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JOY - Chapter 3

I slept in as long as I could, but a loud kno-cking noise from my door ended my beautysl**p abruptly. I threw my dressing gown around my shoulders and opened the door.
It was my ex-boyfriend with a big grin on his Sunday-face who pushed in and settled himself without hesitation on my denim sofa. I didn't know why he had come at all, and I didn't real-ly want to have him here now!
He squabbled, that he had heard that I was going on holidays, and that it was a must for him to see me before I left.
I was just standing indecisively in front of him when he grabbed the dangling cord of my gown and pulled, the simple bow came undone and the garment slid apart. He didn't look at my belly-button, no: his uninhibited gaze met me lower down where my dark little triangle lured, still warm and half asl**p.
I said: »Come on, not that again!« But with the cord still in his hands he pulled me closer and then onto his lap.
He embraced me with his arms and assured me, that he still loved me, and that he was mis-sing me, and so on.
Yeah, yeah, I thought, as I tried to wriggle free. But that only made my gown slide further apart to expose a sl**py breastnipple which he caught unexpectedly quick with his lips.
He started to suck and to chew like a hungry baby. I got hold of his hair to pull him away but he didn't want to let go and we ended up in a c***dish but arousing struggle.
When I tried to stand up his fast fingers pus-hed my dressing gown quickly over my shoulders and down to my hips, from where it sailed onto the carpet around my feet.
Completely naked and unprotected against his erotic attacks I was about to complain, but he pushed me with ease back onto the sofa. He threw one of my legs to the floor and the other one up over the backrest to display my sweet little pussy at its sexiest.
He covered me with slobbery kisses from the belly downwards and soon I didn't have to look at his saucy face any more. But at the same time his agile tongue was wetting my lucky lips and squeezing inside me, and that felt good!
When he found the button of joy he sucked it in and held it there in a strong pulsating grip that made me groan and moan with delight. I came with quick spasmic contractions. But not for long I jumped up, asked him to leave, slip-ped into my dressing gown and made a big safe double knot in the cord.
Very vividly I remembered last Sunday when I was just rinsing a cup in my small kitchen. My ex came in behind me and roughly groped my breasts through the silk of the gown.
I ripped his hands off and played the un-approachable. He wasn't very happy about that and f***ed my upper body over the sink and threw the hem of my gown up my back.
But when he started to play with the little orifice just above my pussy and was wettening the tiny muscle with my own juices I was real-ly annoyed! His finger began to probe into the small channel, my tiny muscle seemed to burst and I yelped like a mad dog!
I didn't enjoy it at any moment, I was furious and pushed him away. And the poor boy had hardly time enough to store his violent toy away when I f***ed him already out the door and locked behind him.
I mixed myself a strong coffee and started to pack my travel bag. I wanted to catch the after-noon bus to visit my uncle on his farm in the south, just for a day or two. It was about three hundred miles down the coast and I had good memories from the last time I was there, with my f****y when I was still a pretty young girl.

