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Burning hot outside, I had to hit a bar. I just needed a glass of Bud – and it was only lunchtime. I was stuck in some godforsaken mid-west town try to sell a load of rubbish to a load of people who don’t want it, don’t need it and really don’t care.

I was all alone, travelling for a living, never in the same place twice.

I have a lot of friends, but they are all ‘virtual’ when I am on the road. Being alone on the road, I usually check into a motel that has internet and wireless, flip my laptop and log on to MSN, Facebook.. the usual, and catch with my friends. I even log into this VR World where I can chill, dress up, and generally have a good time. I can also have VR sex there – but not got that far yet – guess I’m a bit shy when it comes to the ‘naked’ thing, and there are a lot of dubious characters around in VR.

I cruise the high street scanning for a decent Bar. The Ford I drive is ‘ok’ – got all the toys – but it’s a company car and I would have chosen something more ‘me’. Does the job though.
I notice a reasonable bar and pull up outside – there’s also a Motel next door, which I consider checking into later.
I gather myself together, check my hair in the mirror, before stepping out into the heat. Adjusting my knee length skirt I shoulder my bag and reach for my laptop, in the back. I hear a whistle as I bend over. Not startled, I take my laptop and swing round to observe my admirer. Perched above me on the balcony, was a couple of young lads oggling.
I smiled briefly, turning back to shut and lock the car.

Climbing the few steps to the Bar entrance, I cagely glanced up at the balcony – eyeing the young lads chuckling. Nice fit young men I thought, and not that bad looking.

Entering the Bar, my mind turned to getting that Bud down me and checking my Email. I was blasted by air-conn that was refreshing, but sent shiver down my spine.

The Bar was pleasant – a long bar, stools, tables round the sides with comfy wrap round seating. There was an old guy behind the bar leant over, engrossed in conversation with some locals, not batting an eyelid as I walked in. I was a bit surprised really, because I usually get a glance my way.
I always thought I was pretty good looking – always with knee length skirt, to show off my shapely tanned long legs. My hair brown, shoulder length and full, always done to look good for customers. I take time with my make-up to makes sure it brings out my best features, but not to much to be over done. My ample breasts are my best feature, round, good cleavage and shown off subtly.

Nevermind, I thought… Can’t please everyone.

The Barman, stood up as I approached and met be halfway down the bar.

“Hi love, what can I get ya?” he questioned in a usual Barman tone.

“I’ll have a Budweiser please, in the bottle” I answered.

I picked my spot, I would spend the next hour at, as my bottle of Bud was delivered. I sat, launching my laptop in front of me, bag at my side, Bud in hand. Getting a connection, I checked my Email, but was aware of a shadow cast over my laptop…. I turned to the window behind me and there was the two cheeky lads, heads pressed against the glass, hands sheilding their faces – peering at my screen. They immediately, moved away. Cheeky Monkeys, I thought as I shuffled round the seat, turning my screen away from the window.

DAMN – Email in - My afternoon Sales call was cancelled – nothing until tomorrow afternoon 50 miles up the road.
Oh well, I’ll catch up with some friends online…
Sipping my Bud, I caught up with the latest gossip, posting a few notes on Facebook as to my whereabouts and general chit chat.

I thought, as I had time to kill, I’d pop into my VR World and see who’s about – perhaps pop to Sexy’s Mall and checkout the new clothes available.

Logging on I soon, became engaged in conversation with a guy I met in VR Land called Slate_ . He’s from the UK and seems alright. I talk to him quite a bit about problems in the real world, and he is always most understanding, considerate and supportive.
As our conversation progressed I was aware of a couple of guys across the VR Street looking my way. They looked strangely familiar, but I thought nothing of it as I wandered down the Street with Slate_ chatting about this and that.

We went to Merlin’s Café – quiet there, no lag – I know my friend has lag problems in this world so seemed a good place to go.
We idly chatted for about half an hour, and a few Buds later, he had to go. We said our goodbyes with a hug and he was gone, me alone again – and no friends online….

“Hello sexy lady” came up on my VR World chat..

I didn’t recognise the name, but thought – what the hell, no one else here.

