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13 Going On 30: Growing Up Bridgette

13 Going on 30: Growing up Bridgette

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Book One – The Early Years

It’s hard to say exactly when it started, but I was young… very young, when I first started having fantasies that some people consider ‘taboo’. But I’m getting way ahead of myself here. Maybe I should go back to the time in my life when I found that the little slit between my legs was for more than just peeing, and how I’ve used that discovery over the years to experience more pleasure than one person should be allowed… and in the end, make my ultimate fantasy come true.

Before I take a stroll down a sexual memory lane, let me tell you a little about myself. My name is Bridgette, and I’m a 33 year old single mom of a sixteen year old boy. From here I’d like to tell you what makes me tick, but instead I’ll get right to what you’d probably rather know… and that’s what I look like. I have medium length blond hair and a fair complexion, which some say gives me a Swedish look. I have high cheekbones, a turned up nose, and a smile that goes from ear to ear when I’m happy. My good friend Dave says my best facial feature is my green eyes, which he says are so beautiful that he can ‘see through them to my soul’… his words, not mine. Anyway, I’ve been told I’m really pretty, although most women never feel that way about themselves, including me.

As for my body, I’m about 5’ 4” tall, with a thin build, which makes my legs look really long for my height. My breasts aren’t huge, but they are pert, firm, and from what I’ve been told, perfect for my body type. Because of my complexion, my nipples look bright pink… and they get really hard and become very sensitive when I’m turned on. I do work out, so I’ve got a really tight tummy, and when your eyes inevitably travel down from there, you’ll see I keep my pussy completely shaved. That leaves my butt… which might be my best body feature. I’ve had guys and girls tell me that they are amazed that I can be so thin, yet have such a round ass… not big, but round. I love that I can wear a tight pair of jeans, and my ass looks as good as any of the twenty-something waifs that think they’re all that!

Now that you know what I look like, that leaves what goes on inside me. Again, I could go into the ‘complexities of Bridgette’, but instead I’ll cut to the chase and tell you something else that you really want to know… and that is I LOVE SEX! No, seriously… I love sex! A lot of women say they love sex just to seem edgy, or to get a guy’s interest… but I really love sex! There really aren’t many things I haven’t done, or won’t try with the right man… or woman.

My love of sex started earlier than most. Some shrink might say it was because I was abused as a c***d… which I wasn’t; Or that I’m trying to use sex to fill an emotional void… maybe just a little; Or that I have daddy issues… ok, he just might have a point there. But at the end of the day, I love sex because, well… I just love sex! I love orgasms… both getting and giving. And if I don’t have a guy pounding me with a hard cock or a girl licking me with a soft tongue, I’m masturbating with my favorite vibe. I’ve literally worn vibrators out from too much use! That’s how much I love sex.

So how and when did my love of sex happen? For that we do have to go back in time... but if you enjoy a sexual journey that includes first time sex, lesbian sex, gang bangs and even a little f****y love… you’re going to be glad you came along. To start, I was born one of seven k**s… five girls and two boys. My younger s****r Angela and I have the same father, while our five siblings are from three different fathers. In case you lost count, that’s seven k**s, one mother… and four different fathers. So you could say I’m not from a conventional f****y. And a big part of the reason for our diverse f****y is because my mom, who I love dearly, was a slut.

Now I’m not being mean or disrespectful to my mom, but the fact is she loved sex, and loved variety! My mom and dad (Margaret and Patrick) were separated during my teen years, and there was always some new guy hanging around the house playing grab-ass with her. So what does my mom’s sex life have to do with mine, you ask? Well, you know what they say… the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Plus, I learned early in life how pleasurable sex was, thanks to being able to hear, and eventually see my mom experiencing uninhibited sexual experiences with her ‘gentleman friends’.

So how was I exposed to my mom’s sex life? Well, being from a large f****y with a small income meant that living space was tight, and privacy was almost non-existent. It also meant that the k**s shared rooms… and in some cases a bed. Since we were so close in age, I shared a bed with Angela for a long time, which was kind of nice since we lived in the frigid north, and we could cuddle on cold nights. But the lack of privacy, Mother Nature’s gift of puberty, and exposure to our mom’s extracurricular activities all combined to have a profound effect on our sexual development.

At thirteen, my body was already fairly well developed, and along with that, urges were running rampant through me. By this time I had already been masturbating regularly for about a year, and I had managed to keep my new hobby private… even though there was little privacy in our crowded house. At the same time Angela, who looks so much like me it’s scary, was just beginning her journey through puberty. She was showing physical signs of womanhood, and was filled with curiosity. And it didn’t help that we were surrounded by things to stimulate our budding sexuality. Seeing our siblings in various forms of undress was common. We had even seen our step-b*****rs nude, and on a few occasions, the older one even had an erection. Then of course, there was that whole ‘hearing our mom fucking’ thing to add to Angela’s curiosity and my horniness. And for me, there was the issue of my dad… but I have a lot more to share before I go there. So let’s go back to the night when my life took its first crazy turn.

It was during one of those nights when my mom was entertaining a male friend that the relationship between my s****r and I changed forever. The two of us were in bed trying to go to sl**p when we heard the now-familiar sounds of fucking coming from my mom’s room. While my s****r was younger, she already had a basic knowledge of sex, mostly thanks to what I had shared with her, so we both knew they were doing it. As we listened to my mom groaning, the bedsprings squeaking, and the rhythmic grunting of the latest daddy du jour as he pounded his cock in and out of her, I felt my young pussy starting to buzz. I was dying to stroke my clit, but I had never done that in front of my s****r. Still, I was so horny I needed to do something, so I began quietly getting out of bed.

