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The 60+ Fuck Buddy

It was my last day working in the IT department of a large oil company here in Aberdeen. I was leaving to work in another IT department in another oil company. Oh the life of a computer nerd.
One of the ladies who work at the reception invited me to her birthday party.
“It’s just a bit of fun.” She told me. “We’re having a few drinks around mine, a bit of cake and then off down town to a club.”
“I’m up for that.”
“One thing, it’s in Fancy dress, so find a costume and get your drinking head on.”
It was a few days before the party so I had time to get my costume ready.
Having no read imagination I took a superman T-shirt, wore it under my suit, put on glasses and went as Clark Kent, changing to Superman.
When I got there I could help but notice that there were only four other people. The two women from reception, one random guy and a old lady who looked like a neighbour.
Don’t get me wrong, the costumes were better that I imagine. The two girls, both in their twenties, were dressed in sexy fairytale outfits, the man was dressed as a gangster and the old lady was a schoolgirl.
I spoke to the girls for a bit, taking about my last day, that fact I was going somewhere with more pay. Somehow managed to stop myself looking down the front of their outfits. I spoke to the only other man about rubbish for a while.
I kept glancing over to the woman and saw her looking me up and down. I sat on one of the sofas and looked over at the woman. Soon she came over and sat next to me.
“Hi. I’m Irene. I’m Mary’s neighbour.”
“John.” I said, introducing myself. “Mary?” I asked.
“The one with the wings.” She said pointed at the blond with fairy wings. “I can see you looking at them. But you’re wasting your time.”
“Mary’s with Ian.” she said pointing at the gangster. “And Lisa, the other one, only goes for older men.”
“Thanks for the warning. But I wasn’t going to try.” I told her and smiled.
I always had a thing for older women. Sure I found younger girls attractive, but I preferred more mature women the lust after. And Irene was just my type. Long fair hair, a few wrinkles around the eyes, chubby, with a squeezable backside and ample bosom.
She told me that was 64, that her husband had left her, and that she was now living life to the full. “The girls invite me out whenever, and if I can I always say yes.”
“Many men chat you up?” I asked.
“Chance would be a fine thing.” she said, pushing her glasses up her cute little nose.
“What would a man have to do to have a chance with you?”
“Well, get me another drink would be a good start.”
I took her glass and poured her another glass of wine.
“If I didn’t know any better I think you were interested in this little old lady.”
“Well….” I said, putting my hand on her thigh. “You interested in this younger man?”
She looked flushed for a moment. “Later on.”
We spoke and flirted a little more until Mary walked over to us. “We’re headed off to The Moorings. You two ready?”
“I need to get a few things from my house.” Irene said. “I’ll meet you there.”
“Have you been there before?”
“No,But I’ll show here where it is.” I said helpfully.
“Ok…” Mary said. “We’ll see you later.” She said as She, Ian and Lisa grabbed their coats. Me and Irene shared a smile as we headed over to her house.
“You do want to do this?”
“Or course.”
“Thank god for that. It’s been too long since I last had sex.” She said locking the door behind us. “You like my outfit?” She asked, fanning out her pleated skirt,
“Mmmmm.” I said nodding. I grabbed hold of her and pulled her soft body into me. I slid my hand over her arse and squeezed a bit before giving a playful slap. “I’m betting you look better with it off though.” I said as we kissed.
“I need to go and get into something more comfortable.” She said heading up the stairs. “I’ll call for you to come up.”
I sat down on the sofa and looked around the room. Photos of holidays and friends filled up a bookcase along with romance novels, there was a stack of DVDs with a small black box next to it. Feeling nosey I opened the box and had a look inside. There was a small folder underneath a few other DVDs. I looked at the covers. Old and young porn, older women having sex with younger men.
They seemed a little out of place in this room about f****y and summer hols. I had a quick look in the folder and found pictures of her in various costumes looking into the camera sexily, slowly stripping off. I found a few of her as the school girl playing with a dildo, some as a maid lounging on a bed, even one as a female santa claus with a present infront of her pussy.
