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A Son's Summer Awakening - Book One

A Son's Summer Awakenings - Book One

Another ambiguous biographical fantasy by DizzyD

Story Codes: Fb, fb, ff, bb, mom-son, b*o-s*s, inc, voy, mast. oral

This story is purely a work of fiction, and while parts may depict actual occurrences, it is not intended to be biographical. It is protected under law, and conforms to all legal statutes and is protected under the Byrne Convention.

Chapter One

Jimmy Barnes was a typical teenage boy. He liked baseball, riding his bike and playing video games. But lately something had changed... he had begun noticing girls. It wasn't that he hadn't noticed them before, but until recently they were something to be tormented, or avoided because they were different. But now he was noticing that they had pretty faces, long legs and curvy bodies. He also discovered something else... sometimes when he looked at girls, his penis would grow and get hard. And it seemed to happen more when he looked at an older girl with bigger boobs and a rounder bum, like his teacher, his next door neighbor, and even his own mom.

Some of his friends had bragged about seeing naked girls, although most had only seen their own s****rs. But Jimmy was an only c***d, so he didn't have that luxury. Although on one glorious morning, his mom had walked naked past his room thinking he was asl**p, and gave him a brief glimpse of her gorgeous body. It was a sight he replayed in his over and over in his head, and each time he did, he got a boner. It seemed like puberty was hitting him like a freight train. He hadn't even learned what masturbation was yet, but seeing any naked female up close was becoming an obsession.

Summer time had arrived, and it was time for a lot of outdoor activities. Jimmy's best friend Billy Wade lived right next door, and the Wades had a pool that Jimmy looked forward to using for two reasons... a summer full of swimming, and seeing Billy's 16 year old s****r Sandi and her friends in bathing suits. Both he and Billy had talked about checking out the half-naked older teenage girls all summer... although Billy was more interested in Sandi's friends than her. Even though she was probably one of the hottest girls of the bunch, Sandi was still his s****r, and she treated him like a little k** sometimes, and that really annoyed him.

As Jimmy sat on his bed contemplating the summer, he heard the shower running in the master bathroom. His bedroom shared a common wall with the master bath, and since it was the only one with a shower stall, he always knew when his mom was showering. Carol had given birth to Jimmy when she was fresh out of college. She and Jimmy's dad had planned on a long and happy life together with their new son, but that plan was tragically changed by a d***k driver when Jimmy was only nine. The loss of his dad had affected both mother and son very deeply, and caused them to form an extremely close bond.

Fortunately for the both of them, Jimmy's dad had planned for the future, so after the accident they were provided for very well. Being financially secure allowed Carol to be a stay at home mom, plus it assured her that she could always be there for her young son. It also allowed her to do things that some of the other mothers couldn't do, like maintain a membership at a fitness club. She visited it three or four times a week, which helped keep her body in excellent shape.

Just shy of her thirty-fifth birthday, Carol still had a tight body that made many people think she was in her mid 20's. Her face also belied her age, with soft unblemished skin, emerald green eyes and auburn hair that she always kept in the latest styles. Still, even though her stunning looks afforded many opportunities, she had not dated since her husband's death almost three years earlier. Instead, she dedicated herself to raising her son.

Jimmy listened to the running water and conjured up the memory of the time he had caught that brief glimpse of his mom's naked body, just a few days earlier. She had gotten out of the shower that morning and had forgotten that she had left her robe in the laundry room. Thinking he was still asl**p, she quietly opened the bathroom door and tiptoed past his room. Jimmy heard the bathroom door open and awakened just in time to see his nude mother walk past. The profile view he had gave him the perfect angle to see her full breasts, flat tummy and round ass. For an adolescent boy, it was enough to make his dick instantly hard. But since it happened so fast, it also made him want to see more.

Now, as he continued listening to the water, he looked at the small trap door in the wall. It was put in to give a plumber easy access to the tub's plumbing, and many of the homes built at that time had them. It was a little unsightly, and Carol had placed a chair in front of it in an attempt to make it less conspicuous. Not only was it an eye-sore, but the door was made of plywood, so it didn't muffle the sound of the shower very well. Still, Jimmy had heard the noise for so long that he barely noticed it. But ever since he had taken an interest in girls, the noise now meant something new to him... it meant that on the other side of that wall was a naked woman.

This wasn't the first time Jimmy had imagined his mom in the shower, but this time something was different. For some reason he was suddenly compelled to open the trap door and look inside. Once he was sure his mom was in the shower, he quietly moved the chair aside and examined the door. It was painted the same color as his room, and was held closed by hinges and a screw. Jimmy went to his dresser and pulled out a small screwdriver that he used to change the batteries in his many electronic games. Then, very carefully, he loosened the screw and opened the small door.

Once he had it open, he saw the back of the tub right in front of him, with the various water and drain pipes attached. He was so close that he could actually hear his mom humming as she showered. The door had been closed so long that he had to brush away some dust and cobwebs before pushing his face into the dark opening. He really had no idea what to expect, but then he noticed something... there was a small beam of light coming from around one of the pipes. Jimmy's heart raced as he leaned forward, getting his eye as close to the light as possible. When he did, he had to hold his breath, because through a small crack he could actually see his mom's legs!

Jimmy couldn't believe it. He thought he might actually get a good look at his beautiful mom's naked body. Instantly he felt his adolescent prick starting to stir. But as he lowered his head to see further up her body, his heart sank. The crack between the tub and the drain pipe was only wide enough to let him see just above her knees before he lost his line of sight. Jimmy tried to move his head in every conceivable angle, but it was no use. Even when his mom moved to the back of the shower, mid-thigh was the best view he got. Jimmy was frustrated that he was so close, but couldn't see any more. At that moment, he turned frustration into motivation and decided that he had to find a way to get a better view. With that he carefully closed the trap door, replaced the screw and put the chair back in place.

As Jimmy sat on his bed thinking about what he had just seen, he heard the bathroom door open. Then a moment later, there was a knock on his door. Knowing it was his mom, Jimmy quickly checked to make sure the chair back in place before grabbing a hand held video game and saying, "C'mon in."

Carol walked into his room dressed in a terrycloth robe, dabbing her wet hair with a towel. She looked at her cute little boy sitting on his bed playing his game and said, "So what are you going to do today, k**do?"

For a moment, Jimmy just looked at her. He couldn't believe how pretty she was. Her face looked so fresh and clean from the shower, and even though the heavy robe didn't really flatter her, knowing she was naked underneath was enough to make his heart pound. After he had taken a moment to absorb how she looked, he said, "I'm gonna go over to the Wades to swim."

"Did Mrs. Wade invite you?" Carol asked, not wanting him to be a nuisance.

"Uh huh," he answered, "you can call her if you want."

Carol didn't have to call because Jimmy always told her the truth. Besides, she had already talked to Beth Wade and knew it was alright, but she wanted to make sure her young son was being polite and respectful.

With that she said, "Ok, I'm going to go dry my hair."

Jimmy said, "Ok," and then he said, "I think I'm going to go take a shower."

Carol looked surprised. Like most k**s his age, Jimmy never volunteered to take a shower. As a matter of fact, sometimes it took an act of congress to get him under running water with a bar of soap. She looked at him and jokingly said, "You want to take a shower... ok, who are you and what have you done with my son?"

"Gee mom, cut it out," Jimmy blushed and said, "I just wanna take a shower."

Carol laughed and said, "You go right ahead k**do... I'm just not used to you actually wanting to use soap and water."

As Carol walked out of her son's room, she thought of why her young son might suddenly take an interest in hygiene, and then it hit her... Billy Wade's older s****r Sandi and her friends were probably going to be swimming too. Carol let out a sigh, realizing that her little boy was starting to take notice of the opposite sex… and that had to be why it was suddenly important for him to take a shower. Little did she know how wrong she was, and that she was actually the motivation for Jimmy's sudden desire to shower.

As soon as Carol was gone, Jimmy grabbed a clean pair of underwear, tucked his screwdriver inside of them and headed to the bathroom. Once he was inside, he turned on the water, adjusted the temperature, and got into the shower with screwdriver in hand. He knelt down close to where the shower knob was and quickly found the crack he had seen through the trap door. There was a decorative silver plate around the knob, and the crack was just below the plate.

Very gently Jimmy pushed the blade of the screwdriver in the crack and then turned it. When he did, the plate moved up, making the opening wider. Jimmy slowly worked the blade into the crack until it was opened about a quarter of an inch. From the tub it was barely noticeable, but Jimmy was sure that if he pressed his eye close enough from the other side he would probably be able to see the whole shower. Once his task was completed, he quickly finished his shower.

Chapter Two

As Jimmy was getting ready to go swimming next door, all he could think about was the next time his mom would take a shower. He wondered if he should stay at home so he wouldn't miss any opportunity, but then he remembered she had just taken a shower, so that was doubtful.

Instead he put on his trunks, grabbed a tee shirt, his goggles and a towel and hollered, "See you later mom,' as he headed over to the Wades.

When he got there, Jimmy rang the bell and Mrs. Wade answered. She cheerfully greeted him and said, "Billy's already in the pool, why don't you head back."

Jimmy smiled and politely thanked her for inviting him. He really liked Mrs. Wade, and thought that she was just about as pretty as his mom, even though she was a little older and had two k**s. She had beautiful blonde hair and piercing blue eyes... two traits that her sixteen year old daughter had inherited. Her figure had a little more of an hourglass shape to it than his mom's, but she still had a flat tummy and was by no means heavy.

When Jimmy got to the back yard, Billy was already in the pool, diving under water. The Wades had invested in a built in pool to keep their f****y close, and the k**s and their friends really enjoyed it. When Billy saw his friend he hollered, "Hey dude!"