When Angela felt me getting up, she asked me where I was going, and I whispered that I was going to go spy on mom. Of course, being a little s****r, she demanded to tag along. So we tiptoed down the hall to my mom’s room, and found she had ‘accidentally’ left the door open just a crack. Angela knelt down and I leaned over top of her, and then we both peeked into the room. Mom had also left the light on, so we were able to see that she was naked and kneeling on all fours with her face in the mattress and her ass in the air, and some big sweaty guy was pounding his cock in and out of her pussy from behind.

I heard my little s****r gasp and I had to cup her mouth with my hand to keep her quiet. Then we went back to watching our mother get fucked by a guy neither of us knew. We could hear mom groaning “fuck me harder” as the stranger’s hips slapped against her fleshy ass. From our vantage point, we could see his hard prick as it unsheathed from her cunt, shining with her pussy juices, before plunging back into her. We could also see mom’s arm tucked under her, and while Angie didn’t know what she was doing, I could tell by her motions that she was playing with her clit while getting brutally fucked.

Now big sweaty guy had a strong grip on my mom’s hips as he drove his thick shaft in and out of her. Then we heard her say, “Do it harder… you’re gonna make me cum!” With that, big sweaty guy really began pounding away at my mom’s snatch. Mom was groaning and saying “don’t stop... don’t you fucking stop” as she got closer to orgasm. Then as we watched, her back arched and she screamed, “There it is… oh god there it is!!!”

Mom was cumming. Her face was contorted, and we could hear her groaning “Yes… oh fuck yes,” as her body shook. Big sweaty guy was really fucking away now, and then we heard him grunting as he got ready to cum himself. My eyes were glued to the crack in the door, and my little pussy felt like there were bees buzzing it. I quietly reached my hand into the tiny panties I was wearing and my fingers were instantly covered with my juices. As I said, I had been masturbating for over a year, but I had never felt myself so wet, or my pussy so stimulated. Then, when I touched my hard little clit, I almost came on the spot. I had never been more excited in my young life.

My mom was still in the final throes of a killer orgasm when we heard big sweaty guy groan, “Oh fuck, baby, I’m gonna blow… where do you want it?” That was when I saw my mom spin around with cat-like quickness, and take his long, thick cock into her mouth. We could hear her sucking on it as she started pumping the part that didn’t fit in her mouth with her fist. Then big sweaty guy’s head fell back and he growled, “Here it is baby… take it.”

Suddenly my mom sputtered and choked as the first blast of his cum rushed through his prick and exploded into her mouth. When she pulled her lips from his dick to swallow, a second rope of thick sperm splattered on her face. She quickly recaptured big sweaty guy’s spurting cock back into her mouth, and my s****r and I could see her throat contracting as she swallowed what he was unloading. Each time he pumped another jet of thick goo into her mouth, he grunted like an a****l, and mom gulped again. Then he let out one last sigh, and finally stopped cumming.

My mom let his softening penis slip from between her lips and sat up. When she did, my s****r and I could see the wad of cum she didn’t catch in her mouth dripping down her chin. She quickly collected it on her finger and then sucked it into her mouth, letting it join the rest of his load already in her belly. That was our cue to leave, so I quickly removed my hand from my panties, and Angie and I crept back down the hall to our room.

When we got back to the room, Angie said, “Wow, did you see that Bridgette… mom let him shoot his stuff in her mouth.” But at that moment, I wasn’t in the mood for talking… I was on fire. My skin was tingling, my nipples were so hard they could poke an eye out, and my cunt had melted into a pool of young pussy juice. I needed to finger myself right then and there, and I didn’t care who was lying next to me. So I quickly shucked off the tee shirt I was wearing, and then stripped off my soaked panties. When my s****r saw me taking everything off, she asked what I was doing.

I just whispered, “Watching mom and that guy really got me horny… I gotta make myself cum.”

At first Angela just said, “Ok,” and then she asked, “Bridgette… what’s that mean?”

I couldn’t believe it. After all I had told my little s****r about sex, she hadn’t figured out that she could do it to herself. But then I realized that she was about the same age as when I started getting my first sexual feelings, so her naïve question didn’t annoy me as much as excite ne even more. I decided to ignore my aching little cunt for another minute and asked her, “Did you feel anything when we were watching that guy fuck mom?”

In a soft voice she said, “Yeah, my p-pussy kinda got all tingly and wet, like maybe I peed a little.”

I told her, in the most clinical way a thirteen year old could, that what she felt was what happens when a girl gets horny. Then I asked her what she thought of big sweaty guy’s cock. It was hilarious as she told me that she couldn’t believe he could fit his huge ‘thingy’ into our mom’s ‘pee-pee’. I immediately said that if she didn’t start using grown up words for body parts, I wouldn’t show her how to masturbate. That was when she softly said “Ok… his cock in her pussy”, and then she excitedly said, “Ok Bridgette… now will you show me how to make myself, uhh… cum.”

First I had Angela take off her pajamas until she was as naked as me. Even though I had seen her nude about as many times as I had seen myself, I took a minute to look her over. Her complexion was the same satin white as mine. Her breasts were little more than tiny bumps at that time, but her nipples were as pink and hard as mine were. She was sitting with her legs crossed, and I looked closely but couldn’t find any traces of pubic hair like the light blond fuzz I had. But there was no mistaking that her little pink pussy lips were puffy and shining with her juices.

After looking her over, I lay on my back and told her to watch me. I spread my legs wide so she could see clearly in the dim night light, and then I started stroking my long middle finger up and down my swollen slit. I took a minute to make sure Angela was watching me, and then I closed my eyes and thought about big sweaty guy pumping his thick cock in and out of my mom’s pussy. I started to moan lightly as my fingertip parted my drenched cunt lips and moved closer to my clit. I was so excited that I knew it would only take a few strokes of the over-stimulated button to have me cumming like mad. But instead, I restrained myself so I could help Angela.