“Hi” I typed, as a shifted my view around Merlins, to find the chatter.
Sat at the other end were the two guys I saw in VR Street – no one else. Checking their names, I see my new chatter was one of them.
Better check his Profile, I thought, as I clicked on him.

‘Male, No State, Country, Age – Into Bondage – ‘ – not a lot to go on!

“All alone then?” the other guy typed in

“Seems that way” I typed

“How do you fancy some fun with a couple of guys then?” the first lad typed.

“Don’t know you” I typed.

“Go on – tell us your fantasy” The first guy quickly typed

“Well….” I typed and hesitated.
I thought for a moment and the Bud was getting the better of me.
“… I’ll tell you, but we are not doing it!” I hurriedly typed

“Go on then, let’s hear it” the second guy typed.

“I really fantasise about having two guys at once, whilst tied up”.. I typed…. hesitating before I hit ENTER.
What the hell I thought – they not my friends – probably never see them in VR World again.

“We could help you satisfy that” came the typed reply.
I just knew it – they wanted it and now they know what I want.

“I knew you would say that” I typed.

I glanced up from my Laptop as I heard laughter from behind me. I swivelled round to see the two guys from the Balcony sat at the next table behind me, starring at a Laptop.

“Your not in VR…” I began
“We are!” I was interrupted

OMG went through my mind! – I have just revealed my deepest fantasy to a couple of VR lads in Merlins, just for a laugh, and they are sat behind me in real life!!
I turned back to my laptop and shut the lid – not knowing where to look or what to do – I was so embarrassed.!

Fumbling with my laptop case/ mouse /wires – I desperately packed to make a quick exit.

“Hey, honey wassup? We are just being friendly, and you look so alone” came a voice not so distant.
I daren’t look round as I must have been glowing with embarrassment.
I heard the shuffle of feet and knew they were coming over.
“Let us buy you a drink, and we can have a chat about VR Land?” came a question from one of the lads as he swung in to view.

I considered my options as both the lads stood before me. I eyed them both up and down, carefully checking their mannerisms for any signs / thoughts they may be thinking.

The taller one was about 30, short well groomed mousey hair. He wore a 2 day stubble on a square chin – blue eyes and worn face. He wore a pleasant blue shirt and jeans that were clearly too tight as I could see the outline if his cock. His trainers were clean. I’d rank him 8/10 on my scale, for he was kinda cute.

The shorter guy was more muscular and broad shouldered – his short armed T shirt could barely contain his physique. Arms strong, well defined, jeans again too tight, thighs heavy and pronounced. Blonde haired and clean shaven he was better looking that the other guy. 10/10.

What had I to lose, I pondered, seem like nice lads – I am alone, bored, and have an empty afternoon and evening ahead. Perhaps I could hang with these guys for a while…

“Sure, guys” I said confidently “I’ll have a Jack Daniels and Coke” Well they’re buying, I thought!

I was coming down from my embarrassment trying to be confident and in control.. Inside, I was feeling a bit chuffed – couple of great looking lads want to spend some time with me – oooeeeerr.

“I’m Mark” the muscular lad opened up as the taller lad went to the Bar.

“Hi, I’m Brook” I replied eyeing him subtly from top to bottom.

Mark, sat on my left, as I shifted my bag and laptop to the floor.

“So, you do the VR World thing then” he started

I considered my response. They know I do it, they know how I look, they know my fantasy – not much to hide here.

“Yeah, I do a lot of travelling alone and have friends on the net – so I chat and catchup” I replied

We began some chit chat about VR World as the taller guy approached with 3 JD n Cokes.

“Here you go. I’m Pete. Get this down ya” he said as he plonked a glass in front of me, spreading the other to Mark and swigging himself.

“Thanks, Pete” I said warmly “I need this after the shock I’ve just had!” I exclaimed

Pete sat to my right, sipping his JD. I had Mark and Pete each side of me now – not close – just comfortable. I felt a bit proud having two really nice guys paying attention me – but then they know my deepest fantasy and have seen me in VR World. OMG, what is going threw their heads, I pondered.

