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Is that woman flirting with you?

It's indeed a fine line – one where the quintessential 'player of the game' is separated from the eternal wannabe. To the above-average go lucky male(aka the proverbial alpha male), flirting is a mere tool, a ritual to be performed before getting down to the real 'action', but for the rest of us, it is the one obstacle which prevents access to the untold world beyond. Granted, flirting is a complex behaviour that is largely seen as a male trait. While 100% of men are ever-willing to offer advice on the topic, few are actually masters of it in their own right. But this time, that is beside the point.

There might come a time in life when one does not have to try too hard. Like the ad for that talc goes, "Is it me, is it you, is it now", we may never know. But to put it straight, if that girl across the room(or across the table) is actually trying to initiate a flirting session with you, and you miss the obvious signs, there is just no excuse for your 'sin'. To save you from such a predicament, we list 5 simple signs that could tell you the light is green…opportunity never knocks twice!

5. Eye contact
This is in fact a preliminary test for the merit of the male she has her eyes on. As has been drilled into our brains over time, "anyone who frequently breaks eye contact is not to be trusted". While here it has little to do with trust, it can of course stand out as a lack of confidence. Yet, make sure you don't overdo it by staring back as if you have nothing else to focus on. Look away for a while and then train your eyes back on her…very naturally! The longer she looks, the more the interest level.

4. Lip games
A very flexible maneuver, it can be employed under almost any circumstances, irrespective of the surroundings – be it in office, a pub or the restaurant round the corner. It may be a simple smile at first, but in more opportunistic surroundings it could well go on to a seductive chew on her lower lip. Remember, for an entire generation Y, this was the extent of sexuality in Bollywood – for there is no denying that a man finds a woman's lips seductive. While the latter is perhaps a little too bold and often avoided for fear of the filthy connotations, a smile is a very safe bet. Slowly running her finger across her lips after a sip is also a fair enough sign.

3. Copying body movements
It is a known fact that when a human focuses attention on another, he/she begins to absorb certain traits from the other person. This is most often at a subconscious level and can happen irrespective of the gender of the people involoved, as long as the level of interest is high enough. Notice how she holds her glass, crosses her legs or even the tone of her voice. If traits such as these are unusual in her manner, she may well be giving you a rock-hard sign that she's flirting. Imitation is a form of flattery, and is at its best when unplanned.

2. Playing with her hair
While this may seem immaterial at first and often make you ask "Am I just imagining things?", it is in fact a major giveaway on her part. It is actually her underlying feminine mystic quality rearing its head as she twirls her hair or lets a lock of it fall unassumingly to cover one eye while in conversation. But of course, it will definitely get her your attention.

1. Creating opportunities for you
If she keeps breaking away from her gang, and acts lost, that is a good cue for you to move in. The levels may continue to rise, if she's already sitting right across your table. Consciously leaning over just enough for you to catch a whiff of her perfume, or making sure she lets you know her guard is down, are all silent ways of saying "Come on, mister…is that all you're planning to do all day?". Now are you really waiting for her to touch you?

Ironically, it is once the 5 cues are all in place that the trouble begins for most men. This is where the actual line of flirting is drawn. But just remember, when it comes to relationships, women talk. And when given the chance, women flirt…just as much as men do.

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