When I opened my eyes, I saw my little s****r was staring right at my pussy. I told her to lie down next to me and touch herself like she had seen me do. She lay on her back, and when she spread her legs, her right one rested on top of mine. I could feel how hot her soft skin was as it pressed against mine. Then I looked down and saw her little hand slide over her bald mound and disappear between her legs.

As she rested her head on my shoulder, I could see her hand start to slowly move up and down as she began stroking herself. A low groan came from deep in her throat, and when I heard that, I returned my hand to my own dripping cunt. Angie and I were both stroking ourselves when I asked her how it felt. She groaned again, and then her voice cracked as she said, “Really good.”

Then I asked her if she had started rubbing her clit yet, and she said, “My what?”

“Your clit… that little button at the top of your slit,” I answered rather indignantly, and then it suddenly donned on me that her little love button might still be tucked under its hood. So being the good s****r I am, I said, “Here, let me show you.”

With that, I rolled on my side and propped myself up on one arm, while I rested my free hand on Angie’s soft belly. My little s*s was looking up into my eyes as I started making little circles on her tummy with my fingertips. I felt her shiver as I started to move my hand lower, until it trailed over her hairless mound, moving her hand out of the way. Then I took a deep breath, dipped my hand between her spread thighs, and touched another girl’s pussy for the first time.

Angie let out a gasp as my finger stroked up and down her pussy lips. Even though she was younger than me, she was soaked. The other thing I noticed right away was the ache in my own cunt was intensifying, telling me that I was really enjoying what I was doing to Angie. Since I had never touched another girl’s pussy, I just tried to do what I did to myself when I masturbated. I gently pushed my middle finger between her tight lips, being sure not to go too deep and take her virginity. Once I had coated my fingertip with her lubricant, I started stroking her labia, moving ever closer to her clit.

Now the time had come to give my little s*s her first orgasm. I looked down into her eyes as I used my finger to push the little flap of skin covering her clit upward, and then dragged my wet fingertip over the exposed organ. Angie body jerked, and she actually cried out loud as I began stroking her little nerve-filled bud. I was leaning on one arm while I played with her pussy with my other hand, so I didn’t have a free hand to cover her mouth if she cried out again. Instead, I did the only thing I could think of and pressed my mouth against hers in a deep kiss.

Now I had already made out with boys, but I knew Angela hadn’t. So she was a little surprised at first. But as I continued to stroke her clit, I felt her lips relax and then she began kissing me back. I didn’t want to scare her, so I slowly pushed my tongue into her mouth. But I found no resistance at all, and the next thing I knew my little s****r’s tongue was dueling with mine as she sucked it deeper into her mouth.

My cunt felt like an electric charge was surging through it now, but all I cared about was making Angie’s first orgasm special. So once I knew she had calmed her down, I pulled my mouth from hers and said, “Now be quiet… we don’t want anyone to hear us, ok!” She just nodded, and I almost giggled as I could see her trying to seal her lips tightly. Then I smiled at her, leaned down and sucked one of her hard little nipples between my lips.

Angie actually slapped her hand over her mouth to muffle her scream as I began licking and sucking her nipple while I rubbed her clitty faster. Her body was writhing around as I started making circles on her little pleasure bump with my fingertip. Then, just as I gently clamped my teeth onto her nipple… my sweet little s****r had her first orgasm.

Her whole body began to quake as she came. I could feel the muscles in her belly tighten, and her little pussy contracting on my fingertip as spasms ripped through her. She still had her hand pressed over her own mouth, and all you could hear was a muffled scream deep in her throat as her first orgasm tore throughout her body. Finally, her clit must have gotten too sensitive, and she clamped her thighs on my hand… nearly breaking my wrist. Then finally she collapsed almost lifelessly back onto the bed, completely spent.

That night Angela learned to finger me to two great orgasms, and then I taught her how to make herself cum. From then on, whenever we were horny, we masturbated ourselves or each other. We would also sneak down to try and spy on my mom when she had one of her fuck buddies over. Since we were the only c***dren from our dad, we already had a pretty strong bond, and our new discovery made it even stronger. As for me personally, my interest in sex was getting greater and greater, and even though I was young, I couldn’t wait to try new things.

The fact was I didn’t have to wait long. It was maybe a month or two after Angie and I had begun playing with each other that the next chapter in my sexual awakening happened. My sixteen year old step-s****r… I’ll call her Sarah to keep her anonymous… had a boyfriend that I had a pretty major crush on. Jim (not his real name) and I were kind of flirty… always tickling each other or wrestling, but Sarah never thought much of it because I was so young, and I hadn’t even gone any further than kissing or being felt up by a boy.

One day Jim came over to see Sarah, but she hadn’t told him that she had gone to the movies with friends, so I told him he could come in and wait for her if he wanted. My mom and the other k**s were upstairs, and I was down in the game room watching TV, so Jim came downstairs and sat with me. Before long he started teasing me about something, so I picked up a pillow and hit him. He reached over and grabbed me and we started wrestling around until we wound up on the floor. We were laughing and I was trying to push him off as he straddled me, but he was a lot bigger and stronger so I couldn’t get him off.

I asked him what he thought he was going to do, and he just laughed and said anything he wanted, and then he reached down and pulled up my shirt, exposing my boobs. I never wore a bra because my tits were so small that my mom didn’t think I needed one, so he could see everything. As he stared at my hard nipples, I laughed and bucked my hips up, trying to throw him off. But all it did was make him lean forward, and before I knew what was happening, we were kissing.

I had kissed boys my age, but this was different. Before I knew it, I was poking my tongue into his mouth. After kissing for about a minute, he rolled off of me. I think he had been a little shocked at what we had done, but when I stood up to sit back on the couch, he grabbed me and asked if I had enjoyed our kiss. I said I had, and then he grabbed me and we kissed again.

