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Giving Oral to a Woman

For those of you who follow my stories, first thank you. I am going to deviate from the chronology a bit and talk about when I was still with my girlfriend. Chronologically, it would be before my last story about how I lost my virginity. It was my girlfriend’s birthday, and it was a great opportunity to showcase all that I have learned about giving oral sex to a woman.

Before I started, I got off the bed to take off my clothes for her. I striped down to a male thong that was pretty much nothing except a pouch to hold my penis. I started out by French kissing her. We stood on our knees next to one another. While I kissed her I caressed her body to show her that every inch of her body was important to me. I tipped her head to suck on her ear. The tension was starting to build in her body as I moved down her neck to her chest. I kissed the base of her breasts along her shirt line as her breathing started to increase. My kisses went back to her neck followed by kisses around to the back of her shoulder. She turned to allow me to pay more attention to that area. As I kissed her back, I lifted up her shirt exposing her bra. My tongue found its way down to the snap and undid it. My hands then followed through by removing the bra from her body.

I then lay her on her stomach. As I kissed down her back, I reached around to undo her pants. The pants were removed followed by my kiss on the newest exposed skin. I went down her left leg to pay careful attention to each individual toe and the sole of her foot. After her left foot was satisfied, I switched my attention to her right foot. They were given the same attention as her other leg. When I reached my way back up to her bottom, I split her cheeks. My tongue licked around the rim of her backdoor. It then became as narrow as I could make it, and went as deep into her as I messed my face against her bottom. Her heavy breathing had now become an orgasm. After she experienced a few orgasms from me licking her bottom, it was time to move on.

I next rolled her over onto her back. Without taking my lips off of her body, I kissed her around to her breast. I spiraled around the base of her breast before going on a slow incline to her pinnacle. After finishing the first breast, I gave equal treatment to her other breast. She rubbed her other nipple while I gave attention to the other. This produced her second set of orgasms.

It was now time to finish her off. I could feel the heat from her vagina from her bellybutton. I took a small detour back down her legs paying another visit to her toes and feet. Before I got back to her vagina, I encircled it stocking it like my prey. I licked my lips and attacked my catch. It did not take much to get her back to orgasm. I used every muscle in my tongue to rub her active clitoris. My middle finger reached into her body to rub her internally. My other hand assisted by reaching back up to her breasts to show that they were not forgotten. Her orgasms quickly changed to body shaking convolutions. I arched my back to put added f***e against her body trapping the orgasms to reverberate inside of her which only made her moans louder. Each jet of her juices was followed by her hand clinching my hair.

After a few drinks of her personally made juices, she could not take anymore. She took my face away from her body. Even after I stopped licking her, she still let out breathes of thanks.

A variation that I have done to this was taking food (carrots, strawberries, etc.) and sticking it in her hole(s). After I got it inside of her for a short time, I would take it out, and eat it.

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