Jimmy hollered, "What's up dude," back at his friend, as both of them tried to act cool like the older teenagers did. With their greetings exchanged, Jimmy dropped his towel on a chair, put on his goggles and jumped in with his buddy. They swam for a while, dunking each other and diving for imaginary sunken treasure, which were actually coins that they would throw to the bottom of the pool and then retrieve. After about an hour, they stopped swimming and leaned on the side of the deck to talk.

"So," Jimmy asked, "are your s****r and her friends coming to swim today?"

"Yeah," his best friend replied, "I think so."

"I hope so... your s****r is really pretty," Jimmy said bluntly.

"Yeah, I guess," Billy replied, "but it feels kind of weird saying that about my own s****r."

"So I guess if you had a chance to see her naked, you wouldn't take it huh?" Jimmy chided him.

"I didn't say that," Billy answered, and they both laughed.

Then Jimmy asked, "Billy, have you ever seen Sandi naked?" When Billy just stared straight ahead and didn't say anything, Jimmy said, "You did... you saw her naked!"

Billy just nodded and said, "Yeah, once when I was walking past her room. She was getting ready to go out and she left her door open."

"Wow, did you get a good look at her?" Jimmy asked, wanting details.

"Yeah," Billy said with a blush, feeling a little awkward talking about his own s****r, but then he added, "she really is pretty I guess."

Then Billy asked, "What about you... have you ever seen a real naked girl?"

Jimmy felt that he had to be honest with Billy, just as Billy had been with him, so he said, "Yeah, one time."

"Really… who was it?" Billy pressed.

"Well," Jimmy whispered, "it was my mom."

"Your mom," Billy exclaimed, "wow, she's really pretty too!"

"Yeah," Jimmy continued, "but I didn't get a real good look at her."

Then Jimmy asked, "Billy, when you saw Sandi naked, did you get a boner?"

Billy blushed again and nodded. Then he asked, "What about when you saw your mom?"

Jimmy just nodded too. Even though they felt that it was kind of wrong, both boys just accepted the fact that naked women caused boners... even relatives. They had first discovered the naked woman/boner connection when they found Mr. Wade's old Playboys in the garage. This was also the first time either of them had seen a picture of a naked woman.

As they were looking through the magazines, they both got erections. So, being typical boys, they pulled them out to compare them. Billy's seemed a little longer, but Jimmy's was definitely thicker. Both boys had instinctively rubbed their hard dicks as they looked at the pictures, causing a strange new tingling feeling inside themselves. But neither of them knew what `jerking off' was, even though they had heard the term used by the older boys, so they just stopped after a few minutes.

Back to the present, Jimmy was about to ask for details of what Sandi looked like naked when the screen door opened and out she walked, along with her best friend Carla Jones. Sandi called out, "Hey Jimmy," to her young neighbor, and then she hollered, "Hey squirt," to her little b*****r.

"Hey," both boys said in unison.

Carla whispered, "Sandi, why are you so mean to your little b*****r," before calling out "Hey guys!" to the Billy and Jimmy.

Both boys said hi to Carla, and then Sandi said, "He knows I don't mean it, don't you Billy?"

"Yeah," her little b*****r answered in a downtrodden voice, then he said, "but it does get kinda old sometimes."

Sandi honestly felt bad and said, "I'm sorry Billy, I really didn't mean to embarrass you."

"It's ok s*s," he replied.

He really did look up to his s****r, and he really liked her best friend Carla. As a matter of fact, Carla was fast becoming his first crush, not just because she was so beautiful, but because she never treated him like a k**. What Billy didn't know was that Jimmy was developing the same kind of crush on his s****r.

As the two young boys looked on, Sandi and Carla began taking off their cover-ups. Sandi had hers off first. She had the same complexion as her mom, and the black bikini that she was wearing provided a perfect contrast to her blonde hair and fair skin. But because of her involvement in soccer and gymnastics, she had a more athletic build than her mom, with pert 34B breasts, a narrow waist, a tight butt and long legs.

Carla was almost her polar opposite. The skimpy white two-piece she was wearing highlighted her dark hair and beautiful dark complexion that she had gotten from her Greek mother. Her body was also much more curvaceous than Sandi's, with muscular legs and a full round ass. But what really stood out, literally, were her voluptuous 36C breasts, quite impressive for a sixteen year old.

Neither Jimmy nor Billy realized that they were staring until Sandi said, "Well Car, I think the boys like what they see." Both of the young k**s blushed when they realized they had been busted. Then Sandi giggled and whispered quietly to Carla, "I bet both the little shits have hard-ons."

"Sandi," Carla said, "you're so bad!" and then both girls laughed and started fixing deck chairs to get some sun time. What they didn't know was that the unintentional strip show they had performed actually had caused erections in both young boys.

Billy and Jimmy started to swim to the other end of the pool, and when they were out of ear shot of the girls, Billy said, "Wow, Carla is really hot."

"Yeah, she is," Jimmy answered, and then he said, "and how about your s****r?"

"Yeah," Billy replied, "I guess she really is pretty hot too."

The boys spent the rest of the day swimming and stealing glimpses of the two nearly-naked teenage girls sunning themselves. Each time one of the girls got up to go into the house, the boys would watch how their shapely young asses swayed as they walked away... and each time they got into the water, they got a good look at their muscular legs, tight tummies and firm tits.

But even though he was enjoying the show, Jimmy couldn't get his mind off of almost seeing his mom in the shower. The anticipation that he might see a real naked woman for longer than a glimpse was becoming an obsession.

Before they knew it, four o'clock had rolled around and it was time for Jimmy to go home. Normally he and Billy would try to convince their moms to let him stay a little longer... especially with two hot girls there. But Jimmy was very eager to get home today. So even when the girls asked him to stay, he said he had to go.

This really disappointed Billy because he knew that his s****r probably wouldn't want him hanging around her and Carla once Jimmy was gone. But Jimmy had already told him he wasn't going to change his mind. If only Billy would have known why his friend was leaving, he would probably have understood. With that, Jimmy thanked Mrs. Wade, said goodbye to everyone and headed home.

Chapter Three

When Jimmy walked into the house, Carol was in the kitchen getting dinner ready. She was a little surprised when he walked in, and said, "Hi k**do, I expected a phone call from you and Billy begging me to let you stay another hour."

"Nah," replied Jimmy, "I just didn't feel like swimming any more."

"Is everything alright?" his mom asked with some concern.

"Oh yeah," he said, "I just felt like coming home."

Carol just laughed and shook her head in confusion. First her son volunteered to take a shower that morning, and now he wanted to stop swimming with his best friend and come home. She came up with many plausible reasons for the sudden change in her son... maybe he and Billy had a fight, or maybe he was getting bored as he got older, or maybe it was something over a girl. But what she could never imagine was that the real reason was he had set up an ingenious peephole... and now he didn't want to miss his first chance to use it.

His mom had made his favorite chicken for dinner, and when they were done, they loaded the dishwasher together as they always did. It was one of Carol's favorite times of the day because it seemed like they always talked a lot as they cleaned the kitchen... but today Jimmy seemed distracted. He was, and what was distracting him was his wondering how he could convince his mom top take another shower.

She usually only took a shower in the morning, and then a bubble bath in her private bath at night. Now he was trying to think of something that might make her change her routine. He really couldn’t think of anything that didn’t sound stupid, but just then she gave unknowingly him an opening when she said, "God, it's so hot today."

Almost before she finished her sentence, Jimmy blurted out, "Gee mom, I bet a cool shower would make you feel better."

Carol looked at him inquisitively, then laughed and said, "Jimmy Barnes, first you volunteer to take a shower, and now you're recommending them... what's gotten in to you?"

Jimmy suddenly panicked, thinking he might have screwed things up, but then his mom just smiled and said, "But that is really a good idea honey... as soon as we're done here I think I will take a shower to cool off."

Jimmy's couldn't believe that he had actually talked her into it! His heart started racing as he quickly helped his mom finish the kitchen. Carol even laughed and said, "You certainly are being a great little helper today, do you have a date tonight or something?"

Jimmy just laughed nervously and said, "No mom, I just like helping you."

Carol kissed him on top of the head and said "Thank you sweetie," and then loaded the last dish in the dishwasher. Then she said, "Well, I'm going to go take a shower… what are you going to do?"

"I think I'm going to go in my room and lay down," Jimmy answered, "I'm kind of tired from all the swimming today." And with that, they both headed upstairs.

Jimmy walked into his room, and as he closed the door behind him, his mom said, "Enjoy your nap sweetie."

"Thanks mom," Jimmy answered, knowing full well that he was far too excited to take a nap.

Once he had closed his door, the young boy quietly retrieved the screwdriver from his desk drawer, and then he sat on his bed and waited to hear the shower water running. It seemed like an eternity passed as the anticipation of seeing a naked woman up close caused his heart to pound in his chest. He could hear his mom moving around, and he was starting to wonder if she had changed her mind. Just as Jimmy thought the worst might have happened, he heard the water running.

Very quietly he moved the chair out of the way and sat down in front of the trap door. Then he gently removed the screw, being careful not to make any noise. Once the screw was out, he very carefully opened the trap door and peered into the dark space... and there he saw a small ray of light from the opening he had created. He quietly lay down on his side and slid forward until his eye was pressed against the gap. Then his pulse raced with excitement as he realized that he really could see the whole shower. His mom hadn't gotten in yet, but he could hear her humming as she got undressed.