“Look, no prob babe” said Pete “We thought you a great looking gal when you stepped from ya car” he continued.
“We just peered through the window to get a better look at you, that’s all. We just noticed you in VR World –as we are – and got ya name”
“We was just messing when we went into VR World and found you – and you told us your deepest fantasy!” he finished.

“And how did I look guys?” I quickly replied glancing between them.

“You are gorgeous” they both responded as if twins.

I felt more and more confident as we chatted VR, and the JDs kept flowing. These guys were honest, I thought, just like me – in VR for some fun and frollick. Just a couple of best friends who do online stuff.

I was getting to know them in conversation quite well, and felt very relaxed. These JDs were helping.

“Hey Lads” came a shout from the bar
“Lunch break over – time you got back to work upstairs” questioned the barman

“Sorry” said Pete “We have to go back to work, refurbishing upstairs – maybe catch ya later?” he said as they both got up.

“Maybe” I replied regretting my two admirers were leaving.

I watched them cross the bar and leave via the toilet door, eyeing them from top to toe. I felt a warmth over me recalling our encounter. Such nice lads – obviously up for it – they upstairs and me down here all alone again.

I was a bit tipsy by now, not d***k, but in that state where inhibitions are relaxed, where mind thinks of passion, hunky men, erect cocks…. Hmmmmm.

The barman brought me over another JD.

“I really don’t think I should have another one” I apologetically uttered.

“They’re on the Guys upstairs” he said “Just nod and I’ll get you a refill” he explained.

Such nice lads. Gone back to work and left a tab at the bar to keep me happy.
Hmmm, I thought, this needs repaying.

All alone, I sat sipping yet another JD, pondering my options.
Do I leave and check in to the Motel next door? - boring night ahead.
Do I stay here and Laptop the afternoon away, until the lads got off work?
Do I do something else?

Still undecided I got up, swigged my JD straight down, gathered my stuff and began to leave.

“Just checking in next door” I said to the barman “Set me a JD up, I’ll be back in a mo” I said as I left the bar.

I checked into the Motel, got my room and crashed my gear. Thought I’d freshen up, take a shower, and put something sexier on… I decided I was going to go back to the bar and meet the lads..

The shower was hot and vibrant – lathing myself, my mind drifted to the young lads – did they want me – do they fancy me – I sure want them. My hands dropped to my pussy as I imagined them naked. My fingers caressing my folds and flicking my clit as I imagine those cocks erect in those tight jeans. My mind wanders to those two cocks erect, smooth, straight, hard, all needing a good suck.
I quicken my pace on my clit, as lather and water flows over me, imagining those cocks deep inside me – one in mouth and one in pussy, thrusting in rhythm, me impaled front and back on delicious cock…..
I cum….. God those guys are sexy!

I dress – choosing a mini skirt, white blouse and full thrusting bra. I make up as usual, and check my hair.
I just want to look young and sexy for my return to the bar – for the lads!

I grab a small handbag, loaded with the usuals, and leave my room for the bar.

“Hello again , luv” the barman started “ Ya JD is right here for you” he offered

“Thanks” I said as I sat on a stool bar.

“On the lads upstairs” the barman winked as he eyed me up and down.

I glanced at my watch as I took a sip of the JD. 3pm – those lads would not me off work for 2 hours, I thought. I can’t just sit here and get d***k!

I could hear the lads working above, nailing, shifting, doing what builders do. I just imagined them stripped to the waist in this heat, muscles rippling, sweat pouring – so hunky and sexy!

A few more JDs later and I was very relaxed! I had to repay those lads and I had to do it NOW!

I finished my JD and proceeded to the toilet. Through the door was Men's Left, Ladies Right, and stairs in front to upstairs. I entered the Ladies and took a pee, a long pee. Wiping myself I checked my pussy. I knew full well what I was going to do and wanted to make sure all was ship-shape down there.

I check my full persona in the mirror of the toilet before leaving. God I was up for it, and by god those lads are gonna get paid off, I thought as I left the toilet.

I ascended the stairs ever so quietly, aware of all the noise upstairs. As I reached the top, Mark was bent over a saw cutting timber, Pete was off to the left heaving plasterboard into position. They did not see me as I approached Mark from behind.
He just stopped his saw as I reached between his legs and grabbed is essentials.

