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I love Venice Beach,CA. When ever I have a couple of bucks to blow I will take turns vacationing either there
or Vegas (they're both pretty close to Phoenix). Shan6969, my ex and now periodical fuckbuddy, digs Venice
as well. I can't count how many times we visited there when we were an "item". Shan6969 lives back east and
always comes in town unexpected ready to fuck. This time was no different. Her call woke me up Friday at 1:22 a.m.
BOIDYNHO:(sl**pily) "Hello?"
SHAN6969: "Wake up you big black dicked mother fucker!.....Mama's in town"
BOIDYNHO: "Oh dear gawd...what th"
SHAN6969:" Too late for praying now Dynho...Here's the scoop...Tomorrow be ready at 8 a.m. and pack for 3 days.
we're going to Venice like the ol' days, you drive, my treat....comprende'" ?
Even half asl**p I know a good deal when I hear it.
BOIDYNHO:" Copy that"
SHAN6969: "Oh ..and another thing, I'll probably want some dick before we hit the road, so don't be jacking off first
thing in the morn and wasting good wood."
BOIDYNHO "Copy that"
I hung up and thought..."Damn, that bitch knows me good.She even has my tug times locked it"
AT 7:59 a "still buzzed from last night" SHAN6969 was on my doorstep. At 8:02 we were in a 69 position on my
living room floor. I was on top, hungrily lapping and finger probing her bald, puffy and soaking wet whorehole. At the
same time my pelvis was pumping my morning wood way past Shan6969's cock catching lips. The combination of
hearing her gag on "Niggadik" (what i named my cock...kind of catchy huh?) and moaning from my stimulating techniques
downstairs got me really worked up. I withdrew my cock from her face, bent her over and drilled for oil with my ebony pole.
I had forgotten how good SHAN6969's cunt felt around my manhood. I reached down and grab two large handfuls of mammary
meat. I use the 40DDD's for leverage as I go into overdrive plowing violently into her swollen vagina. She screams out as she
came all over Nigadik. Not allowing her to rest I continue pumping her cunt. SLAP !SLAP !SLAP !SLAP ! My pelvic area and her
thick round ass seemed to be applauding my cunt reaming skills.When I finally pull out it's just like the good ol' days. SHAN6969
turns around and swallows my girthy 7 1/2-8 inch(depending on the weather) cock whole. I thrust two more time ,making sure my

thick load meets her
"Ahhh" I sigh"that cooze of yours is just how I remember it". 'Glad you like it".she replied " I've got some other ol' time favorites
planned for the weekend". My mind raced. That could mean anything. We were quite the adventurous couple. She the got up,
grabbed a wine bottle out the fridge and her bags and headed for the garage...still nude! 'Hurry up,. I'll be waiting in the car" she
said as she exited.I remember thinking to myself" This is going to be a hell of a weekend". I throw on some clothes, grab my bags,
my keys, wallet and my last 6 cialis pills and followed her lead,
In the car I explain that I need a tune up really bad and I would much rather rent a car, but SHA6969 is persistent on not getting dressed.
So we press on in my 77' Trans Am. (yes, fellas..the one from "Smokey and the Bandit"
A few un-ladylike swigs from the bottle and Shan6969 passes out in the passenger seat. While she sl**ps I admire her bodies
form and feminine curves. Shan6969 is built pretty much the way I dig chicks. I believe "Reubenesque" is the word that describes her best.
At 5'7" she sports a bountiful and spherical ass equipped with a picky sphincter that only allows some to enter. As I previously stated,
she also flaunts a set of 44ddd's that are extremely sensitive to any kind of contact. Her olive skin from her Italian side gives her a
sense of eroticism/mystery. When you throw in her insatiable oral fixation you can see why I say she was "built for pleasing man".
I hadn't realized that SHAN6969 was awake until I saw her finish off the bottle from my house and tossed it at a group of unfortunate
men having trouble with a blown a tire in this 105 degree heat. The bottle hit the asphalt ,the shattered all over the group.
"WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT ALL ABOUT!! I yelled at her. 'Fuck them" She says. Then she asked how much longer was it to Venice,
played with the radio, fingered her cunt and went back to slumber land.
I tried to wake her up when my car started acting funny. The cars electrical system seemed to have quit on me.."FUCK , FUCK ,
FUCK! I knew I should have rented a car!"
I remembered just passing a rest stop less than a quarter mile back. I tell my half conscious partner that I going to call my insurance
company and also walk back and see if I can get some assistance at the rest stop. She wanted to come with me but was taking too
long in her stupor to get dressed. Frustrated with the whole situation I left her with the car still stumbling around, trying to put her
thong on.
Now this next part I cant quite explain cause I wasn't there. But it would seem SHAN6969 was trying to lock up my car half naked
and catch up with me when somehow her tits were pinned in between the T-top and the window. Yes, you read that correctly. Tits
wedged in the car window where it meets the roof.....Incredible...Only Shan6969.
Fortunately she left her phone on top of the car and was able to reach it and call me. I didn't quite understand the situation
until she sent me a picture of herself on my phone. And there she was. What a sight . Fuck me heels on with a an unbuttoned mini
skirt falling off her ass ,her head pressed against the roof of my ride while her lovely tits all the while turning a shade of burgundy from
the constriction of the window/T-top guillotine. Unfortunately while she was talking to me she received some unwanted company. Our
friends that Shan6969 threw the wine bottle at apparently fixed their car and wanted to "talk". I heard SHAN6969 scream"GET YOUR
FUCKING COCK OUT MY..." before her line went dead. I had made already made arrangements for a tow truck to meet us at my car and take us
to the nearest rental or repair shop. But right now I had to hurry and go aid SHAN6969. There were no cabs no nothing in sight ,so
I began running in the blistering heat back to my Trans AM. It seemed to take forever. I called her phone and never got an answer.
Still running visions of the group of young men, my car and Shan6969 ran through my mind.I didn't know what I was going to do when I got there .

