my trousers!

I tilt her head to the other side and start on the other side of her neck sweeping her hair over to get a clean kiss. I can see right down her cleavage, where her dress is holding up those wonderful breasts. She has not and does not need a bra, but her chest was clearly heaving as I nibbled her ear lobe and kissed her neck.

“This is so nice, but we must stop to eat” she woefully complained.

OMG – have I blown it – Did I go too far… Damn!

She stands to face me – makeup all done and I was wrong – just that little touch extenuated her high cheek bones – red lipstick on those puckering lips. Beauty and style all perfect – and I was taking her to dinner!!

We headed for the dining car along the corridor, me leading. As we reach the door I felt a tweak of my ass. She just pinched my butt!!
Maybe I didn’t go too far – maybe she just messing with me… Slightly confused we entered the Dining Car and took our seats opposite each other. Everyone looked round as this beauty sat… they all looked so jealous – and I was proud, head held high – she was with me. Odd really as I didn’t know her name let alone be her boyfriend – but I enjoyed the moment.

We ordered and made light conversation. She told me what she did and why she was on this train. As I explained my circumstances I felt her leg ride up the inside of mine. She had slipped her shoe off and was gliding her foot up my leg and across my thigh. Looking her in the eye there was a glint of mischievous there and I just knew she was getting turned on.
I slipped my hand under the table and took her foot. She held it there as I massaged, running my fingers over her stockings and deep between her petite toes. She smiled still with that glint in her eye.
Another foot came up, this time deeper and right into my crotch. Her toes probing to find my cock.
Finding it she start to wiggle up and down my shaft, knowing full well I would get as hard a s a rock.

I leant over the table and kissed her full on the lips. Her hands grabbed my cheeks and pulled me in for a deeper, lasting kiss. I was conscious of other diners staring – but what the hell – this was brilliant. Our tongues met and we enjoyed each others taste, lapping the tips of our tongues…. I was in heaven.

“Excuse me…” came a call from a distant place… “I would like to serve your dinner”.. I was blasted back to reality in a shot as the Waiter plonked a bottle of Red on the table.

We sat back licking our lips and chuckling at each other. God, this woman is as sexy as it gets. I just know this is gonna be a fab night!!

She removes her feet from my crotch and my hard on settles down a bit whilst we eat and drink.

“You are very beautiful” I say expecting some negative remark… I seem to find women are never happy with their bodies and always do themselves down – even in the face of intense praise. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder – and by god do I have a beauty here.
She just smiled and said nothing. I was desperately trying to read that facial expression – was it ‘Thanks’ or was it ‘No I am not’…. I settled for ‘Thanks’…

We finished our meal and got up. As we passed down the corridor she was leading – and I just couldn’t resist it.

I slapped her ass as I said “Naughty, footsying my cock in there!”.
She c***dishly yelped and laughed.

“You ain’t seen nothing yet” she giggled.

What was I in for? – What have I let myself into? – Is this the She-Devil, a temptress that lures young men to do her beckoning…. Who cares, I thought, my turn tonight!!

I closed out cabin door and started to remove my jacket. Her hands were upon me sweeping round my side and up to my chest – gripping me intently. A huge hug followed as she buried a long kiss on the back on my neck.
Facing my back her hands slip to the top of my shirt, as I let my jacket slip to the floor. From behind she carefully unbuttoned my shirt and slid her hands inside. Warm and deeply caressing she passed across my chest, tweaking my nipples as she went.

“You’re so warm and taught” she chuckled, gliding her hands across my six-pack.
I was out of this world!

Her hands smoothly slipped around my waist and straight up my back. I could feel her nails digging in as she sc****d all the way to my neck. In one swift movement she parted her arms allowing my shirt to fall to the floor. I didn’t move an inch, just savouring every touch and stoke as this divine angel explored my torso.
I wanted to turn round and rip her dress off, but this was just too good to stop!

Her hands continued to caress my chest as she stood behind me, I could only imagine the look and thoughts going through her head.. She must be getting HOT!

