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My night with the thick mature neighbor

It was a hard day and after working for hours, I felt the need for some good sex. I had a neighbor that lived. A few houses down and she was up for anything. She was a thick little number that never had her man around. She was older than me but in my case, it was the fact that she was mature that made me know that she needed something different. She had been wanting a piece of me ever since she met me, so tonight, I would finally give her what she wanted. When I got to her place, she opened the door wearing nothing but a see through nightgown. She grabbed me by the hand and led me into the house and sat me down on the couch. Before I could let the words come out my mouth, she put her finger on my lips. Before I knew it, she was reaching inside my pants and tugging on my dick. She looked at me and said that she had been wanting my dick for the longest and she knew that I would come and see her. Just then, she pulled my dick out and started sucking it. Her tongue started sending chills throughout my body. All of the sudden, she stopped. I asked her what was wrong? She said nothing was wrong, she just never had sucked on a thick cock before. I picked her up and carried her into her bedroom. I laid her down and spread her legs and I began to go to town on her warm, juicy pussy. I flicked my tongue up and down on her clit. I grabbed her legs and pulled her closer to me as I began to suck her juices out of her. She broke free and she climbed out the bed. She started shaking and moaning as she stood there taking off her nightgown. She walked over to me and she undid my belt and pulled everything off of me. She pushed me flat on the bed and began to deep throat my dick. I could feel all 9 in a half inches of my dick in her throat as she dug her nails into my sides. Instead of groaning in pain, I begged her to keep digging. She asked no questions as she kept sucking and kept digging. She got my dick as thick and long as it could get. She then climbed on top of me as I slid my dick inside her inch by inch. She stopped when it was halfway in. I could tell that she never had anything this thick and this long before so I gently eased her down some more. She started shaking as she rode me. She still didn't have all of me in her so it wasn't until I grabbed her shoulders and pushed her all the way down that she started moaning loud. I grabbed her and began to hold her in place as I began ramming my dick deep and deeper. She started moaning louder and louder as she kept screaming "Oh My God!". I rolled her on her back and to my surprise, she took her legs and pinned them behind her head. I slowly eased my dick into her pussy and rested my hands on her thighs and I began to please her by hitting her spot with every stroke I made. After I saw her eyes roll into the back of her head, I started going faster and harder. She started screaming that she was going to cum, so I began thrusting my dick real hard inside her until her pussy clenched up. I felt pressure pusing my dick out of her so I got up and pulled my dick out of her as she started to squirt. I knew that this wasn't the end. I pulled her out of the bed and bent her over the dresser. I got behind her before I got ready to put it her her, she stopped me and said that she wanted anal. I questioned her judgement but eventually, I began to slowly to put my dick in her ass. When I put the head in, she started tearing up but she began to backup so more of my dick would go inside her. Before I knew it, she had at least 8 inches of my dick in her ass. She was stretched out thanks to my thickness and I grabbed her arms and began sliding in and out her ass. Before I knew it, an hour and 45 minutes had passed. She said she wanted my cum, so she wiped my dick off, got on her knees and began to suck my dick. She more she sucked, the closer I felt to cumming. She started jerking my dick as she was sucking it and I felt like I was a couple of jerks away from covering her face with cum. I told her to countdown from 10. So she started sucking my dick faster as I. Heard her mumble the countdown. As soon as she got down to one, I pulled my dick out her mouth and began to cum on her face and in her mouth. As she swallowed my cum and rubbed the rest into her face, she asked me if she have me again tomorrow night. I told her as long as she did what she did, she could have me any night she wanted. There's nothing like being taken care of sexually after a hard day of work.

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