As I wrapped my arms around his neck, I felt his hand slide under my shirt and cup my small breast. I groaned into his mouth as he played with the rubbery nipple. He was taller than me, and as I stood on my tiptoes to kiss him, I felt something thick and hard pushing against me, and even though I didn’t have much experience… I knew it was his hard on.

Instinctively I began grinding against him, causing him to moan. My pussy was quivering like mad as the more experienced boy kissed me. I guess I was partially turned on because he was older, but there was also something so naughty and exciting about the fact that he was my step-s****r’s boyfriend. I guess, even at thirteen, I was turned on by what others would consider taboo.

After kissing deeply, Jim asked me if I would take off my top. I was a little worried that my mom and some of my b*****rs and s****rs were right upstairs, so I told him that wasn’t a good idea, even though I was dying to do it. Then he told me that when he and Sarah wanted some privacy, they went into the laundry room and closed the door, so that’s what we did.

As soon as we were in the pitch dark room, I pulled my shirt over my head. It was too dark to see, but Jim’s hands immediately found their way to my breasts. As he kissed me again, he began playing with my tits. I could feel myself getting wet and sticky between my legs as he began pinching my nipples. Then I felt one of his hands slide down my tummy and then cup my smoldering young cunt through my jeans.

My back was pressed against the laundry room door as Jim unsnapped my jeans. I felt him push them and my tiny panties over my hips, and then I let out a muffled groan as his fingers sought out my wet cunt. I was so excited that I wasn’t even thinking about stopping him. As a matter of fact, I let my jeans slip to the floor so I could spread my legs wider. Then my whole body shuddered as the sixteen year old boy touched my pussy.

He was a little rougher than when I masturbated, but it felt amazing. And he definitely knew what he was doing because it didn’t take him long to find my clit. My body was trembling as he stroked the hard little button. At the same time my hand found the bulge in the front of his jeans. It was probably no more than five inches, but in my inexperienced hand, it felt huge. Jim let out a deep groan as I began squeezing the hard shaft. His jeans were so tight and heavy that I couldn’t really grip him, so I pressed my palm against the length of him and then began moving it up and down.

As Jim kept rubbing my drooling pussy, he started kissing my neck. At the same time, my fingers began to fumble with the button on his jeans. I finally got it undone, and then dragged his zipper over the hard ridge of his burgeoning prick. Then I pulled the waistband of his jeans and boxers down, and his hard young cock sprang out. My eyes had adjusted a little to the darkness in the laundry room, but I could still only make out the outline of his cock. My hand was shaking as I reached towards it, and then I heard Jim groan as I wrapped my hand around the first penis of my life.

Here I was, a thirteen year old virgin, jerking off my step s****r’s sixteen year old boyfriend. I could feel his hard on pulsing in my hand as I pumped his shaft. At the same time, Jim had lowered his head and begun sucking my nipples. My whole body was tingling now, and it felt like his cock was getting bigger in my hand as I continued to play with him. Then I felt him start to push his crotch towards mine. Almost u*********sly I began guiding his dick towards my dripping little slit. Then I let out a gasp as the spongy head of his cock pressed against my oozing pussy.

This was it… I was about to lose my virginity! Jim’s hand replaced mine around his shaft as he held himself steady and began pushing into me. We were still standing in the laundry room and my back was flat against the door as I felt his swollen cock head parting my cunt lips. As he slowly pushed forward, I waited for the resistance and pain that I was told would happen the first time I fucked a boy… but it never happened because I had probably taken my own cherry while masturbating with a hairbrush handle. So I felt nothing more than a little tug, and then Jim’s entire length was buried in me!

Once he was inside of me, I wrapped my arms around his neck and spread my legs as wide as I could. Even though he had an average sized cock, I had never felt so full. Slowly he began fucking me, and it felt amazing… not so much because he was a great lover, but because he was my first.

The girls I knew who had already lost their virginity had told me that their first intercourse had been messy, painful and disappointing… but I just knew mine was going to be different. As Jim began slowly pumping in and out of me, I knew my first time was going to be amazing. As my pussy began squeezing his thrusting shaft, I knew it was going to be the best experience in my life! Then, after only his tenth or fifteenth jab into my tight little cunt, I felt his body shudder and he grunted loudly as he began emptying his balls into my pussy.

I couldn’t believe it… he had already cum! My first fuck lasted maybe a minute, and the guy’s cock was already going soft and slipping out of me. There was no pain, no bl**d, and no orgasm for me. I was so stunned that I barely noticed that Jim already had his pants up and was out the door. In retrospect, I realized that my being so young and tight was probably more than he could take. The good thing was that I would only see the creep a few more times before he dumped my s****r, and neither he nor I ever told a soul what happened… until now. But at that moment, I was disappointed and horny… and knew what every guy who ever had blue balls felt like.

But oddly enough, that bad experience led me to a new one that I would never forget. After Jim left I sat downstairs and cried a little over having my virginity taken, and then being left without so much as a thank you kiss. Once I made my way upstairs, I took a shower, spraying away the rest of Jim’s cum that oozed out of me. Thinking back, I’m probably lucky I didn’t get pregnant, but that wasn’t even a thought at that time. As the hot water rolled down my body, I thought about what it felt like to hold Jim’s hard cock in my hand. Then I remembered the amazing feeling as it filled the tight canal of my cunt, even if it was only for a minute or two. As I relived that moment in my mind, my pussy started to quiver again. I thought about masturbating in the shower, but decided to wait until I was in bed.

After my shower I just wrapped myself in a towel and went into the bedroom. Angie was already in bed, so I climbed in and cuddled next to her. She immediately felt that I was naked and asked where my pajamas were. I told her not to worry about it, and then I asked her if she wanted to fool around. She said yes, and I immediately started unbuttoning her pajama top, kissing my way towards her barely noticeable breasts as I did. Once I had the top unbuttoned, I my lips latched onto one of her hard little nipples.