I knew it was going to come, but still unexpected, as her hands slipped to my belt. I looked down as she effortlessly undid my belt and trousers, carefully unzipping my fly. Then she eased both my trousers and pants down to the floor. She was kneeling now and still from behind eased each shoe and sock, delicately removing them so I could step out of my trousers.

I was stark naked now, my back still to this unbelievable woman, my cock at 45 degrees straight, solid, rock hard and aching for it.

Still kneeling she check out my muscular buttocks.

“You are a fit young man, such strong buttocks” she exclaimed.

“Thanks” I said “And when to get to explore you?” I questioned.
“All in good time” she laughed.

I felt her hands clutch my ankles and move upwards squeezing my leg muscles, enjoying the definition all the way up to my buttocks. She stood up and still behind me clutch my ass tightly squeezing and separating my cheeks, smoothing her fingers down my crack and lingering around my asshole.

I was about to faint or cum or whatever – just totally in a state of mesmeric pleasure – and she hadn’t even seen my cock yet!

Here we go I thought as her hands slid round the front caressing my trimmed pubic bush… My cock just went OTT… My bl**d rushing into it made me even more faint.
Her right hand cupped my balls gently squeezing them and her left hand gripped my cock. She began to smooth my cock up and down, gently rounding my balls like a one hand juggle. As she reached the end on my cock with each cycle she moulded my nob, fingering my eye… This was just unreal!!

She kissed the back of my neck and whispered “I knew you were watching me change, you naughty boy”.

OMG – she must think I am some pervert or something.

“And I was watching you as you jerked off on the bunk” she whispered.

I must have gone red from head to toe as a wave of embarrassment came over me. I was speechless.

“I love it when men watch me masturbate, and I love to watch men jerk off”. She murmmured.
“So I have already seen your gorgeous cock in full flow, and now I have it in my grasp!”

I wanted to spin round and snog her to bits, but was held fast in her grip.

“You were just so beautiful, naked and luscious in the closet, I was mesmerised. Really sorry” I tried to sound sincere. “Hope it was as good for you as it was for me” the cliché just came out..
I sounded a right burke saying that but it was done.

“Watching you made me wet as hell, and when I am like this there is no stopping me” she giggled

I felt relieved and was just about to make another comment when she sung me round and dropped to her knees.
“And now I want to taste that lovely cock!” she declared, as her lips descended over my nob.
This is going to take long I thought, I am going to blow my load any second!!
Her mouth slipped down my cock taking ever more in until she reach 6 inches. She hesitated a second as she adjusted her throat, before taking me all the way to the hilt. Holding there whilst she gripped my balls tightly. It was as id she wanted me to blow there and then, but I resisted like hell. This was magic and I am gonna enjoy this to the end!

Moments later she withdrew ever so slowly lapping round my cock with ever inch up, still gripping my balls tightly. She repeated taking my cock deep and withdrawing until I could take no more.

“I can’t take anymore” I cried as I withdrew completely
“Its my turn to enjoy you!”

She stood up and I embraced her. Our lips touched. Pecking her, I threw her head back and planted a huge snog on her tender neck. Working my way round I kissed and snogged her whole neck. She moaned with pleasure clutching me tightly.
I licked her lips, enticing her mouth to open, whereupon we engaged in a deep french kiss, grappling tongues ferociously.
“Hmmm” we both murmured from the back of our throats.

She was such a good kisser, just knew how to toy and tease my tongue – enticing me to thrust ever deeper into her mouth, until my tongue was straining.

“I hope you can delve that deep in my pussy” she said
“Just you wait” I replied
“I want it NOW!” she exclaimed
“All in good time, my dear” I laughed

I hadn’t even got her dress off and she was gagging for it. I’m going to ilk this I thought. She is going to be screaming for it by the time I am done!