Jimmy's heart was pounding so hard, as he waited for his mom to get into the shower, that he was actually afraid she might be able to hear it. He was starting to wonder what was taking her so long, but just then he heard the shower curtain slide open, and her shapely leg came into view as she checked the water temperature with her foot. Jimmy held his breath as she put her foot into the tub, and then he exhaled as she stepped into the shower, exposing her gorgeous naked body to him.

The angle of the gap that Jimmy had created gave him a perfect view. He couldn't believe how beautiful she was. He was looking up at her from a low angle as the water cascaded down her body. She had pulled her hair on top of her head, and had her eyes closed as the water hit her chest and then rolled down her body.

Her 36C breasts were as amazing as the girls in Playboy... they were firm, round and capped with dark pink nipples. Her tummy was tight and flat from all the visits to the gym. She had a small strip of neatly trimmed light brown pubic hair at the juncture of her shapely legs, and between them he could barely make out the lips of her pussy. Once he had gotten a good look at her front, she turned almost on cue, giving her young son an up close view of her perfect ass.

Jimmy's dick was hard as a rock now as he watched his mom starting to soap her beautiful body. She was still facing away from him as she washed her shoulders and back, letting the soapy water flow over her ass and down her legs. Then she washed the back of her legs before bringing her hands up to her rear. Jimmy watched closely as his mom slid her soapy fingers between her full round ass cheeks to clean the sensitive area.

As she did that, Jimmy was starting to feel a tingling in his dick. It was the same feeling he had gotten when him and Billy were rubbing their hard pricks while looking at Mr. Wade’s Playboys, but it seemed much stronger this time. His boner was really starting to hurt, so as he kept his eye glued to his peephole, he slid his shorts and underwear off until his erection was freed. He looked down at it, and noticed that it seemed to be bigger and harder than ever. Even the head seemed more swollen than he had ever seen it.

When he focused his attention back to the shower, he saw that his mom had turned back around and was facing him. She was slowly soaping her perfectly shaped breasts, and it seemed to Jimmy that she was paying extra attention to her nipples. As her adolescent son secretly watched, Carol leaned back against the shower wall and began stroking and pinching them until they were hard buttons of flesh. He watched intently as she closed her eyes and began touching herself in a way that seemed to be something more than just a regular shower.

It had been nearly three years since Carol had lost her husband, and even though she hadn't dated, the young mother still had strong sexual urges. She continued to play with her nipples as she thought back to the wonderful sex life she had shared with Jimmy's dad. While her son watched her through his peephole, her right hand slid over her tummy and between her legs. Then she rested one foot on the edge of the tub, spreading her legs wide and exposing her moist pussy to her probing fingers and Jimmy's curious eyes.

While Jimmy watched in wonder, his mom started rubbing the puffy pink lips of her cunt. He had seen pictures of women's pussies before, but this was the first real one he had ever seen, and he thought it was amazing.

Carol started rubbing herself faster as she felt the heat deep in her groin beginning to rise. At the same time, Jimmy u*********sly reached down and wrapped his hand around his virgin cock. As he watched his mom tease her inflamed cunt, he began stroking his hand up and down his hard shaft.

The young mother was vigorously plunging a finger in and out of her pussy now, and Jimmy could see it glistening with some sort of clear lubricant every time she pulled it from between her swollen pink cuntlips. Again and again she thrust one… and then two fingers in and out of her aching quim. Her head fell back and her eyes closed tight as she rhythmically finger fucked herself.

At the same time, Jimmy started moving his hand faster and faster on his rock hard shaft. He pulled his eye away from his peephole long enough to look down at his cock, and saw that the head had swelled even more, and had turned a darker shade of purple. He could also feel an intense pressure building at the base of his hard penis. He wasn't sure what was happening, but whatever it was, it felt amazing, and the more he rubbed himself, the better it felt. Suddenly it donned on him that what he was doing must be the `jerking off' he had heard some older boys talking about.

When Jimmy focused his eye back to his peephole, he could see that his mom had stopped pushing her fingers in and out of her gaping pussy, and now she seemed to be focused on rubbing the little nub at the top of her slippery cleft. At the same time, her other played with her hard nipples. Jimmy kept stroking his hard prick, and as the tingling sensation increased, he wondered if his mom was rubbing herself for the same reason. When he looked up at her face, he could see her eyes were closed tight and her mouth was agape, and it definitely looked as if she was experiencing some sort of intense pleasure. Carol's hand was a blur now as she frigged her clit faster. She felt the heat of orgasm building deep within her.

At the same time, her little boy was in the next room secretly watching her, and getting closer to the first climax of his young life. The pressure that was building at the base of his young cock was starting to feel like an exquisite cramp. His hand was pumping up and down the swollen shaft even faster now as he kept his eye glued to the peephole. Something was happening inside him, and he didn't know what it was. All he did know was that his whole body seemed like it had an electric charge rushing through it, and the more he rubbed his penis, the stronger it got.

Just then Jimmy watched his mom throw her head back let out a strangled groan as her orgasm crashed down on her. He watched intently as the muscles in her firm thighs tightened, and then her whole body began to quake. Carol's head rolled from side to side as the walls of her cunt began to spasm, and Jimmy could see her taught tummy ripple as waves of incredible pleasure surged through her body. She pinched her right nipple hard with one hand as she jammed the fingers that had been tormenting her clit deep into her pussy, trying to prolong her cum.

Jimmy wasn't exactly sure what was happening to his mom, but he could tell she was really enjoying it, and that seemed to push him towards some sort of peak he had never experienced. His entire body was beginning to tense up so much that he was actually getting a ringing in his ears. He turned away from the peephole and looked down at his dick. The head was so swollen and shiny that he thought it might explode, and the ache at the base of his cock had built to an almost unbearable level. He could feel he shaft getting harder as he stroked it even faster. Then, just as he looked back through the peephole at his naked mom, the spot just behind his balls began to convulse and his very first orgasm started.

Jimmy could feel his hard his cock begin to pulsate in his hand as the tiny nerve-filled muscles at the base started to contract, propelling his virgin spunk through the hard shaft until it squirted from the tip. Each time his dick throbbed, the most intense pleasure he had ever felt traveled throughout his body. It was so amazing that he had to cover his mouth with his free hand to keep from crying out. He still wasn't exactly sure what was happening, but he knew he didn't want it to end, so he just kept rubbing his dick until the twitching eased and nothing more was coming out... and then finally, it was over.

Jimmy lay on his side for a minute, looking at his deflating penis. Then he looked at the pool of milky liquid that had squirted from his dick and landed on the carpet. He had heard an older boy talking about jerking off and making sperm shoot out of his dick, and another boy calling it cum. Jimmy didn't know what they were talking about at the time, but by putting two and two together, he figured that must have been what had shot out of his penis. He dipped his finger in the puddle and found it was both sticky and slippery at the same time. Then as he lay there contemplating everything that had happened, he realized that he no longer heard water running.

He quickly pressed his eye back to the peephole again and saw that his mom had gotten out of the shower. After quietly closing the trap door, he panicked when he realized he didn't have anything to wipe up his sperm from the carpet. He quickly took off his tee shirt and dabbed up the mess with it, and then he moved the chair back into place before lying down on the bed. He was just in time because right then he heard a light knock on his door as his mom looked in on him. Jimmy acted like he was sl**ping, so she quietly closed the door, thinking her sweet little boy was enjoying his nap.

Later that night, Jimmy and his mom watched TV. When it was time for him to go to bed, the young boy had a hard time sl**ping. All he could think about was what he had seen his mom do earlier in the day, and wondering when her next shower would be. With all his might he hoped it would be the first thing next morning, and at about nine o'clock his wish came true when he heard the bathroom door close and the water turn on.

Once again he opened the trap door and took his place at the peephole. This morning Carol didn't touch herself the way she had the day before, but the sight of her beautiful naked body was still enough to help him jerk off to his second orgasm. But even though he knew what to expect this time, Jimmy had forgotten to have any tissues or a towel ready, so he wound up shooting his cum onto the same spot in the carpet. When he was done, he cleaned up the gooey mess with the same tee shirt he had used the day before, and then he casually threw the garment into his clothes hamper... and that decision would change his and his mom's relationship forever.

Chapter Four

After she finished her shower, Carol and Jimmy had breakfast together. As they did, they talked about what the day held. Carol said she was going to do some house cleaning, while Jimmy announced that he was going back over to the Wades to swim. Mrs. Wade was going to be gone for most of the day, but Sandi was going to be there, so she was going to keep an eye on the boys. Neither Beth nor Carol minded leaving their boys alone for a couple of hours, but it was nice to know that Billy's older s****r was around when it was an all day thing.

Once Jimmy had finished breakfast, he couldn't wait to get next door to share his new discovery with his best friend... not what he had seen his mom do, but that he had learned what jerking off was! The boys had been best friends since they were five, and shared each new discovery with the other... and Jimmy knew this would be one that Billy would love. After he helped load the breakfast dishes in the dishwasher, he grabbed the bag containing his trunks, goggles and a towel, kissed his mom on the cheek and headed out the door.

After Jimmy was gone, Carol started her housework. She decided that before she would start any actual cleaning, she would throw a load of laundry in. She went into Jimmy's room, grabbed his clothes hamper and carried it to the laundry room. After she put some detergent and fabric softener into the washing machine, she began sorting Jimmy's dirty clothes. As she reached into the hamper, she felt something wet. When she pulled the garment out, Carol saw that it was the tee shirt Jimmy had worn the day before.

Her first thought was, "Now what has that boy spilled on himself?" Then she noticed that there also seemed to be some crusty patches on the shirt where something had dried.

