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First time bi with older guy

This is the story of my first time with a man, I was 18 at the time and working as a beach officer at my local beach, as part of the job I was given my own office on the seafront which as I know now is a popular gay cruising area. It started off with me discussing with my then girlfriend about how I wanted to have fun with another man, she was bisexual herself and she shared in this fantasy of mine for me to pleasure a bloke.
My first time came about when patrolling the resort and I found a series of graffiti amongst which were some requests from bi men looking to meet other men in the area. One particular piece caught my eye, it was by a bloke called peter who was 63yr old and looking to meet with younger guys, he requested to leave details of time and place to meet. I decided to leave a reply saying to meet the following week near my office. When the following week arrived I nervously hung around my office keeping an eye out for anyone to arrive. About 15mins later he arrived, as we got eye contact he approached and we began to chat and gradually the talk got round to what we could do. I decided to tell him my office was empty and we could go in there and be undisturbed. Once inside all my nerves disappeared and it didnt take long before I was unbuckling his jeans and easing my hand inside his trousers, he responded by kissing me full on the lips and wrapping his hand around my cock. I had never thought about kissing a man before as it had never really crossed my mind but to be honest it was quite a turn on as he was quite f***eful and rough with it. slowly he unbuttoned my shirt and started to tease my nipples with his tongue (something which always gets me rock hard), as I lowered his jeans and boxers his stiffening cock sprang out to attention and for a moment I stopped just to look at it, it was then that i realised i was soon going to experience what i had fantasised about for long enough. He was only about 6in uncut but it was nice and thick with a large head on it. as i sank to my knees he held one hand on the back of my head and with the other fed hic cock into my mouth, that first moment was one to savour, slowly i licked and sucked on his cock, running my tongue up and down the length of it whilst playing with his balls. gradually i picked up the pace and started sucking him harder and faster, judging by the groaning and the fact he pulled me onto his cock harder i knew he was enjoying it, after about 10mins he decided it was time to repay the favour, so he pushed me back into my office chair and knelt between my legs and slowly started to suck on my now rock hard cock, I myself am about 7in uncut but amazingly he just took the whole length to back of his throat and continued to suck me off for a good ten minutes all the time teasing my balls with one hand and reaching up to play with my nipples with the other. Being my first time I was not sure how far i felt comfortable with going so after a quick discussion we decided that this time we finish off with sucking and handjobs, as we stood there facing each other rubbing each others cocks and kissing again I decided i wanted to at least have him cum on me and for me to taste what it is like. after a few minutes wanking he turned me around and proceeded to reach around and wank me off whilst also having his cock pressed against my virgin arse, feeling his hard cock there turned me on even more and finally whilst he was biting the back of my neck i felt my cum rising before finally shooting my cum all over the desk, i dont think i have ever cum that hard before or since!. Deciding it was my turn now i knelt in front of him and wrapped my hand around his penis and wanked him to the point of him cumming, only much to his surprise i leant forward and let him shoot his hefty load all over my face and into my mouth, when he had finished cumming i sucked him clean and proceeded to tell him that next time there would be more to come if he wants to meet again.
if you want to know what happened look out for part two coming shortly! Hope you enjoyed, because i did.

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