My hands wandered to her bust as we continued to kiss. They were so pert, round and inviting they were not cuppable. I just hand to smooth around them, lifting them gently, squeezing them together, feeling those nipples come out to play. My hands slipped tom her waist and enjoyed her lovely slim curves. Smoothing my hand upwards to sheer around her bust over her shoulders and right down her back.
I found her rear, tweaking her cheeks as I softly rounded her ass to take a grip just under. Whereupon I lifted her gently off the floor.

“Ahhh....” she sighed “So strong…” I buried her in another deep lasting snog.

Placing her down I found her dress zip and proceeded to unzip all the way down. With one wiggle the dress was gone, her breasts burst forth more inviting than ever, not to be covered up for the rest of the night!

I stood back and took in the ecstatic view, my hard on must have been a picture, and obvious that this lady was as hot as hell and so was I. She ruffled her hair holding it with both hands above her head, making her bust rise up for me. Her knickers were skimp to say the least and that was it. I must have her – but not yet!

“Take me now, Mr Stranger – I need you” she begged.

“When I have checked you out my dear – every curve and crevice” I ordered
“Now come over here” I looked stern – lol

She sidled over to me, still holding her hair aloft. Taking her wrists I guided her over to the bunk beds, turned her round and placed her hands on the top bunk rail. Reaching for my bag, on the bunk I slipped into a side pocket and withdrew a length of silk rope.
She glanced up momentarily, then bowed her head forward, the locks of her hair falling over her breasts.
I gently tied her wrists to the rail and let go my grasp.

“I want savour all your beauty and sweet body” I sexily said.

She was stood upright, legs together slightly crossed, all naked except for the skimpy knickers. She looked kind of helpless and I imagined she would be craving what comes next… Tease I am, and Tease I will be!

From another pocket in my bag I slipped out my Baby Oil. I always carry some on trips, because I just love to pour it on my cock when masturbating. It is all very quick and ferocious with no oil and a quick jerk, but I prefer the oil, and my slow hand gliding gently up and down – mimicking what I have experienced woman do to me. I just know next time I am in the mood this delicious woman is going to in my thoughts!

I pour some oil down her back and she quivers with delight. Massaging slowly up her back and across her shoulders I hear he moan with pleasure. She told me she liked a massage at dinner, and that is what she is gonna get – MY way.

Her back was all oiled by now and I continued by remaining behind her and easing the oiled round her side to her breasts. Taking time to massage long deep and firmly over each breast, lingering on each nipple to entice them to ever further hardening and erection. I want them so pert when I get round there later. I was losing myself on those breasts and she was moaning and wincing as I tightened each nipple, throwing her head back and forward – almost in a trance.

I had to move on down to that delectable rear. My hands smoothed down her waist to her knicker line, where line, as she thrust back towards me. Reaching her hips I ran my fingers to the knicker line around her legs, finding that beautiful crease between leg and groin, running my fingers along it on both legs right down to her pussy and beyond. Up and down the crease I moved, never actually touching her pussy, but close enough for her to try and wriggle to get me close.

“You’re gonna have to beg for that my little sweet” I whispered in her ear.
She moaned with a hint of groan and I just knew she could wait – really wanting more of this stranger to explore her body.

I took her knickers at each of her hips and yanked them upwards, twisting as I went they disappeared in to her crack both back and front. I twisted and pulled more as she gasped, knowing her knickers were deep between her pussy lips all the way up her crack, tingling her clit.
I pulled up even more to breaking point as she lifted herself just slightly up on tiptoes. She let out and cry of passion and pain, all mixed up in shrills of ecstacy.
I let go my upward thrust and pulled down in one solid movement to the floor. Pulling her knickers from her divide also made her wince with pleasure.

Removing her knickers I parted her legs. Now I could really get to grips with all I have seen in the closet mirror.

As I eased each leg further out she dropped down until she was almost hanging from her tied wrist on the rail. So wide, so inviting – I could see a dribble of love juice inside her thigh. Wet as a river I thought as I knelt.

I had her now, just they way I want, and she was loving it! What more could I ask.??!

