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Getting into the Bi-Life Style – Part 1 of S

My name is Brenda, and Part 1 is about me. This is Monica123’s account, and she is actually writing this story based on what Bill and I tell her and what she remembers, but it's from my perspective, not hers or Bill's. I couldn’t tell her this story until months later. You’ll see why after she posts Part 2.

I - Brenda - live in a rented efficiency upstairs from Monica. She and I are good friends, watched a little TV together, and mostly speak as we came and went. We are both black and single…and I came to find out pretty horny ladies. You may or may not think we’re ladies after you read this series, but we’re OK with ourselves, mostly.

So one warm Saturday morning last summer, I'm naked asl**p when Monica comes upstairs to nudge me awake and ask a favor – “Would I like to go to the local Red Roof Inn with her and her white boyfriend? What the hell, I said OK and put a white T-shirt and sweat pants over my naked body. Monica made introductions when I got into the back seat of his car. I noticed how his eyes fixated on my nipples showing plainly through the thin shirt. Truthfully, I began to feel a little excited myself, or at least curious as to how this was going to play out. As we drove, Bill kept sneaking a peek in his rear view mirror as I made sure my T-shirt was pulled tight over my dark erect nipples easily visible through the white material.

When we arrived in the room, Bill got busy setting up his laptop to run a series of porn videos, mostly white men fucking black women, or else women with women doing all kinds of things in addition to kissing and touching each other. I was the new "third party" so I waited for Monica to show me what to do. Well Monica got right down to business and completely stripped. It was the first time I had ever seen my friend naked. As I think I have made it clear, I hadn’t even thought or wondered about what her body looked like. A little more disclosure – we’re both middle-aged. We had babies when we were babies ourselves, and now we have grandc***dren. We’ve kept ourselves in good health and good shape. Bill’s just a couple of years older, but I’ll tell more about him soon.

Back to Monica who is now standing in front of me butt naked and not the least bit self-conscious. I sneaked a glance at her breasts that were smaller than mine (a B-cup?) with very little sag. I, however, felt very self conscious looking at another woman’s body and liking what I saw! I didn’t dare look at Monica’s eyes. Somehow I thought that would make her realize what I was doing…or feeling. As if they had a will of their own, my eyes move slowly down; a little extra tummy most people would call fine, smooth without stretch marks, medium-brown about like me, and without stray hairs unlike me. Her pubic hair line was so straight I thought it was manicured – wrong. I was trying to get a view of more detail without letting her know I was looking, but my mind had left reality. Monica knew what was going on, and she enjoyed it. I learned later that Monica is very, very bi-sexual, but that is another story. Monica was very aware of what I was doing and slowly turned around so I could feast my eyes on her gorgeous booty. I’m starting to feel light headed, like a man when all his bl**d runs to his dick!

Bill is still busy setting up his laptop set up and wasn’t aware of what we girls were up to. Monica whispers to me, “Let’s go ahead and get you undressed.” I hesitate for a second – there’s a man in the room I hardly know - but helpful Monica takes hold of my shirt tail and begins to lift as I raise my arms overhead. Monica lifts my T-shirt slowly and as best I can remember, allows her left arm bush against my right breast. I feel my pulse pounding in my ears! Off comes the shirt; Monica squats to begin pulling my sweat pants down, her eyes straight ahead about pussy height. Monica pauses a few seconds checking me out then stands up almost, but not quite, touching me. Besides, at this point I’m maybe 30% bi-curious but not yet ready.

Meanwhile, Bill has become aware of what’s happening across the room and walks over. He’s had time to undress. This is the first time I’ve seen him – delicious white candy. I’ve seen naked white men before in pictures, but never in the flesh. Bill’s tall and in great shape, medium build and better endowed for a white man than I expected, though he’s had a few moments to start working up a good head of steam seeing his porn videos…and us. This is Monica’s man so I stand still, both of us facing him. He walks up to Monica, tenderly kisses her, pats her backside, and turns toward me.

I’ve been pure-hetro all my life, so this feels natural and Monica doesn’t seem to mind. Bill leans forward and our lips meet first tenderly, then passionately. He cups my breasts in his hands, letting his fingers pass lightly over my hard nipples, and then takes a half step closer, the tip of his penis brushing my pussy hair. I inhale quickly, more like a surprise than a groan, as he pulls our bodies together. I can feel every inch of his circumcised dick against my soft tummy. Soooooo good.

Then he steps back and lays back on the bed, hard erection on display. Monica asks him, “Well, Mr. Bill, what would you like this morning.” I have a few ideas forming in my brain too, but he quickly answers, “I’d love for Brenda to straddle me and slide her pussy up and down over my dick.” My heart raced. Is he going to like me? Is this OK with Monica? Isn’t this a bit fast? Can Monica and I still be friends?