Angie groaned, and then asked me, “What got you so excited?”

I lifted my lips from her nipple long enough to say, “You’d better keep this a secret… I got my first fuck tonight.”

“Oh my god,” Angie said, trying to keep her voice down… “Who was it?”

“I can’t tell you,” I whispered, not wanting her to know I fucked Sarah’s boyfriend, then I said, “But it ended kind of fast, and now I’m really horny.”

Before Angie could ask me another question, I sucked her other nipple into my mouth, and then pulled her panties off so I could finger her tight young pussy. She was already moaning, so I figured she was probably thinking about me getting fucked. That was when I started kissing and licking my way from her small tits down over her tummy. I had never done this, so Angie asked what I was doing. I told her that I was really horny, and wanted to try something new, and then I moved my body until I was lying between her legs. Then I leaned forward and run my tongue up and down Angie’s wet little cleft.

Angie let out a loud gasp as my tongue parted her wet pussy lips. I had never tasted another girl’s juices, and noticed how fresh and clean she tasted. The consistency was like syrup as it coated my tongue. As I began licking her cunt, she whispered, “Oh jeez Bridge… I never felt anything like this.”

When my tongue finally reached her clit, Angie’s body jerked like she had been jolted by an electric shock. As I started to massage her hard little love button with the tip of my tongue, I brought a finger up to her tiny puckered asshole, and used the lubricant leaking from her cunt to tickle the area. I could feel the muscles in her groin start to tighten as my tongue and finger teased her. My own pussy was aching for release now, so I decided to try something else. But before I did, I said, “Angie, do you want to lick my pussy too?”

My s****r groaned, “Uh huh,” and then I rotated my body until we were in a sixty-nine position, with my dripping pussy hovering over her face. As I pressed my mouth against my s****r’s swollen little cunt, I lowered myself until I felt Angie’s tongue lap against my pussy. It was incredible. I felt her hands come up around my hips and grab my round ass cheeks as she pulled me to her face. I could feel her tongue licking the folds of my labia like a k** licks an ice cream cone, and when she dragged it across my clit, I gasped out loud.

Both of us had our mouths glued to the other’s pussy now. Angie was still licking all around, but I found her clit and began strumming it with the tip of my tongue. She let out a muffled cry right into my dripping cunt as I began torturing her clit with the tip of my tongue. At the same time my finger sought out her lubricated asshole again and began gently poking the sensitive little ring. It wasn’t long before Angie’s body movements and her constant moaning were telling me she was going to cum. That was when I gently pushed my fingertip into her tight little asshole. As soon as I did, she pulled my pussy to her face to muffle her shriek as she came.

Angie’s screaming deep in her throat causing her mouth to vibrate against my cunt as she came. Her body jerked and jumped, and I could feel her pussy and asshole involuntarily clenching and releasing as her orgasm rocked her small body. We had played with each other quite a bit over the last few months, but she had never cum like this. Finally she pulled her face away from my pussy and groaned “Oh Bridge… that felt so good!”

Once I felt her orgasm was over, I lowered my pussy back to her face and said, “Lick my clitty now, Angie.” I felt her hands grasp my ass again, and this time she went right to my clit, tormenting it with the tip of her tongue. I had never had my pussy licked, so as far as I knew, Angie was the best in the world. Her tongue started clumsily stabbing and flicking at my hard little button, but I was so horny, it felt amazing. Almost immediately I was on the verge of my most intense climax ever. That was when my little s****r pushed a finger into my cunt, and I exploded.

“Oh god… aggghhh,” I screamed as my cunt melted down. Angie kept lashing at my clit with her tongue as every muscle deep in my groin dissolved into burning spasms. My little s****r was licking and sucking my clit like it was the last thing on earth, until I finally stopped cumming. I don’t know if it was the excitement left over from Jim fucking me, or what Angela was doing, but I had never felt anything like it. Since I was still so young, I didn’t have much experience to draw on, but if what we had done could make me feel that good, I decided right then and there that I wanted to have as much sex as possible.

So over the next few months, and then years, my sexuality blossomed. I experienced things in my teen years that most women never experience in a lifetime. I had sex with boys, girls, a f****y member, and was even the willing participant in a gang bang. Now I’m sure the gang bang part got your attention, but to be honest, that was more a product of my sexual obsession than my sexual development… which is what this story is really about.

So what’s the difference between sexual development and sexual obsession? Well, to me, ‘sexual development’ is how my sex life has affected my relationships with my friends and f****y members, and how those experiences impacted me both physically and emotionally as I grew. But ‘sexual obsession’ is the constant desire for the pure physical enjoyment of everything sexual. So, if my sexual obsession was an amusement park, where masturbation was riding the toddler rides, and being a full blown slut was riding the biggest roller coaster, then a gang bang was just another ride somewhere in between.

Now I need to stop for a minute, because I’m sure some of you are thinking, ‘Oh my god… she just admitted she’s a slut.’ Well, I didn’t admit to anything… I declared it! To ‘admit’ something implies that you’ve done something wrong. Well, if loving sex makes you a slut… then I’m a slut. If not hiding your vibrators from your friends and f****y under a pile of ‘Good Housekeeping Magazines’ like some uptight housewife makes you a slut… then I’m a slut. If actually enjoying giving a blowjob and swallowing a warm load of cum makes you a slut… then I’m a slut. If fucking a different guy or girl every day of the week makes you a slut… then I’m a slut. So no, I’m not admitting I’m a slut… I’m DECLARING I’m a slut!