As Carol held the shirt up and looked at it, she found a couple of fresh wet spots that looked like Jimmy had just used it to wipe something up. She touched her middle finger to one spot, and then rubbed the finger against her thumb. Whatever it was seemed thick and slippery. Then she brought her finger to her nose and inhaled deeply. It was at that moment that Carol realized what it was. It was something she hadn't smelled in over two years, but something she recognized immediately... it was semen!

"Oh my god," Carol thought to herself, "my little boy is jerking off!"

From the freshness of evidence she found, Carol surmised that Jimmy had probably jerked off just that morning, and the crusty areas on the shirt told her that it wasn't his first time. She certainly wasn't mad at him... all adolescent boys masturbated. She just didn't realize that Jimmy had reached that stage in his life. She still thought of him as her sweet little baby boy. At that moment she realized just how much she missed Jimmy's dad, because based on what she was holding, she knew it was probably time to have the `sex talk' with her son.

Once again she touched her finger to another wet spot on the shirt. There seemed to be a large glob there, and the wetness covered her fingertip. She rubbed the slippery liquid between her finger and thumb again before bringing it up to her nose. The aroma was fresh and intoxicating. It brought back so many memories of her sexual past. Then, before she realized what she was doing, she took the fingertip that was coated with her young son's cum and stuck it in her mouth!

Carol sucked her finger and rolled her tongue around it, almost like it was a little penis. As she savored the taste, she remembered how much she had enjoyed giving blowjobs. To Carol, the most spiritual part of sex was not her own pleasure, but the pleasure she gave to her partner... and there was no better way to give pleasure than a blowjob.

Carol had always enjoyed sucking a man's hard cock. She loved feeling of the shaft swelling between her lips as her willing partner neared the point of orgasm. She felt amazing as he would begin groaning as the spongy head filled the opening to her throat. And sometimes she actually came as he reached the moment of ecstasy when cock would start bucking and kicking as it filled her mouth with a warm load of cum… a load that she always gladly swallowed.

As she reminisced about her once active sex life, her neglected pussy started to quiver. But she suddenly she froze as she came back to the realization that the bittersweet nectar that she was wantonly sucking from her own finger was that of her own sweet son… and she couldn’t deny that knowing it was his was helping light a fire deep inside her that was more intense than she had felt in years!

"Oh my god," Carol thought to herself, "What am I doing?" She quickly composed herself and threw the shirt into the washing machine along with Jimmy's other laundry. Then she went back into Jimmy's room and sat on his bed. She could feel her face was flushed, and her breathing was rapid… and as hard as she tried, she couldn’t deny the tingling deep in her pussy.

"C’mon Carol… get a hold of yourself" she mumbled under her breath. She quickly tried to reason that it was because she had gone over two years without sex that this was affecting her so strongly, and not the taste of Jimmy's cum, but she couldn't deny that it was delicious.

Carol decided that the best way to distract her mind was to start cleaning. Since she was already in Jimmy's room she decided to start there. She began by stripping off his bed sheets. She figured they probably had cum stains on them too, but she fought the urge to find out. After she threw them in the laundry room, she retrieved the vacuum cleaner and went back to his room. Carol always moved furniture when she vacuumed, and this time when she moved the chair from in front of the trap door, she stepped in something wet.

She had no idea what Jimmy could have spilled there, and knelt down to investigate. When she pressed her finger into the nap of the carpet and brought it up to her nose, she knew immediately that it was more of his cum.

"What in the world is it doing on the floor way over here," she wondered to herself. Then she noticed how close it was to the trap door and an incomprehensible thought crossed her mind... could her Jimmy be have been spying on her in the shower?

Carol stood up on wobbly legs as her mind tried to process all the morning's revelations. She went to Jimmy's desk and retrieved the small screwdriver she knew he kept there. Her hands shook as she removed the screw and opened the trap door. When she opened the door she leaned forward and immediately saw the ray of light. As she pressed her eyes to the peephole her suspicions were confirmed... she could clearly see the whole shower.

"Oh no," she thought to herself, "I think Jimmy has been peeking at me."

Her head was spinning as she wondered if he really had spied on her, and if so, how long he had been doing it. Then a shiver ran down her spine as she realized that if he was peeking, he had almost certainly seen her masturbating!

Carol did most of her masturbating in the shower, and she did it at least once or twice a week. So if Jimmy had been peeking at her for a while, chances were good that he had seen her. As a matter of fact, the dried emissions she had just found meant there was a good chance he had watched her frig herself the day before.

As she sat and contemplated how to approach her son with what she had found… her little boy was sitting in his best friend's room telling him of his new discovery.

Chapter Five

"I'm telling you Billy," Jimmy said in an excited voice, "if you just keep rubbing it, some white stuff squirts out... I think its sperm, and it feels better than anything you ever felt!"

"How did you find out?" Billy asked his friend.

Jimmy wasn't sure if he should tell Billy about spying on his mom, so he quickly said, "Well, when I left here yesterday, I told my mom I was going to take a nap and went to my room and laid down."

"Then what happened" Billy asked, giving Jimmy his undivided attention.

"Well," Jimmy continued, "I just started thinking about how hot Sandi and Carla looked in their bikinis, and I got a boner... so I just started rubbing it like we did when we were looking at your dad's Playboys. Then I felt this weird, really good feeling, and all of a sudden everything sort of started jerking down there, and then the stuff started shooting out."

"Are you serious?" Billy exclaimed.

Jimmy said, "Yeah" and then added, "Now I know what jerking off is, and why the older boys talk about it so much... it was the best thing I ever felt!"

As Jimmy was telling the story, Billy felt his dick getting hard. So when he had finished, Billy asked, "Can you show me how to do it?"

Jimmy said, "There ain't much to show, but sure." And besides, while he was telling Billy the story, his own dick had gotten hard again. Then Jimmy said, "Go get a couple of your dad's Playboys."

Since Sandi had gone to Carla's for a couple of hours, they had plenty of time for Jimmy to show his new discovery to his best friend. Billy went down to the garage, and when he came back he excitedly exclaimed, "Dude, I found some Penthouses too!"

Neither of the boys had seen anything quite this explicit... or educational. Playboy showed pictures of beautiful naked women, but Penthouse also showed women holding their pussies open, men doing stuff with women, and even women doing stuff with women!

Jimmy opened one of the magazines and said, "Wow, look at this one," as he showed Billy a picture of a beautiful naked woman with a man's hard penis in her mouth.

Billy looked at the picture and said, "That must be a blowjob," and then he added, "I bet that feels really good!"

Then Billy showed Jimmy a picture of one hot girl licking another's pussy, with the caption ‘Best Friends’ underneath.

"Gee, Sandi and Carla are best friends,” Jimmy said, “Do you think they’ve ever done anything like that?"

"I don't know,” Billy answered, and then he said, “But it would be pretty cool to watch, even if Sandi is my s****r,"

Then Jimmy found a photo spread of a beautiful lady on a bed with her legs spread wide, and her fingers buried deep in her pussy. The caption said her name was Tanya, and that she was `fingering her pussy to orgasm.' When he saw that picture, he realized that she was doing exactly what he had watched his mom do the day before. And her face was distorted just like his mom's had been, so Jimmy figured his mom must have gotten the same incredible feeling he got when he rubbed himself, and knowing that he had watched her at such a private moment made his cock throb even more.

Neither boy said anything for a few minutes, but then Billy broke the silence when he said, "Man, I really have a boner!"

Jimmy just answered, "Me too," never taking his eyes off the pictures of Tanya, and thinking about his mom.

Then Billy asked, "Jimmy, can we try that thing now?"

Jimmy just nodded, and both boys began taking off their clothes.

Once they were naked, they sat back on the bed facing each other. Both of their dicks were sticking straight up, bobbing with the beat of their hearts. "Wow," Billy said, "yours looks really hard."

Jimmy looked into Billy's lap and said, "Yours too."

Then Billy asked, "So what do I do now?"

Jimmy said, "Well, you just wrap your hand around it like this, and start rubbing up and down."

Then as Billy watched, Jimmy began stroking his fist up and down his hard shaft. Billy quickly imitated his best friend, and soon they were both jerking their stiff boy cocks. As Billy leafed through his Penthouse with his left hand, and stroked his rock hard penis with the other, he groaned, "It's really starting to feel good."

"Mine too," Jimmy said, never taking his eyes off the picture of a guy with his huge cock buried in a beautiful young woman's pussy.

Jimmy and Billy were so engrossed in their little jerk off session that neither one of them heard the front door open. Sandi had gone to Carla's house, but when she got there she realized that she had forgotten her cell phone, so she had walked back home to get it. As she walked up the steps, she noticed Billy's bedroom door was closed, and she could hear muffled voices coming from inside. She was just getting ready to tap on the door when she heard her little b*****r say, "Wow, look at her boobs!"

She had to stifle a giggle when she realized the two adolescent boys were probably looking at a dirty magazine. But what happened next shocked her when she heard Jimmy groan, "Ok Billy, I`m getting ready to shoot."

"Oh my god,” Sandi thought to herself, “They're jerking off!".

The teenage girl was no stranger to sex. She had started masturbating and given her first hand job at age 14, her first blowjob at 15, and had lost her virginity to her current boyfriend just after her 16th birthday. She and Carla had even done some practice kissing and mutual masturbation at sl**povers when they were younger. Still, she had no idea that her little b*****r was old enough to do anything sexual.

Sandi gently pressed her ear against the closed door and listened. As she did, she heard Jimmy say, "Remember, don't stop rubbing until your stuff squirts out."

