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The old swimming hole....

Betty called me up as she usually does several times a week, but I could tell from her voice this was something a little different. “You know the pond where we’ve gone skinny dipping a few times” she asked. Of course I knew it! It was a silly thing for two 30, almost 40 something moms to do, but it was so much fun…especially when we both had not too perfect, but not too bad bodies. “Yes, of course I do” I replied.

Well, I was down there this afternoon, enjoying a little swim, the outdoors…when that group of boys from across the way came out of the woods. Your son was with them as well, so I guess there were five of them. They sat down by my clothes and, well, they weren’t about to budge until I came out of the water. She was upset, but not too bad, so I guessed nothing too bad had occurred.

You obviously got out of the water, unless you are calling from the pond right now….so what happened, Betty? And what did my son do….I’ll be talking to him in a few minutes…believe me!

I waited a bit, Betty continued…they said they weren’t going to do anything, they just wanted a “show”. So I figured why not, and started out of the water. But that was when they pulled out their phones and got pictures. I was so startled, I guess incredulous….I didn’t know whether to go back, go forward, what to do! So I just walked up and started putting my clothes on.
I tried to ignore them and walked off, but that Thomas boy – you know him, he’s a little older, about 20, walked along side of me and asked me if I wanted the pictures back. I told him of course I did and that he should erase them right now. He said it wasn’t that easy, that the boys had an idea.
I kept thinking that my son was going to get it when he got home – I knew I had been right not getting him a phone with camera function on it! But still, he’d been there…. Betty continued.

He said they’d give the pictures back if I had a “party” for them….some pizza, maybe some beer, but definitely some, as he put it, more of those sweet tits and fine ass. I don’t know what to do…I just need to get those pictures back before they get out.

We talked some more….Betty was handling it well, better than I would have, I think. But she was definitely thinking of having the party. I couldn’t let her do that alone, it could get way out of hand. I gulped and said something I couldn’t believe I was saying….”Betty, if you have the party, I’ll be there with you. Bare tits and all.” Come to think of it, it would serve my son right.

To be continued…..

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