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Cumsquirter and teen girl

What an experience i recently had, meeting a 18 year old girl at an adult bookstore! We hit up a conversation, and i told her that i would be upfront, that i am a shemale, at which she said to me, "No fucking way, you are so cute"! Nice to hear that, she was beautiful, about my height 5'7'', long blond hair, cute face , long sexy legs and nive tits and waht a great ass! she told me that she was straight, but always thought about what it would be like to have sex with a shemale, so i asked her why she was at the adult store. She said she was looking for a vibrator or dildo, and she told me she masturbates her wet pussy twice a day, using her fingers to fuck herself, so i picled out a hot dildo for 6 inches, nice cockhead and jellylike, and i paid for it. She said how can i make it up to you, what a come on! We went back to my place, went right to my bed, got naked, waht a sweet, shaved pussy she had. when she saw my hard 7 inch cock and big head, she got down and sucked my cock so fucking good that i came so much jizz in her sweet mouth and she swallowed my cum.
she said that she had sucked men's cocks and their cum and had fucked twice, so i started to eat her juicy pussy, and suck on her 32b tits, i licked her asshole, then i put my hard cock in her pussy from behind, what a hot fucking ass she has! i then asked her if i could cockfuck her up her asshole, she said go slow, so i libed up her ass and my cock, and pushed my mushroom head into that tight brown hole. I fucked her easy then i could not hold my cum back, i jizzed in her ass and she came, fingering her clit while i fucked her. so fucking hot. since then, we have hooked up a couple of times, and she even jacked my cock off with her sweet hands til i shot a huge jizz load on her tits. My cock is throbbing right now as i type this, so it is time to stroke it and shoot a load of cum, think i will jackoff lying legs spread on my bed, i love to see my cum squirt in the air. So, you never know who you may meet at the adult book store. Be Good!

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