But even though my first gang bang didn’t have much to do with my sexual development, I’m sure you still want to hear about it… and it did have kind of a funny ending, so here’s a quick version. It was at a typical teen party during the summer with a group of friends. We were hanging out in a secluded part of the park, and one of the guys had stolen some vodka from his house. Well, it wasn’t long before I was pretty d***k. The next thing you know, some of the boys dared some of the girls to flash their boobs.

Well, being d***k and having no inhibitions, I took off my top and bra… and my best friend followed. We were just dancing around and acting crazy, with all the boys trying to grab our tits… and succeeding. Then the boys started chanting, ‘take it all off’. Well, my girlfriend decided she had enough, but it wasn’t long before my jeans and panties were on the ground and I was getting hoots and whistles.

I was pretty buzzed now, and one of the boys, I think his name was Bobby, started making out with me. Soon more hands were grabbing my tits and rubbing my pussy. Between the vodka and my excitement, I didn’t try… or want to stop them. I was on my back on a picnic table, and suddenly they just slid me down so my ass was hanging off the edge… and then five teenage boys took turns fucking me. Bobby was the first, and his cock felt so fucking good as it parted my pussy lips and entered me. Of course, being a teenage k** and still a virgin, it didn’t take long before my tight little cunt was milking a load from his young cock.

My girlfriends were cheering them on, as one by one, the other four boys took their turn. Some of my memory is fogged, thanks to the vodka, but I do remember most of them didn’t last very long, and one boy actually started cumming on the first stroke. But there was one guy who must have had some experience. As soon as he entered me he started rubbing my clit with his thumb. I couldn’t believe how good it felt as he fucked me and played with my clit at the same time. Before I knew it I was screaming as my orgasm crashed down on me. I could feel the muscles in my pussy and asshole twitching as I came. I was cumming so hard that my cunt must have been squeezing his cock like a vise, because at the same time, he grunted and then spewed his load in me. And then I collapsed, completely satisfied.

As I said earlier, the whole experience had kind of a funny ending. After each guy had a turn, and I think a couple may have gone twice, everyone started to leave. I got off the picnic table and felt the sperm that had been pumped into me leaking from my well-fucked little pussy. Just like the night I lost my virginity, I was lucky I didn’t wind up pregnant.

Anyway, I started looking around for my clothes but could only find my jeans. As it turned out, my best friend had a crush on one of the boys I fucked, and she was so mad at me that she took the rest of my clothes. So I had to creep home in the shadows that night, practically naked, and climb in my window so I wouldn’t be seen. The good news was that I didn’t get caught, and she eventually forgave me.

Now as I said, my first gang bang was just another sexual experience, and not really something that would make me who I am today. But my relationship with my mom would be a product of my sexual development. We’re very close today, but our relationship grew over a period of time… and in a less than conventional way. Now get your minds out of the gutters boys and girls… mom and I never had sex. Well, not in the physical sense anyway. Since this is a true story… I’ll try to explain.

I told you earlier, mom was a slut. And just as with me, that is a declaration, not an accusation. Mom and dad had separated and reunited a few times during my teen years, and that was partially due to mom’s sexual appetite. We were very accustomed to seeing strange men visit mom, and they usually wound up in her bedroom… as was the case of the first night my s****r Angie and I spied on her. Mom took the attitude that as long as we were provided for…. what she did was really none of our business.

As my own sexuality developed, I found mom’s sex life more and more interesting… and mom noticed that. I was still only thirteen or f******n when I started dressing more provocatively… short skirts, tiny tops, no bra… in general showing myself off. I loved when boys and men looked at me. I would even dress slutty when mom had gentlemen friends over. I used to love being alone with them while mom was getting ready… conveniently bending over to show a little ass, or making sure that my little hard nipples were showing through my blouse. In case you’re wondering… yes, I’m an exhibitionist too.

It didn’t take long before mom’s boyfriends were finding innocent reasons to touch me. Soon they were giving me a little brush against my breast when they walked past… or a little pat on my ass when they would give me a hug. Mom noticed what was happening too, but she didn’t do anything to stop it. She had even started to recommend certain outfits when certain men came over. As I found out later, mom knew how much I enjoyed showing off, but she also discovered that how I dressed used to prime her lover’s appetites, and made their sex even better.

Now don’t get the wrong idea, mom never let things get out of hand… or at least I don’t believe she did. Later in life, she told me that she knew I enjoyed teasing the men, but she always kept an eye on me so nothing went too far. Still, a few of the guys managed to cop a feel of my tits, squeeze my ass or even touch my ass pussy through my panties when she was out of the room. Sometimes I would even sit on their laps, pressing my ass down onto the erection I felt through their pants. Mom got the fucking of her life those nights, and I know because I watched her. In fact, when I got older mom admitted that she sometimes left her door cracked purposely so I could peek at her, which I suspected for a long time.

Now I know it may sound strange, but all of this actually helped my mom and I build a bond that became stronger as we got older, and is part of the reason why we are as close as we are today. She never denied my sexuality, or tried to suppress it. She just tried to make sure I was smart and safe. She even allowed me to get birth control when I was f******n. And now, we both understand the other’s desires, and why we have done the things we have over the years.

But still, things were not always perfect when I was a teen, and my mom didn’t always make the best choice of boyfriends. There was one guy that I really didn’t like. I’ll call him ‘Jack’ since he might just read this, plus it’s short for ‘Jack off’… the noun, not the verb! Jack was actually one of mom’s best looking ‘gentlemen friends’, and since the thought of peeking at him and my mom was such a turn on, I thought he might become one of my favorites. But I would soon find out how wrong I was.

The guy was a real prick, and I hated the way he treated my mom. It wasn’t because he was a very domineering person… both my mom and I like that. But he was rough, and he was rude. The other ‘flavor of the month’ lovers my mom had were dominant in the bedroom, but sweet and kind outside of it. But Jack was physically abusive during sex, and liked to call her things like ‘rotten cunt’ and ‘filthy whore’ during sex, which she and I both hated… and yes, there is a big difference between being called a slut and a filthy whore.

