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King University's New Slut Part 5

Chapter 5: The Man Changed Me

On my way back to the dorm room, all I could think about was Tayshawn and what transpired between us. His amazing physique, his big arms wrapped around me making me feel like I was his only one. What stuck out the most was his jerking me off. He didn't do much to me but seeing and feeling him rub me up like that was.............. I have no words.

When I got to the elevator, I realized that I had another boner. "Shit."

This thing wouldn't go away and I can't believe after what just happened that it still wouldn't stay down. I had to get off.

I got to my room, I heard the shower running from Quinn's room. "What the fuck?" I say to myself. Why is his ass still here? I was going to have to beat off fast before he came looking for me.

I quickly ran to the bathroom, closed the door, and stripped off my pants. My seven inches came springing out drooling precum in my underwear and now on the floor. The head was almost beet red and the shaft bobbed up and down from the bl**d pumping through it.

I sat on the toliet and closed my eyes and envisioned Tayshawn taking it further then what it was....

I was now facing him, me and him up against the shower wall making out intensely. Our hands all over each other, me feeling every crease and ripple that defined his body. I slowly submitted to him... knowing my place. He grabs my thick white ass in his hands and messages it... fingering it. Getting me opened up for his dick.

And speaking of dick, His was rockhard in his shorts begging to come out. His whole body pressed up against me reminding me just how big he was. It throbbed up against my stomach and I was ready for it.

"Please fuck me." I say taring away from his mouth. "I want you to give me what I need." I say passionately.

I looked down and watched my hand as I jerked myself, this felt so good. The friction of my precum sliding up and down my hard cock was making a loud sticky sound, I moan lightly, going back my vision....

He lifted me off the floor, my legs wrapped around his waist. His strong arms planted on both sides of me on the wall. I pull his shorts down with my legs and out popped his most prized possession, rubbing up against my dick. I moaned louder feeling it pulse against me.

"You want this baby?" He asked.

"Yes... Yes.... please fuck me dude." I say in his ear. He ground his big cock harder against me, my arms wrapped around him, I begged some more. He loved playing this game. Then he did it. With both arms, he lifted me higher and he tells, "Show me where to put it and its all yours."

My hand reached down and felt the large head beating in my hand and I guided it to my virgin ass. I was ready to take this no matter how much it hurt. I rubbed the head on my ass and he lowered me.

My ass at first, putting up a fight, but then slowly opened up to him.

"Ahhh....Oh my God!... FUCK... It hurtsss.... So Good!" I say to him. He began to lower me further down his pole and the pain got more intense. I yelled like a little girl, he laughed, he loved turning me out like this.

I opened my eyes, feeling my balls tightening, my breathing was heavier. SLAM! The door opened making me shout and cringe. It was Quinn standing there naked and wet from the shower, I finally see every inch of him.

"I thought I heard yo' ass in here.... Oh! I see! Still thinkin' of what happened last night huh punk?" Quinn said walking closer to me. Last night must have been a set up, because he still remembered what happened.

"You up in here beatin' off thinkin' about my dick ain't you?" He said then reaching down and tugging at his gigantic snake. It laid dormant but it was still menacing.

"You miss it? Why don't you come down here and give it a kiss?" He says pulling at it, trying to get it hard. He walked closer to me were I was face to face with his big dick once again. He towered over me once again, showing me who was the superior one.

"No please dude, I can't do this..." I say begging.

"Oh yes you can, I already own that mouth, now Im bout to own that ass."

He looked down at my dick which was still aching from trying to cum, and he did the unthinkable. He got on his knees, grabbed my dick and squeezed it.

"Ohhh....OOOO NOOO!" I shout. In seconds my dick was shooting all over the place, spraying cum all over the wall and on me. I trembled from the intensity of my orgasm and watched his eyes buck out, then he laughed. I couldn't believe I had shot so much after just releasing a big load just an hour ago.

"Damn dawg! You were that horny for me? How come you didn't say nothin' then?" He said.

I had lost all my energy once again and he saw how limp I was.

"Since you got off, its time for me to do the same." He said. Then he did another thing unexpected.

He got up and picked me up from the toilet and carried me back to my room. This 5ft 8in guy, picking up a just over 6 footer and carring me like I was a toothpick. He slammed me on my bed almost knocking the wind out me, then picked up my legs and f***efully pushed them up against my chest, making me yell.

"Shut up bitch!" He yelled. My ass was now fully displayed to him.

"Look at that ass. Better kiss it goodbye, cuz its not gonna be tight no more." He said. He spit on my ass and rubbed it around with his hand, he repeated this a few times. In a way this was relaxing, but then that thought quickly withdrew and I felt his fingers jam inside of me.

I yelled and he laughed and said, "Didn't think I was gonna do that huh white boy?"

He twisted and fingered me hard adding more fingers inside of me, it was painful, I didn't realize how tight I was.

"Ahh, I can't wait till I breed this ass. This ass is just begging for some black cock to open it up." He said. He was right.... but not HIS cock.