When she heard that, she realized that her little b*****r had never jerked off, and that Jimmy was showing him how. The teenager knew she shouldn't be spying, but she couldn't pull herself away from the door. What surprised her even more was that as she listened to the two cute adolescent boys jerk off, and imagined what they must look like with their hard dicks in their hands, her pussy started to tingle. Without realizing what she was doing, she cupped her hand over her young cunt and pushed, sending a chill rushing through her body.

She could actually hear some light moaning coming from her little b*****r's room as the two boys approached orgasm. She was still pressing her fingers into the crotch band of her shorts when she heard Jimmy moan, "Ok Billy, I'm gonna shoot my stuff... watch."

At that moment, the teenage girl decided what she was going to do, and as Jimmy cried out, "Here it comes... agghhh," Sandi flung the door open.

When the door opened, both young boys snapped their heads around. Billy's hand froze on his hard young cock when he saw his s****r standing there, but Jimmy was past the point of no return. He let out a loud grunt as the base of his penis started to throb, and then the first gouts of boy cum spurted high in the air and landed on his leg. He wanted to stop it, but there was no way. So as Billy and Sandi watched almost hypnotically, Jimmy kept milking his load from his spurting cock until it became just a dribble that ran over his fingers. Then, as he let out a groan of relief, Jimmy squeezed the last drops of semen from his softening prick.

Sandi could see Jimmy's dick and hand were dripping with his cum, and u*********sly licked her lips with desire. But for the two boys, as their sexual excitement began to subside, fear set in. Suddenly they were terrified. They both wondered what Sandi was going to do. Was she going to tell their mothers? Did she think they were strange? As tears started to well in both of their eyes, Billy whispered, "I'm sorry Sandi."

The young boy's voice snapped her out of her trance, and while her eyes bounced between Jimmy's withering cock and Billy's still raging hard on, she calmly said, "Jimmy, I think you'd better clean up and go home."

Her little neighbor jumped off the bed, grabbed his clothes and ran to the bathroom to clean up. As he did, Billy reached for his underwear. But before he could grab them, Sandi snatched them from the bed and said, "Leave them off."

Billy looked down at the bed, not being able to face his big s****r. And as his fear increased, his once rampant cock deflated.

When Jimmy walked back into the room fully clothed, he stood by the door and sheepishly mumbled, "Um, Sandi, are you gonna..."

Before he could finish his sentence Sandi said, "Don't worry Jimmy, I'm not going to tell your mom."

Both boys breathed a sigh of relief, and then Sandi said, "But you still need to go home because I want to talk to Billy." With that, the two young boys exchanged quick glances and then Jimmy left.

Chapter Six

After Jimmy had gone, Billy just sat quietly on the bed, still not wanting to look at his s****r. He was still naked, with his hands folded in his lap as he tried to maintain some sort of modesty. As he sat quietly, Sandi picked up one of the Penthouses and began leafing through it. This wasn't the first one she had seen. As a matter of fact, she had also borrowed them from her dad's secret hiding place and masturbated while she looked at the pictures and read the famous Penthouse letters.

After a few minutes of scanning the magazine, Sandi broke the silence when she said, "These are some pretty hot pictures, no wonder you two were so horny."

Billy didn't know what `horny' meant, but he figured it must have something to do with getting excited. Then she put the book down, looked at Billy and said, "So, judging by what I heard outside your door, you've never jerked off, right?"

Billy kept his head bowed as he whispered, "No." Then he said, "Jimmy was just showing me how."

Sandi just smiled and said in a quiet, reassuring tone, "Billy, jerking off is perfectly normal, and a lot of boys start by doing it together, so don't be embarrassed." Then she said, "But next time, it might be a good idea to lock the door."

Both the older teenage girl and her younger b*****r laughed, and the tension in the room seemed to ease. Then Sandi asked, "Billy, were you getting ready to shoot like Jimmy did?"

Billy just said, "I think so," and then he added, "But I'm not sure because it's never happened to me before."

For some reason, her little b*****r's total innocence caused the tingling in her pussy start again. She looked at his cherubic little face, free from any blemishes or facial hair, and then her eyes scanned over his slightly developed torso. And finally she stopped at his crotch. Even though his hands were folded in his lap, Sandi could still see his soft little dick lying just above his smooth, hairless balls.

As she stared at his dick, she said, "You know Billy, it's not good to get so close to cumming and then stop."

"What's cumming?" he asked, totally oblivious to the term.

"Cumming is what makes the sperm shoot out of your dick like Jimmy's did... it's also called an orgasm," she replied.

"Oh," he said, and then he asked, "Why shouldn't you stop before you, umm... cum?"

"Well, a boy can get something called blue balls when he gets so close and doesn't finish," Sandi replied, and then she asked, "Billy, are you aching down there?"

"Yeah, kind of," he softly answered.

Then Sandi looked him in the eyes and said, "Well the best way to make it stop aching is to finish what you were doing..." and with that she handed him a Penthouse.

Billy quietly said, "Ok," and then sat looking at his s****r.

After a minute, Sandi said, "Well, what are you waiting for?"

Billy’s eyes opened wide as he exclaimed, "You want me to do it with you here?"

"Yes I do," she replied. Then to try to justify her presence, she lied and said, "I just want to make sure you do it right." What she really wanted to do was watch her little b*****r blow his first load of boy cum.

Billy felt embarrassed and said, "Gee s*s, I don't know."

"Well," Sandi said, "then maybe I just need to tell mom and dad what I caught you and Jimmy doing."

When Sandi threatened him with that, Billy groaned, "Ok, I'll do it."

With that, Sandi leaned back on her hands as her little b*****r leafed through the magazine with one hand, while he grabbed his soft prick with the other and began jerking on it. Sandi watched as he turned page after page while pulling on his flaccid penis, but nothing seemed to be happening.

After a few minutes, his older s****r said, "Billy, what's wrong?"

"I don't know," the young boy answered, "it just won't get hard."

Sandi looked at him and said, "I think it's because you're nervous about me being here." Then she smiled and said, "Maybe I can help."

Billy didn't know what she meant until he watched her reach down to her waist and pull her top over her head. The young boy's eyes almost bugged out of his head as he looked at his big s****rs tits, covered only by a small bra. Instantly he felt his dick start to stir as he asked, "What are you doing?"

Sandi just smiled and said, "Well, maybe if we're both naked you won't feel so embarrassed."

And with that she reached behind herself and grabbed the strap of her bra. Billy gulped as she undid the clasp, and then dropped her shoulders so the material fell from her shoulders. When she sat straight up again, there were her beautiful teenaged breasts, naked before the young boy's eyes. Billy couldn't take his eyes off of them. They were round and firm, and capped with pink nipples that were hard with excitement.

Then Billy's concentration was broken when he heard Sandi say, "Well, it looks like it worked."

"Huh," Billy asked, reluctantly raising his eyes from Sandi's tits to her face. She just smiled at him and pointed to his dick. When he looked down, he saw that his first up-close look at real boobs had him fully erect again.

When he looked back at Sandi, she stood up and began sliding her shorts down over her rounded hips. Billy's heart was pounding as he watched his hot teenaged s****r’s shorts slid down her shapely legs to reveal a tiny pair of blue panties. Then she turned her back to him so he could see she was wearing a thong that bared her firm athletic ass to his young eyes. Then she slowly pushed the skimpy material down until the elastic cleared her hips and the thong fell to the floor. When Sandi turned around to face Billy again, he could see she had a completely shaved pussy.

Sandi could see the admiration in his eyes, but that didn't stop her from saying, "So, do you like what you see?"

Billy just gulped and said, "Wow s*s, yeah... you're really pretty."

"Well thank you," she said with a smile.

Then she sat back on the bed facing him and crossed her legs… and that was when he saw his first real pussy close up. Sandi leaned back on her hands again to give him a better view. The lack of hair made her mound look soft and smooth, like some of the girls in the Penthouse had been. He could also see the outer lips, which were puffy and wet… but what he didn't know was they were that way because she was excited as he was. Then he noticed the tiny little button at the top of her slit. He had also seen that on the girls in the Penthouse pictures, and remembered one of the models calling it her 'clit'.

After giving him a minute to look her over Sandi said, "Ok Billy, why don't you try it again."

Without taking his eyes off his gorgeous s****r, he wrapped his hand around his cock again... only this time, it was hard as steel. Then the young boy began vigorously pumping his fist up and down his prick as he jerked himself off. But he was doing it so hard that Sandi was afraid he might hurt himself, so she said, "Billy, slow down."

"What," her younger b*****r said, still pounding his dick.

"I said, slow down," Sandi repeated, "you're gonna hurt yourself" She knew that this was his first time jerking off, and for some strange and exciting reason she wanted to help her little b*****r learn how to make himself feel good.

When he took his hand away from the hard column of flesh, she could see how red the skin was and said, "See Billy, you're doing it way too hard."

As Billy looked down at his irritated dick, Sandi asked, "Do you want me to show you how to do it right?"

Not knowing what she meant, Billy just said, "Um, sure."

With that, Billy watched as his big s****r reached towards his crotch, and then let out a gasp as her soft hand wrapped around his cock. "Wow Billy, it's really hard," Sandi purred as she slowly began sliding her hand up and down the stiff shaft. She was surprised to find that it was not much smaller than her boyfriends.

As she slowly stroked her little b*****r, Sandi felt the heat in her own groin starting to rise. Without taking her eyes from his swollen prick, Sandi softly asked, "How does it feel Billy?"

"Really good," he replied while he stared at her beautiful tits, which were wobbling from the motion of her arm as she jerked him off.

Suddenly Sandi stopped stroking his hard penis and stood up. Sandi’s hand had felt incredible, and Billy worried that she was going to make him finish himself, but instead she said, "Why don't you, scoot forward so I can sit behind you."