He flinched as he said “We guessed you’d come up and see us”

Pete, turned to observe me bent over hand on Marks crotch… “So, fancy a bit then?” he said as he dropped his plasterboard and approached us.

“Well….” I started as the pair of them stood over me.
“Your fantasy is our desire” came an interruption from Pete.
“Be silent and still, and we will take you wherever you want to go” Pete whispered.

I closed my eyes and shuddered. All manner of sexual intimacies flashed through my mind. I was about to surrender and be taken. OMG.. do I really want this?!!

“OK, but please be gentle..” I whimpered

My eyes were closed as I felt a cloth blind-fold tied around them. I opened my eyes, but dark. I felt hands over my body, as I stood, hands stroking my arms, my ankles, legs, thighs… I was quivering with such gentle strokes.

Transfixed to the spot, hands by sides, I enjoyed them exploring me. Not a murmur came from them, just soft strokes across me, never knowing where the next hand would touch was so exciting.

From the front I felt fingers un-buttoning my blouse all the way down, whilst hands explored up my outer thighs seeking my knicker line, up deep inside my skirt. The front hands eased my blouse apart gently brushing past my breasts, outwards and upwards flipping my blouse over my shoulders, as the back hands found my knicker line and began to gently curl them down by rolling his fingers right around me from front to back ever lower taking them with him.

This was hot! I could feel myself dampening, and just want to reach out and grab something – anything, but they were so gentle, so soft and subtle with every move – I just stood and enjoyed – getting ever hotter and damper.

My blouse was being persuaded down my arms by stroking hands either side, my knickers were on the floor and as I raised each foot to release my knickers, a stilletoe was gently removed with a caress of my foot.

I felt my blouse drop to the floor as the front hands caressed upwards to my shoulders reaching my bra strap, tenderly flicking each side over my arm.

This was it – until now they had not seen my nakedness, but this was about to change – I felt a shudder threw me, my pussy was about to explode, but I must let them continue, I thought, just too damn good!

I felt the rear hands begin to rise upwards inside my legs, I knew what was coming and innocently shuffled my feet apart just enough to allow the upward path to seek its goal. Hands at the front slipped round my back and swiftly flicked my bra clip causing my breast to bust out, dropping the bra to the floor.

I was trying to work out who was in front and who was at the back, but didn’t care as they both were experts with their hands. It was as if they were co-ordinating as hands came up to my pussy, hands came round to my breasts.
Together they hit their mark at the same time. My breasts were cupped, fingers squeezed my nipples, as hands launched into my pussy lips exploring the folds, seeking my clit.

I nearly collapsed with pleasure, but held my stance, as ripples of sheer delight came over me. From front and back my erogenous zones were being plied by fours hands! – OMG… I was damper than I have ever been and gagging for cock.

I cannot describe the feeling of so many hands in all the right places, and I still had my skirt on. My breast were being handled, nipples nibbled, by crack from clit to ass was being rummaged, fingers probing my inner depths with each rubbing pass in both my pussy and ass…. So damp, wet, dripping… heaven.

The hands suddenly stopped. I was aware of movement in the room, but held fast – what was next, I excitedly tried to figure out….

I felt a hand on each wrist and was lead forward a few paces. I felt rope being tied to each wrist….. My arms were raised up high, wrists together now being tied to something above me. OMG – I was being suspended from a beam I thought…. Never done this before – Hmmmmm… not too bad, I thought.

Suspended, my breast must have looked tremendous, all upright and pert – begging to be sucked and caressed……but no….. what's going on?

My skirt was unzipped and dispatched in a second. I felt hands on my ankles and more rope tying. My legs were being eased apart – wider, wider until my arms were almost taking my full weight tied to the top beam.
I am comfortable – but felt a touch vulnerable, naked, suspended from a beam, legs wide apart – waiting……

I heard a chair rustle across the floor to my front…. One of the lads stepped up on it….I felt hands gentle caress my hair from the front, I smelt cock – hard cock… I felt it brush across my lips… I open my mouth and passed my tongue out to catch it as it next passed…. Hmmmm…. The cock stopped at my tongue, as I licked it’s helmet.... Finding it’s eye, probing, lapping… Two hands entwined in my hair now guided my mouth onto this gorgeous cock – I enclosed my lips as it descended further and deeper into me. I just knew this was big as it began to get close to the back of my throat. I couldn’t see how much more there was, but guessed there was more to come. I pushed my tongue forward to open my throat as even more came in. I relaxed my throat as a dare not gag at this point, and his cock just kept coming, gliding deeper down, ever so gently. I felt my lips hit the base at must be 10 inches – wow, I can’t wait for this to explode its cum I thought.