I took hold of her buttock cheeks and stretched them wide. Her asshole was throbbing in and out inviting my attention. Baby oil had flowed down her crack all ready for me. I launched my tongue deep into her crack, lapping at first from top to pussy and back, stopping to savour her asshole and delve deep as my tongue could go writhing around in such a delightful asshole.
I grabbed her hips and f***ed her back onto me, arching her back and giving me even more depth into her asshole. I just lingered there as she moan and gasped with pleasure.
She held this thrust back position so my hand were free, and they didn’t need any guidance.
My tongue buried in her ass, my hands explored her pussy. Damp and dripping I took folds in each hand and caressed them like putty, clasped in my palm stretching and rubbing, enticing her clit to come and play.

Two fingers from each hand just slipped inside her, going deep. She gasped and twitched as my fingers eased out stretching her pussy apart. I eased off and out only to repeat, going deeper exploring her pussy with each upward thrust.

I changed fingers so two thumbs were inside here rotating around like some rampant rabbit. (I here they do these things – lol).
Releasing my fingers to explore forward to clit land!!

My fingers slipped gently up her folds to her clit, which was awake, erect, and wanting to play. I had all four fingers on each hand closing in – and she knew it, as a shudder went through her body. Eight fingers descended on her clit, coaxing her out of her hidey hole into my grasp. She obliged and was soon gripped by four fingers as the other four tickled, squeezed, rubbed and created merry hell with her orgasmic senses.

She was all mine now. Face buried in the sexiest ass I had ever seen, thumbs deep inside her rotating, thrust in and out, four fingers gripping her clit base whilst four fingers send waves of orgasm across her.

I was on the point of cumming – but no I must have her spent. She was arching, thrusting against all of the stimulants faster and faster and faster..

“OOOOOerrrrrrrrrrr....” she screamed as a huge orgasm hit her. “Ahhhhoooerrr.....” as another came in.
“God” she cried as yet more waves of pleasure came across her “No More!” she screamed.

I eased off but still stimulating her pussy and gently bringing her clit down to earth.

“Nice?” I enquired
“Totally!” she whimpered

I untied her and embraced her with a long deep kiss. She was breathless, but knew I hadn’t come yet.

“69” she suggested

It need no answer. I picked her up and laid her sideways across the bottom bunk on her back. Her head lolled over the edge of the bed, legs up and apart on the wall.
The bunk was just the right height for me to stand over her. She opened wide and beckoned me with her tongue. Her neck was straight and I was ready to go very deep into her throat. Standing over her I gently eased my cock into her mouth. I couldn’t see her face now, just her neck and that glorious body before me.
She reached up and grabbed my buttocks, pulling them towards her forcing me deeper into her throat. I could see her neck expand as my length delved ever deeper.
She took control, easing me away when she needed breath and easing me deep when she was ready.

This was the ultimate blow-job! And I wasn’t gonna last long. I leant over to her pussy and could just get my mouth to reach her clit. I didn’t want to lie on her, to get closer as I may do some damage.
So, leant on my arms legs wide apart being coaxed by a deep throat I set about her clit – still hard and inviting.
Flicking her clit from side to side up and down she moaned.
Gulping my cock deep – I gasped and twitched.
She came again suddenly, because her teeth dug into the base of my cock. She eased me away and let out a shrill as I twanged my tongue hard over her clit.
“No More – please” she cried easing my cock again down her throat.
I hauled myself up to a n upright position as she continued to take me oh so deep. I needed to cum now and told her so. She just swallowed more when my cock was deep. I could feel her masturbating my cock with her throat muscle with ever thrust.
As I grew closer I could see her neck expanding as my cock got harder and bigger. She eased off and gasped “This time get that cum in me!” and pulled me towards her taking me deeper than ever.
She was swallowing hard on my cock as she dug her nails deep into my buttocks pulling me ever deeper.

I exploded with a shrill of pure pleasure, a grimace on my face as I looked down to see her neck swollen as ever, swallowing all my cum as each spasm hit me.

OMG – this is totally IT! This babe has got me 69, I can’t even see her face just her chin and my cock buried down her throat to her chest, and I am CUMMING for all I am worth.

