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Licking woman clitoris

Licking woman clitoris is skill that men should do it in just right way. When it is done right; you make them thoundrous orgasm with more pleasure from her clit and good intercourse to ecstatic end.
Licking citoris is not a easy job to make woman pleased. While licking the clit you should be tranquil, appealing and enticing to stir your tongue into very sensetive part that has millions of nurves. A man should do far better job then jus licking clit. First you should prepare woman for oral stimulation the best way to make her pleased it is not her wish but mood and romantic acts. Woman are indeed not like us a man who would just do their orgasm and get exhusted cause the cocks does not have millions of nurves for over exited response (Mulity orgagsm) as clitoris does. This is why woman enjoys sex with multiple orgasm then a man. A man doesn’t need to be prepared for sucking their cocks. Woman should just come down on their knee or in different position for sucking cocks.

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