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Flying High! - Short Story

Mona Lindley, 29, single, international sales manager, travels a lot. She doesn't like men too much, despises kissing, is disgusted by touching dicks and hates warm sperm trickling down her thighs. But she uses men for her sexual satisfaction, and should there be none around her at the moment, she endulges always in her own erotic fantasies!

The golden sun sinks tired into the soft bed of clouds and the veil of the night draws over it to keep him warm. The contant vibration and the numbing hum of the heavy jet engines are lulling my senses. I made a bit of small talk with the guy next to me, but without much interest. He doesn't really look that bad, but that doesn't matter: He has nice hands and clean finger nails, and that's what counts for me!
When I'm awake nobody seems to be interested in me anyway, but as soon I'm asl**p men are drawn to me like magic. I can never sl**p in an airplane, those creaking and shaking sardine tins high over the clouds. But I like to pretend! I rumage noisily through my bag, find some vitamin tablets and swallow them with a gulp of mineral water.
»Extra strong sl**ping tablets«, I tell my neighbour, »so I can sl**p through the night!« He just nods and rustles with his huge news paper. I put on my sl**ping mask, let the back of my seat down and pull the woollen blanket up to my waist. I open two buttons in the front of my flowery blouse - and the trap is set!
Half an hour the man is pretending to read, but I can feel his eyes on me all the time. Teasing with a bit of cleavage always works, the soft swells of female breasts are the best bait for lonely travellers! And when he finally switches off his reading light I sigh and stir a little, as if I was caught in an amorous dream.
He stubs me with his knee, he touches my arm with his elbow and hisses a couple of times, but then he seems to be asured that I'm fast asl**p. He flips up the dividing armrest and moves a bit closer. And I'm just waiting in delicious anticipation - an easy prey for the genuine connaisseur!
Then I sense his fingers! Softly he pulls my blouse apart to get a better insight. I dont budge, and that enhances his courage. He opens another button and then the next until I feel cool air flowing onto my belly. My thin black bra must fascinate him - I hear him clear his throat. He gently strokes over the twin mounds to locate the wild strawberries under the stretched fabric, and to rub them hard.
He gets bolder by the minute, and now he pulls already on my bra to free the two luscious nipples. Would he like to kiss them? Please suck them! No, he just likes to play with them for a while - and the feeling is delicious! As he gets bored with that game he covers them again and buttons up my blouse - there is more to explore!
He pushes the blanket down onto my thighs and contemplates the satin skirt. Easy! He pushes it up to my waist to have a good look at my tight panties. He caresses the bulge of my sex through the thin material, then he slips a hand under the seam. He brushes over my curly pubic patch with his fingertips, and exerts an arousing pressure to the bone beneath.
Access to my pussy is restricted, so he pulls back. Gently he parts my legs wider and pulls the panties down in the front as far as they stretch. Now he can really have a go at the object of his desire. He gets sticky fingertips from fondling the sensitive lips of my sex, searching for the tiny fleshy nub of lust.
I could purr from sheer excitement, but I don't want to make it too easy for him. I moan, stir and roll onto my side, facing the window. Adopting quickly to the new situation he pushes up the skirt and checks out my buttocks for elasticity and firmness. But my panties seem to be a contant obstacle: they have to move!
Curious fingers dive into the damp cleft and find the tiny wrinkled rose easy in the dark! And man: He certainly knows how to treat a female sphinxter! He probes and drills like an engineer, but as he retires I roll with a grunt onto my back again. The paties are now stretched tightly around my parted thighs, and my hungry sex is served to his enjoyment like a Sunday roast on a silver plate!
The stewardess must have just passed us, then my lover covers my exposed charms with the blanket for a while. It feels so exciting to be half naked, and I'm tempted to push my own digits into my from expectation sodden cunt, but I behave myself! My way of having sex definitely demands a lot of patience!
The blanket comes off and his determined fingers take care of me again. He rubs my clit until it seems to burst, he drives his strong fingers in and out of the well lubricated hole that I can smell my own perfume and hear the sticky suction noise. I clench my teeth as the first orgasm rolls over me in a sequence of steaming hot and icy waves. That was absolutely delicious, but I want more!
Again I toss around, and this time I stick my naked bottom straight into his lap. I snore a bit to comfort my nightly lover. He pulls the blanket over us both, and I know what that means. The intricate sound of a rupper condom being rolled onto a huge erection shows me that he is ready. And with a little help of his finger his dick slips into me. I gasp for air - it's bigger than I thought! Oh, it's so long, and so strong, it stretches my tender tissues to the maximum, it fills me right up, and the soft round tip tickles the entrance to my sensitive womb . . .

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