The other thing I hated was how he treated me. Yes, I flirted with my ‘daddy’s du jour’, and enjoyed the fact that I was teasing them… and they played along. Plus, after they copped some innocent feels of my ripening body, I knew I was sending them off to mom with a raging hard on, and leaving myself with a wet little pussy that I enjoyed frigging while I watched them fuck her. But Jack’s touching and groping was getting rougher and much more invasive… and he didn’t stop when I asked him to. And he was always roughest when he knew mom wasn’t around. So one day, I decided to do something.

It was a Saturday morning when the phone rang, and it was him. As soon as he heard my voice he said, “Where’s your fucking mother.”

I may have just turned fifteen, but I wasn’t in the mood for him and said, “She’s at the fucking store.”

“Don’t be a smartass with me you little cunt,” he growled, and then he said, “Just tell her I’ll be over at six, and she’d better be ready.”

When mom got home, I told her that he was coming over. She could see that I wasn’t too happy about it, but she just asked me to please understand that a woman of her age had needs, and that even though Jack could be a bastard, he fulfilled those needs. I told her I understood, but it didn’t change the way I felt. Plus, I knew mom was settling for him because she felt lonely… not because she liked him.

It was about six o’clock when the doorbell rang. Mom and I were the only two at home, and she said, “I wonder who that is?”

“It’s probably Jack,” I said, not lifting my face from the magazine I was reading.

“JACK,” she cried out, “Bridgette, you told me he was coming at seven!” Then she jumped up and said, “I haven’t even showered, or shaved my legs, or anything… please tell him you had the wrong time and that I’ll be ready in about a half hour.”

Now I knew it was going to take her at least a half hour to get ready, so I told her that I would keep Jack entertained while she got ready. She smiled and then thanked me with a hug, and then ran off to the bathroom… little did she know just how entertained I was going to keep him.

When I answered the door, he complained about how long it took me to let him in, and then he walked right past me to the bar and helped himself to a drink. Then after throwing back a half a glass of scotch he said, “So where is your mother.”

I just looked at him, and in a sweet voice I said, “I’m sorry Jack, I accidentally told her that you weren’t coming until seven.”

“Un-fucking believable,” he groaned, and then he poured himself another scotch and turned on the TV. It was then that he noticed that I was wearing a very short denim skirt that really showed off my legs, a pair of four inch pumps, and a light top that did little to hide my pokey little nipples.

When I saw how he was looking at me, I said, “I told mom I’d keep you company until she was ready.”

With that he got a lecherous smile on his face and patted the couch next to him. I did my best to give him a sexy smile, and then slowly walked over to him, making sure my hips swayed as I did. Then I sat down next to him, and rested my hand on his thigh. Almost immediately his arm went around my shoulder and his large hand rested directly on my right breast.

As I heard the shower water come on, I started to run my hand up Jack’s thigh. At the same time I felt his fingers brushing across my nipple, making it stand up under the think material of my top. As much as I hated him, his touch felt great, and I started to understand why my mom might look past what a prick he was. But that thought was quickly erased when he said, “I always knew you were a hot little cock tease.”

Now I was sure what I wanted to do, and with that I lifted myself up and sat on his lap… grinding my tight round ass down onto what I knew be about seven or eight inches of hard cock, thanks to spying on him and mom. Then in a little girl voice I whispered, “You don’t mind if I sit on your lap… do you Jack?”

He just shook his head and then rested his other hand on my thigh, and then began moving it under my skirt. I looked at his face and saw his eyes open wide when he realized I wasn’t wearing panties. I had just started shaving my pussy, and I was so wet that his fingers quickly found their way inside me. As he began roughly finger fucking me, I started humping against his cock.

I could still hear the shower running, so I knew my mom was still going to be a while, and Jack’s fingers felt great… but I had other plans. I slid off his lap, reluctantly leaving his probing fingers behind, and knelt in front of him as he sat on the couch. Then I reached for his belt and began undoing his pants. He watched me, almost not believing that this young girl was doing what she was doing. Once I had belt and pants undone, I reached inside his boxers and pulled out his cock.

I had seen it from a distance, but now I was holding Jack’s hard penis in my hand. My fingers barely made it around the circumference as I began stroking him up and down. Even though I couldn’t stand the bastard, my young pussy was drooling with natural lubricant as I held his beautiful cock in my hand. He was groaning now as he watched me lift up on my knees, and then I leaned forward and took as much of his swollen meat as I could into my hot mouth.

Jack groaned, “Oh you little fucking cunt,” as I began sucking his cock. I hadn’t given many blowjobs, but I knew what boys… and men liked. So as my soft lips slid up and down his thick shaft, I started rolling my tongue over the swollen head. I could feel his pulse deep in the shaft as I sucked him harder.

Suddenly Jack realized what was happening and said, “Holy fuck girl, you have to stop before I cum… I have to fuck your mom!”

I just lifted my mouth from his prick, and with a wicked grin said, “Oh Jack, you’re not going to cum in my mouth… you’re going to cum in my tight little pussy.”

I guess the thought of fucking a hot fifteen year old girl suddenly became more appealing than fucking my forty-something mom, and he just sat there as I stood up and lifted my skirt… showing him my naked slit. I used my fingers to part my outer labia to and show him how wet I was. Then I straddled him and held his cock straight up. He let out a gasp as the swollen pink lips came in contact with the puffy mushroom shaped head of his cock. Then he and I both let out a groan as I began lowering myself.

I had never felt anything so big, and I’m sure he had never felt anything so tight, as the head of his dick lodged into my sensitive opening, and then inch by inch my pussy began engulfing his man sized cock. My cunt had never been stretched like this, and my whole body trembled as the last few inches of his massive organ disappeared in me. As much as I despised Jack, I was going to use his beautiful prick for my own enjoyment.