Suddenly, I felt a hand on each thigh, from the front, lifting me up. My feet were off the floor and tried to pull my legs together, but couldn’t. It was then I realise that a bar of some sort was tied between my ankles, keeping my legs wide apart as possible. I now knew that Mark was lifting me with those strong arms and I had Pete’s cock buried in my mouth.

Mark eased me down ever so tenderly onto his mouth. My pussy met his tongue with a zing, and quiver through me, as he held me suspended pussy deep on his face. He moved me about forward and backward probing my pussy lips, clit, pussy, ass with his long tongue.

Pete mimicked his moving of my body, guiding his cock in and out of my mouth as Mark moved me forward and backward…. This was ultimate pleasure and I came there and then! With a tensing of my pussy around Mark and a gripping of Pete’s cock, I let out a shrill of pleasure….. They quicken their pace as I was ‘right there’ urging me to cum again… just too good, just too fantastic… I came again.

Mark Swivelled round below me and began to probe my ass with his tongue, rimming , diving, stretching my buttocks wide as possible. I responded, losenning my ass, letting him in, enjoying his tongue….

Pete, withdrew and I heard him step down. Then he was upon my clit, ravenously sucking deep, lapping, getting rhythm to make me cum… They just would not stop.. I cried with pleasure as Pete gripped my clit, flicking it madly, as Mark probed my ass and both of them had fingers deep inside my pussy fighting over my G-Spot!! I was gone!

They let up, and laid my feet back on the floor. Still blindfolded – I heard them move stuff around the room. They untied my arms and Legs and walked me across the room. They picked me up and laid me on some work bench or something, on my front. My legs were spread but could not touch the floor. I could only guess what was next to come…

I could not tell how it was but my inner thighs were gripped and pulled wide apart. I was comfortable laid on my front on the bench, which must have only been 2 feet wide so my arms and legs were over the edge, free and loose. My head dangling over the front.

Uhhhghhhh… I felt a hard cock slip deep into my sodden pussy, all the way to the hilt…. WOW that was deep I trembled… In and Out rhythmic and gentle…. So nice… but where was the other cock??... I was soon to find out as my head was lifted, my mouth fell open and a different cock began it’s exploration of my throat.

I was sucking Mark now and Pete's was screwing me good. Again they were in unison – as Mark went deep into my throat, Pete withdrew. As Pete thrust into me, Mark withdrew from my mouth. I felt impaled on two cocks deep in each end, there for pleasure for me and them…. I just loved it…. For a while I just relaxed and loved them rhythmically thrusting me….. So nice and comfortable, gentle and desperately sexy…

They then changed tack and thrust me together. As Pete went to the hilt in my pussy, Mark encouraged me to swallow him deep as ever… I cannot begin to describe the sheer orgasmic height I got as both these wonderful lads thrust deep into me from both ends…. Came I did, a few times….

Mark withdrew from my mouth and I heard him mount the bench. Pete was still thrusting me so nicely. I felt Marks strong arms lift me by my waist, just up a little, whilst Pete spread my buttocks.

Mark was stood above me, his cock poised over my asshole, Pete holding my ass ready, still thrusting me….

Mark descended into my ass. His cock gently gliding in a bit, then out, then in a bit more – gentle as hell. Pete began to get in rhythm with Mark as they both delved into my holes.

Soon, they were both all the way in and together, pumping my ass and pussy… carefully, but by GOD… It was good….