Monica broke the ice with her laugh and instruction to me, “OK, Brenda, you heard the man.” I’ve done this a few times before, and I love it. It’s great clit stimulation, and boy could I use that about now. I needed to cum so bad. I purposely paused vertical on my knees, legs spread over Bill, so he could get a good look. He took time to push my pussy hair aside to touch my clit and rub inside my pussy lips. Maybe he was checking for lubrication, but that was no problem. I was soaking wet and so were his fingers afterward, which he put into his mouth to enjoy my taste. I hadn’t washed yet this morning, which seemed to increase his pleasure. Scent of a woman and all that.

Bill took by hips and guided me down onto him, but not into me. We paused a moment to soak in the feeling, then I began to move forward and back slowly as Bill folded his pillow to raise his shoulders to see the head of his dick emerge through my pussy hair, then slip out of sight. I was watching myself, and so was Monica who was now lying on her side next to Bill, her head raised to get a clear view. I didn’t notice it at first – I was having a super time – but Monica had her left hand on top of my thigh, still at first, then sliding it up and back. That’s when I first noticed her, and when I first reached orgasm. I had to lift off Bill, my body involuntarily pulsating so violently. My big fear was that I was going to pee all over him since I hadn’t taken the time to relieve myself all morning. I probably gave his a little squirt along the way – I don‘t remember. Then all of a sudden, I just fell onto the bed on the other side of Bill with my breath coming is short gasps. Bill and Monica got a good chuckle out of that.

We all laid there for a few minutes and watched Bill’s porn videos. By chance, there were two black girls giving a white guy all he ever dreamed of. I lifted my knees, really more to stretch, and massaged the inside of my thighs with my hands. Bill rose up to watch and moved down the bed to sit between my legs. Now he spread my labia wide open with his thumbs so he could see my pink details. He moved his head closer until I could feel his breath…and then his mouth and tongue exploring and caressing my willing pussy. I felt like I was on a roller coaster, now speeding down another steep hill, heart racing. Next he was supporting his weight over me in what the military calls the front leaning rest position for push-ups. I couldn’t wait for that vanilla dick to enter my black pussy. As he moved forward it was like our bodies had known a lifetime of perfect alignment. The large head of his dick went right to my vagina's front door. We both paused to savor that delicious moment of the very first time of entry. Bill entered slowly all the way to the very end of his dick and about the end of my vagina. Then we started moving in and out, picking up speed, getting wetter with each stroke.

I had lost track of Monica, but she was visually participating, now laying across the bed with her head between Bill’s legs watching the action up close. I think she was playing with Bill’s balls or maybe sticking a finger up his ass, nobody seems to remember the details. But we all remember her announcing, “Brenda’s period has started. Look at the bl**d on Bill’s dick!” I was so embarrassed; I slid backward causing Bill to come-out of my pussy. Not cum out, come out. Bill had fought off orgasm after orgasm. Now I was satisfied, but exhausted, embarrased, and ready to take a break.

Monica got a wash cloth and lovingly washed Bill’s dick clean of my fluids including my bl**d. “My turn,” she announced as she took his hand and guided him to a vacant and dry portion of the bed. “Come to Monica, my love.” Bill, that horny rascal, still had the stamina and erection to mount Monica. They’ve been lovers for years and Bill’s dick found Monica’s excited pussy in one fluid motion.

I never thought much about how other people fuck or make love, but now I was curious. At first Monica wrapped her legs around Bill’s back and grabbed his ass pulling him deeper inside her, getting them both wet and lubricated. Then she put a pillow under her ass and dropped her knees down flat. Bill lifted his chest off of hers in that push-up position so that only their genitals were touching. It sort of bent Bill’s dick in an arc, but as they began moving, the purpose was clear. The arc in his dick dragged against Monica’s clit perfectly. As they moved I could tell from both of their moans that this wasn’t going to last long. Inside of three minutes, they came together in a chorus of moans and dripping fluids. Bill fell to her chest, put his arms around her back and they rolled over together, Monica now on top.

They rolled up against me, and Bill patted the top of my thigh. I rolled onto my side facing them, leaning over to kiss the side of Bill’s mouth. Monica put her lips to the other side of his mouth as we all touched each other and enjoyed the mutual moment. With my free right hand, without pre-planning, I d****d it over them, which really means over Monica’s back. She asked me if I would rub her shoulders and back. I did but all above her waist…though I thought about dropping lower. But that’s a future story.

“Thank you, ladies, for a fabulous morning. I hope a good time was had by all.” It definitely was had by all. More to come!

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