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Dating Sites Surprises

I like to chat on dating sites, like to look for people there but i had never moved on an actual date. The farest i had been was a cam chat. I was always afraid of a real date. The stories i had heard about were pretty horrible most of the times.
A few years ago i was relocated to another country due to my work, as a newcomer in a not so liberate place i was always scared not to show my sex orientation. Both the gay one as the crossdressing. My only way out were my dildos and the chat rooms. On a chat room i met a guy who sounded really interesting, after several hours of talkinh we both decided to proceed with our cameras on. He was cute and funny. Not the best you can find but the fact that i did not had a single date for several months made him look even better.
Feeling really horny i decided to be "aggresive", i asked to meet him in a hotel on the coming weekend. He agreed and i started to make all preparations needed :)

On Saturday morning i checked in at the hotel (as a serious businessman) and went up to my room. I started with a hot bath to relax and some special cleaning that had to come first before the meeting. I was all waxed and my body was very smooth. I dressed up (a secretary look) and put my favorite black wig. It was almost 14:30 when i heard the knocking on the door, i was ready and very anxious. I opened and there he was.

After a welcome kiss and a glass of wine he asked me to dance (music was playing from the very start). While dancing he gently kissed me on the neck while his hand was exploring my back making me feel really turned on. We lied to bed and he was kissing all of my body. I was moaning and begging him to take his clothes off so that i could give him a blow job. He did and immediately i took it all in my mouth, it was an average size cock but to my eyes after all those months it was perfect. He was enjoying it and i start to move my mouth faster. I was feeling that he was about ready to come so i stopped. I bended over and "invited" him to come inside me. I knew that he was almost ready to come so it would not last long but i wanted so much to feel a real cock inside my ass after so much time. When he came in i felt so good, he started moving slowly in and out moaning hard. He was coming deep inside me and i was feeling it ready to explode. That went on for a few minutes more, i realized that he cound not last longer and i asked him to pull out and cum in my mouth. I just managed to get it in my mouth and immediately he came, his cums were hot and really salty and i liked that a lot. I swallowed every drop and i kept cleaning him with my tongue. Amazingly his cock was still hard, so another round started. That time he asked me not to bend over but to lie with my legs spreaded so that to take me as a woman. I did it with great pleasure, he was fucking me hard and fast while i was playing with my small cock. He was going so fast that i was feeling that my ass is on fire, i was feeling pain and joy at the same time. My cock was hard too and i was ready to cum, he understood it and came out of me, he placed his cock on top of mine and asked me to play them together. i did it with great pleasure and in seconds i was feeling both our cums at my hands, my belly and my chest. i was screaming from pleasue and he was too.

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