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So it had been a few months since my ex and I had fucked last. Normally she would pop in town every now and again and let me have my way with her but as of late all I was getting was cock stiffening phone calls and dick teasing pics.Lately she had been driving me crazy with this gang bang fantasy she had been having. I was getting so horny from her teasing ways I began to get pissed off from all the jacking off I had to do to settle down. Finally she suprises me a pops up in town without notice. I'm pissed off because I happen to be hosting a buddies bachelor party when she calls.Tfellas and I are watching the game , waiting on some other guy and talking shit befor we head out to a coulple of strip bars.

She thinks it will be fun to come join us and doesnt take no for an answer. I don't take her seriously and start to doubt if she is really in town.
So the guys and I are just chilling out drinking a few beers watching the t.v. when theres a knock at the door, I get up wondering if its the food we ordered, its my ex with that look in her eyes that I know she wants to fuck, I smiled at her "Shan6969 nows not really a good time I have friends over" she looked at me for a moment then smiled "the more the merrier" she said. Somebody had a few drinks on the plane in.
She pushed by me and entered my home.“Is that how you treat your women?Leave a lonely horny white girl outside..begging for your black cock? Thats not very nice”?
Shan6969 turned to me and said softly “I must be d***k because I just wanna fuck all your friends right now..” She started rubbing my cock threw my jeans as she look at me with a big smile. “Sorry I didn’t mean to upset you” she said as she rubbed harder.'Now baby ...where are all the cocks at..I want you to make my dreams come true tonight?"

My mind was swimming for a raft of reality in this dreamlike situation that begun just 6 minutes ago.
“No, I think your right I would love to see you get fucked by a couple OF guys. But I know you won’t.” I said as I pushed her hand off my stiff cock. “Don’t be a tease to all of us.”

We went back to the living room and my friends looked up hoping it was the pizza we ordered instead seeing Shan6969, "well theres been a change of plan boys" I said "it seems Shan6969 here wants us to gang bang her". I thought that hearing me say that aloud would embarass her and make her quit this silly game she was playing.....but it didn't. She was a whole different Shan6969 than from the one I once dated. This chick was serious. She had come here to fuck and get fucked....By everyone!
She got undressed quickly in the middle of my living room and demanded a rum and coke.

She was totally naked and the guys just staired for a moment.Rhette poured her a drink.
She looked at me winked, and suddenly gets down on her knees and says "sorry guys I have to take care of my ex-boyfriend he seems to be getting turned on by thinking of me fucking his friends" They are all looking at her with amazement and curiosity. She unzipped my pants and my cock sprang out. She didn’t waste a second she wrapped her lips around it and put her hands softly on my balls. She would stop once and a while and suck on the balls then go back sucking my dick.

Shortly after I look around and everyone else is rubbing their cocks threw their pants and staring at my ex’s ass. I look back at her and with her horny eyes looking at me she sucks even harder. I couldn’t help it I shot that load down her throat so hard. She loved it she kept going afterwards till every drop was gone.

She stands up and wipes her lips off and sits next to me on the couch finishing her cocktail. "Sorry guys I know what my ex-boyfriend needs and when he needs it."
Johnny One Time says "damn I wish I had a chick that would drop to her knees like that every time I am horny."

She looks back at me and smiles. "Well tonight is your lucky night" as she goes over and unzips Johnny One Time’s pants. "I'm no racist Johnny. But this is the longes niggerdick i've ever seen.I will be your whore for the night too". With that Johnny One Time shoved her head down on his long manmeat.You could see the look on his face drop as soon as her lips wrapped around his blackcock dick. You could tell she was milking it for everything it had. Johnny One Time didn’t last long and you could hear him moan as he grabbed Shan6969’s head and pushed it down making her take all of his cock deep in her throat. When he was done she continued to suck him off, then she licked all around the head of his shaft to make sure she didn‘t miss any cum.

"Wanted to make sure I got it all she says as she walks wiggling her thick ass over and sits between Rhette and Deacon. Rhette looks at me and I just smiled. He turns to Shan6969 and puts his hand on the bare skin of her leg . He then applies three firm slaps on her roun ass, she turns to Deacon and begs for more and he delivers. He immediately pulls out his prick and she didn’t waste a second on getting her face in his lap. I look over to Rhette and his hand had now worked its way up and is massaging her soaking wet pussy.

