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Emily's TinyCunny's

Well after being friends for a few months, Wendy and I had always liked having Emily in our company. Emily was only 19 but also enjoyed being with us and due to the fact that she had been our baby-sitter many years ago we had always got on well together. With Wendy and me both being in out forties it was good to have a young women who told us about all the new music and things going on and it made us feel a lot younger about ourselves.

We had meet in the local pub and took her under our wing as she was still studying and didn't always have enough money to get a drink or at the end of the night to get a taxi home, so we did as we always did when Emily baby-sat give her the fare for the cab and ensure that she returned home safe after a night out.

How it all started was by Wendy and me chatting one night on what we would do when we got home that night .......we have a great sex life and always liked to try different things in bed........... Wendy had only had 3 guys before we meet and within a few years was into toys and anal and a lot more ....but the one thing that she never liked or wanted was another women in bed with us........the thought of that always disgusted her so on that night after chatting with Emily we started to make our way home, Emily was very quite as we left and Wendy asked her what was wrong ..........she told Wendy that thing at home with her parents wasn't very good and asked if she could stay with us tonight..........We both said that would be fine and as we walked home Emily and Wendy linked arms walked ahead in front of me.

We got home and it house was warm and cosy with the lighting down low....I offered drinks for the 2 girls and we sat down and asked Emily wot the problems at home were, Emily explained that her father wasn't happy with her having boy friends and that they weren't welcome to the house, we joked that if she ever want to bring a boy friend back to our house sometime that would be fine as we'd always had our son and friends staying over that we didn't mind Emily doing that.

After a few glass of wine Emily explained that she had a few boy friends and that she had had made love with them she always thought that her "cunny" as she called it was too tiny for a big thick cocks. She had got a toy to play with but always felt that she couldn't use it to the full length and need a more experienced man to "take her".

We sorted out the spare bedroom for Emily and said our good nights.
Wendy and me got into bed and started to touch each other as we had planned early on in the night, after me stroking and touching Wendy all over her body and Wendy licking and sucking my semi hard cock we then started to play with Wendy's many toys, We knew that we had to keep the noise down as Emily was only feet away from us in the other bedroom, but Wendy being Wendy love to moan and groan when I touch her and as I started to work her damp panties with the vibrator outside she get louder and louder.

I insert Wendy's "favourite" into her and she started to play with my balls taking them in her mouth and sucking on them. After a few mins we just laid there and started to chat about out house guest next door, Wendy asked me if I would like to make love to her and me being a typical man said yes I would love to take a nice tight young pussy, Wendy said that she would love to see me take her and even help me it having her but would not want to join in, I was now so hard now in the thought that Wendy was more that willing for me to fuck Emily, so we discussed in how we could get her into our bed.

Wendy entered Emily's bedroom and asked her if she was ok and if she need anything, Emily was laying there in a lacy white bra and panty set and Wendy could see that thought the lace her small perfect tits and hard nipples and that Emily had her hand touching her cute tiny pussy.

Emily moved her hand from her pussy and Wendy could see that her fingers had traces of her juices on them, Emily looked away from Wendy as she was a little upset that Wendy had caught her playing with her pussy and Wendy said that she enjoyed playing and rubbing her pussy and clit and that not to be upset about it.

I was listening to both of them talking but couldn't really make out in what was being said but within a few minutes Wendy was leading Emily into our bedroom.

Emily looked at our bed and saw Wendy’s toys laying there and her eyes widen as I offered Emily my hand to take her onto the bed.Emliy looked down at my stiff hard cock and asked me why I had no hair on it and that she hadn't seen a shaved cock before. Emily lay down beside me and Wendy moved next to her as I started to stroke her still hard nipples, rolling them in my fingers and squeezing them thought the white lace of her bra.

I move down to her wet panties as Emily was getting wetter and wetter and I played with the outline of her cunny and as I slipped in a finger I could feel how tight her sweet pussy was. Wendy had by this time already started to slip in a toy in to her soaking pussy and was toying harder and harder and the more I fingered Emily.

Emily asked me "do you think Wendy would help you fuck me?" and I said that I would love to teach her things ......I don't know about Wendy as she's not really into 3somes ........but I would love it .....And asked Emily had she had tasted pussy before; she had tried it once but nothing major. Wendy started to move towards Emily and remove her soaking panties off her and opened up her legs to see Emily's shaved pussy and as she did she touched Emily's clit, the first time she'd ever touch other women but seemed to be ok with it.

Wendy move to the top of the bed and pulled up Emily's legs opening her pussy wider as I moved between them I dropped down on my knees and started to lick her sweet wet pussy lapping up her juices and licking her throbbing clit.

Wendy gave Emily a toy and Emily slid it into Wendy pussy and as it slid in Wendy told Emily to push it as far as she could because that was going to happen when I put my cock into her tiny cunny.I started slipping my cock into Emily and as she had said she was it was tiny and so tight, Wendy opened up Emily’s prefect lips and worked my cock into her, Emily was moaning with pleasure and I said that "you'd have it all the way up your cunny right up to my balls banging your ass" ...... the more I fuck her tiny cunny the more Wendy got closer to Emily's pussy and my cock and just before came I pull out and let Wendy have it in the mouth ......only fair to let her have it first .......Wendy suck all my cum out of my cock and with the cum dripping on Emily's clit and pussy lick her clean, Emily said that she want to taste me and I told her that "you can have the second load where ever you want it" ..........

By this time in all my cumming I hadn't noticed that Wendy had dropped her pussy onto Emily's face and Emily was lapping her wet pussy and covered in Wendy's love juices. Wendy started to suck me hard again and I re-entered Emily’s pussy, and while pounding her harder and harder Wendy worked a vibrator over her clit until she came with her warm juices dripping down my shaft to her ass. As I came my warm cum dripped down Emily's pussy to her ass and I slipped a finger into Emily's virgin ass she squeaked with joy as I finger fuck her with my cum up her even tighter ass.

Wendy had got off Emily's face by now and started to play with her ass and pussy with her toys and I knew that she would want me to fuck her there and Wendy loves a cock and toy at the same time and it didn't matter which hole I entered Wendy's by now opened ass as she'd had a vibrator up both holes Emily's eyes widen too the fact that I was fucking her up the ass so hard and rubbed Wendy's clit as she groaned louder and louder as my cock went deeper and deeper into her.

After me cumming up Wendy's ass we all fell asl**p and by the following morning as Wendy and me had woken up found that Emily was up and out of the house early and didn't come to the pub for weeks after, but when she it turn up ..............well that’s another story...................

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