My Fantasy was happening for real, and I never thought in a million years it would happen, and not by such tender, expert lovers…. The mere thought made my reach even further heights of pleasure, arching my back, thrusting my ass towards those cocks, urging them ever deeper and faster…

Pete reached round and grabbed my pussy lips, stretching them wide, two fingers engrossed on my clit, dancing across it…. My entire pussy, ass, clit was being ridden and taking me beyond wherever!! If I had a third cock in my mouth then….. well…. Next fantasy…. I suppose…

I Felt their cocks expanding as they started to get close to cumming….

“I want your cum, please… let me suck you dry” I screamed….

Mark, withdrew from my ass, and shuffled of the workbench. He came to my front and lifted my arms up and around my back. Pete took hold and pulled me back and upwards onto his forever thrusting cock.
My head was up and mouth open as Mark plunged his cock in. I closed my lips around his beautiful cock and let him screw my mouth. Pete had my hands so I couldn’t wank Mark or play with his Balls…. But that was the idea..

Mark, caressed my hair as he pumped my mouth, faster and deeper I felt him getting bigger.. He was about to cum. I wanted him down my throat and opened up as he let out an orgasmic moan burying himself to the hilt and exploding cum.. I swallowed as fast as I could as each spasm brought more lovely cum. I wanted it all as he deserved it and I would get it… Mark withdrew a touch so I could really suck him dry, swallowing each and every drop. I knew he would just love it, as all guys do, and he’d done such a good job on me… how could I not return the lust.

Pete withdrew from my truly satisfied pussy and taking my hands stood my gently off the bench. Walking me forward he took off the blind fold.

“Nice?” he enquired “The Best” I replied.

I could now see my lovely lads fully naked in front of me. Mark was getting limp, but his muscles, torso and physique were amazing… I thought back for a moment remembering him holding me up burying my pussy on his face. Pete was hard as a rock, again lovely body, I really want him to cum, I thought.

“I would love you to finish me off” said Pete. “Squat down in front of me” he asked.

I didn’t need an explanation as I squatted in front of him and guided his cock into my mouth, sucking hard. I so wanted his cum, I was aching.

“I don’t want you to swallow” he said “As I cum, ease it out over your chin and over those fabulous breasts” he said.

I so wanted to drink him dry, but I also want to give him what he really likes, and so it will be.

“I want you to rub your clit and tweak you nipples” he said.

My hands dropped from guiding his cock and I started to rub my clit. I knew I would cum again as his load hit me – always does if I can masturbate at the same time…. I cupped and squeezed my breasts and nipples, looking up at him as he slid in and out of my mouth.

Mark was behind me and I felt a real thrill as his fingers probed my pussy and asshole. In and out as Pete slid in and out of my mouth.

All my holes were getting stuffed and my clit excited – I know I am gonna cum again.

Pete cuddled my hair holding my head rigid as he pumped in and out of my mouth, not deep at all, just enough as he liked…. He was getting close as I felt him expand.. I quickened my pace on my clit and Mark thrust faster in my pussy and ass….

Pete came as I did, his cum hit my tongue and he withdrew slightly. I pushed his cum out over my chin. He thrust in again, more cum flashed against my tongue, more to push out, now all down my chin and the first drips hit my breasts.
As he thrust in again a third, even bigger load hit me. Pushing it out, my chin was awash with cum, flowing onto my breasts, being rubbed in…
I quivered as I came again at the third load, then again as more cum flowed… It seemed to never stop, Pete had so much cum to give, I was just loving it. He spasm subsided and I pushed all the cum I could from my mouth, my breasts were gleaming with fresh cum all rubbed in.

I took his cock again in my mouth. I wanted him dry and clean, and I was going to sneakily swallow the rest. Taking him deep this time I squeezed his balls and cock to milk every last drop, tightly running my hand up his shaft to extract it all… Hmm, swallow I did, suck until limp I did, love it I definitely did!

Satisfied and spent we dressed.

“Best we get back to work” said Pete, Mark nodding in agreement.

“Fantasy Fulfilled?” asked Pete.

“Thank you so much lads” I honestly said, as I started to the stairs.

“Your Pleasure is Our Desire” came from one of them …. I’ve heard that somewhere in VR World, I thought as I made my exit.

I crashed onto my bed in the motel, tired, satisfied, a million things to dream about…. And..

Another Fantasy to Create!

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