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alone in her ugly room, staring at her flabby figure in the mirror, aroused, taking pictures of her reflection with a cell phone, hiding her boyish face behind it, not caring about the pile of dirty laundry in the frame, the tip of her little cock, sticking out of her tiny immature panties, squeezed between her thick pale thighs and her round belly fold, her soft moist skin glistening after a shower, pink flesh, her tender budding tits in a black lacy bra, her adorable chubby feet out of frame.
on her back, lying on a wet towel she spread on the floor, legs pulled back in the air, her little toes are out of frame again, her chunky hands holding a red rubber dildo half way up her ass, like a stuffed chicken, her soft cock, shrinking into her big shaved balls, her fresh wide thighs and big belly fill up most of the blurry picture.

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