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Rough Video Booth Sex - Part 2

Rough Video Booth Sex – Part 2

I got the keys from the dashboard, and unlocked the back door to the moving van. I jumped in first, and switched on the low floor lights inside, giving us just enough light to see each other. The two men entered the truck, and shut and locked the door behind them. “Well, well, well,” John exclaimed, “lookie what we got here!” He held a rolled up length of rope in his hands. Meanwhile, Mack was sliding an empty crate to the middle of the truck bed. “Strip down and hop up here, and get on your knees,” he said as he patted the top of the crate.

I couldn’t get up there fast enough, as my heart and cock both thumped in unison. By then, John had the rope stretched out and ready. The men tied rope around each of my wrists, and attached my outstretched arms to the tie down brackets on either side of the van walls. Mack took another piece of rope, ran it through openings in the crate, and brought it over top of my back, tying my body down tightly. He smacked my bare ass like a football coach would do, only with much more authority.

Both men undressed in front of my face, each with a rather scary, lecherous grin on his face. Their monstrous cocks were already hard, and ready for action. Mack pulled my mouth open, bent over, and spit right into my open mouth. Apparently, that was a signal: what was to follow would not be a leisurely walk in the park. I was disgusted, but excited all at once. John pushed Mack out of the way, and jammed his cock into my mouth without warning. When I choked on it, he pulled out, and he slapped my face back and forth twice. “Suck it proper!” he commanded, and shoved it back in deeply and deliberately. I got in tune with his tempo, and did my best to accommodate him.

Meanwhile, Mack was behind me. He spread my slippery ass cheeks, and thrust his tongue into my still wide asshole. I was going wild with a****l lust, and my cock throbbed, tightly squeezed between my legs, as it were. Mack stood up, and held his stiff member in both hands. He guided it towards my back door, and buried it up my rectum with such f***e, that I could feel his balls slap against my balls on his first thrust. I cried out as I felt the full f***e of his manhood invade my vulnerable, no longer virgin, asshole. Mack slapped my ass a stinging blow, and told me once again, to shut the fuck up.

I bucked hard against Mack’s upper legs, as I began to match his rhythm. I was in ecstasy, and I couldn’t get enough of his fat cock in my ass. My concentration got disrupted when I felt John’s big hands tighten around my head. “Breathe through your nose, boy, I’m going in!” exclaimed John. He put one hand behind my head, and pushed his steaming cock past my tonsils, and right down my throat. He pulled back quickly, then, thrust his hips forward, burying his cock so deep, that his balls slapped under my chin. I was completely shocked, and my face was turning bright red. On his third push, he held his cock steady in my throat for several seconds. “Breathe!” he reminded me, as tears ran down my cheeks. I finally calmed myself down enough to catch my breath, and my throat relaxed against his pounding manhood fucking my throat repeatedly and relentlessly.

Mack was getting even more out of control behind me, as he watched his cohort deep throating me so f***efully. He banged his hips against my ass, pulling my hips back to meet his with each new stroke.

All at once, they both pulled out of me, and switched places. They must have used some kind of hand signal, because their timing was impeccable. It was like some kind of new Olympic event: synchronized fucking, or something. As I gasped for air, Mack held his ass stained cock to my lips, and told me to lick his cock clean. The taste of our mixed juices made me frown at first, but the more I licked, the easier it was to take.

My mind focused elsewhere, as I could feel John getting ready to mount my ass. I was still wide open, so I didn’t expect any problem taking his thick girth in my ass. I was wrong. I didn’t realize how much thicker his cock was, compared to Mack’s. But I couldn’t help yelling out when his cock head disappeared up my rectum.

This earned me several face slaps from Mack, who then grabbed my head by my hair, and slammed his newly “cleaned” cock into my mouth. “I told you, sonny boy, shut up!” he hissed angrily. By then, John had pushed the rest of his pulsating cock into my rectum as far as it would go, and commenced fucking my ass at a rapid fire pace, like a machine gun.