When I arrived at the bus terminal they told me, that my bus was about four hours late because of a flat tire or something.
I went to the nearby park and stretched out my legs in the short grass under a huge pine tree next to the bank of the river. The branches above me swayed in the gentle breeze and lovely little birds played all around them. The afternoon sun was warm and the scents seduc-tive, and soon I fell in a peaceful slumber.
They took me away in their wooden canoe against my will. They were scary people with jet-black skin and short greasy curls, with heavy golden rings dangling from their long black ears. My wrists and ankles were tied together with leather straps and my dress was ruined. My hair was a mess, my shoes were lost, and I feared the worst. They didn't communicate nor make any other noise. Only the little waves against the body of the canoe were gurgling a simple song in a boring beat.
When we reached the other side of the river they stuck a long strong bamboo stick through my ties and the four ugly savages carried me through the toughiest jungle on an invisible windy path. I was dangling from my bonds on hands and feet and my dress revealed to the carriers in the back maybe even more than my appetizing long legs. And I could easily imagine their beautiful view of my exposed knickers and the small wet stain on them, created by fear and the arousal of the unknown.
In the middle of the place a huge fire was burning and strange looking women and chil-dren were sitting all around it. A big carved stake stood next to it with horrible faces of spirits and a****ls on it, painted in weird unnatural colours. Two of the wild men with occult tattoos on their bare chests fastened the straps on my wrists to a ring high up on the stake, so that my toes were hardly touching the sandy ground below me. The medicine man approached.
Through his awful mask I caught a glimpse of his mean glowing eyes. The drums started with a soft monotone rhythm but when the masked monster put his dirty fingers into the neck of my dress and ripped it open from the top to the bottom at once. The savages yelled out with obvious joy, the drums went faster and louder and a knot in the burning logs burst into the night sky like a natural firework. The heat of the fire met my bared skin until the shadow of the bad man fell in between again.
With a roar of the crowd he tore my little bra off. I was trembling and the drums increased their tempo again. Sweat was pouring down my whole body when the bad man in a dramatic scene grabbed onto both sides of my lovely un-dies and simply ripped them to pieces!
An old wrinkled witch watches me all the ti-me and a little black boy approaches me, com-pletely nacked, but with a decent erection. He fondles my pussy until it opens, and then he sti-mulates my clit with his glossy pink glans.
My juices start to flow against my will, but the little devil just smiles at me and goes on with his extremely arousing business. The old witch comes slowly closer, a little golden cup in her thrembling fingers. My thighs start to shake under the tremor of the approachingf orgasm and my knees are getting weak. I feel the con-stant flow of my seccrets seeping exessively from my horny cunt - which the black witch catches expertly to the last drop in her goldencup!
I was shuddering when I opened my eyes. I was very thirsty and looked at my watch: it was about time to get ready for the trip. The sun was already pretty low, sinking with an orange glow behind the dark silhouette of the forest on the other side of the silent stream. And I wondered with a shudder, who the hell may live there?

With a shy glance to the side in the dim light I could make out a guy in his thirties with a big moustache.
He didn't seem to bother about our unintended contacts, even when our hips and elbows bumped together he stayed cool.
I turned my eyes to the window again and stared into the endless whizzing darkness outside. It was a good feeling to ride through the star-lit nowhere-land! Where I was breathing against the window it started to steam up and blur - and when I kissed it I could peep out through the markings of my lips...
When our bus hit a pot-hole around a sharp bend my neighbour tumbled towards me and braced himself clumsily with one hand against my upper thigh between my legs.
But he didn't pull his hand back instantly and the warmth of his touch didn't fade away.
I was confused but already a little aroused by the vibration of the heavy motor underneath.
I imagined how that warm hand could have pleased me. Moving u*********sly I would slide down a little in my seat and part my knees a fraction. Taking this as a silent invitation the hand would crawl up and under my skirt to tickle the sensitivity of my expectant skin.
The busy fingers would waste no time to explore the unknown territory, to walk over the soft swell of a luscious meadow, to trace their path through a patch of humid tropical rainforest and to enter a shady valley where in a mossy gully a little brook flew joyfully.
I would arch my back and spread my legs further to make more space for the insatiable explorers who soon would find an interesting cave with wet walls and a single dripping stalactite in the middle.
And being the main goal of the expedition that object instantly would get the undivided attention, would get probed and fingered until a powerful earthquake would shake the whole cavern franticly and urge the frightened crew of explorers to retire immediately...

The coach stopped somewhere in a moon-lit country town and most of the passengers disembarked. But out on the open road again my fantasy started to work again. I cuddled up in my seat and closed my eyes.

My nocturnal lover grabbed me by my waist and simply pulled me onto his lap. He then lowered my inviting buttocks carefully onto his stiff hot member. The head of his tool penetrated my already wide open and slick silky pussy and went the whole long way in. I gasped silently with delight.
Up and down shook the bus and up and down went I, the hard penis inside me pumping like a piston. Blessed by the mounting fleshy sensation I held on to the backrest in front of me whilst his hands were holding on to the wiggling titties under my woollen jumper.
For an uncertain long while we would just stay in this position until satisfaction would throw us both into oblivion. His love-maker would shrink into a wrinkly worm and slide slurping out of his glutinous glove...

A hand was tapping shyly on my shoulder. It was the driver of the coach, and he told me into my blushing face, that the bus was on the end of the line for tonight and that he would like to lock it. It was already half past eleven, I found a pay-phone, rang my uncle and he picked me up in an old rusty ute.
There were no lights on in the farmhouse any more when we drove through the gates, but my uncle was very nice to me and led me to the kitchen for a welcome snack into my growling stomach.
A slice of wholemeal bread, some cheese and salami, a big glass of fresh milk with it – and then he showed me up to my room, wished me sweet dreams, and in a sec I had fallen fast into a hopefully dreamless sl**p.


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