As i got closer to them the violent gang **** I visioned in my head the
last 18 minutes was non existent. Instead when I peeked from behind the strangers SUV, all I saw was ass crack and nut sack as
a 20something Hispanic man was fucking SHAN6969 like his life depended on it. I would have thought SHAN6969 would be
screaming,bitching and moaning re: this situation but she couldn't. She couldn't because atop my car was another fellow with his
Asian cock right in SHAN6969's face. She had barely room to bob her head up and down with her boobs confined the way they were.
......but she was, and doing a damn good job from the look our friend from the Oriental males face. I was amazed at how well Shan6969 dealt
with the situation. I was also amazed that nobody else was on this road but us. Strange? Two other guys approached her from both
sides and placed their cocks in SHAN6969's French manicured hands and instructed her to stroke. The last dude climbs in my car
a begins to fondle the now ever painful knockers attached to SHAN6969.She stoped sucking cock. Now she screams.PLEASE STOP!
MY TITS.MY TITS" "Listen I said I'd cooperate.Please I'm sorry I threw the bottle.Undo my tits....I'll take care of you all ...I promise". That's
all the gentlemen had to hear. They f***e my window down and released the captive SHAN6969 from her prison. But before
she can assess the damage to her bresast, they blindfold my ex and bend her over my hood. It's yet another guys turn at her backside.The other guys
called him "Legend'. I'm taken back and wildly aroused at how submissive SHAN6969 had become. Legend thrust his erected cock
between her ass cheeks into the hole he liked so much. Legend didn’t allow her to understand what was happening and entered her up to the balls. She

screamed and moved her legs widely apart. He started fucking her slowly enjoying every second of the exploration. He pulled his dick out until his

swollen head appeared at the anus ring and then thrust sharply back, up to the limit. Each push made SHAN6969 moan and her nice udders slapped

against her

belly as his speed increased.SHAN6969 then came hard and loud. She reaches down and plays with her pussy...and cums again. My cock throbbing. I

made my move after Legend came all over SHAN6969's now gaping ass. I tap him on the shoulder. He is startled at first as are the rest.I show them I've

come in peace as I take up where Legend left off and continue to fuck my blindfolded ex-girlfriends asshole. While I enjoy her violation she calls out for

another cock to suck as the Asian man has busted his nut on her lips. Rhythmically I'm taking my full fat length in and out of her ass while she sucks two

more cocks to completion. When they are done they instruct SHAN6969 to count to 200 before removing her blindfold. Then they u-turn and drop me

back up the road where I came from (huh, still no traffic). When I arrive walking in a hurry back to my car and SHANN6969 the tow truck arrives as well.
Are you O.K.? I ask.
"All you had to do was ask if you wanted to fuck my ass"she replied with a grin.
Its going to be a hell of a weekend

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