After a few more throat thrusts from Mack, his grip tightened on my hair, and he pumped my throat full of gooey man cum. Wave after wave spewed forth, and I swallowed every drop. John pulled out of my ass, ran around front, and pushed Mack out of the way. “Move!” he blurted out, as he guided his volcanic cock towards my mouth. “Open your mouth and stick out your tongue!” he commanded. As I quickly obeyed, he rested his pulsating cock head on my tongue, and lightly rubbed it back and forth. His first load of erupting cum shot out f***efully, and hit my tonsils. I choked, but he held my mouth open with his strong thumbs, and filled my mouth faster than I could swallow. Like a plunger in a toilet, he shoved his cock down my throat as if to unclog my drain. He pumped my throat for at least a full minute, until his drained cock could stay hard no longer.

Both men sat on the other crate together, heads down, breathing heavily. Finally, John looked up at me, smiled evilly, and said: “You liked all that good fuckin’ and suckin’, didn’t you, sissy boy?” I nodded my head instinctively. “You’d probably like to have a little more fun wouldn’t you?” he asked. Again, I nodded, as if I was possessed. “Well, me and Mack are plumb tuckered out, but I bet we could think of something for you,” he offered.

Mack had gotten up while John was sweet talking me, and he was rummaging around the truck. He moved some padded blankets and discovered my tool box. Flipping open the lid, he let out a low whistle. “Check this out,” he said to John. He pulled a hammer out of the tool box, and ran his fingers up and down the round rubber coated handle. “That oughta do the trick,” John proclaimed. Mack threw him the hammer, and went back to exploring. He moved some more blankets and he found a half empty container of motor oil, and a tire iron. He tossed the oil to John, and stood behind me with the steel tire iron. “This’ll get you warmed up in a hurry,” he explained, and he fucked my ass wickedly with it. Soon, John had the hammer handle all lubed up with motor oil, and he handed it to Mack as he walked by him. “I’ll be right back,” he said, as he unlocked the back door and jumped out. Mack stuck the oil bottle into my ass and squeezed the rest of the oil into my anal canal.

John returned quickly, locking the van door behind him. I couldn’t see what was going on, but I let out a shriek when I felt the first stinging blow from whatever he had for a whip. He whacked my ass several times, and I jumped with each sharp contact. I strained to look behind me, and I recognized the painful instrument as the radio antenna from the front of the truck.

John switched tactics, and began to swing the antenna between my legs, finding my proudly erect cock each time. It stung alright, but it also aroused me like nothing I ever felt before. That’s when Mack lined the hammer handle up, and twisted it into my tired asshole. I pushed forward, resisting this latest intrusion, but it was no use. Mack held the hammer head firmly in his grip, and fucked my ass firm and proper. The oil squirted out of the sides of my asshole with each slam of the handle.

John dropped the antenna, and walked around front. “This purty boy licked our cocks clean, but he forgot to clean our assholes,” he offered. With that, he turned around presented his spread ass cheeks to my face, and ordered me to “Lick it clean.” I didn’t mind, because I was so into Mack attacking my ass with total abandon. It seemed like I just couldn’t get enough ass action. His arm finally got tired from all the ass humping, and he came around front to get his ass licked clean too. He left the hammer deep in my ass, as I circled his brown spot with my tongue. I felt my left arm go loose, as John untied the rope. Mack stood up, and they both dressed quietly.

They gave each other a high five in front of my face, and prepared to leave. “Careful drivin’, boy, and come back to see us real soon,” John told me. They each gave me a lusty slap on the ass, and they were gone. At least they closed the door, I thought, as I worked to untie the rest of the ropes with my free hand. I pulled the hammer out of my asshole very slowly and gingerly. It took me awhile to stand up straight, and as I put on my shorts, I realized I still had a raging hard on. They didn’t even have the decency to get me off, after all that.

Instead of taking care of matters right then and there, I figured I’d just take it along with me for the ride. As I drove down the deserted road, I laughed out loud when I looked out the windshield. They had screwed my radio antenna back in before they left. Now, that’s hospitality!

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