Billy slid his little butt forward on the bed, and Sandi sat behind him, with her shapely legs straddling his hips. When she was situated, she grabbed her little b*****r's shoulders and pulled them until his back rested against her. He could feel her soft tits with their hard nipples pushing into his back as she reached around his hip and gently grasped his hard dick with her right hand, while her left hand reached around and cupped his balls.

Billy let out a soft moan as his big s****r's hand began sliding up and down his hard dick once again. She looked down over his shoulder and saw the head was swelling and turning purple as bl**d rushed into it. Billy could feel the pressure starting to build at the base of his cock again as his s****r's hand began moving faster.

Sandi could feel him getting harder, telling her that he was going to cum soon. She lightly kissed him on the ear, and then ran the tip of her tongue along the nape of his neck, causing a shock wave to ripple through his body. Sandi's hand could feel his balls pulling up to the base of his prick as they prepared to empty their load. She could also hear Billy moaning louder as the tingling in his groin built to a critical level.

As Sandi felt his body start to stiffen, she ran her tongue along his ear and then whispered, "Are you getting ready to shoot your sperm?"

Billy just moaned, "I think so."

Sandi could feel her pussy melting as she softly whispered, "Cum for me Billy... shoot all your creamy cum for me." His s****r's naughty words were the last straw, because just then the young boy's entire body tensed and the contractions of his first orgasm started deep in his groin.

Billy cried out, "Oh, Sandi... aaaggghhhh!" as his prick lurched, and the first burst of boy cum squirted from the head of his penis and landed on his chest. Sandi could feel the tube that ran the length of Billy's cock twitch again and again as it ejected his load.

They both watched in amazement as his virgin seed spurted like a fountain from his dick. Her little b*****r was almost sobbing now as the most incredible feeling he had ever experienced overwhelmed him. Over and over his penis throbbed in her hand until she finally felt his body begin to relax, and the spasms in his cock started to subside as the last dribbles of cum oozed from the tip and ran over her hand... and then his first orgasm was over.

The young boy went limp and slumped back against his s****r. They both looked down at his softening cock, which Sandi still had cradled in her hand, and drops of cum that were pooled on his chest and belly. Neither of them spoke for a few minutes, and then Sandi finally whispered, "Well little b*****r... did you like it?"

Billy let out a contented sigh and groaned, "Uh huh."

"I knew you would," Sandi replied. Then she said, "I'll get us a towel to clean up."

Sandi slipped from behind her b*****r and walked towards the bathroom. When she was out of sight, she lifted her hand to her face and tasted her little b*****r’s cum. It tasted wonderful… much less bitter than her boyfriend’s. At that moment she decided that sometime soon she might give him a real treat and suck his creamy load directly from its source. As she savored Billy’s boy cum, her other hand slid between her long legs to rub her dripping pussy. She was so turned on that she knew she could get herself off right there and then, but she decided to wait because she wanted to give Billy another treat.

When she walked back into the room, Billy was still lying on his back with his dick now deflated, and little opaque pools of cum still on his chest and stomach. Sandi sat on the bed next to him and began wiping the drying semen off of his torso. She was still naked, and Billy stared at her perfect breasts as she moved down and began cleaning his cock and balls.

Much to her surprise, she felt her little b*****r's dick getting hard again, and said, "Boy, it doesn't take much to get you going."

Billy just said, "Sorry s*s, it just feels really good when you touch it."

Sandi gave his half hardened cock a squeeze before releasing it and discarding the towel. Then she said, "Billy, making you cum really made me horny," and with a wicked little grin asked, "Would you like to see how I make myself cum?"

Billy was so excited the he could hardly speak, so he just nodded his head. With that she told him to sit at the foot the bed, and then she lay down and placed her feet on either side of him, so he was sitting between her legs. Now Billy got another really good look at her pussy. The pink lips were still swollen and parted, and he could see they were glistening with wetness.

Sandi broke his concentration when she asked, "Do you see how wet I am?"

Billy just nodded.

Then she said, "That's what happens when a girl gets excited, just like a boy gets an erection when he gets excited." Then Billy felt a shiver run down his spine when Sandi said, "It also makes it easier for a boy to put his penis into her pussy."

Suddenly he wondered what it must feel like to have his penis inside a girl's pussy, or in her mouth like the picture in Penthouse... he had no idea how soon he would find out.

Billy watched as his s****r spread her long, athletic legs even wider, and as she did, her right hand slid over her belly and between them. Slowly she began tracing her middle finger up and down her engorged pussy lips. Sandi let out a low moan as she pushed her finger in a little deeper with each stroke. Even though he had just cum, the sight was enough to make Billy's penis rock hard again.

Now Sandi was groaning as she began finger fucking her wet pussy with one hand, while she caressed her sensitive nipples with the other. Billy could actually hear squishing sounds as she pumped two fingers in and out of her dripping cunt. The sights and sounds of what his s****r was doing excited him so much that he wrapped his hand around his erect cock and began stroking himself again.

Sandi looked down to see her little b*****r stroking his shaft, and that gave her an idea. As she continued to slowly pump her fingers in and out of her tight quim, she said, "Billy, move up here and kneel next to me."

Her little b*****r knelt where she told him, putting his hard cock only inches from her face. He didn't know why she wanted him there until she turned her head, and in one motion sucked his raging prick into her mouth!

Billy let out a scream of delight as his big s****r's hot, wet mouth engulfed his stiff pole. The feeling was incredible. If he hadn't just cum, he probably would have released immediately. As Sandi began working her lips and tongue on the turgid shaft, she pulled her fingers from her pussy and began working on her clit.

Billy watched intently as his s****r's finger, soaked with her juices, began to rub the little button at the top of her dripping slit. At the same time she was sliding her mouth back and forth on his cock, causing the sensations he had felt for the first time only a few minutes ago to start building again. Sandi was moaning around his hard shaft as her fingers brought her towards her own intense orgasm. Billy was getting closer too, as his big s****r's mouth and tongue tormented his aching prick.

Billy was moaning out loud now as Sandi's soft tongue rubbed against the most sensitive part of her little b*****r's cock, just behind the head. Now that he had experienced his first orgasm, Billy knew what the pressure building behind his balls meant, and he groaned, "Sandi, I think I'm gonna squirt my stuff again."

Sandi let his hard prick slip from between her lips just long enough to say, "Cum whenever you're ready baby" before sucking the swollen shaft back into her mouth.

The young boy couldn't believe his ears... did his s****r really want him to shoot it in her mouth? He got his answer when she took him as deep as she could, and then began rolling her tongue around the shaft. The feeling was incredible, and Billy knew he wasn't going to last much longer before blasting his second load of cum into his beautiful s****r's mouth.

Sandi sensed he was getting close too, and began frigging her clit even faster. At the same time she slid her free hand around her leg and began plunging two fingers in and out of her sopping wet cunt. The scene was too much for the naïve boy to take, and as he felt his balls pull up and the muscles at the base of his young prick tighten, he screamed, "Sandi... I'm shootiiiing!"

As Billy cried out, Sandi felt his young cock come alive in her mouth. It jerked hard once, then twice, and then painted her tongue with his gooey load. Sandi sealed her lips around the pulsing shaft and groaned as spurt after spurt of boy cum filled her mouth. Since he had just cum, there wasn't as much as before, so Sandi easily and greedily swallowed each burst to make room for the next one. Billy just grunted as each throb of his prick propelled more of his seed into his s****r's waiting mouth.

When his cock finally stopped twitching, and his balls had been drained, Sandi let it slip from her mouth. Billy looked down at his s****r's face, which was flushed and distorted with pleasure. Her eyes were closed tight and her lips were parted as she moaned steadily. He could see the muscles in her belly tighten and her hand was a blur as she vigorously rubbed her clit. Almost instinctively the young boy leaned over and began flicking her nipples with his tongue, and that sent her over the edge.

Suddenly she screamed, "Oh god Billy... I'm gonna cum!" and then her pussy exploded.

The muscles inside Sandi's tight young cunt began involuntarily clenching and releasing her invading fingers as spasms of pleasure quivered deep in her belly, and then spread throughout her body. Billy noticed how red her face and neck were as she came. Her tummy muscles tightened and her whole body convulsed as one hand continued to feverishly rub her clit while the other finger fucked in and out of her tight cunt. It was the longest and most intense orgasm she could remember, and she could only groan, "Oh fuck... oh fuck," as it washed over her.

After what seemed like an eternity, Sandi finally felt her orgasm starting to die down. Her clit had become so sensitive that she couldn't touch it, so she just slowly fucked her fingers in and out of her pussy until it was over. She collapsed back on the bed, and then opened her eyes and looked at Billy. He was still kneeling next to her, and she just looked up at his cute little face and smiled. Billy smiled back at her, and then leaned over and hugged his big s****r, almost as if to say I love you.

Chapter 7

As b*****r and s****r were relishing in each other’s bodies at the Wade's house, Jimmy and Carol sat quietly at the Barnes' dining room table eating lunch. Neither said much since Jimmy was still a little shaken over getting caught jerking off at Billy's, and his mom was still contemplating how she should approach her son about what she had discovered that morning.

Jimmy finally broke the silence when he said, "Lunch is really good mom."

"Thanks sweetie," Carol replied, not lifting her eyes from her plate. Then she took a deep breath as she built up the courage to ask if he had made the peephole.

When she was ready she said, "Jimmy," but the words that she wanted to say didn't come out. Instead she said, "You didn't stay at Billy's very long."

"We were just hanging out, and it was kind of boring", Jimmy replied, as he thought back to when Sandi had caught them jerking off. He wondered what Sandi was telling Billy, and if she was going to keep her promise not to tell anyone else.

