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Workplace Lesbians

Well everyone im finally back! I havent written a story in a while because I havent had any out of the ordinary sexual experiences besides the usual sex with my fiancee. If you have been keeping up with my stories then you know my stories are 100% true and based off of personal expriences. so here it goes...

My fiancee is bisexual and oh yeah it is great. I get to look at other women with her and talk about their tits etc. My fiancee got a job at this mall. While at the working there she found out one of her co-workers is bisexual too. She told me about it and told me how she had a dream about her co-worker, so i told her to text her co-worker and let her know about the dream. Come to find out, the co-worker had a crush on my fiancee all this time. So after talking for a while, they finally decided to hook up. but at their job. so one night i went to pick my fiancee up from work and they had the same schedule. so when i went in and all the other employees left the job, i closed the gate for the job. Before i knew it, my fiancee and her co-worker went into the backroom and shut the door. i didnt mind not being in there because i knew i would make her co-worker feel uncomfortable. So i walked close enough to the door so i could her the details. I heard her co-worker moaning and i heard them kissing and sucking on each other's nipples (i knew because i heard the little "pop" noise when they stopped sucking on each other's nipples). They came from the back room and my fiancee's face was bright red and she was wiping her mouth off. Her co-worker just walked past me smiling. My fiancee was on her period so her co-worker couldnt return the favor. The next week they came back to the same place. Just this time i stepped into the room. I sat in a corner and watched while they ate each other out. My fiancee was eating her out like a monster. I saw her head turning back and forth and her finger deep inside her co-worker's pussy. the lights were off so it was hard to see anymore detail. Then again the next week they met again for the same thing. Just now i got even closer to the action. I was sitting RIGHT next to them as they ate each other out. I told my fiancee to pull her tits out. She is like a 38D. When I said that she told her co-worker to pull her tits out. Her co-workers tits were about the same size as her's but had big black areolas and big black nipples. They finished eating each other out and hinted on me joining next time. I took my fiancee and her co-worker to take her co-worker home and on the way home I could hear them in the back seat making out and fingering each other. Now Im waiting until the next time so I can hopefully join. Then you will hear my next story.

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