I could tell she is enjoying it the way her tetherball sized tits were waving back and forth to his touch. Her body jerked violently as orgasmics rushes went through her body. Suddenly Deacon moans and at the same time she starts to shake vigorously and cum all over Rhette’s hand. The rush of him cumming in her mouth was too much and it pushed her over the edge to have an orgasm all over Rhette’s fingers. She finished lapping up all his cum and turned to Rhette. "Fuck me".Her huge tits hanging, she begins rubbing them hard.

Rhette didn’t hesitate he stands unbuckles his pants and drop them to the floor. His rock hard cock flopped out pointing right at Shan6969. She looked at it and licked her lips, "I wanna feel it deep inside me baby." He lays on top of her pulling up her legs. She had no hair on her puffy pink pussy, so all you could see was her glistening pussy waiting to be fucked. He leans down and begins thrusting she wiggles as it slowly slid inside her. She moaned and reached around him pulling him closer and deeper. "fuck me hard motherfucker,abuse that cunt, teach my holes a lesson I wanna feel all of it."
Duke comes over from across the room he has his pants down to his ankles he starts to jerk off right over her face. She reaches up and grabs his balls, "Feel good, you wanna shoot it all over my face baby." He starts stroking faster and Rhette still fucking her herd and slow. Suddenly you hear Rhette moan loudly with each thrust he goes deeper and moans louder. Cumming deep inside my ex‘s pussy. Duke looks down and bust out with a load across Shan6969’s face. She reaches up grabs his cock and pulls it closer, sucking every drop out of it.

Rhette leans back on the couch and sighs as Duke pulls up his pants and goes back across the room. Shan6969 looks back at me and smiles. She spreads her legs one across Rhette and the other over Johnny One Time. She reaches down and feels all Rhette’s cum running out her pussy and starts to rub it. With the other hand she grabs her tits rubbing Duke’s cum all over her chest. She starts to squeeze her nipples as her body waves with ecstasy. Soon she screams out and starts to shake uncontrollably"treat me like a fucking whore you motherfuckers FUCK ME!". You can see her cunt squeezing out her and Rhette’s cum with every pulse of her orgasm.
When three more of my buddies show up late Shan6969 doesnt miss a beat."Come on then whos getting their cock out first" she said with a naughty smile, thats all they needed to hear and soon had her on her knees sucking their cocks, she did always love being threat like a naughty slut and now she was getting the full threatment, five guys naked and hard feeding their cocks to this horny bitch and loving it.
A half hour later and Shan6969 was going from cock to cock taking each one down deep, mine was only 7 iches but some of the guys were closer to 10 and she was doing them with ease and loving it, one of the guys layed on the floor and told Shan6969 to get on his cock, she wasted no time and slid down onto it her pussy already dripping wet, one more cock went in her mouth and she wanked the other two with her hands, I decided to give her a really treat and slid my cock into her ass.
She moaned out around the cock in her mouth and I pushed deeper into her ass, her big tities jiggled about with her be thrusted into. She was loving being taken and use by all these guys, a cock in every hole filling her up with each thrust, we took turns going from mouth to pussy to ass using Shan6969 like are little fuck toy and she was loving every moment begging for more.
We told Shan6969 to lay on the floor and took turns pounding her pussy as hard and fast as we could only stopping when we made her cum, and then the next guy would start thrusting in hard and deep till her made her cum to, by the time she had the fifth guy fucking her her hole body was trembling with pleasure.
We then turned her over and did the same to her tight little asshole, she was moaning so loud loving getting pounded over and over, she just kept cumming her pussy juices running down her thighs as we kept fucking her and depositing our loads on her. Shan6969 with a smile on her cum cover face loving what we had just done
She giggles and slides her hand down to feel the cum one last time before standing and fixes herself another drink. She walks over to me and sits next to me. As she is walking you can see the cum trickling down her inside leg and on her extra larg tits. She looks at me with an exhausted smile and says "Lets go upstairs and fuck baby, the rest of the night is yours." How she has the energy ..I dont know. I head upsatairs. A minute later I can hear my posse follow. "GRAB THE VIDEO CAMERA!" I yelled to them. Shan6969 looked to me and sheepishly smiles.
Rhette answered me " Sure thing " then added "uh... pizzas here ..should I bring this guy up?"

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