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Pt2 My niece and her friend stay over

So im kneeling down in front of this hot young teen lapping up her sweet pussy juice when the door behind me opens stood there with her mouth and eyes wide open is my niece well i tell you to tell you i was a loss for words would be a understatement i had nothing.

Hay Ellie don't just stand there get in here says jade to my delight she enters the bathroom and closes the door not taking her eyes from myself and jade the whole time looks like i got a bit more than a sneaky peek of your uncles cock then Ellie laughs jade Ellie manages to stutter out yea you sure did . How do you like your uncles cock ellie than its awesome stutters out ellie well don't just stand there lets get you out of those pj s .

Jade slides down of the counter top and start to help undress ellie in no time at all im getting my first in the flesh look at ellies 34b tits i say first time in the flesh as i have in the past hidden tiny cameras around the house but that's a story for another time but getting back to it down comes the bottoms revealing a very small freshly shaved pussy my cock instantly starts throbbing again as this is happening jades hand goes down on to ellies pussy lips and gets a good feel of of that fresh wet pussy .

Get on up on the top here ellie says jade let me taste you before the words are out of her mouth she s on the counter top with jades face buried in ellies pussy i felt a little jealous and let out by this point so i think what the hell and cup jades soaking virgin pussy from behind she instantly responds by moaning in to ellies pussy i manage to insert my little finger in her very tight hole and use my index and middle finger on her swollen clit i continue working jades clit and pushing my little finger deeper in her tight little hole .

So here i am in the bathroom with these two hot girls one with her head buried deep in the others pussy and myself with my little pushed up this very tight pussy my cock was throbbing and i knew what i had to do i had to tap that tight virgin hole with my painfully hard cock .
although her hole was soaking wet i knew that it was going to be hard to get my cock in there now im not going to bull shit you in to thinking i have a monster cock its of a average size just under eight inches and quite thick so i start to rub my cock against her wet pussy lips she responds by moaning wow that feels so good what's he doing to you asks ellie as i slick up my cock with her friends pussy juice i answer the question for her by saying im going to fuck your friends tight virgin cunt whilst she makes you come that's what im doing .

part 3 to follow soon if you want it x

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