I etched that picture in my mind – knowing I would get off many times just recalling that one moment of unrivalled pleasure. Where this darling came from, how she learnt her art, how she can take, enjoy, swallow 9 inches, take a full load and LOVE IT is almost unimaginable. – I must get her phone number!

She eased me out of her throat gently, taking time to savour any last drops of my cum, kissing my nob and sucking it deeply as the final inches came out.

“Glorious” I said as I knelt and kissed her ever more deeply.
“That is a talent – a guy could spend his whole life looking for and never find – you are brilliant” I exclaimed kissing her once more.

“And you sir, englishman, have an equal talent” she replied.

We laughed as we complimented each other, discussing where and how we had learnt how to do what we do. She was such fun and up for anything it seemed. She experimented a lot over time, to see just what she liked to do and have done to her. She was confident enough to says what she liked and when to say NO… though I wondered where NO came in!!

We raised ourselves from the bunk in a passionate embrace. Scooping down lifting her up in my arms. She giggled as she laid her head on my shoulder.

“Where we off to now?” she questioned

“Time for a shower, I think my sweet” I answered as a swept her into the closet.

We stood hot shower blazing down, train rumbling beneath us, lathing each other and giggling as we each caressed the naughty bits. So much fun was this dame. So care-free, but self confident, she could handle any man – but could a man handle her – was my thought. What was she like out of this unreal fantasy, where reality has a nasty kick? I could only but guess – feeling that my reality is afar from this as it ever could be.

We kissed, writhing our bodies together, water pouring between us – but did we care – not a chance. We were as one, seeking out those erogenous zones, playing, nibbling, sucking, tickling. In unison she knew where to go and so did I – she was made for me – such complete understanding and confidence, we were rocking!!

Showered, we stepped out, and she surveyed herself in the mirror leaning forward to check her face. From behind her back arched, lifting her ass….. I was on it…. Hands grasping, I took her ass and lunged toward her.

“Oh My God” she exclaimed “More…?”
“Tis thy beauty and seductiveness that drives me wild, my dear” I whispered as I thrust her into the mirror.

“Am I gonna get screwed now” she begged

“Tis time” I whispered as I kissed the back of her neck.

I swung her round and lifted her right up on to the ledge in front of the mirror. Her legs wide, pussy inviting, hard on ready. She planted a deep kiss wrapping her arms around my head.

“Take me” she whispered.

I entered her pussy in a gently solid movement, clutching her tightly all the way to the hilt. She wriggled to get just that bit more in letting out a gasp as the full length was upon her.
I lifted her straight off the ledge, my cock buried deep inside her. Taking her buttocks I lifted her up and down, riding my cock to my rhythm.
She lurched up and down as each thrust came getting as much length in and out as she could, arms grasping my shoulders and kissing me as deep as hell.

She rode me, and I rode her – having such an exquisite beauty on me, over me, riding me, kissing me, enjoying me was unimaginable – she was possessed with gaining and giving pleasure! How come I had never had such an experience with anyone in all my years – It was like she ‘knew’ – she knew what would send me to cloud nine – and would take me there!!

“Take my ass” she whispered “I know you want it” she giggled

“Look, I loved licking your ass – but this is different – you seen my cock!! Can you take it?” I questioned in a concerning manner

“Honey, my ass is yours” she answered

I lifted her high on my arms, her hand dropped to clutch my cock. I let her down as she guide my throbbing member into her ass. As it entered she shuffled – threw her head back – opened her mouth – and sighed as she launched herself right down my cock. Deep was very deep.

“Oh, god so deep and so big…” she exclaimed

“Uhhh… do it!” she shrilled

I lifted her slightly and down again – each time my cock grew harder. Up down – riding her ass – she riding my cock – This was deep and she had no control – I lifted and settled her deep on my cock.
She was entranced – pain and pleasure at each drop and lift.
I watched her face – such pleasure and ecstasy as she rode up and down.

“I am cumming in ya ass” I whispered “Be ready!”

