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Sucking my best friend's b*****rs dick "

So this was my first time sucking another mans dick and I enjoyed every bit of it. It all started out when I was 20yrs old and I was at my best friends house drinking beer and liquor, we were just a couple of white k**s hanging out and his b*****r was there too he was 18 yrs old. so it was just the 3 of us getting d***k and laughing and having a good time. at the time Ive always had a bisexual feeling inside and I was feeling it that nite. we were in the basement and mind you his basement was a good size, it had 2 rooms, one was my friends b*****rs room and the other room was like a rec room. As it was getting late, My friend said he was going to bed so he went upstairs and up to his room. so that left myself and his b*****r down in the basement still, we continued to drink and talk about cars and motorcycles. at this point we were in the rec room which had a nice recliner chair and a sofa, he was sitting in the chair and I was on the sofa, I noticed that he started to fall asl**p and I pretended like I was tired too. so I closed my eyes for another 5 minutes and because of all the drinking he was a lightweight so he passed out. I had this sexual urge to check out my best friends b*****rs dick, the guy was like 6'5 and I am 6'1 so I was curious to see how big his dick was. As I was laying on the sofa I decided to pull out my dick and start jacking off in front of him, it was such a thrill I felt like he could wake up and catch me in action, but he didn't so I stroked it for a few more minutes and then I got up and went to where he was sitting. Also let me remind you that he was taking medicine for adhd disorder so I'm sure with the alcohol in his system he was in a deep sl**p. I started to unzip his pants and the whole time im terrified that he might wake up and be like "dude what are you doing!" but he didn't so I slide my hand inside the zipper part of his pants and I finally feel his dick and it was big!and I started to stroke it and I kept looking up at his face and he was still sl**ping, so I then pull out his dick and I start to lick the head and suck on it, I kept looking up at him and nothing he was still sl**ping. so here I am in the basement of my best friends house with his b*****r sucking his dick and my best friend is up in his room, and his mom is in her room sl**ping. I decided to get really bold and take off my pants and boxers, my dick was so hard at that point, I went back to sucking on his dick and decided I was going to pull his pants down some more so I could lick his balls too. when I did this his balls looked so good, big white balls and I started to lick and suck on them. I went back to sucking the head and lick all the way up and down his shaft and I started to see pre cum dripping from the head which meant he was close to cumming soon. I started to get nervous because I wasn't sure what his reaction would be like if he woke up, so I said fuk it and I continued sucking him and I could feel his body tense up and then with my mouth on his dick he shoots cum about 4 spurts into my mouth and i swallow it licking it clean. after having him unload in my mouth it was my turn to unload so I sat back down on the sofa with my pants down to my ankles and started stroking while he was sitting on the chair next to me, i wasn't trying to be quiet so you could hear my balls slapping on my legs every time I stroked, I could feel the build up of cum and i spread my legs open more and lifted my hips and my body jolted shooting spurts of cum everywhere, some landed on the wall, the sofa, and even on him because I came so hard. I cleaned up as best as i could after that and put his dick back in his pants so he would think nothing happened, but a part a of me felt like he was awake but just pretended to be sl**ping because i think it would be difficult to sl**p through an orgasm, either way the next day he never mentioned anything to me about the night before and we were still cool after that. that was my first experience with a guy and I enjoyed it. To this day I still wonder if he was awake that night.

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