Quinn then slapped his dick on my ass, loudly making slap noise, heavy noises. In no time he had four fingers up in me, but that wasn't enough for a cock his size.

"Yeah I think your ready." He said. "No, NO... NO!" I yell. Then he slapped me hard on my face.

"Shut the fuck up bitch! You takin' this muthafuckin' dick and I don't care what the fuck you say!" And with that, he took a random sock off the side of my night stand and shoved it in my mouth. Then he flipped me over on my stomach and put all his weight on top of me.

"Imma make you take it like a dog.... like my bitch, you hear me?... Like MY muthafuckin' bitch." he said in my ear.

He got up and held me down with one hand while the other one was pushing the head of his dick in my hole.

"Oh, no... this can't be happening! I don't want my virginity taken by him!" I say in my head. He broke my thoughts when he f***e fed my ass the first inch of his dick. I yelled loud in the sock from the pain.

"Open that pussy bitch, lemme in there." He slid more of his cock inside of me and my ass felt like it was being split open.

"Awww yeah bitch... this is some good ass.... GOOD FUCKIN' ASS!" He responded, then f***ed more. I was yelling in crying. This was fuckin' **** and he knew it.

"You almost got it all in... Stop movin' and Take it in... Yeah... thats it.... That's the muthafuckin' shit.... Oh yeah baby!.... There ya go!... You got it!.... ALL 11 INCHES!... I knew you could do it!"

Everything he said was blowing my mind. I couldn't help but to feel a sense of accomplishment from knowing that I had eleven inches of cock in me on first time. He moved in and out of me slow at first then started picking up the pace. I was still very sensitive and in pain, I was sweating like crazy, and tears were still going down my face.

"Oh shittttt..... That is some good pussy.... Oh yeah this shit is MINE!" Quinn yelled.

Next thing I know my ass was getting filled over and over again quickly. The pain was still there but pleasure was slowly taking over. My struggling stopped and my loud grunts slowly turned into moans.

"Oh yeah bitch, you finally takin' it.... look at you movin yo ass on this dick!" Quinn shouted. I didn't even realize that my ass was making circles on his dick. Oh no whats happening to me.... Was I suppose to be enjoying... ****?

He slammed down on top of me and ground into me. He was working my ass into a pulp, going in circles and going deep as he could. He leaned down to my ear and whispered, "Tell me you like it."

When I didn't respond to him, he jammed his dick inside of me hard. "MMMMM!!!" I yelled with my mouth full.

"Come on don't fight it. Tell me you feel it in there deep.... This is what you want.... BIG.... BLACK... COCK.... In this.... WHITE... ASS" He licked my ear and groaned in it.

His words were doing something to me. My brain was sucking it up, like a sponge. He was right, this is what I want. This is what I came here for, who was I fooling? Quinn saw right through me.... I just didn't want to admit it. My mind quickly forgot about everything that Quinn had done to me and all I wanted and needed was his big cock inside of me.

I didn't respond because the sock was still in my mouth but I let my body do all the talking. I ground my ass back into him and rotated my ass.

"OHHHhhh Yeah, thats what I'm talkin' about!! Show me bitch! TELL ME!" He yelled in my ear. He pulled the sock out of my mouth and pulled out of me, then flipped me over. He spread my legs put his cock back inside me.

I focused on his stunning, sweaty, muscled up body. I couldn't believe this hot stud was fucking me. I reached up and grabbed his shoulders and pulled him down on top of me. We were face to face.

"I'm not gonna give you what you want unless you tell me." Quinn said. I wanted it.... bad.

"Please fuck me Quinn, fuck me like you want.... This ass is all yours." I say.

"That's right!" He started pumping in and out of me harder and faster. I moaned out loud and wrapped my arms around him.

I watched the sweat drip down his face and body, turnin me on more than his dirty talking.

"Oh shit white boy... you gon' make me nut all up in this ass. Ah fuck!" He said. I used my ass muscles on his dick making him moan louder in my ear.

"Ahh God Damn! Work that ass on this dick!" he shouted. "Please cum inside me, knock me up, make me yours!" I say.

The head board knock roughly up against the walls along with our heavy breathing echoing through the room.

Then he shouted, "Oh yeah boy I'm bout to shoot!"

"Yes give it to me man! I shout back. He made one final rough slam into my ass and then I felt his very hot cum fill me up. "Oh My God!" I shout.

"DAMNNNN..... FUUUCCKKK....." He shouted along with other curse words. We stayed in that position for a while, trying to catch our breaths and both of us sweating profusely. My hands rubbed up and down his back, feeling his spine and the muscles that surrounded it.

He finally got up and pulled out of me. "Dayum look at that hole. All red and wet, just like a used pussy." he said.

"Well I'm headin' to the shower, then class. That ass better be ready for some more by the time I get back." He said. I laid there quietly watching him leave giving me the chance to reflect on what just happened.

Quinn Robinson, the man I despised, just took my virginity, and I LOVED it. It didn't take me long to realize that he was one that changed me..... This was DEFINITELY going to be an interesting year.

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