As Jimmy sat pondering his friend's fate, his mom took a good look at him. He looked so sweet and innocent. Then she imagined him lying on the floor, pumping his stiff young cock with his hand as he spied on her in the shower. Suddenly she felt a shiver run through her body, and her pussy started to moisten again.

"Oh my god," she thought to herself, "Thinking about my own son jerking off is turning me on!"

Carol knew she had to tell him that spying on her was wrong, but all she could think of was how exciting it probably was for a young boy just reaching puberty to see a naked woman for the first time... even if it was his own mother. Suddenly she actually felt a little glad that her baby boy might find her so attractive that he would go to such lengths to get a glimpse of her. Her emotions were a jumbled mess as she tried to figure out what to do. At that moment she decided that before she would do anything, she needed to be certain that he was peeking at her.

That was when she said, "Jimmy, I'm going to go take a shower."

Jimmy thought that was a bit odd, since she had showered that morning, but he figured it was because of the heat. Besides, he was going to see her naked again.

As she stood up from the table and walked towards the stairs, her knees actually went weak. If Jimmy was spying on her, then she was knowingly going to let him see her naked again. It was almost as if she had lost all control. She felt the heat in her groin rise as she climbed the stairs, walked into the bathroom and closed the door behind her. Then she quietly pressed her ear to the door and waited. In less than a minute she heard the stairs creaking as Jimmy tiptoed up them. Carol slid the shower curtain back and leaned her face down to the crack. At first it was pitch black, but then she saw light as Jimmy opened the trap door. She quickly pulled her head away so Jimmy wouldn't see her.

"Oh my god," she thought to herself, "he really is peeking at me!" She sat on her haunches, wondering if she should go through with it, or if she should just storm into his room and catch him red handed.

"He's probably got his hard little dick in his hand already," she thought to herself, and as she did, the tingling deep in her cunt became more intense. At that moment she made a decision she could have never imagined making in a million years... she reached into the shower and turned the water on.

Jimmy's eye was glued to his peephole as he eagerly waited to see his mom's beautiful naked body come into view. Even though he had jacked off twice that morning, his young hormones had his dick as hard as steel again. He had already removed his pants and underwear when he realized he hadn't locked his door, but he didn't get up to do it over fear he might miss something, and that decision would change their relationship forever.

Carol's stomach felt like it was filled with butterflies as she slowly undressed. Even though she was now sure that Jimmy had seen her naked before, the thought that she was going to purposely expose herself to him was sending electric waves through her body. Once she was naked, she took a deep breath and stepped into the shower, and her baby boy's view.

At first Carol didn't know what to do, so she just stood there, letting the water cascade over her body. She imagined Jimmy on the other side of the wall, looking at her as he pumped is hard little cock with his fist. Carol knew it was wrong, but the image had her pussy on fire. Finally she reached for the soap and began lathering her body.

As Jimmy watched his mom's soapy hands slide over her body, he began stroking his cock. He was too inexperienced to realize it, but since he had already cum twice that day, it was going to take him longer to reach another orgasm. Still, the sight of his mom's gorgeous body combined with the manipulation of his hand already had the base of his prick starting to tighten.

Carol's hands soaped her full round breasts as she closed her eyes and tried to imagine what her little boy's cock looked like. As she tried to conjure the image, one hand slid over her soapy belly and slipped between her thighs. Even though she knew her son was watching, she spread her legs as wide as she could, giving him an open view, and began stroking her inflamed pussy. "Wow," Jimmy thought, "she's going to rub herself again, just like she did yesterday."

Then suddenly Carol stopped. "What am I doing," she thought, "am I actually going to knowingly masturbate in front of my own son?"

She tried to tell herself that she had to put a stop to all of this. She hated the fact that she was so turned on by showing herself to her sweet little boy... not just because she thought it was wrong, but because she was enjoying it so much. Immediately she changed her mind and decided to confront Jimmy.

Carol knew that if she got out of the shower and dried off, Jimmy would have time to close the trap door and clean up. If he did, he would have the chance to deny everything, even though she believed her son would never lie to her. Still, this was so big that he might be scared into lying, so she had to catch him in the act. Then Carol had an idea.

As Jimmy continued pumping his dick, and hoped his mom would start rubbing her pussy again, he heard her say, "Damn, I left my shampoo on the sink."

Jimmy watched his mom get out of the shower, and thought about getting up to lock his door. But she left the water running, and was only getting her shampoo, so he figured she was going to get right back in. When Carol knew she was out of Jimmy’s sight, she quickly wrapped a towel around her still dripping body and quietly opened the bathroom door. Her wet feet left a short trail as she took the few steps to Jimmy's door. She took a deep breath as she wrapped her hand around the door knob and turned it, and as she had hoped, it was unlocked. Then, she took one more deep breath and pushed the door open.

Jimmy spun his head around as he heard his door open, and there stood his mom, wrapped in a towel and dripping water on the floor. He cried out, "Mom!" as he tried to sit up. But as he did, he hit his head on the trap door frame. It stunned him for a moment and he fell back to the floor and hollered, "Owww," and then as embarrassment flooded over him, he began to cry.

Suddenly Carol was overcome with concern for her young son. She rushed over to where he was laying holding his head, and crouched next to him. Jimmy was ashamed and in pain, and he sobbed as Carol pulled his hands from his forehead to assess the damage. There was a red mark where it had struck the door frame, but there was no bl**d. She bent over and gently kissed where he had bumped his head and whispered, "You're ok baby... you're ok."

Carol was so worried about Jimmy that she had forgotten she was only wrapped in a towel. So as she crouched next to him to gently stroke his forehead, she gave him a close up view of her crotch. Jimmy was so close to his mom's beautiful pussy that he could have reached out and touched it if he wanted to. And even though he was still crying and embarrassed, the view caused his penis to begin swelling again.

The young mother continued to care for her injured boy, but then she let out a gasp as she watched his penis grow longer and thicker. She still didn't realize the view of her private parts she was giving him, because she was too interested in his well being, and watching his cock grow to its full length and girth. When it stopped growing, Carol estimated it to be about five inches long, and about as thick as a hot dog, capped with a pink mushroom shaped head. His birds-egg sized balls were smooth, and he had barely started sprouting some wisps hair at the base of his penis.

After composing herself, Carol helped her little boy to his feet and walked him to the bed. As they stood up, her towel fell to the floor, but she didn't care... all she was concerned with was making sure her baby was alright. She helped him lay down, and as she did, her perfect full breasts hovered just above him. Even though he knew he was in trouble for spying on his mom, he couldn't help but stare at them. Just then Carol sat next to him and began gently rubbing his forehead as she whispered, "Don't worry baby... mommy's going to make it all better."

Jimmy just laid back, his teary eyes bouncing between his mom's gorgeous breasts and her beautiful face, which now bore a comforting smile. Carol realized she was still naked, but she didn't care. There was something about this intimate moment with her sweet boy that chased away any guilt, shame or feeling of wrong-doing. All she wanted to do was take care of her son, and make him feel better.

As she took her hand away from his forehead and began gently stroking his shoulder, she whispered, "Jimmy, you know it's not nice to spy on people."

Once again the little boy's lower lip began to quiver as he answered, "I know mom… I'm sorry."

Then she asked, "Jimmy, why were you spying on me?"

"I don't know," he answered sheepishly, "I guess I just wanted to see a real girl naked."

Carol had to stifle a little giggle when he called her a `girl', and then she looked down at his stiff prick bouncing up and down with the beat of his heart and asked, "When you peek at mommy, does your penis always get hard like it is now?"

Suddenly Jimmy's face went crimson as his eyes dropped, and he just nodded his head.

She didn't want him to be scared, so she said, "Honey, I'm glad you think mommy is so pretty." Then she said, "Now Jimmy, I want you to answer me honestly... when you were peeking at me, did you rub your penis?

Jimmy still couldn't look into his mom's eyes, so he just quietly answered, "Uh huh."

Now the line of questioning and his fear of a pending punishment caused his hard cock to start to go soft. Conversely, Carol could feel the aching deep in her pussy starting to grow. She decided to press on, and asked, "How long have you been making your penis squirt your sperm?"

The young boy quietly answered, "Yesterday was the first time."

"Jimmy, are you sure?" the young and still naked mother asked skeptically.

Now he did look up into her eyes as he said, "Honest mom, yesterday was the first time I ever… you know, did that… I swear!"

For some reason, the thought that her baby boy had his first orgasm while peeking at her sent electric shocks throughout her body. Without realizing it, the hand that had been caressing Jimmy's shoulder had slid down, and now she was tracing little circles on his undeveloped chest with her fingertips.

With his fear starting to subside, Jimmy noticed how she was touching him, and he felt his dick swelling back to its full hardness again. He watched as her hand slid over his chest, and then his whole body shivered as she dragged her fingertips over his tiny hard nipples. When she felt his body shake, she whispered, "Did that feel good honey?"

Jimmy just softly groaned "Uh huh."

Then his mom asked, "Does your head still hurt?"

Jimmy nodded and answered, "A little bit."

Then she asked, "Sweetie how would you like mommy to do something to make it all better?"

Jimmy wasn't exactly sure what she meant, but since he trusted his mom more than anyone in the world, he answered, "Ok."

With that, Jimmy watched as her hand started slowly moving down his body, towards his erection. Her fingertips lightly caressed his tummy, causing him to suck in air that he couldn't seem to breathe out. He pulled his eyes away from her hand for a moment and looked at her full breasts again. Her nipples seemed harder than they had been a minute ago, and her breathing seemed to be more rapid.

