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Summer at Granny's

I was about sixteen and was going to be spending part of my summer with my granny. My granny came to pick me up with her friend named Flo. We were driving thru several states when granny's car broke down and we had to stay in a cheap motel for a couple of days waiting for the car to get repaired.
My granny is in her sixties I would guess. She is a heavy woman and hispanic just like me. Flo is the same way. I will guess that both women weigh about 180 pounds each. We settled in to our room-we had to share one room-and decided to go sit by the pool as we had nothing else to do. Granny and Flo had some wine they were going to drink. They were on their third bottle of cheap wine when they told me to keep watch on them as they were very toasted.
A group of six white biker guys came out to the pool. They were drinking also. Soon they were flirting with granny and Flo and it appeared that granny and Flo were pretty horny. The men continued to flirt, three on Flo and three on granny. Very quickly it turned to hands all over each other and then clothes came off. I told the men that I was not going to let this happen. The biggest guy told me they would pay twenty dollars each if I let them fuck my granny and Flo. Granny yelled for me to take the money and I said okay.
Granny and Flo removed what was left of their clothes and each laid back on the lounge chairs. Both women were round with huge tits, dark skin, and very dark haired very thick bush. I was sitting between the women. I had never been that close to real naked woman before, my dick was getting hard. One man came up to granny and another up to Flo naked and with hard dicks. Each man handed me a twenty dollar bill. I watched as the man slid his dick into granny's pussy and the other man slid into Flo's pussy. The men started to pump the women and the two women really liked it. Their big tits were giggling and everybody was breathing heavy. Their skin slapped and the soound of the sloppy wet pussy made my dick even harder. Then the man pumping granny pulled his cock out of her cunt and pushed the head into her bush and about four big squirts of sticky cum shot out and stuck in her pussy hair. He pushed his dick back into her pussy and granny rubbed the jizz into her bush. The guy pulled his cock out and told me thanks. Then the man pumping Flo did the same thing, spraying several ropes of cum onto Flo thick bush. He told me thanks also. Two other men handed me twenties and each mounted a woman and started pumping. I now had eighty dollars and a dick so hard it hurt. I was pretty happy. These men banged away and then pulled their cocks out and dumped their loads on the womens bushes also. Both women rubbed the jizz into their bush and cunts. Granny and Flo really seemed to be enjoying the fucking they were getting. Flo then said that she wanted cum in her pussy and a man said no problem and handed me a twenty and mounted Flo and started banging her hard. The last man handed a twenty also and mounted granny. I now had one hundred twenty dollars, I never had that much money before. And soon both men must have finished and each cunt got filled with hot sticky cum which seemed to please Flo and granny. Everyone refreshed their drinks and after several minutes granny said she wanted some more cock and wanted to fuck the guys that had just fucked Flo and this time she wanted every drop of cum to be deep in her cunt. The men looked at me and said they had no money for pussy.
I told them that this next round was on me, enjoy the pussy! The three guys that just fucked Flo were now fucking granny and each one filled granny's cunt full of sperm. The same went for Flo. They were all talking and I thought I would go to our room and take care of my throbbing cock by jacking off to what I had just saw. Flo stopped me and said for me to come over to her. Granny smilled real big and told Flo to go for it. Flo pulled my shorts down and fondled my cock and then pulled me onto her guiding my cock into her pussy, the very pussy I had ever been in. It was very warm and wet and felt like nothing I had ever felt before. She moved me back and fourth and I very quickly reached my first orgasim and exploded deep in her. I thought I would never stop cumming, I must have pumped a gallon of jizz into her. She said that was great and the men clapped. I got up and when granny saw that my cock was still hard she pulled me over to her and into her cunt. I was not thinking about fucking my grandma but I was thinking about fucking my second pussy. I was going for broke banging hard on that pussy. Within a few minutes I could feel that my balls had another load of jizz ready and I plunged as deep as I could get into that pussy and blew a huge load into her. The men all clapped again and patted me on the back. I stayed outside and watched as the men fucked granny and Flo several more times.
Soon everybody was wore out and we went our room. We slept in the next morning-I had dumped several more loads in both women as they slept. When they woke they only remembered some of what happened. The men stopped by to tell us they were moving on. Granny and Flo said for the men to get some pussy for the road which they were happy to take avantage of. Later that day we found four more men, another eighty dollars for me and several more loads of cum in the womens pussies.
We got the car and made it back to granny's house. The part of the summer I spent at granny's I got to fuck so much pussy. Not only did I get unlimited axcess to granny and Flo's pussy but several of their friends. I know you guys are thinking it was all old pussy, but it is still pussy and it was all really good!

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