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I've Consented...

My husband and I have fantasized about so much, even video the fantasies we play out, but never have followed though with actually doing them. I know he wants to see me "Fuck A Black Man" bare back, and take his seed deep into my vagina. I also know he'll settle for me fucking an older man of any race, or me just doing anything to another man while he watches, films it, and gets off himself. This story is for him, you see yesterday being Valentine's day, one of my gifts to him was that I consented to giving a stranger a hand job, and letting the stranger play with my luscious breasts. It will be a ONE TIME THING, and then it's just us again. I have had "Friends" on here warn me, that I might enjoy the experience and not to fight it, so I have thought it through, and being in reality rather shy, I have decided I would feel safe with this. This is the the SCENARIO I ENVISION, knowing my husband, and what could be set up. Please enjoy as I am getting very wet writing this, and I haven't even started it yet!

VALENTINE'S DAY AFTERNOON, k**s Napping, Us Making Love: "Sweetheart, would you really want to see me with another man?" Husband: "You want my totally honest answer or my mind's answer?" Me: "Your true feelings". Husband: "I really would love to see you with an older man, black, white or green, I am not sure I would want him to fuck you since you waited so long just for me, I know you're feelings about chastity, but I would love to see you setting in front of him, wearing only panties, with your breasts revealed as you reveal his penis, and give him a hand job, lay on the bed and let him work over your breasts, and see you make him cum". Me: "You are serious?" Husband: "I can't help it, the thought of you getting someone off is a HUGE TURN ON FOR ME! I don't know that I would want you fucking anyone though, unless YOU really really wanted it!" Then I began giving him a light touch hand job telling him of the experience of him watching me with an older man, doing exactly what he just told me about... This lasted about 5 to 7 minutes probably, before be began to kiss me, and make out with me the way I like him kissing me, and his hands touched my breasts and my juices began to flow like crazy. Soon he was on top of me inserting himself into me, it was fantastic, as he began to make love to me, he screwed me and screwed me so deeply, and so wonderfully, I flowed my juice all over his penis as I continued telling him of pleasuring the older man, and squeezed my breasts together when I told him about titty fucking the man so he could cum on my breasts for me. At that time he began to pound on me, and ride me deeper and deeper, and harder and harder. Finally kissing me deeply right after I told him about the man cumming on my breasts and cheek, and neck, and how I told him how I squeezed ever drop out of the man's penis and kissed it, as the man played with my breasts and licked the cum off of me. He pounded me deep as I begged my husband to impregnate me (He loves that!), as he shot his cum deep into me as he panted "Please jerk a man off for me, it's so hot". I said I would if he wanted me too, it turned me on too. We then made out and snuggled for the next 30 minutes as we discussed the details of how and when we might do this. I get to approve the person, ask questions, and it will be anonymous, he will be at least 55, no names, he'll be from a different town, and it will be fun and I will be very nervous, and I can back out any time. Under those things agreed upon between all three of us, I will give it a try, and I am looking forward to it, especially if I get fucked like that again by my husband!

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