I looked up the stair and started to feel hornier, wondering what was waiting for me up stairs.
“You can come up now.”
I nearly ran up. Opening her bedroom door she was dressed in white bra that just held in her breasts, a g-string and stockings. I walked quick over to her and grabbed her, holding her close to me so I could feel her body pushed up against me.
Her hands went right for my fly, quickly undoing in and taking hold of my rapidly hardening cock.
She massaged it in her hands while looking me right in the eyes. “You are such a turn on.” She told me. “I’ve never been fucked by a hero before.” She looked at the Superman symbol on my t-shirt.
I took off my jacket and shirt as she rubbed my chest.
“You’re in my house which means you have to do what I tell you to.” She said with a smile. “I’m going to enjoy this.”
I reach to touch her but she gently swatted my hand away.
“I never said you could touch me yet. But I can touch you.” She said “And since I have you cock in my hand I’m in charge.” She sat on the bed and licked the tip of my penis. “I’m going to suck your cock until you are ready to burst,then I want you to fuck me. I haven’t had it in so long, all I want is your hard dick in me. Can you do that?”
“Yes, oh yes.” I said, enjoying her touch.
“I want you to make me cum and I want to make you cum.”
I was about to say something when she took my cock in her mouth and gently sucked. I held my hands behind me back, remembering that she said I wasn’t allowed to touch her. I had to fight the urge to grab hold of her head. It made the blow job feel better, the fact that I had to stop myself from touching her, added to trying not to cum in her mouth and the sucking got faster and faster, harder and harder. Her head bobbed up and down and she hummed as she did it, the subtle vibration sending a strange tingle in me.
“My god, you dick tastes so good. Do you want to touch me now?”
“Not yet.” She said as she went back to sucking me.
I started to thrust gently in her mouth and after a few strokes I was fucking her mouth, very nearly calling her names, fighting the urge to touch her and trying to believe my luck. Images of her in those pictures came back to me, the small pile of hidden pics and porn.
She reached behind and unfastened her bra. She sucked as I kept pushing my cock in her moist mouth she started playing with her tits.
“I want you to play with my breasts. I saw you looking at them when I was in fancy dress.”
I squeezed them, rolled the nipples in between my fingers and lick and sucked on them for all I was worth, even nipping them every now and again.
I slid a hand down her belly, feeling how soft it was and gently touched the fabric of her g-string and pushed down a little, just to see if she would try to stop me.
I slid a finger into her pussy and again found she didn’t stop me.
I stroked her clit gently and after a while applied a little more pressure to get her moans louder. After a while I pushed my fingers deeper into her as I continued to work on her tits.
“I want you in me. Fuck me, fuck me now.”
I was more than happy to do as she asked.
I as I took off the rest of my clothes Irene took off her G-string, and lay on the bed.
I pushed into her, started slow and then soon I was going steady and harder.
I felt Irene drag her fingernails down my back, she moaned in my ear, telling me to go faster and harder, being told to pound her.
“Fuck me like the dirty old whore I am.” She said almost breathlessly into my ear.
That just drove me on more. Faster and harder. I wanted her to cum and cum hard. I wanted her to have wave after wave of orgasm. I wanted her to scream loudly, to let go. I wanted her neighbours to hear her.
Her moans got louder until she shouted out “I’m cumming!” followed by a few loud short breaths. I pulled out and moved up to her face. She grabbed my cock and went back to sucking it harder and harder until I shot into her mouth.
Lying next to her I could feel her shiver every now and again.
“I’ve never felt that for a long time.” She told me as we lay sweaty and sticky. “I don’t want a relationship, just sex. And I want you. I want to do this again and again.”
“Let me get my breath back. That was amazing. You want to be my fuck buddy?”
A 60+ asking me to be her fuck buddy. I didn’t need to think too long about the answer.
“Just say when.” I answered.

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