As Carol's hand neared her young son's hard cock, she could feel herself getting wetter. Even though Jimmy had no idea what it was, she could also smell the aroma of her own dampening pussy starting to rise from her groin. It had been so long since she had felt this strong a yearning deep in her belly, and the fact that touching her own son was causing it seemed to fuel the fire.

Jimmy's eyes had moved back to his mom's hand, and he watched it intently as it slid over his hip and down to his upper thigh, only inches away from the base of his throbbing shaft. He watched as her fingers disappeared between his legs, and then let out a gasp as she dragged her perfectly manicured fingertips over his smooth, hairless balls. Then his whole body shuddered as she wrapped her soft hand around his swollen dick.

Carol heard Jimmy groan as she slowly began moving her hand up and down. She watched as the head of his cock began to swell and turn a deeper shade of pinkish-purple. She couldn't believe how hot the hard column of flesh felt in her hand. At the same time, her young son couldn't believe how amazing his mom's hand felt as she stroked him. The excitement was so intense that he could already feel the base of his prick starting to tighten.

Carol began maneuvering herself so she was kneeling between Jimmy's legs, and as she did, she asked, "Do you like what mommy's doing sweetie?"

Jimmy groaned, "Uh huh," as he watched his mom arrange herself until her face was right above his hard dick.

Once she was situated, she whispered, "Now mommy is going to do something very special for her sweet boy," and then he watched her in amazement as she lowered her face to his groin and sucked the entire length of his adolescent cock into her mouth.

Jimmy let out a cry of pleasure as his prick disappeared between his mother's full, red lips. He couldn't believe the incredible sensations her mouth and tongue created as they worked on the tortured flesh. Then he watched as she began bobbing her head up and down. She was actually making mewling sounds as she swirled her tongue around the swollen, sensitive head.

When Carol wrapped her hand around the base of his prick and began moving it in unison with her mouth, Jimmy let out a loud groan. Watching his mom suck his penis, and feeling the incredible sensations her mouth, tongue and hand was causing the now familiar ache starting to build deep in his groin. Jimmy knew what that feeling meant now, and in a cracking voice he warned, "Mom, it's gonna shoot pretty soon."

Carol let Jimmy's near-bursting prick slip from between her lips long enough to whisper, "That's just what I want baby."

Then, as she sucked the hard shaft back into her mouth, she reached her free hand slipped between his legs and began rubbing his hairless balls. This new sensation pushed Jimmy to the brink, and as he cried out in agonizing pleasure, the base of his cock quivered, and then it erupted.

Jimmy screamed, "Mom, I’m... ahhhh!" as his tiny asshole clenched and his young prostate began pumping virgin boy cum into his beautiful mom's waiting mouth.

Since he had already cum twice, Carol felt her baby's cock buck hard three times before it finally started filling her mouth with the first burst of his young nectar. She couldn't believe how alive his hard little prick became as it jerked over and over again, pumping his bitter-sweet juice onto her tongue.

Carol was able to gather all her young son's spunk in her mouth without swallowing, savoring the sweet tangy taste and creamy texture as she sucked the last drops out of his still twitching prick. When it was over, Jimmy's body relaxed and then slumped back onto the bed, causing his spent penis to slip from his mom's mouth. As it did, she quickly sat up and sealed her lips shut to keep his special treat from dribbling out. It had been over two years since she had sucked a warm load of cum from a hard dick, so she wanted to enjoy it... and since this was her young son’s virgin cum, she wanted to savor it even more.

Then she looked at him with a smile on her face, swallowed hard one time, and let the gooey mass slide down her throat. Jimmy looked at her in wide-eyed amazement and asked, "Did you swallow it mom?"

"Yes I did sweetie, and it was delicious," she answered. Then Carol asked, "Did you like what I did honey?"

Jimmy just smiled and said, "It felt really good mom... better than when I do it with my hand."

"I'm glad you liked it baby," Carol answered with a smile.

At that moment, she thought she should feel some sort of guilt or shame, but she had convinced herself that nothing was more important than her sweet son’s happiness... and she was so happy that she was able to make him feel so good. But there was one problem... giving Jimmy his first blow job had lit a fire deep in her pussy that was still raging.

As she sat back on her heals, she parted her knees and let her hand slip between her legs so her fingertips could caress her swollen cunt lips. Jimmy watched as his mom stroked herself. He could see how wet she was as her fingers dipped inside her pussy, and then came out glistening with moisture.

Carol could see him concentrating on her hand and asked, "Did you watch mommy make herself feel good in the shower yesterday?"

Jimmy nodded and grunted, "Uh huh," never taking his eyes off his mother's pussy.

"Did you like watching me," she asked. This time her little boy just blushed and nodded his head.

Then the young mother surprised her young son and herself when she asked, "Sweetie, would you like to help make me feel good right now?"

"Sure mom," her young son answered.

Jimmy watched as his mom lay back on his bed, and as she did, he took a moment to look at her. Her soft tanned skin didn’t have a blemish, and her large breasts only fell slightly to the side as she lay on her back. Her long auburn hair framed her incredibly beautiful face, highlighted by her deep green eyes. Her incredible long legs were spread wide, showing the thin strip of neatly trimmed pubic hair, and right below was her wet, pouting pussy was just begging to be touched.

Carol slipped her right hand between her legs, and her perfectly manicured fingers began gently stroking her soaked pussy again. As she did, she whispered, "Jimmy, would you like to come up here and suck on my nipples?"

Jimmy was more than happy to oblige. He moved his small body until he was kneeling next to his mom, and then he leaned forward and took the hard, puckered bud of flesh between his lips. Carol groaned as her sweet boy began sucking on one nipple, and then the other. At the same time her fingertip had found its way to her engorged clit, and now she was slowly stroking it... not wanting to cum too fast. Incredibly, Jimmy felt his penis getting hard again, but since he had already cum three times, it was a little tender, so now he decided to concentrate on helping make his mom feel as good as she had made him feel.

Carol instructed the naive young boy to suck, lick and gently bite each nipple as her fingers began working more feverishly on her clit. She couldn't believe how good his soft lips and little wet tongue felt on the hard nubs. Then suddenly she felt one of Jimmy's hands sliding between her legs. As she continued to stroke her clit she felt Jimmy slide a finger inside of her. Carol let out a gasp as one, and then two of her baby's fingers penetrated her puffy labia and disappear into the depths of her wet cunt.

Jimmy couldn't believe how hot the inside of his mom's pussy felt. Her lubricant coated his fingers, making them feel slippery and gooey... and he loved the feeling. Carol was breathing harder now as her fingers quickened their pace on her clit, while Jimmy began pumping his fingers in and out of her pussy as he had seen her do. Then he remembered something he had seen in one of the Penthouse magazines and decided to try it.

Carol was so wrapped up in the incredible sensations she was feeling that she didn't even notice Jimmy had laid down between her legs with his adorable face and curly brown hair hovering right over her cunt. But suddenly she felt his fingers leave her pussy, only to be replaced by his soft tongue parting her cunt lips.

“Jimmy, what are you do... Oh God," Carol cried out as she felt her son’s tongue sliding up and down her soaked cleft. He even licked her puckered little asshole, causing her whole body to tremble. He really didn't know what he was doing, but it felt incredible when his mom had licked him, and now he wanted to return the favor.

Carol couldn't believe that her sweet young son was licking her pussy. It felt incredible, even though he hadn't found her clit yet. Her voice cracked as she groaned, "Honey... lick that little bump mommy was rubbing right at the top."

With that, Jimmy's tongue found the center of his mother's pleasure. Carol cried out loud as her baby boy began lapping at her love button. Jimmy almost instinctively started flicking at the hard nub with the tip of his tongue, causing his mom to cry out, "Oh God Jimmy... please don't stop!"

Jimmy began moving his tongue even faster, and at the same time he put two fingers back into his mom's smoldering cunt. Carol couldn't believe that her innocent young son was giving her so much pleasure. She could feel the walls of her pussy begin to tighten, and her belly start to quiver as her orgasm approached. Billy could also feel the inside of his mom's pussy start to squeeze his fingers, so he knew something was happening. At that moment, he sucked his mom's clit into his mouth and raked his tongue over it as fast as he could, and when he did, his mom arched her back and screamed, "Oh God Jimmy... I’m cummiiiinnnggg!”

Carol felt like every molecule in her body was exploding with pleasure. Jimmy kept strumming her clit with his tongue as she cried out again and again. Rhythmic spasms ripped from deep in her cunt, causing the muscles in her ass and pussy to go into uncontrollable convulsions. Jimmy couldn't believe the feeling of his mom's pussy contracting on his fingers and tongue again and again as the nerve endings in her clit drove the muscles they controlled into a frenzy. Jimmy was actually holding his mom down as his tongue vibrated on the trigger of her climax.

Finally Carol could take no more and sobbed, "Please stop baby... please." Her pussy was still twitching as her orgasm started to wane.

As Jimmy lifted his face from her cunt, she looked down to see his lips, nose and chin covered with her juices. He just smiled at her... feeling happier than he had ever been because he knew he had made her feel so good. The truth was that she wasn't sure if it was the love she had for her young son, or the taboo nature of the situation, but Jimmy had just given her the most intense orgasm of her entire life.

Mother and son had never felt closer, and as Jimmy moved up to lay next to his mom, she gently kissed him... tasting her own sweet nectar on his lips. Carol just held her little boy close as they dozed off... both completely drained.

But while their encounter had ended, the one next door was about to enter another chapter.
End Book One

Book Two will follow later today. I hope you enjoyed the story. And if you found it inspiring enough to pleasure yourself while reading, feel free to let me know... it's an erotic author's greatest compliment.


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