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The gym showers and more than soap!

Yesterday, after a hard workout at my gym, i went to take a shower, of course, in the ladies room . i had always kept my panties on when showering, yet my shemale bulging cock was quite vivible to all the girls, so i just washed my cock, keeping it inside of my panties. that was before yesterday. when i got in the showers, only one girl was also in, a cute, hot babe about 21, long red hair, great ass, long legs, and big tits, so i could not help watching her soap her tits and her pussy, all the while my shemale cock was rock hard. she looked at me, smiled and asked me to wash her back, please. that was all it took! yes, i also washed and rubbed her sweet pussy, tits, and ass, and then she pulled down my panties and started to jack my cock with soap, how hot! We kissed a bit, then she bent down, sucked my cock so good, and then bent over and told me she had never been ass fucked by a shemale, and would I? My cock was in her tight wet asshole so fast , and luckily we we alone in the showers, she was so hot with her ass backing up to my cock that i shot my jizz up her asshole within 10 minutes, she came by masturbating her pussy and clit, i pulled out and she cleaned my cock of cum and ass juice with her mouth. by then, we decided to dry off, did exchange numbers, and have fucked and sucked a couple times since, so you never know who you may meet and fuck in the showers, waht a hot turnon she is! send comment or message, and let me know if you and any other guy or girl did the same! be good.

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