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The Vibrator

Your husband’s new boss is throwing an annual Christmas party which you both were invited too. As you sit in the living room wearing your black skirt with a dark red blouse you are feeling bored and out of place. The boss’s wife and of the other wives are good friends with one another and while they are friendly enough they are also ignoring you at the present time. Your husband is engaged with his boss and co-worker's so you are plenty bored. Since no one is looking you decide to take a look around the house and go upstairs. As expected, the first two rooms are spare rooms the last room down the hallway is the master bedroom. You know you should not be here but you make your way into the master bedroom. The dark mahogany furniture is very high quality with a four post bed in the middle. You run your hands along the bedspread feeling the soft material and make your way to nightstand. On it resides a Daniel Steele novel which obviously means this if the wife’s nightstand. Feeling naughty you open the draw to see what is inside. To your surprise sitting right on top is a rather large purple vibrator. After quickly glancing towards the door and not seeing anyone you pick it up and examine it. This one is much bigger then what you have at home. Your starting to feel a little tingle as you are becoming aroused by doing something you know to be wrong. Your mind quickly imagines the pleasure you would feel by having the vibrator being pushed in and out of your pussy. This mental picture arouses you even further. Your nipples are starting to harden against your lacy black bra you wore for your husband. Your pussy is now throbbing and you can feel some of your juices on the black thong you are wearing. Not even realizing it, your one hand begins to stroke the vibrator up and down the length of the shaft. You take another glance towards the door and seeing no one again you turn on the vibrator and immediately turn it back off to check how much noise it made. You are satisfied to discover that not much sound is made. You have never done anything like this before and are turned on by being so naughty you reach the point of no return. Trying to think clearly you head for the door and close it three quarters of the way and head back to the bed. You sit down on the end of the bed and sink into the plush pillow top surface. You lean onto your back and bend your legs which makes your skirt ride up to your waist. Since you are wearing stocking tonight the only thing between you is your panties. You take one last look at the doorway and then place the tip of the vibrator to your wet panties. Being so naughty has made your panties soaked. Slowly you guide the vibrator up and down the length of you pussy against the material. Your toes are tingly from the excitement and you start to push harder against the wet flimsy material. As the intense pleasure begins to build up you switch on the vibrator. The initial pulse feels so good but you still jump a bit. You then take a side of your panties and move it over allowing clear access to your hot waiting pussy. Your mind can not believe what you are doing but your body is on control now. Feeling the tip of the vibrator against you sends shock waves up and down your legs. You gently push the large vibrating tip into your waiting hot pussy. You are so turned on that your own juices allow it to glide into you. The further you push in the more it begins to fill you up. You close your eyes and throw your head back as the divine sensation takes over your whole body. You allow a soft cry to escape your lips. You are loving how this bigger vibrator is stretching your pussy. You are completely filled up as the vibrator has engulfed you. You begin to move the vibrating toy in and out of you slowly building up your pace. You have your head back with eyes closed. Your legs are up in the air. You are doing all you can not to make a noise but you want to let out a large moan as your dripping wet pussy is being fucked by another’s large pulsing vibrator in someone else’s bedroom. The prospect of being seen at any moment is so stimulating. You are now pumping it in and out of you with abandonment. Your body can not take the pleasure and you can feel the release coming up through your body. In an instant you explode with a breathtaking orgasm. Your mouth forms an O but no sounds is emitted. Your back tenses up and your hand plunges the vibrator completely into you pussy. You have such an orgasm that some juices were released and you can feel it sliding down to your ass. You switch off the vibrator as it is still inside you. As soon as the soft noise is gone you hear movement from the hallway. All in one motion you remove the toy and roll onto your side and off the bed all the while staring at the door. Your heart is pounding as you stand perfectly still. After a moment you hear footsteps going down the stairs. You breathe out slowly and place the cum soaked vibrator back into the draw and make your way downstairs. Finding your husband in the kitchen pouring himself a drink you walk over to him and plant a wet kiss on his lips. He just looks at you and smiles. The party is winding down and you say your goodbye’s. As you make your way to the car your husband says “You are one naughty naughty girl.”

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