She gasped as I thrust deep, lifting and lowering her faster on my expanding cock. Up Down faster and deeper.

“ARGGH… Oh my god…!” She shrilled, sinking her teeth into my neck as I exploded in orgasm deepest as yet in her ass. I thrust up with each spasm clutching her body so tightly, such pleasure, such intense feeling, such a dream ass to explode in, …. so good……, ……… faint, ……………….so………….

I always know when I am dreaming, I have a third person view, can think, not let the dream get control….

I was in a wood, warm sunny day, just wandering through the trees, I could see myself just ambling along taking in the warm sunny and beautiful trees and foliage.

Something caught my eye, a fleeting glimpse….. There it was again, a lady, darting behind one tree and the next. I stopped, focussing on where she would appear next. THERE, I see you, but hold on I know you. You are my beloved stranger on the train, my third person thought.

Dressed in a long blue dress and flowing hair, she swiped in and out of view coming ever closer.

“Hi gorgeous” I called “Remember me….?”

She was gone. I scanned the woods, but alas she did not appear.

“Oh well..” I sighed.

With a start I shuddered as hands appeared around my chest from behind! I spun round and there she was, my beauty from the train, so radiant, smiling and as delicious as ever.
She dropped to her knees without a word, went straight for my cock, and with moments was upon me deep.

I jolted awake from my dream, the rubble of the train, the tightness of the bunk – opening my eyes it was dawn. I was in the bottom bunk – how I got there was a mystery, but what I felt was overwhelming!

I was on my side against the wall on the bottom bunk. My Cabin mate was facing me, 69 style, down the bunk, sucking my cock for all she was worth.

“Morning dear… “ I exclaimed

She looked up winking at me as she concentrated on my cock.

God she was good – and such a nympho…

“What the hell happened last night?” I questioned.

She paused for a moment – “You fainted in the closet – mid orgasm. So funny” she laughed.
“I’m bring you back to life!” she giggled as she descended again down my cock.

Her pussy was within inches of me and I had to have some of that. I raised her leg and nestled my head on her inner thigh. Sliding my arm under her body I pulled her toward me as I set about that sweet love box.
She pulled her left leg up, wedging her foot in the base of the top bunk as I eased her buttocks apart. Hmmm such a vibrant pussy, already wetting, inviting a good licking.

I was upon her, my tongue delving into the folds, hunting her clit. Lapping deep, from clit to pussy. This will be my last moments with this angel, and I wanted her to enjoy me just one more time.
My hands gripped hard on her ass, rubbing her crack, teasing her ass as I found her clit, hard and wanting. I grappled with her clit, sucking, nibbling drawing it into my mouth and flicking with rhythmic motion across and back. I had her now and I want her to scream.
I put my every last effort into making her cum… kept a continuous rhythm on her clit, flicking, sucking, all constant – raising her to orgasm at her pace, whilst I caressed every erogenous zone I could reach with my hands.

She grabs my ass as she is getting close, pulling me ever deeper into her, every further into her throat. I up the pace and feel her tense ever tighter – her clit as erect as ever.
“Ahhhhhhhh…..” she screams as I take her over the edge.
”Oh my God……” she moans burying my cock deep.
“Uughhhhhhhhh…” I lose it and pulse my load right down her throat.

We both orgasm together moaning, sighing, enjoying until we are truly spent.

We missed breakfast, but showered together to make up.. chatting, laughing, she trying to explain how she got me on to the bed after I fainted.

We dressed and packed our bags, finishing as we pulled into our destination.

As the train pulled up I took one last hug, one last long kiss, before opening the cabin door.

As I left I turned to her and said

“You are the most fantastic lady, fun, sexy, amorous and enjoyable. It has been a pleasure to spend these few hours with you.”

“Likewise Sir, Englishman” she smiled

“We’ll never meet again, and I’ll never be on this train again, so I wish you all the best” I said as I turned into the corridor.

“Oh, I’ll be here. This is Cabin 31. I’m always here, Slate…”. I thought I heard her say….no way!

The End

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