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"Out" in the Big City-Part One Big H

Sometimes people can be in such denial. It's bad enough to lie to others but when you can't even tell yourself the truth that's just sad.

But until I moved out of my hometown that's just exactly how I was. You see it was bad enough to feel guilty about jerking off but then to start fantisizing about guys while doing it!

"Whoa!" That was just too much!

But once I moved away, it was so much easier to come out of my closet. First out of the one in my head and then out in the real world.

My flat was right near a big city park where lots of joggers bopped on by. They used to put on quite a show. It wasn't just the ladies either but the guys as well.

This one trio of men always caught my eye. They wore colorful tight bikini shorts that really made their asses stand out.

"Dude!" I'd say to myself.

"You are one horny bi-sexual mother fucker."

One afternoon the men were looking particularly stunning. So I gave them a longer looking over than usual as they made their way through the park.

I was so into watching them I never noticed that someone had sat down next to me until he introduced himself.

"Hi!" he began, extending his hand toward me. "I'm Hank."

Feeling a little embarressed I returned the handshake.

"Nice to meet you" I replied. ("Oh shit! How much did he see?)

To make matters worse this guy was ripped. He could have pounded the shit outta me right there.

Turns out there was nothing to be ashamed of. As we sat and chatted the late afternoon away we'd both admire the same group of joggers as they went by, both the women AND the men.

As I listened to Hank's bullshit stories I started to really admire his looks. Hank had perfect hard body proportions, Nothing was too bulky or out of place. He was the perfect combination of solid arms, iron thighs and a beefy chest.

A few days later at my park bench Hank stopped by again. It wasn't long until we established a routine. Everyday it was nice we'd sit around, watch the joggers and shoot the breeze.

One day out of the blue Hank asked if I wanted to go for a walk with him on a certain nature trail he enjoyed. At this point I knew nothing about gay meeting places and code words. So just figured he liked nature.

"Sure," I responded. "I'll go"

Even when we walked off the trail nothing occured to me. There were still plenty of footprints along the way we were headed. We went up one hill, down the other side, over to a clearing. Then Hank did the unexpected.

"This looks like good spot!" he announced, dropping his pants.

Hank reached in his shorts to reveal the biggest honking three veined boner I had ever seen. You could shade yourself under this fucker!

Soon I had stripped myself naked and was all set to rub my dick next to his giant size man meat. And that's when Big Hank took control.

"Turn around!" he ordered.

"Since your already properly naked I take it you know the drill. Now bend over spread your cheeks and prepare to take it like a man!"

People ask me if the first time it hurts to get it up the poop shoot. To be honest I couldn't feel my ass from the way my knees hurt. If I had known we were going to fuck on the ground I could have brought a blanket. With all the the dirt scrapping my skin eventualy my ass was the only thing that felt good. Especially when Hank blasted his hot spunk inside of me.

"OH! That's a good boy!" he grunted giving me a kiss.

After that day we'd meet at the same time every day the weather was nice and go do our thing. Hank and I didn't talk much after that, but at least
he would sometimes put his arm around me once we got on the trail.

I was getting really good at being his nature trail bitch. If my ass was shifted a certain way we both got off more. I'd cum on the ground
about the same time Hank did.

Sometime just before Labor Day Hank vanished. I'd wait at the park for an hour and he never showed. My friends say I should really be pissed off for him to use me as a cum sponge.

But it was all good. If it wasn't for Hank I'd have never met Gary. And if it wasn't for Gary I'd have never met Gigi. S/he was the gal that opened up a whole new world to me.

-to be continued.

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