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Stop screaming whore you know you love it.

I made a horrible mistake.

I am usually so careful when meeting up with guys. I had been chatting online with a young guy in his early twenties for about a week and he seemed really nice. Like a lot of guys he was interested in meeting a Tgirl but I was bit hesitant as I prefer older guys. Mostly I meet up with guys at a neutral venue or at my place to have some control over the situation. Since he didn’t have a car I agreed to meet him at his place. Silly move on my behalf. I got dressed in my sexiest black skirt, black blouse , stockings, push up bra and black leather boots and went out for the night.

Although I usually don’t take it I had a Viagra about 20 minutes before I arrived so I would be at my best.

His house was at a quiet outer suburb with not many other places around. I drove up the driveway checked that I looked o.k and went up and knocked on the door. He opened the door, smiled and asked me in. I walked into a hallway and he closed the door behind me, He went by and I followed him up the hall few steps then it happened. Another guy had been behind the door. I had been set up.

I felt someone grab me and locked his arms in full nelson around me and said “Surprise bitch”. The original guy laughed and told his friend to take me into the bedroom. I tried to struggle and the boots had high heals and I tried to stamp my heels into him but missed. The guy holding me was a lot bigger and stronger than me and I had no hope of breaking lose. I was pushed into the room and the guy behind let one arm go and reached round and started to squeeze my tit. Said to his mate “wow nice tits feel them”. With his friend hold both arms behind me the original guy came up and tore my blouse open and ripped off my bra tearing the straps. He looked down and said “She really does have tits what a freak” and started to squeeze them hard.

I was so scared. I told them to please cut the rough stuff and it didn’t need to be like this. I was trying to get some hold of the situation. He told me to “shut the fuck up” and they would do anything the wanted to me. He said “lets what you’ve got downstairs” and yanked by skirt down. Since I had taken a Viagra I was semi erect. He reached down and rubbed my cock threw my panties and said to his friend “Hey looked she’s turned on the fucking slut”. He guy behind me reached around and shoved his hands down my panties and started to stick his tongue into my ear. Then whispered “I’m going to fuck you hard”

They then pushed me towards the bed with my skirt around me ankles. Pushing me down across the bed my original date got in front of me while the other guy got behind me and held my shoulders down. He pulled out his cock lifted my head up and told me to “suck it bitch and you better not bite it”. Forcing open my mouth his shoved his cock into my mouth. It was only about 6” but started to fuck my mouth so hard I was gagging. He pulled out of my mouth and starting slapping my face with it saying “You’re a cock sucking whore aren’t you. I bet you dreamed of this”.

The guy behind me leaned down and said “I’m going to fuck you hard.” He moved off me and moved down towards my ass. I felt his hands spreading my ass apart. He had pulled out his cock got on top of me. Normally I like guys to take it slow at the start with plenty of lube but this guy just shoved his cock into my ass hard without any preparation. I screamed as it penetrated me, It hurt so much. “Stop screaming whore you know you love it” and pulled out and then shoved hard back inside me. He put his hand over mouth so I couldn’t yell. I looked up and the original guy was jerking off. “Fuck that looks so hot” he said.

The only thing I could now do was try and relax my hole to try and make it a bit easier on me. The guy kept fucking me hard and grunting with each stroke abusing me and saying “fucking take it whore, take it”. After a few minutes said “I’m going to cum in your ass” Shit he was doing it bareback! He then pounded me even harder a few times a let loose a groan as he shot his load inside me.

The first guy and said to his friend “My turn now, flip her over”. When he turned me over I was still semi hard from the Viagra. They noticed and remarked that I must really like this.

On my back the guy who had just fucked me held my shoulders while the other guy lifted my ass into the air and spread my legs over my head. The only thing that helped this time was that I was partly lubed by the cum of the other guy. He stood over me and piled drived into me pushing my whole body down with the f***e. “Fuck yeah do her” said the guy holding my shoulders down. Taking his hand off my shoulder he grabbed my cock and started to jerk it hard. “Hey make her cum in her own mouth” the guy fucking me said. Releasing me a bit I started to masturbate for them with my cock pointing down towards my face. Trying to get this over and done with I jerked myself fast. My mouth was f***ed open and my cum flew into my mouth and all over my face. Lick it up I was told. The guy kept pounding me harder and harder. “Fuck take it cum slut”. With a final hard push I felt him blow inside me.

After he pulled out of me I lowered myself back down so sore from the abuse my ass had taken and curled up on the bed

They where talking about how great that had been. I asked them if I could please take a shower to clean myself up. “Shower? You want a shower? How about a “Golden Shower?”.

I thought the humiliation had finished but they had one more round to go. Dragging me off the bed they shoved me towards the bathroom. Inside the bathroom I was pushed over the cistern and my ass pushed open again. “Hey babe you want to wash the cum out of you. Use this” and started to piss inside my open ass. It was flowing out of my ass and down my legs. After he had finished they pushed me across to the bath and told me to get in and lay down. I got in and the other guy stood inside the bath told me to open my mouth and started pissing into it. “Taste as good as cum does it?” he asked. He finally stopped pissing on me and got out of the bath.

Abused and humiliated I asked them if I could go. “Yeah alright whore you can go. Bet you come back for more” they said.

I got back to the bedroom and gathered my torn clothes and got out of the house as quick as I could.

Next day I was so sore and covered with bruises. The only good news is that I got tested for STD’s but came back clean.

I’m a lot more careful now.

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