Once I had him all the way inside of me, I began moving my ass up and down. Jack groaned, “Oh my fucking god,” as my tight cunt gripped his shaft as I fucked him. His arms wrapped around my hips and his hands grasped my firm ass cheeks… bouncing me up and down on his prick. My pussy felt like it was filled almost to bursting, and my clit was brushing against his swollen rod as I impaled myself on him over and over. Even though I hated him, I knew I was going to cum soon. But it wasn’t just because I was fucking him that had me so turned on… it was also because I knew what was about to happen that was adding to my excitement.

Suddenly Jack tried to stop me one more time, saying, “We have to stop this shit, if I cum I won’t be able to fuck your mom for a while.”

I just smiled and cooed, “Don’t worry Jack, you’re a big strong man, you’ll figure something out… and besides, how many more chances will you have to fuck pussy this young?”

And with that I began bouncing my ass up and down even faster. I could feel the muscles deep in my groin start to tighten, and my vaginal walls starting to contract around Jack’s hard prick. I was moaning out loud now as I felt myself getting ready to cum. He was getting ready too, and his hips were driving up off the couch, slamming his cock deep in my pussy. At that moment, I knew I was in total control.

Just then Jack started groaning “Oh god… Oh god… Oh god…” and then he screamed “Oh Fuuuucck!” as his prick exploded inside of me. He started grunting like an a****l with each contraction, as the muscles around his prostate pumped stream after stream of slimy fluid against my cervix. The walls of my cunt were so tight around him that I could feel his thick cock twitching and jerking as he emptied his load into me. That feeling was all my little pussy could take, and I came.

Intense tremors erupted deep in my groin as my orgasm hit. I buried my head in Jack’s shoulder and screamed as my cunt melted down. Every muscle deep in my pussy and asshole went into violent convulsions as I came. My nerve endings felt like they were on fire as waves of pleasure ripped through me lithe body. I could feel my cunt milking Jack’s spurting cock as we both came. And then finally, he slumped back on the couch, and I collapsed on his chest… both completely spent.

But as drained as I was, I had one more thing I needed to do. As I slowly stood up on trembling legs, I looked at Jack and said, “Well I hope you enjoyed that, because you’ll never fuck me or my mother again.”

He just looked at me with a smug grin on his face and said, “What the fuck are you talking about… how are you going to stop me.”

I smiled back at him and said, “Well, that’s pretty simple… if you don’t get out of here right now and never come back, I’m going to call the police and tell them you ****d me.”

Suddenly Jack’s face went pale, and he said, “You little fucking cunt… you wouldn’t dare.” Then he said, “Besides, I didn’t fuck you… you fucked me.”

I just looked at him with a smile and said, “That doesn’t matter Jack, I’m still only fifteen. So even if it was my idea, it’s still considered ****… and your sperm in my pussy and on my skirt is all the police need for proof.” Just then we heard the bathroom door opening, and that was when I took the opportunity to lean over and quickly whisper, “Oh, and just to be safe, I hid our video camera so I could tape this.”

I hadn’t really taped what had happened, but it was too late for him to prove otherwise, because my mom was coming downstairs. I quickly straightened my clothes and Jack buttoned his pants. When my mom walked into the room, we were both standing as if nothing had happened… except Jack looked like he had seen a ghost. He knew he was done, and there was nothing he could do about it.

Almost before she had a chance to get ‘Hi’ out of her mouth, Jack blurted out, “Something has come up Margaret, and I have to go.” My mom started to say something, but I quickly glared at him, so he just stopped her and said, “C’mon Margaret, I don’t need any of your shit right now, I have to leave.”

I could tell my mom was sad, but I also knew this was best for her and me. She had her back to me as she hugged Jack, and he glared at me over her shoulder as if to say, ‘I’ll get you for this.’ So I decided to give him one last reminder of who was in charge. As he watched, I lifted the front of my skirt to show him my pussy. Then I pushed my middle finger deep inside my tight little slit and pulled it out, coated with a mixture of his cum and my pussy juice… and then I put it in my mouth. His eyes got wide as he watched me suck the mixture of our juices from my finger. Then, as one final gesture, I pulled the finger from my mouth and held it up to him in the international sign for ‘Fuck You’.

With that, I clearly mouthed the words, ‘Now get the fuck out,’ He gave me one last look, pulled away from my mom and left… never to be seen or heard from again. My mom was sad for a few days, but it wasn’t long before the next flavor or the month was visiting… and Jack was forgotten about. And I have to admit I was pretty proud of being the one who got rid of the bastard!

As I got older, my sexual appetite continued to grow. Even though I had experienced more in my teen years than most people do in a lifetime, I still tried to maintain the standard monogamous relationship that was considered acceptable. I even met a guy that I thought was the love of my life and got pregnant at the age of s*******n… sadly, the only good thing that came out of that relationship was my beautiful son Ethan, who is now sixteen.

It wasn’t that I didn’t try to make things work, because in the back of my mind I wanted to have my life turn out differently than my mom and dad’s had. Unfortunately the bastard couldn’t keep his hands off of my friends. But I did get my revenge in the end. One day I invited his best friend over to our place and seduced him. When my boyfriend walked in the door, he found me with my toes pointed towards the ceiling, and my pussy stuffed with his best friend’s cock. Justice was served.

After we split, I realized that I couldn’t be someone I wasn’t. I loved sex, and I loved it with different people, and I knew that wasn’t going to change. From then on, I concentrated my f****y life on raising my son, and my personal life on enjoying as much sex as possible.

The End of Book One

In Book Two, Bridgette tells more about her sexual development, including the unique relationships she fosters with her son.

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